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Ipsy Shipping Delays Update

The open envelope for this month's Ipsy Glam Bag with the makeup bag and card peeking out.

Ipsy has released a statement regarding shipping delays surrounding the May bag.

Due to fulfillment delays at our warehouse, it’s taking us a bit longer to put together your May bag — but don’t worry! Your May shipment will be on its way soon.

You should receive tracking information within the next three business days. 

We hope you love your May bag!

Ipsy subscribers should have received this update in their email with a link to track their individual bag’s progress.


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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Comments (78)

  1. Ipsy has the worst shipping procedure of any subscription box I’ve ever purchased.

    They need to quit shipping via multiple shippers (ie DHL which then goes to USPS, or Pitney Bowes which then goes to USPS) and stick with one reliable company. Why not just start at USPS in the first place? Or ship DHL all the way through?

    It seem the delays and lost packages always happen during the transfer from one shipper to another.

    Also, why e-mail us saying a package was shipped when you haven’t even brought it to the shipper yet – you’ve only printed the label? It’s deceptive to say something was shipped when it’s actually sitting in the warehouse.

    If shipping is the biggest complaint you get, why not fix it?

    And if a package is truly lost, as mine was – ship out replacements right away. Don’t tell people to wait another month and see if it turns up.

    Lastly, you MUST give refunds for lost packages if you can’t replace the exact items.

    “Sorry, we don’t give refunds and we’re all out of those items, but we’ll send you a replacement bag that will be just as awesome.” No, it wasn’t. It was a bunch of leftovers that nobody wanted. AND I didn’t get my choice item.

    Not to mention Replacements not in the bag and getting delayed another two weeks.

    I enjoy Ipsy when I get it, but am ready to cancel because yet another box is lost in the mail.

  2. It’s been over 6 weeks since I have heard anything about May’s glambag. And June’s glambag no comment. They’ll get to it whenever.

  3. I got my box today. It was already opened. It has 7 items plus my one add-on. Three of the items were what I originally was told I would receive and four were substitutions. One sub was the Charlotte Tilbury cream!!!! But I was supposed to receive the mirror! I reached out to them.

  4. I just received my x bag today, June 1st. It only had half the items they showed I would receive, I’m really bummed.

    • Really!!! So maybe it’s not all Pitney Bowes fault? I watched a YouTuber and she received her glam x (smashed) and a bonus, mystery glam x box. I wonder what really happened. Still haven’t got mine

      • I agree, something is off. I emailed them yesterday and have not gotten a response yet.

      • Update!! They responded and are sending a replacement box!

    • Mine was terrible so you may have missed out on much, sadly.

  5. I love Ipsy but seriously, WTH. Still no May GlamBagX and tracking says June 1 “possible” delivery but details show it still not sent to the shipper. Pretty sure it’s never coming. Guess I’ll be looking for another subscription box.

    • Same situation here. I’m sooo frustrated. I will be charged for June’s bag before I ever get May’s GBX. Also haven’t received add ons I purchased in April from Boxycharm. It seems deceptive to take our money and hold it for weeks/months prior to shipping. I don’t think we should be charged until the items actually ship.

    • My May ugh glam bag and over $50 in addons still hasn’t shipped. I’m not impressed.

  6. I have been trying to decide which sub box to let go as I am currently subscribed to 8 and ended up spending an additional $1500 this month on makeup/skincare (you could say I’m obsessed). Anyway, I think Ipsy just made up my mind for me. I have been with them for a couple years now and they seem to be having some issues with personalization, shipping, customer service, etc. maybe things will improve in the future, but I think I’m going to stick with Boxycharm for now. I tend to like the brands they offer more.

  7. I received my May bag, but I’m still waiting for the April bag. It’s been stuck in Denver Colorado since April 19th. It took 9 days to get there, and is only about 250 miles away from me.

  8. As of today 5/26, I checked every folder in my email and never received notice of the delay. According to the ipsy website, my glam bag still has not shipped. If it wasn’t for this post, I wouldn’t have even known they were having issues, which is a 100% unacceptable way to treat paying customer. I will definitely not be renewing my annual again. If they don’t care about the people who keep the company afloat than I want nothing to do with them. Had I actually received notice of delays, I would be much more forgiving, but this is an atrocious way to handle business.

    • Th is response isn’t to Katie. I just couldn’t find the comment section on my site. This response is in regards of the ipsy update for May 2021. that the pic that you have provided for this month is That isn’t what my Ipsy bag looks like and I know that all Ipsy buyers are sent pics of their bags and each product that Ipsy has shipped with the bag to the buyer. The Ipsy description is very detailed and has even more details of each addictive for each product. The description of my bag even told me what it is made with. Im aware that We can can order different sizes and kinds of products from ipsy and but are they shipping us all different bags also why does that bag in the pic above look so different from mine? My bag is white cotton with pink details stitched in with a pink drawstring Or does Ipsy have different bags for different people nowadays?

    • I reactivated my extra Ipsy because I wanted the Plus. Got my x (loved it, best ever) but still no Plus. I contacted them about it an d they were so nice. It still didn’t ship I know it’s easy for me to say how nice they were cuz I already got the best x ever but I still wish it would ship. I know I would be nuts if I didn’t already get a bag!!

  9. I’ve been a subscriber for years and this was the last straw for me. Second month in a row that we’re in the last week of the month and my bags no where to be found. I paid a lot for GBX and am completely disappointed in ipsys service. I wouldn’t suggest signing up for this bag to anyone anymore and I used to be a huge supporter. Sad.

  10. I got the May regular glam bag, and I still haven’t gotten any shipping information or tracking links, and it’s not on the website either. When I look at the timeline on the homepage, it already says it was delivered and asks me to review items when I haven’t even received my bag yet or gotten tracking. And I also didn’t get the email with the shipping delays. But, I keep getting the promotional emails and the one that asks me to pick something for my june bag. Is anyone else having this problem??

  11. My ipsy glam x still hasn’t shipped. Anyone else?In the app it says it’s still being assembled. I had one add on.

    • My tracking info for the Glam Bag X has vanished. Still haven’t received it, and now don’t know when it’s shipping.

      • Suzy…..My X Bag tracking info vanished too and it still hasn’t shipped. I contacted Ipsy, got the ususal weasel words…..Warehouse is working hard to catch up on backlogged order, any day now. The first month of X went smoothly but the second month was a cluster……Ipsy just seems to ignore the shipping issues.

    • I just got a tracking number on my ipsy glam x!!

      • I skipped June and my tracking info disappeared on the ipsy app. I contacted them via email and they sent me a tracking link. It still hasn’t reached USPS. In the email they told me to give it another 15 days.

      • It’s moved! I’ve got a eta of June 7th.

    • Got a tracking number for my glam x on 5/13 BUT tracking still shows “Merchant Order Receipt Notification, USPS Awaiting Item”. Contacted support, got the run around and was told to contact them again if it isnt delivered by 6/4?!!!

  12. I have been with Ipsy for years and this was the longest wait time yet and they messed up and left me 2 products short for my GBP. I sent an email and supposedly they have something shipping out for me but it’s been sitting for almost a week with DHL… DHL is the WORST 3rd party shipping company I’ve ever seen. I get trying to save money but it gets longer and longer every month.

  13. For the first time in a long while I finally got my bag earlier than usual. Actually, I got it around the second week of the month until about late last year. Dallas is the main hub near me so along with Covid and the ice storm they had back in February, it really backed things up.

  14. So not only was there a delay in leaving the warehouse, but now my bag has gone from 10 miles from my house to Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota… Thanks DHL!

  15. I got an email like this back I wanna say in February? But I just got my ipsy for this month yesterday. And last month didnt get it until the 24th. Their shipping is awful

  16. I got my Ipsy X last week. For me it’s boxycharm, I always get that late. I still haven’t gotten my May boxycharm. Ipsy I usually always get by the -16th each month

  17. Ironically, this very morning, I sent an email to ipsy mentioning that any legitimate company that couldn’t honor their promised shipping would have at least reached out to people to inform them. I just lost it with their awful customer service and lack of any information about my glam bag x that still on the 20th has not even shipped.

    I have been an ipsy subscriber for years and CS keeps getting worse. Scripted answers, long response time, and vague excuses. First they said it shipped but tracking numbers are loaded in batches and I just have to wait until the 15th, then it was “fulfillment delays” (code for we ran out of products?) with no date certain. At least this email promises within 3 business days.

    As they are growing bigger, they seem to be getting worse and worse. Very disappointing.

    • My March and April didn’t ship till the 20th and that was after I nagged them. I’ve been a subscriber since 2013! This month it supposedly started shipping on the 14 but delivery date looks to be the 24th. I keep getting the emails about reviewing my bag and leaving feedback. On what? The invisible bag?

    • They need to introduce a waitlist–stop with the new customers and handle the ones you got, right?

      My bag shipped. Apparently on the 6th but you are so right about scripted answers, especially when you deal with another company’s CS that is so on top. I could have driven to New Jersey and picked it up myself already. >_< And now, it's somewhere between the last hub and me. A hub that's four hours away, yet it's been–oh, in four hours it'll be 8 days.


      • They used to have a wait list and people cried about it now people are crying about to many subscribers

    • Subscribed to Glam X bag for first time….it arrived just today….with box totally falling apart…my items smashed and the lotion squirted all over everything. I was so looking forward to it too. I emailed them…not expecting a reply. UGH.

    • Don’t forget they own BoxyCharm now, too. I’m sure the merger situation is causing these… let’s call them hiccups.

  18. Anyone else having issues Rating their Xbag items, the review button under each item is not there??

    • I haven’t been able to rate my X items either.

  19. It’s weird how they’ve been having later-than-usual bag delays (let’s be honest, Ipsy has never been known for their prompt delivery), yet Pop Up orders are often being shipped out the same day. I imagine that these take place in different warehouses, but to me it seems like poor management if they have certain fulfillment centers that work like clockwork, and other centers that are so swamped that they’re not getting things out.

    • I believe the root of the frustration for most is when you make a transaction with a company, you expect to receive your purchase in a timely manner. The company should also be able to ship the CORRECT item(s), color(s), scent(s), quantity, etc. Mistakes happen but there’s a difference between mistakes and carelessness. I’ve been with Ipsy for years so I’ve experienced all the issues at least once. Another monthly subscription box I receive always arrives in two days flat with free shipping. The DHL, Pitney Bowes, etc delays are beyond excessive.

  20. For y’all who subscribed to Glam X, can/do you see your past bags or the products? I emailed Ipsy a couple of times and did not get a response.

    • I can’t see my last X either Dorie.

      • Thanks for letting me know … they kept telling me that it’s my browser. Hmm.

    • Were you trying on the app? On facebook, this morning, many were having problems accessing anything. I reviewed my X items yesterday, since it disappeared on me in Feb. I emailed them and was giving a way around reviewing everything, but it was a pain.

  21. I received my bag this month early for the first time. I decided to try and not buy add-ons and see if it would get here sooner and it did. I think it takes more time to put the add-ons together so it might take longer to get to us.

    • Yes Sue..this is true..I did a trial also..months ago,and if you don’t buy anything you will get your box sooner…

    • Yes, bags with add-ons & point redemption will ship later. This is because bag fulfillment is computerized, but bags need to be pulled off the line & filled by hand with add-ons & points items. (This is also why bags may arrive re-sealed with tape or a clear sticker: filled bags must be re-opened to add these items.

    • My Plus arrived earlier than usual and I had add ons.

      • No add ons for me abs it still hasnt shipped

  22. I received my Ipsy bag last week. It was great!

  23. My daughter received her GB last week and my GBX was supposed to be delivered yesterday but will now maybe be here Saturday. DHL is always the issue. It arrives at the DHL office an hr from my house every month and takes 4-5 days EVERY month to get transferred to USPS. I have complained to IPSY many times and they always say they will pass on the feedback to the correct department. They really should figure out a better way to ship. I know some bags ship with UPS

    • It takes me 12+ days to receive my bag when it ships through DHL. I’ve also noticed they lie about transferring it to USPS. The sad thing is, I could actually drive to where it’s being held hostage in just a couple hours.

      • I live 18 miles from the NC distribution center. It usually takes 12+ days to receive my monthly bag – no thanks to DHL. Was lucky to get the May GBX in 9 days. Something I recently bought from the daily sale took three weeks to arrive. I joke that it’d be nice if they would allow me to pick up my orders! 🤦‍♀️🤨

      • Steph-
        I just got mine today but it was supposed to be here last week & it kept saying USPS has it for days but they don’t & that messes up the (timeline) arrival date. I’m sorry it takes so long for you but reading your comment made me realize that this was a real thing…b/c this has happened for months & I thought I was going crazy! Lol… that’s not okay to lie about it.

  24. In the years I’ve been with Ipsy they have lost at least 4 of my bags. It’s Always been bags with the best items in them too and I’ve never gotten the bags resent, only a refund. It’s been very disappointing. I wish they would stop using Pitney Bowes they have been the worst carrier. On that note, cheers to still waiting and hoping to receive my May Glam X bag!

  25. My X bag hasn’t even shipped yet. Normally I’m not that concerned if it takes a long time with shipping
    to get to me. But now I’m worried they won’t have the items to ship to me!! And I was super excited with my selections. I hope I get tracking in 3 days like this post says. 😫😳😀

    • Yep! They almost never have the same items to re ship to you. It’s so frustrating. You either get whatever they have left or a refund.

    • I am feeling the same way! Guess I should have passed on add ons! You would think they would want to encourage add ons.

  26. What’s strange is that I received my May Plus much earlier than usual.

  27. I’m so glad I skipped all of my bags for May. My April GB and GBP didn’t come until May 6th. I wasn’t about to pay for my May bags when I had no idea when or if I was going to get my April bags. Ipsy really needs to get their shipping issues together and they really need to stop using DHL. I had a second chance add on order that they sent to my old address even though I changed my address months ago and had sent my bags and orders to the right address until that order got sent to my old address (this had nothing to do with DHL obviously). They did refund me but it was ridiculous because I had already waited almost a month to receive the order only to find out they had shipped it to the wrong address.

    • Ipsy has sent 2 of my bags to the wrong address even after confirming my address several times. And the worst part is I’ve never ever had my bags sent to that address before! The rep just changed it all on his own 🤦🏼‍♀️ Ughhhhh. They need to get it together bf we all skip forever!

  28. I received tracking info for Plus on May 8 but no movement since than. I usually receive my bag by now.

  29. My Ipsy glambag is pretty crappy this month so I don’t mind waiting. ALL skincare!!! No makeup or haircare!!! *BLAH*
    VERY annoyed by this since they say we’re supposed to get a mixture every month…

  30. Ipsy needs to get it together….my bag is not supposed to be here till may 27…that’s terrible…maybe if i cancel a while they will get a new carrier…plus on my reviews…i said i don’t know if i like it,,,my bag is not here yet..maybe someone there will wake up and start to do there job…

  31. Meh, it is what it is. As long as I get my items, it’s fine. I know that the anticipation stinks, but I find that I’m more excited waiting for the stuff than I am when it actually gets here. So I think it’s time to pause for a while.

  32. My bag is always shipped later in the month, so I didn’t really notice. But it is now “stuck” at the DHL/USPS handoff. I just hope that it is okay because I added on a bottle of A+!

    • My APRIL bag has been stuck in this status since May 7th. They didn’t even ship until the 28th of April and FINALLY agreed to refund my bag because 3 of the items and all 5 of my addons are now “out of stock”

  33. Ladies, how long do we have to do the reviews on the items before the option to review them disappears?

    • The regular and plus always seem to have the option to review for months and months. I’ve even done some 6 months late and still got points. But the last ultimate and the first X disappeared before the end of the month it came and I hadn’t even gotten mine in the mail yet. So I lost a lot of points and then I noticed I wasn’t getting the good options I normally like so I just did my reviews for this month even though mine hasn’t shipped.

      • Thank you!

    • You have either 3 or 4 months to review and still get points. I just double checked their site and cannot find a timeframe anymore, but I know I’ve lost points because I waited too long. Now I stick to under 3 months. I did my X reviews already, for May, though. It disappeared last time (at the end of the month) and when I emailed ipsycare about it, they gave me a convoluted way to still do it.

  34. Just May? Lol. My bags never ship until like the 17th-20th of the month. I always get my bags at the very end of the month or into the following month. This was happening even before COVID.

    • Me too. I’m a patient person so the slow shopping really doesn’t bother me. I have so many things in my life to worry about. My Ipsy bag isn’t one of them.

  35. No email received about shipping or about delays, but they did ship it and put tracking on the web page. The issue is not that it left the warehouse. My issue is that from the warehouse in North Carolina it went north to Massachusetts instead of south to Georgia. How many weeks will DHL sit on it in Massachusetts? Then fly it to Georgia and lose it in the black hole that is their Atlanta storage hold, while lying and saying that they gave it to USPS. Here we go again.

  36. Wonder if they are having a hard time finding people to work like so many other places?

    • I’m in south Jersey and everyplace I go has a help wanted sign it’s crazy

      • Same around Chicago area. One of the places we go for cocktails and dessert was closed for 3 days last week cause they had no one to work, Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Such a shame.

  37. I always get bags a month and a half after ordering these days.

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