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Kosas Rolls Out New At-Home Sample Program

If you’ve been curious about clean-beauty brand Kosas’ products, now’s your chance to try them out.

On May 21, the brand will launch its new Kosas Try Outs program, available exclusively on its website. The sampling system allows customers to buy samples, which will then be applied as credit towards a full-size item.

Samples are available for 12 different products, including concealer, face oil, bronzer, brow gel, mascara, lip gloss, blush, and highlighter. For products that require a shade range, such as concealer, the customer will receive all shades of a given item to help them determine their best match. Individual samples range from $3-$5, while a $35 “take the site home kit” offers all the samples bundled together.

There’s no limit to the number of samples you can order across products, but only 1 sample per product is allowed. Site credit remains valid for 20 days from the order date, so you have a month to play around and test out the products before committing.

What do you think of this new program? Are you going to order a Kosas Try Out kit?

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Comments (21)

  1. 20 days? 😑

  2. I actually love brands that allow you to buy only samples! I am extremely picky AND have horribly sensitive skin, so I hate the idea of having to buy full size products only to find out I don’t like the color, am allergic, don’t like the texture, what have you. I will happily pay for samples that I get to choose.

    The “free” samples at Sephora, and the like, still really aren’t free since you only qualify for 2 by buying a minimum amount of product. And the samples choices at checkout are often none that I’m interested in.

    I agree though that 20 days is really short. I live in HI and many packages take about that long or longer to even get to me.

    • Re: the coveted free Sephora samples:
      I’ve never had an actual Sephora near enough to shop in. (We eventually got a JCPENNY’S version but I haven’t been in it, either, bc of dot com.)
      So, for a long time, based on the way “everyone” talked about the 2 samples – of your own choosing! – from Sephora, I thought y’all were talking deluxe sample sizes! But they’re not. They’re just the packets.
      It’s nice that you get 2 of them and can pick from a selection, but I felt silly when I got my first order delivered and discovered foil packets instead of the Beauty Insider reward sizes!

      Lexi, apologies for hijacking your comment!

  3. For everyone who is having trouble locating certain features of the program, it appears that it does not start in full until May 21st. That is the date mentioned in the post.

  4. Samples cost money to produce and I would rather try a sample than purchase a full-size I don’t like. I like that you get free shipping with 2+. I think this is a great idea.

    • Sounds fun to me too. Can’t wait to try. As for paying for samples, its no biggie for me. Most places you have to pay for them anyway by making purchases.

  5. I wish more brands offered samples, especially since testers are no longer available at Ulta or Sephora. It is a gamble waiting for a sample to become available in a sub box or a GWP and I hate returning products. That said, I would probably never purchase samples from a single brand. It would be nice if more sample/trial sizes were available to purchase from a retailer.

    • Yeah, like Sephora PLAY! 🤔

  6. Try out the site for a $35 toward your full size purchase wouldn’t sound too bad, with some IF’s. Yes samples should be free, but if they’re letting you put that toward a purchase I think it would be fair enough IF you’re interested in making a purchase soon through them anyway, AND IF you can combine that with any coupons or sales they have going on. BUT, I couldn’t find that “take the site home” option on their site, although all the individual samples were there. And another “BUT”, 20 days from the order date doesn’t seem like a deal, especially since shipping takes up some of that time. And to say “it gives you a month to play” is misleading. Try, 2 weeks to maybe 2 1/2 tops. An actual month isn’t even that reasonable, if youre spending that much on samples they should give you double that, like, at least 60 days! But more like a few months, especially if you buy the full sample kit. So no deal in my opinion.

    • Agreed..20 days is way too short, even a month would be too short.

      • I agree, their “math” doesn’t make sense:

        “Site credit remains valid for 20 days from the order date, so you have a month to play around and test out the products before committing.”

        How? How does one order a product, receive it after processing and shipping, and have “a month to play around and test” when the “mont” clock starts ticking the date that it’s ordered? Either that sentence is very, very poorly worded, or this brand thinks we cannot count.

    • If you know you want something like foundation it’s enough time and you get a whole trove of samples. It’s not like Sephora because Sephora won’t just mail you everything to try. Plus 2 random samples isn’t the same thing at all.

    • Agreed. 20 days is ridiculously short and the take the site home offer is no where to be found. Interesting concept but they need to work out some major kinks.

    • I agree, too. Less than 3 weeks is not the same as a month, even if the kit was magically teleported to your front door the instant you placed the order. When you factor in the time to pick, pack and ship (and USPS delays, since that’s how they ship), them claiming “you’ll have a month to play” is just insulting.

      I don’t have a problem with the idea, and I’ve liked the Kosas products I’ve tried enough that I’d be interested in exploring this, but I don’t like their deceptive sales tactics here. Makes you wonder if they’ll send you 2.75 oz of product when they claim it’s 4 oz, because to them it’s the same thing.

    • I agree with ya’ll 20 days from purchase is way to short. If it takes 2 weeks to get to you then you only get 6 days to see if you like the brand.

  7. Paying for samples? If you buy something through Sephora, for example, you can choose two samples for free. Samples equate to “free” to me. And site credit is only valid from 20 days of the selling date? That’s not right in my eyes.

    • 20 days is ridiculous!

  8. So, they want customers to pay for their samples? Yeah, no.

  9. Cool! I want the try the site! I wonder how many samples comes with it?!?!

    • It says 35 samples.

      • Sorry wouldn’t let me delete.
        It says 12 products and for items with skin shades it will be all colors on the card.

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