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Ipsy Glam Bag X May 2021 Choice Time!

It’s time to pick some of the items for your May 2021 Ipsy Glam Bag X! Glam Bag X is a quarterly, limited edition upgrade to your monthly IPSY membership. Check out the full Glam Bag X announcement here.

Here’s what my May bag looks like for one of our accounts:


Which products are you picking?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month. Ipsy Glam Bag X is $55 a month. It’s an additional $43/shipment for Glam Bag members and $30/shipment for Glam Bag Plus members. 

Ipsy Glam Bag X

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Comments (190)

  1. It would be really nice if Ipsy provided us a survey or a link a month before curation and get to select whether we want our upcoming bag to be makeup heavy, skincare heavy, or an equal mixture of both. Sometimes I’m looking for more makeup and other times skincare.

    • You can change your beauty profile choices at any time.

  2. I did not get CT cream, which makes me feel so sad. What makes it worse is I cannot even buy one for the add-on. My favorite one is CT cream, then Herbivore peel, RMS cheek color. How “luckily” I do not even get one I like.

    I received:
    – 111skin booster (everyone gets it. I have one at home, not interested)
    – anastrasia brow pen (I suppose everyone gets it, just different color)
    – MAC lipstick
    – olehenriksen eye creme (I have one at home)
    – one/size eyeshadow palette (I do not like the eyeshadow palette, if I need to get one, I prefer anastrasia Renaissance, which has more natural colors)

    Overall, I am really disappointed about this month’s glam X box. Ipsy does not follow my preference setup, I prefer skincare over makeup, see how much makeup included in this box. For makeup, I prefer natural colors other than pop colors. I am debating on if I will get glam X box in Aug, considering how disappointing I am.

  3. I am so sad I did not get CT facial cream. I have one bottle before, it works really great before makeup. I am so eager to get one this time. Even though I am not matching one CT cream, I hope I can purchase one in the add-on.

    I really not a big fan of makeup. But what ironic is I get so much makeup in this bag, I get
    – 111 skin booster (everyone gets it, I do not like it, I have one bottle at home)
    – Anastasia brow pen (I suppose everyone gets it as well, just different color)
    – MAC low me lipstick in bated breath
    – olehenriksen eye cream
    – ONE/SIZe eyeshadow (if I need to get one eyeshadow palette, I prefer Anastasia Renaissance palette, more natural choice)

    Overall, I am really disappointed with this month’s glam X box. I am pretty sure ipsy does not follow my preference at all. I choose I prefer skincare other than makeup. For makeup choices, I prefer natural colors, not pop one. I am debating if I will keep Glam X box in Aug.

  4. I was surprised to get the email to Choose items for May’s Glam Bag X. I was told that there were no more waiting spots. I also received a free month of the Refreshments.

    111SKIN Rose Gold Radiance Booster (already own and have never tried it)
    ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Brow Pen in Soft Brown (wrong shade)
    M·A·C Love Me Lipstick in Bated Breath (meh, too warm)
    HERBIVORE BOTANICALS Prism AHA + BHA Exfoliating Glow Facial (Yay!)
    ONE/SIZE PATRICK STARRR Visionary Eyeshadow Palette (meh)

    Didn’t have many choices that I really loved, but chose:

    OLAPLEX No.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment (Yay! I own the entire line, including this)
    DR. BRANDT SKINCARE pores no more® VACUUM CLEANER (already own multiples)
    LOLLIA Breathe Shea Butter Handcreme (original subscriber, so I own a lot of hand creams from ME)

    Added On:

    COMPLEX CULTURE Face Time Brush Trio ($25, but I like their brushes)
    ORIGINS CLEAR IMPROVEMENT™ Active Charcoal Mask To Clear ($3 sample great for travel)

  5. Anyone interested in swapping their Glam Bag X train case for my Tower 28 Gloss in Coconut and Sugar Cosmetics Matte Lip Crayon in Miss Rosa? Was hoping to get the bag as an add-on but it wasn’t offered, and I have a ton of lipsticks/glosses in pretty much these exactly colors already.

  6. After last month’s Plus, which was awful, I was hoping X would be outstanding and thankfully it is! I got the CT moisturizer and the cute mirror and the Olaplex. No, I’m not excited about the brow pen or the lip gloss (boring color), but other than that, everything seems great. I do feel badly for everyone who didn’t get the really good skincare or the mirror.

  7. What’s so great about the CT cream anyways? Besides the price tag??Truly, I want to know! I received the:
    -OH eye primer (is it worth it’s claim?)
    -ABH Palette (which I always wanted but was always opened and too grubby at TJ Maxx for me to purchase)
    -RMS lip/cheek tint (meh..)
    -Morphe continuous setting spray (which added literally no value to my $300 valued box but I know I already love it)
    -gua sha stone
    -collagen peptides (for my morning coffee)

    *Not mad about the CT Cream…again, I’m still not seeing what’s so “magical” about it (someone please fill me in) but I have SOME good news if you’re a CT fan and planning on shopping on her site soon. I went on to purchase the new love collection and saw that she’s offering a full size magic cream for FREE until the 9th I believe with orders of $175 or more. So I thought that was a great deal so I added a lippie onto my order to bring the price limit up and am receiving a free cream. That’s why I asked what is so great about it. I’ve read all about it on her site after seeing i didn’t receive it in my choices yesterday but I have so many creams that claim the same promises…unless I’m missing something? Anyways, it is valued for $100 and would make a great mother’s day gift so I figured I’d put it out there if you’re that set on the cream and Planning on shopping her site regardless.

    • I think that’s why most of us were hoping to get the CT cream: to find out what’s so “Magic” about it…. and if it’s really worth the $$$

      • Makes sense. I’m curious as well. That’s why I asked. 🙂

  8. My bag was actually 75% skincare. Well, 62.5% skincare. I know that’s boring for most people but I love skincare because it actually gets used and I have way too much makeup from Ipsy and GBP in the last.

    -Charlotte Tilbury cream (I’m curious about this)
    -111Skin serum (glad I got this, which puts me in the happiness minority)
    -ABH pen in dark brown
    -Herbivore peel (I really wanted this)
    -Tower28 gloss in coconut (someone wants to trade shades with me, yay!)
    -Route Beauty peel (choice)
    -Christophe Robin scalp scrub (my choice to use in trades)
    -Dr Brand Vacuum Cleaner (choice)

  9. I cancelled because I knew I didn’t want the 111 skin and that the CT and herbivore weren’t listed as choice items. I resigned up for August and am hoping that one has a better curation. It is a massive bummer that this bag didn’t turn out well for the majority of the people spending a decent amount of money on it, especially since I was completely pleased with the Patrick Ta curation from the first bag. This second round seems like an overall letdown.

    • I knew when I saw so many different products being listed in the options and that neither palette, CT cream, Herbivore, etc were not choices and that the 111 Skin was going to be given to everyone (leaving 4 Ipsy selections left), there was a good chance I was not going to get the CT cream, the ABH palette and other items I wanted.

      I am overall happy with my GBX and think the value is there, even if I didn’t get my ideal bag:

      Ipsy curation:
      – 111 Skin
      – ABH brow pen
      – One / size eyeshadow palette (initially not interested in this palette but am more interested in trying this out after further research)
      – Herbivore
      – MAC lipstick (not sure about the color but MAC lipsticks are great)
      (Happy with most of the above…)
      My choices:
      – Christophe Robin (makes the bag worth it – I love everything I have tried from this brand so far)… I wanted the Olaplex and the Hair serum too but figured they would put all the hair choices in one selection pool)
      – SR Glow Oil (Didn’t really care for any of the choices in this category and this SR product is not on my radar)
      – Riki mirror (glad I selected early in the morning …didn’t know this would sell out)

      Would I do GBX again? Maybe – it depends on the spoilers for August and knowing what I know now about how the curation and choice for X works.

  10. I guess I’m in the majority with the disappointment. I was thinking we would get the CT or the Herbavore. I didn’t get either of course. I got the ABH palette and already have it. 111 skin, the cashew lip gloss- I was praying for coconut as it looked perfect for my taste. The Rodial as everyone too. The wrong color ABH pen in onyx. I have micro bladed brows in a medium to med/do brown to that’s a no. My choices were meh just like everyone’s. I went with the train case as the mirror was gone, the SR because I haven’t tried it, and the Morphe spray because the others sucked that bad

  11. I agree. Life happens to all of us and sometimes announcements might not be posted in a timely manner. People who write for MSA don’t always get it right or post exactly before subscription boxes release their items. Companies like IPSY usually have a schedule when they allow you to make a choice and if you really want an item, the responsibility is on you to make sure that you check in with the company as early as possible on selection day.

    • Agreed. Well stated.

  12. I am a little disappointed with not getting the CT moisturizer nor the Herbivore, but happy that some did. I truly believe it was a bait and switch. I bet there were only 20 people that got it. I also don’t understand why it’s even called Glam BAG X if the bag is a choice item. It should be called Glam Bag-only-if-you-choose-it X. I will wait till next times spoilers to see what I’m tricked into hoping to get.

    • I didn’t understand the bag as a choice either. I thought the bag would be an automatic thing – not something you had to pick as one of your items.

    • I was under the impression that it would be set up as an either/or scenario for those two items, to be honest. I had my fingers crossed for herbivore.

      • The way they worded things in the spoilers, most people thought they’d get CT Magic Cream or Herbivore Facial, hence we handed over our money and now we are all mad at Ipsy for the shameless bait and switch.

    • You’d lose that bet — go on over to Reddit and you’ll see many more than 20 people receiving the CT. Heck just from reading the MSA comments, I’ve seen over 20 receiving it. Though I’m in the same boat as you, I’m not receiving it either.

      And Glam Bag-only-if-you-choose-it X doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, does it? Ipsy made it quite clear when rolling out the new X tier that the bag would a choice. Reading what you’re signing up for might help manage your expectations.

      • Thank you, you are absolutely correct. I usually read the complete description for the spoilers and such but I didn’t this time. I was completely blinded by the spoiler pictures of the bag, CT moisturizer and Herbivore that I failed to read the details. It didn’t help that I was still recovering from hysterectomy surgery while my mother in law had lung cancer surgery during the spoiler threads. I don’t know why beauty bags bring me joy but can easily disappoint. I should’ve known that Ipsy’s curation is not as personal as I’d hoped it to be. I will definitely try and fully read the details next time 🙂

    • I’ve was really disappointed too. I’ve been looking up some of the products they sent. The 111 serum only has a 3 star rating. The Patrick Starr pallet rating are only slightly better. The cleanser gets really good ratings, but I’m allergic to some of the ingredients. (Not Ipsy’s fault). I was so excited for this bag and I got nothing I wanted not one thing. I picked the makeup bag as a choice and that’s the only thing I’ll keep. That’s a really expensive makeup bag. 🙁

  13. I’ve cancelled. I got all makeup- palette, eyebrow pencil, gloss, even though makeup is all set to rarely and has for some time. Skincare is set to often. I pass the makeup on to my girls but the value disparity is just wrong- it should be spread out more. My Choices were awful too- I logged on right away so I did have a full selection, they were just bad. I will take my $55 and buy what I really want.

  14. I have been a Ipsy subscriber since day one , got nothing I wanted In my bag , I do have skincare listed In my preference and didn’t get the Charlotte T , may cancel the last few months leading up to May X box have be really bad . Premium was great when it was still in bata once it was opened to everyone, it became a different box .

    • So you enjoyed the “premium” box and it was great when it was only offered to you and a few others but now that everyone gets a shot at nicer products and you are no longer benefitting from it personally you don’t like it? Interesting…….

      • I think you’re assuming the wrong thing from J10’s comment, and it says more about you than that person. I took it to mean that while it was limited Ipsy had incentive to make it better so more people would want it when it was offered to more people, but that they either choose to drop the quality or had to due to volume once they had a lot more subscribers. Certainly there are some people who only enjoy something if others can’t have it, but it’s rude to assume that interpretation of what you were replying to.

  15. From the comments it is starting to smack of a “bait and switch”…. Curious to know how many CT / herbivore were actually available….

    I wish this website had a dedicated forum do that the conversations can continue on the same page, instead of jumping to the next ipsy post….

    • I have skincare listed as a want and I got the CT moisturizer in my bag. I’ve also subscribed for over 6 years with Ipsy. I get people are disappointed they didn’t get it but there was also other things that were great. Why complain about something you’re paying for when you can so easily cancel if you’re not happy?

      • Glad your bag was satisfactory 🙂

        I do think it’s valid to reflect on whether Ipsy’s advertising practices gave off a false impression of the mathematical likelihood of getting your preference.

        1/10 is much more acceptable than 1/1000 — but without information from Ipsy then can only rely on folks who comment (which is a skewed sample)

        Without info about Ipsy’s inventory, hard to tell if “bait and switch” or just a normal assortment.

      • I truly hope I’ve misinterpreted what you are saying, but….

        So it’s not ok for people to express an opinion – on a public forum – when they are disappointed, they can only share an opinion when they are happy with what they received (like, say, getting the CT cream in their bag)? Or maybe… Why complain about what people have to say when you can so easily stop reading if you’re not happy?

        One of the things I like about the comment threads here, generally speaking, is reading and considering different viewpoints. It is interesting and often helps inform my decisions to subscribe/not subscribe. Do people sometimes get annoyingly critical and/or whiny? Yep, they sure do. But they are just as entitled to share their thoughts/opinions and those who have positive feedback to share, as last I checked, there were no restrictions on this site wrt the nature of one’s comments. When the comments get too annoying for me, I just move on.

      • I agree the negativity on here is astounding. I didn’t get the CT cream, l received the OS palette which l am not particularly excited for but this curation as a group of products is the best l have ever seen by far. People are allowing their disappointment over not receiving one item salt the entire experience. If that one item is what you want/need go purchase it individually. It wasn’t promised.

      • It’s not one item. There were 5 items I wanted and got NONE of them. Ipsy also billed me late and refused me choice due to their error. I will be cancelling but it’s too late for this month. So yes, excuse me for being disappointed.

    • They exist, but they weren’t choice items from what I saw.

    • MSA did have a forum. 🙁 It ended badly due to trolls & lack of moderation on MSA’s part (I want to be clear that this is not my opinion, it’s factually true; Liz herself admitted this).

      It’s a shame because it was an invaluable resource of information from subscribers’ experiences with subs, not just the PR treatment that the blog gets. It was also a place where some great friendships were made… heck, we even saw one member get a groundswell of support to start her own subscription box service (which is celebrating its anniversary soon!)

      • Which box is that?

      • That’s so neat — also curious which box it is….

        Maybe now there’s more staff it’ll be possible to restart a forum?

        Some comments have been more helpful than the websites themselves.

        Thanks again for this bit of msa history.

      • The box is Fruit for Thought. It’s on Cratejoy. 🙂

  16. I just cancelled all my iPsy. I was super excited for this glam bag x as there were many spoilers I wanted and the only thing I got that I want was the olaplex which is like half the value of what I spent for the glam bag x.

    P.S. also not happy with MSA as the riki mirror was sold out when I went on. I check MSA hourly daily and this is where I am reminded to go pick my options every month, unfortunately it seems MSA took the morning / afternoon off so go figure the only other thing that was even offered as an option for me, was sold out by the time I went in to pick my options 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • lol — it’s MSA’s fault that you forgot to pick? you can remember to check MSA but you can’t remember to check Ipsy’s site?
      Didn’t realize MSA was in charge of inventory control over at Ipsy….

      • I think it’s just habit to check msa a million times a day for some people… maybe they can’t find employees like every other restaurant/store I use…they all close early!!

    • Then instead of relying on a third party to be your calendar/unpaid secretary, set a notification in your phone. Problem solved. After all, whose responsibility is it?

      • I was thinking the same thing!!!!

      • Is MSA made up of volunteers? I hoped they get paid a bit, considering the work and cost of maintaining a site.

      • I agree; Choice for GBP/GBX always opens up first thing is the morning (Ipsy says 9:00 AM EST, but I’ve seen it open as early as 7:00). I personally set an alarm. You know what day Choice is; don’t be expecting MSA to tell you when it opens. I can’t even fathom just waiting around all day and never once checking the Ipsy website….

      • Truth.

      • Right?

      • I agree. Life happens to all of us and sometimes announcements might not be posted in a timely manner. People who write for MSA don’t always get it right or post exactly before subscription boxes release their items. Companies like IPSY usually have a schedule when they allow you to make a choice and if you really want an item, the responsibility is on you to make sure that you check in with the company as early as possible on selection day.

      • Some MSA reviewers are volunteers, but MSA is not unpaid. They are a business that makes money off subscriber clicks — by which I mean US. MSA makes money from us.

        I think it’s pretty clear from the screenshots that the mirror was sold out by the time “MSA” got around to bag choice, so I don’t see the point in being mad at them for that considering they missed it themselves. 😂

      • The point about the word “unpaid” was that if the poster wants a secretary, she should pay for that service. No one owes her free reminders. She can easily program her phone for that.

  17. I love my bag!

    – 111 Skin
    – Anastasia brow Pen
    – Charlotte tillsbury cream
    – ole Henriksen eye cream
    – tower 28 lip gloss

    – olaplex
    – Sunday Riley
    – train case

    No complaints here!

    • We had same picks and looks like same options too! I have the olaplex and oil so I picked the color wow and peel along with the mirror rather then train case. I wanted the primer and herbivore but I am still beyond excited and thankful for an awesome value:)

    • Why would you have a complaint ? But please be understanding to those that didn’t get lucky like you did.

      • Well that’s YOUR problem.

    • I’m glad you liked your bag. It’s always a gamble but sometimes that’s part of the fun. I got this box gambling on getting 111skin (because it’s cute) and a peel and honestly expecting the bag =(

      Oh well, that’s what swaps are for.

  18. If anyone would like to swap their CT cream with another item from my bag, let me know what you’re looking for!

  19. I’m so sorry to see so many disappointed. Ive been there. I’ve had Ipsy for over a year, I have makeup marked as “rarely” and skincare as often, and have always rated makeup as low and skincare as high. I do receive mostly skincare in my monthly bags. In this GBX, I did receive the CT, herbivore, brow pen (in the right color), Tower28 in coconut, and the 111. I chose the CR, riki and collagen. I’m only posting this to show that sometimes the matching works (or I got very lucky). It’s always a gamble to spend $55 to receive $300-$500 of products. I know that’s easy to say, since (in my opinion) I got a great box, but it’s a philosophy I always tell myself when I don’t get a good box – and believe me when I say I’ve got some duds. I do wish they would be a little more transparent about how everyone would receive either a palette OR the CT, as it does appear they were all in the same category (I think). It would cut down on a lot of hurt feelings. If they did announce it – I missed it.

    • Glad to hear somebody got a great box ! I honestly believe it’s sheer luck, and not that Ipsy actualy honored any profile choices.
      I have 2 accounts, one of which is has makeup marked as “rarely” and the other has skincare marked as “rarely”. Also the ages are 20 years different (I share the products with my teen). With that said, I thought I had a good chance of receiving a wide variety of items between the 2 accounts. No such luck, both of my accounts had the same identical 5 Ipsy picks. All makeup other than the 111 Serum that everyone recieved.
      The O/S Pallette retails for 42.00 and the Majic cream 100.00. The subscribers that didn’t receive the cream, should have gotten something additional to even out the value.
      I’m hesitant to roll the dice and purchase another GBX – because this month proved thst its obviously very random what you may receive and that profiles don’t meN much.

    • I have similar profile as you. I rate skincare as high, makeup as low, mark them as rarely and still ended up with Patrick Starrr palette. No CT or Herbivore or OH Primer or Eye Cream. So you were extremely lucky and please cherish that. I’ve always been grateful to Ipsy for providing access to high end things that I’d never pay retail price for, but I’m super angry with them with X. Reading comments across MSA and YouTube makes me realize it’s justified. Ipsy baited our hard earned money knowing fully that most won’t get the specific products that made them sign up. It’s deceitful and shameful especially given the economic situation we are in. And I’d guess a large portion of Ipsy clientele needed to budget for this super expensive X box only to find out Ipsy baited them for money that could provide more value to their lives somewhere else.

      • You’re really going to blame a company for people’s economic hardships?? Ipsy is not a necessity. It’s a choice. People need to take personal accountability for their own financial decisions during all times of economics- both the peaks and valleys.
        I don’t completely disagree with other parts of your statement, but trying to guilt, shame, virtue signal or use any of those types of passive aggressive excuse tactics to attach economic hardship to a voluntary superfluous purchase decision is just weak and shows ignorance. At the end of the day, Ipsy didn’t bait anyone- they always make it clear that you MAY receive this or that. If you let your excitement and hope forget that it’s still part mystery, the. I’m sorry but prepare yourself for further disappointment the longer you partake in these kinds of subscriptions. Please take responsibility for your part of the risk. It will help you weather the tough economic times ahead. I wish you well.

    • I understand your point, but as a counterpoint: Just because in my profile I say I want a makeup item sometimes or often, doesn’t mean I should be excluded from a skincare item, which I’ve also noted as sometimes or often. What troubles me personally is that I keep seeing instances where someone got BOTH the CT cream and the Herbivore, while so many of us got neither. Obviously had we all known that to get, say, the CT cream, we would need to have our profiles set for skincare with the complete exclusion of makeup, we would have adjusted our profiles before this GBX (although I admit I have no sense of whether historical profiles play a role, or just the profile as it stands at the time of selection). You are correct, it is a gamble, but it doesn’t seem right that I am excluded from things I’ve shown a preference for (skincare) just because I happen to have shown a preference for other items (makeup). Particularly when some people got BOTH of the highly desired skincare items, leaving others with none. Just my point of view, FWIW.

      • Sherri – I agree and I had one of my 2 profiles set to skincare only and got zero in my GBX Ipsy picks . Only makeup and 111 skin. I’m perturbed that there were folks who got both CT and Herbivore and some also got the OH. Its a disgrace. Of course those folks are happy and think we are a bunch of whiners 🤣

  20. First paragraph:
    You’re picking 3 items not one.
    Second paragraph:
    Missing word
    Last paragraph:
    Glam bag X costs $55 not $50.

    • Wow, just wow.

    • I think whoever usually makes these Ipsy reveal posts wasn’t able to, & there was a scramble to try to fix it. Not only were they extremely late, we’re still missing the 2 of the usual 4 posts: base bag reveal post + add-ons post.

      Kind of a bummer, I was waiting all day to talk about this stuff with folks. I know these posts usually get the most comments, too, so it affects the blog’s engagement.

      • I have found myself going over to reddit and engaging on their r/ipsy about bags, spoilers, and other topics. It’s a fun group. I never tried it before last month, but I like to talk about these things as they’re happening and it seems like MSA doesn’t really have as much of an opportunity for that right now.

      • I agree. Mistakes happen and my intention is not to nit pick. Many people come to MSA for all things beauty boxes (I know I do!).
        Anyone reading the incorrect description would not get accurate information about pricing and choice. MSA has already fixed those errors.
        Ashleigh, I also went over to Reddit in the morning since I kept checking MSA and nothing was posted until much later in the day. It’s definitely exciting to engage in discussion and share the experience with other people who were also looking forward to this drop (my husband and 6 year old did not really understand 😂)!

      • Ashleigh, I do lurk in the subreddit. I’m afraid to make an account to participate in conversations, though. Parts of that site are Scary, to put it mildly!

  21. Ok I guess I did better than I thought. Was disappointed, but after seeing comments I guess mine is ok.

    111skin ugh could do a trendmood box with everything.
    ABH eyebrow pen
    Mac lipstick
    One/size pallet
    Route beauty peel
    Riki cutie

  22. I’d like to swap my CT cream for the herbivore and a taupe or similar color brow item..

    • Hi, I have the herbivore and a dark brown brow pen if you’d like to swap.

      • I need something lighter as far as the pen goes. I may still swap for the herbivore if nobody else comes through with both.

  23. I did not receive any of of the 4 items I was hoping for, instead I will be getting a grab bag of unexciting duds:

    – Patrick Starrr Pallette – looks cheap and also resembles the Barbarella Pallette we received recently in Boxycharm. Also poor reviews online.
    – 111 Skin – (seriously) this stuff just plain sucks.
    – ABH – Brow pen in blonde
    – Tower 28 – Poop stain lipgloss
    – RMS Beauty- cream blush

    I will be selling all my products on Poshmark in hopes of recovering all my money back. See you Glambag X – you suck at life !

  24. I received –
    • 111Skin Rose Gold Radiance Booster (everyone got this)
    • ABH Brow Pencil in Blonde
    • ONE/SIZE eyeshadow palette
    • Rodial Pink Diamond Cleansing Balm
    • Tower 28 gloss in Coconut

    I picked –
    • RIKI Cutie mirror
    • Olaplex №0
    • Sunday Riley CEO Glow Oil

    I also added on a 1oz Olaplex №3 for $3

    I am very excited about the Riki Cutie mirror, the T28 gloss, Olaplex №0. However, I’m not crazy about anything else. The brow pencil is actually my shade, so I’m keeping it. I might give the eyeshadow palette to my daughter since she is just getting into makeup. I don’t know if I will keep any of the skincare. I wanted Charlotte Tilbury and/or Herbivore. Also, how come we didn’t get the train case?! I thought it was really pretty and was looking forward to it!

    • The train case was in the same category as the Riki mirror. You would have had to pick it, as an item.

      • I noticed that, too. I was just surprised to not receive a bag from Ipsy this month. I would have definitely used it! I was dead set on getting the Riki mirror, so I’m very glad I got it!

  25. The bag isn’t included? I thought that was Ipsy’s whole thing

    • My thoughts exactly! I was annoyed about not getting a train case with everything.

    • It’s a choice item for GBX. It’s not automatically included, you have to select it’s your last item.

  26. Very disappointed in the products Ipsy chose for me. I didn’t receive the ABH palette, Charlotte Tilbury, Herbivore or Ole Henriksen. I’m receiving the same items as MSA, except I’m getting the MAC lipstick instead of the Tower lip product. The MAC lipstick is the only item I’m receiving that I like. My choice products were almost identical to MSA, with the exception of one product. Ipsy lured us with some really good products and didn’t deliver.

    • Agreed, I was going to drop X but stayed because some of the spoilers were so amazing, and then I didn’t get any of it at all, even as choice items or add-ons.

    • I totally agree, the only two items I’m excited about that Ipsy chose is the MAC lipstick in Bated Breath and the Rodial Cleansing Balm. I chose the Christophe Scrub, Kopari CBD Balm and the Train case.
      The Magic Cream, Herbivore and Ole Henrikson were never options. And I’m slightly irritated that the Olapex and Christophe were in the same category. Not to mention NONE of these were available in add-ons. I honestly feel that this quarter’s X was a big flop for me.

      • Interesting – the Christophe Robin and Olaplex were in different categories on my account. I also just read that if you wait an hour or so and refresh that choices change. I may try that next month.

  27. I was very very disappointed with my bag I also did not get the two mail items that everyone wanted, my bag consisted of nothing I wanted or use and did not even have the 350.00 value they promise….I sent them a nasty message and I do mean nasty, telling them to take their subscriptions and shove it…..I told them to not send me the Ipsy X, and for them to refund me for it and to cancel all my subscription’s with them…..They sent me a message back telling me they were sorry to hear I was disappointed, and that they did cancel all my subscriptions and have refunded me my money for this months bag…..I can not believe how many people they screwed over this month and I do not know if I will ever come back to them or not…..Honestly they probably wont let me come back to them as rude as I was to them, but I will be damned if i am going to pay 55.00 for nothing that I will use….I do reviews on all my products and the ones they sent me and offered to me, were items they know I will not use, I will just find a different box to subscribe to.

    • Honestly, I thought about doing the same. My bag was a disappointment too. I keep saying I’m going to cancel and then they reel me back in with FOMO each and every time. Good for you for being so strong!!!

    • Good!! Move along then 👋

    • I understand people get disappointed when they interpret spoilers as what they are due to get. The disclaimer is always there, however, “here are some of the items you may get in your bag.” I feel bad for the customer service reps whose job is to endure hateful emails. I myself wasn’t too excited by my glam bag plus, I am ok with Glam bag x, but I chose to play this lottery. We all do. I literally already have 2 ABH renaissance palletes, but they are fantastic. If you haven’t tried it or given it a chance and you got it you will prob love it. As for the other products the same may apply. This is like a try it and buy it subscription, fundamentally. Maybe being more open minded about the products or reading before you put money somewhere may maximize enjoyment. And i’m sorry if this seems condescending, I’m not trying to be, I just don’t think it’s worth posting or commending that someone else was nasty to someone else.

      • Thank you for the balanced reply, Amy. I read the initial poster’s comment feeling pretty bad for the customer service agent — a fellow human being — who had to deal with rudeness/ nastiness.

        It’s okay to have nasty feelings, but it doesn’t have to turn into nasty behaviors. I think the poster could have expressed their feelings in a respectful, firm manner and still gotten a refund for the month.

      • First of all I think the customer service reps have thick skin or they shouldn’t be in that role.
        Secondly I do think it’s wrong that Ipsy promises a certain value and promotes spoilers (to lure people in and sell boxes) and than doesn’t deliver. Of course you are going to have irritated people because these are predatory & deceptive business practices. Plain and simple.
        Why did one person get both the Charlotte Tillbury and the Herbivore, and another get the Patrick Starrr Pallette and a Brow pen in the wrong color, and both profiles had makeup marked as rarely ? That is a huge variation in cost and value, not to mention a total disregard to individual profiles.
        I’m sorry but I totally get why someone might be upset. 55.00 is alot of money to part with and I think Ipsy should be accountable when they do not honor picks that coincide with a customer’s profile.

      • I wanted that ABH palette. I’m getting the Patrick Starr palette, which looks like absolute garbage. The Christophe Robin and ABH and Charlotte Tilbury weren’t options for me at all, and they were the things I very much wanted. I feel like I’m getting a box of garbage tbh.

      • I wish it was possible to like or upvote replies on here.

      • I agree 100%!! In my opinion being rude to the customer service team is not something to be proud of.

      • Angie you have no idea what is marked on others profiles it’s more then marking makeup as rarely! What’s a desired product for you may not be for someone else! Looks like most got the brow item or mascara or similar value item. Don’t subscribe to boxes that send variations if you only want specific items! That is absolutely insane! The entire point of a subscription box is to try new items. I didn’t get any of the “coveted” items but I did get a decent value and a couple items I’ll use. Be happy:)

      • Lynn – I have a right to my opinion as do you. I don’t appreciate the virtue signaling and toxic positivity. Yes I said toxic. By doing this you devalue someone else’s human experience and you have NO right….It’s immature to assume you know the situation a total stranger is in and think you are an authority to tell them how to live their life. Get a grip.

      • From the comments it is starting to smack of a “bait and switch”…. Curious to know how many CT / herbivore were actually available….

        I wish this website had a dedicated forum do that the conversations can continue on the same page, instead of jumping to the next ipsy post….

      • Lynn I do know what’s marked on my profile and it indicates makeup rarely and skincare often. I received none of the skincare items that were spoiled other than the 111. I received the P Starrr eyeshadow and I don’t wear much eyeshadow. Also lipstick and eyebrow product in unwearable shades for my complexion. There have been complaints about this all over the internet and youtube. Ipsy did not do a great job in distributing the items equitable or based on profile.

      • Liz nobody said Ipsy did a great job! I don’t see that in the comment your replying to? The CT wasn’t promised to anyone so grow up.

      • Okay Angie aka Karen

      • While I agree that it’s awful for the CS reps, sometimes it’s the only way to get a result. I’ve had so many issues with Ipsy where the response is oh well, can’t help. It’s infuriating. I hate that the only way to get any type of response is to be more adamant and dare I say rude. I feel for the reps, but sometimes it’s only after a certain level of upset that they can escalate and actually offer a solution. So I am frankly shocked that they canceled and refunded her money. That is something I have never heard happen before. For my part after the umpteenth issue with Ipsy I have cashed in all my points for multiple items and will cancel after the next bag.

    • Imagine being this nasty over skincare and makeup. Yikes.

      • ⬆️ This right here

  28. PSA: just like Plus, there’s a link to a survey in the order confirmation email that Ipsy sends out!

    Make sure to tell them what you liked & didn’t like!

    • I did not know that! I am going to go take the survey now!

  29. Ipsy picked the:
    ABH brow pen
    MAC Bated Breath
    One Size Palette
    Rodial Cleansing Balm

    The only items I’m excited about are the Rodial Cleansing Balm and the MAC lipstick.

    I chose the:
    Christoph Robin Scrub
    Kopari CBD Balm
    IPSY train Case
    I’m not excited about the c train case but it was the only useful item in that category.

  30. My bag:
    – 111Skin drops
    – ABH brow in Blonde
    – Ole Henriksen banana eye cream
    – One/Size palette
    – Tower 28 lip in Cashew
    + Olaplex 0 treatment
    + Kopari CBD balm
    + mirror thingy

    Disappointed that I didn’t even have a shot at Charlotte Tilbury cream or Herbivore Prism. (It seems like Ipsy chose to do a hero item for the bag that was CT Magic Cream OR ABH Modern Renaissance OR One/Size Visionary palette. Since I have eyeshadow as “often” in my profile & have rated eyeshadow palettes highly in the past, there’s no way the algorithm would have picked CT for me, and I’ve only seen a handful of of people who got an eye palette + the Herbivore.)

    The third choice category was flat-out awful in my opinion. I didn’t want a single item from it. I picked the mirror in self defense.

    I have 2 deluxe samples of Olaplex 3 from Sephora that I’ve never broken open, so I can use the 0. Otherwise I would’ve picked something else. Really sketchy of Ipsy to send the 0 by itself, IMO. I was also somehow super lucky & am getting the Olaplex 3 in my base glam bag.

    Overall, I will only use the eye palette, the Kopari, the brow pen (which may or may not be the correct shade… we’ll see how Ipsy handles the glitch), & the Olaplex. With taxes, I paid almost $60 for the bag. That’s $15 an item. Not unreasonable, but not the deal I’d hoped for, either. Not sure if I would subscribe to X again.

    • I’m sorry but I love the “self defense.” I imagined it looking like me flinching away from a volleyball in PE (I’ve learned my niche in life and it definitely is t sports!)

      I’m curious about the mirror though.

      • I felt a little guilty after when the mirror sold out so fast, and people still really wanted it. I don’t even want it, but I might be able to gift it!

        But that’s Ipsy’s fault, not mine, for making the categories so unbalanced.

  31. I am lucky with some of my items
    1. 111 skin (keeping)
    2. CT Magic cream (keeping for sure)
    3.Koasa Mascara (no use for this at all, I wish I would stop getting Mascaras) diamond cleansing balm (keeping)
    5. tower 28 in coconut ( not sure about this)
    my picks
    6.Rose Quartz Gua Sha (Honestly by the time I picked my items there was nothing there)
    7.THE ROUTE BEAUTY The Party Peel (looks good maybe a keep)
    8. CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt (keeping for sure)

    I really wanted the ABH palette I think I may be one of the few who don’t have it.

  32. I suppose Ipsy probably doesn’t have enough CT cream and Herbivore to send to every subscriber, but Ipsy knows those were the most coveted items (for most people). It would be really nice if they would of at least send every subscriber one or the other to make it seem fair to everyone. I suspect their customer service is getting overrun with complaints. My bag this month had a really low RV compared to most. It wouldn’t be a problem for me if those products matched my profile and they were something I would use, but they aren’t. I am going to gift or sell 6 out of my 8 products.

    • Agree – my friend got both the CT cream and the Herbivore. And while I am happy for her (in a little bit jealous sort of way, lol), it seems inequitable that she got both and I got neither.

      • Wow, both??? Yeah, that does seem a little unfair. I don’t know why Ipsy would upset such a large portion of their Glam Bag X subscribers by not sending so many people neither items and sending some both. That doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me lol.

  33. This was my very first Ipsy bag, ever, and I decided to upgrade to X after seeing spoilers. I guess I was naive in thinking that everyone would get either the Herbivore or Charlotte Tilbury. I got neither. On my profile, I made it clear that I wasn’t interested in makeup but got the brow pencil & Anastasia palette. I guess that you have to expect to roll with what you get. I was happy with 2 items they chose & 2 that I got to choose. I suppose half of my items being winners isn’t bad, however, probably will cancel after this one. It felt like I got stuck with a very low RV bag. Oh well…

    • I also signed up specifically because I was hoping for the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, thinking that has to be one of the choices. That was clearly a bait and switch. My guess is very very few people got that and tons of people signed up because they expected that. I got the same mix of product as the MSA post and I don’t want makeup. I got the MAC lipstick, which is the lesser of the many evils since I hate lip products in general but I do use traditional lipstick. I hate liquid lipsticks. I got up very early and was able to choose the Riki mirror for third choice. The third choices overall were sad. I didn’t like most of my Option 1 and option 2, fortunately I was happy to choose Christophe Robin Scrub and Sunday Riley CEO face oil. Overall, not happy with this box and I’d have skipped completely had I know the Magic Cream is imaginary!

      • Agree. I went overboard with add insult because I didn’t get the CT and wish I could cancel the whole thing.

      • Some people are emailing Ipsy telling them they want refunds and they are obliging.

      • Too bad keeping in with the kardashians Stopped filming..curious if curator Khloe is aware of the mass dissatisfaction lol

    • I think everyone got either the ABH brow pen or the Kosas mascara.

      It’s especially tough with this being your first bag. Make sure you complete reviews when available & give the makeup items 1 star for the type of product. It should help the algorithm pick better products for you.

      • I didn’t get the brow pen or the mascara. I got the RMS lip2cheek instead. My bag had the ABH Palette, RMS, tower28 in cashew, 111skin, and Rodial balm. I picked the SR CEO, CR scrub, and mirror.

  34. got neither CT or Herbivore, huge disappointment, I don’t understand why some people got both, I thought GBX is based on beauty profile, obviously not for me

  35. I’m very happy with my GBX. I got the 111 serum, Charlotte Tilbury cream, Ole Hendrickson banana bright eye cream, Tower 28 lip pie in cashew, ABH brow pen in blonde (wrong shade), Christophe Robin scrub, Kopari CBD recovery cream, and the Riki mirror.

    I love and have purchased the CR scrub full retail, so getting that makes everything else in the box free!

  36. This is my first X bag, and I got:
    ABH Modern Renaissance palette (was hoping for this)
    Rodial Pink Diamond cleansing balm (not bad)
    Tower 28 lip jelly in Cashew (would have preferred the other color)
    RMS beauty lip to cheek (not bad)

    My picks:
    Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying scrub (the main reason I subbed to X, so thankfully it was a choice item for me!)
    Kopari CBD Recovery Balm (this is for muscle aches, so someone in my house will use it)
    Riki Loves Riki mirror (will be handy for travel)

    I told myself that if I got the CR scrub and the ABH palette I would be happy, so I really shouldn’t complain. Getting the CT cream would have been amazing, and I guess too much to hope for. Aside from the CR, I wasn’t impressed by the choice options for me. I wish the brow pens would have been a choice item. It seems that most people who got the brow pens received a random shade that doesn’t match their profile (based on comments under the previous Ipsy X thread). That would be super disappointing! I use the shade caramel, and would have been thrilled to get it.

    Does Ipsy always ignore our profiles for Ipsy X? For $59, I want to rely on something other than pure luck.

  37. I realized that looking at my bag, I am very very happy with 7/8 items. It is when I compare it to other’s bags (who got the coveted CT cream or herbivore) that I get annoyed. So I’m choosing to ignore the other options and be happy that I like and can use my items.

    Ipsy picks:
    -ABH modern ren palette
    -111 Skin radiance booster
    -Kosas Mascara
    -Ole Henrickson eye cream
    -Tower 28 lip jelly in coconut

    My picks:
    -Christophe Robin scalp scrub
    -The Route Party Peel
    -Glam Bag X bag (you know the 3rd option wasn’t very good when I picked the bag over another product lol)

    TBH, I actually use and am out of the scalp scrub and eye cream so that covers the cost of my whole box-actually I’m saving money! I’ve also been wanting to try the lip jelly for a while. The only item I’m not 100% satisfied with is the 111-but everyone got that so I can’t be THAT annoyed.

  38. Does anyone want to swap or sell their Patrick Starr eyeshadow in Everything & More?

    • Yes, please! I have no use for it. I really wanted the ABH palette

      • I had posted a comment to you earlier, Adriana. It must have gotten deleted. I did not get the palette. The only ABH product I got was the brown pen in dark brown. Is there something else you are looking for or are you just willing to sell it to me?

  39. I hate to see so many other people also bummed. But I feel a little better knowing I am not alone in how badly it went. I truly thought this was going to be an amazing box and went to great lengths to have the money for it. I signed back up with Ipsy just solely for this bag thinking/hoping I would probably get the CT or the Herbivore and would have been very happy with either. I definitely did not get either one, also got the gloss in the color I definitely did not want, and a brow pen in Blonde when I’m pretty dark brown hair. Smh what the heck. Getting the wrong colors was pretty crushing after not getting either of the items I was most excited about.
    Then after I finished and talked to a friend who also went through the same time as me (8am est), I find out she was offered full size SR Tidal, Luna, CEO cream, and A+ In add ons. She had screenshots and showed me. I most definitely was not offered any of those either. And I know we really did go through selection at the same time. Very very bummed.
    I have stuck with Boxycharm premium for a long while, and my last box was probably the best sub box I have ever received. 5 out of the 6 products were Sephora brand/items and it was truly a box that could not have been any better based on all the offerings. So I just got a $90 lesson with Ipsy again – I don’t think I’ve had an Ipsy since the original ultimate was released and we know how bad those were. It’s more than $55 cus I ended up spending about $35 in add ons just trying to salvage the bag and make myself feel better. Smh.
    I really hope Ipsy reads this thread, but it’s probably highly doubtful than say back when Liz ran things.
    I’m sad guys, I had been looking forward to this for a long time. I generally do not get FOMO and usually have a pretty light hearted attitude to boxes, I want them to stay fun after all. But it was a hard morning. Ugh.

    • Just FYI: The full size SR items you mentioned were (for reasons I don’t understand) only add-on options for the regular glam bag (um, and maybe for GB plus for those that don’t upgrade to GBX?). They were not add-on options for me after I made my GBX choices, but they were options to add onto my regular GB.

      • I only get Plus and I didn’t have any of the SR products in my add ons.

    • I think a lot of us, especially me, are feeling your frustration. I got all low RV items that I won’t even use in my Glam Bag X. I have two accounts with Ipsy just because one of my accounts always has more add-on selections than the other. I was offered the Sunday Riley products except for the CEO Cream, which I would have preferred over the Tidal that I bought, but only on one account and not both. I also always get offered a free product if I spend $25 in add-ons on one of my accounts as well. It certainly isn’t fair how Ipsy runs things. They use to be better than this. Now, I feel like it’s just like Boxycharm has been for me- a lot of bait and switch.

      • I didn’t know about the free product if you spend over $25 in add ons deal. I usually buy add ons (unfortunately) so maybe that is why they have not offered that to me? I guess they have a certain marketing strategy that they use.

  40. Sorry to hear others r disappointed but I got everything I wanted….for the first time! Got the CT cream and that pays for the box. I am glad I didn’t get any palette because I am more into skincare anyways. Other items were Rodial, ABH eyebrow pen, Tower in Cashew and chose Olaplex, the Peel and GuaSha. Also added the Joanna Vargas cream.
    I am super happy.
    Would have lost it if I got another bright lipstick or eyeshadow palette lol

  41. I’m really happy that most of the products I wanted I got. I’m loving my box this month!

    • I received the CT cream, Herbivore, ABH in dark brown, I don’t know how I got so lucky this month!

      • Buy a lottery ticket!

      • Wow, you did luck out. I usually have better chances of winning the lottery than getting a Ipsy bag with all the products I want 😂😂😂 Sadly, neither the CT or the Herbivore was an option for me.

      • Congrats, Latoya! 🎊

        It seems like people who have really tailored their profiles toward skincare have been mostly successful this month!

      • I think if you had marked eyeshadows as a rarely option, you had a better chance of getting the CT or Herbivore. Supposedly they threw the CT cream in the same category as the palettes. I have no idea if that is the case, but I wager that is how I ended up with it rather than a palette.

  42. Boy, do I feel that was some major hype for a whole lot of nada. My choices were terrible! Hardly anything that was all hyped as the big spoilers! NO palettes for Ipsy pick or a choice at all. I was on when it first opened so no way it was me being late to the party….

    I got the Ipsy Pick lipgloss in that BROWN color and this totally clashes with my profile… the pink would have been a perfect match for me! I review all my products for almost 2 years now.. and they still cant figure out pink would match me over a BROWN. Sigh.

    I DID get the Charolette Cream, THANK GOD! So I don’t feel that its a total waste, but I am sad after months of hype and waiting, hoping for at least a 2-3 Great items in my bag. Not just 1 🙁

    I was surprised the train case was an item we had to pick as a CHOICE? I thought the “Glam Bag X” comes with a bag? Do we not get a bag then if we didn’t pick the train case?? I thought Ipsy’s schtick is we get a bag?

    1.I Got The 111 Skin Booster (Horrible price inflated brand that I seriously doubt any Kardashian uses). GIFTING IT
    2. Brow Ben in Blonde (I don’t use these!) GIFTING IT
    3. Banana Eye Cream (I hate it! I know some love it but it dries up weird for me and doesn’t work for me unfortunately). GIFTING IT
    4. Tower 28 gloss in Cashew (BROWN)- NOT my color at all! GIFTING IT
    5. (MY CHOICE) Route Beauty Party Peel (Never heard of this before! Terrible options so I picked the highest RV for this one. GIFTING IT
    6. (MY CHOICE) Christophe Robin sea salt scrub: Not my favorite as I can only use it seldom on my hair as it does strip colors like purple/pink more easily than shampoos. -KEEP reluctantly
    7. (MY CHOICE) Riki light up mirror: No feelings either way, might gift/might keep but I really would rather had something else that was hyped, even a 20 dollar teeth whitening pen!
    8. CT Cream (THANK GOD) KEEP! 🙂

    • For GBX, Ipsy offers a bag as a choice only, in response (according to them) to some people’s feedback that they’d rather have another product than a bag, and as a choice, the people that want a bag can still get one, and those that don’t, can get a product.

  43. Man, I am so glad I didn’t get on the X train. I was disappointed in my Plus, which was a first. There was nothing there i wanted. I
    believe it’s time to let Ipsy go, too. I told myself I was keeping one beauty, one lifestyle, and one craft box. I may end up with just one craft box!

    • I did X in Feb which *would* have been great had they given me what I ordered. Instead I got lies from Cs about stuff being sold out that wasn’t, and four products substituted (including the nice Huda Rose Gold palette being swapped for the Belle en Argent Plum Premonition palette from the Plus bag.) So in the end I only got two X items (Patrick Ta brow wax and the Cream Shop peach oil stuff.)

      • Ipsy sure does that a lot.

    • Have been checking out craft boxes. Which one do you like best please?

      • Susan, I love to make jewelry and my favorite is the Bargain Bead Box. I’ve tried Sketchbox and it’s terrific for art supplies.

  44. I would gladly trade my pink Tower28 gloss, my Christophe Robin scalp scrub, and an ABH brow pen in brown for the brown Tower28 gloss, the ultimate bag, the teeth whitening pen that probably doesn’t work, and/or Modern Renaissance palette.

    • Lol, I wish I could edit posts. The only things I didn’t get that I really wanted were the bag and Modern Renaissance. I’d gladly give up a brow pen and scrub for those. I’m still willing to trade glosses if someone doesn’t like their color and wants coconut instead though!

      • Hi Morgan,
        That sounds great! You can email me at knclark1989 @ iCloud dot com and we can set something up! Thanks!

  45. So disappointed in the May Glam Bag X. There isn’t a single item I really like. The last one was a bust too. Why would they send a 60 year woman a Jeffrey Star pallet? I’m going to give it one more try then cancel. What’s really surprising is I usually have really good luck with Ipsy. This reminds me of Boxy Charm. They advertise really nice items then send a bunch of rubbish no one would want.

    • Funny you mention that, were you aware Boxycharm now owns Ipsy ? I see a pattern here.

      • Actually, it’s the other way around. Ipsy now owns Boxy.

      • 💯🔝🔝🔝 exactly. Sad world we are living in.

    • Patrick Starr is VERY different than Jeffree Starr! (As far as I’m aware, the most controversial thing Patrick Starr has done is throw a party for the One/Size staff where photos showed that nobody was wearing a mask.) Patrick Starr definitely intends for his products to be “universal” (hence the brand name), so you may find the palette to your taste.

      • I agree about One size. TBH, I was initially very disappointed that I got the One/Size palette instead of the ABH Modern Renaissance but then carefully reviewed all of the positive and negative reviews posted about Patrick Starr, One / Size and reviewed swatches and as a result, am looking forward to trying the palette out. While I would still like to one day try an ABH eyeshadow palette, I think the color story/shades in this One / Size palette may be better for my coloring/skin I may be pleasantly surprised with it and hope this brand gets more positive reviews that will encourage future palettes from this brand (maybe that was the whole point of PS’s inclusion of this palette in this months GBX.

        Meanwhile, I will be keeping an eye out for the ABH palette to buy in the future.

  46. I’m not happy with my Glam Bag X. I did get the CT Magic Cream, which was the product I wanted most, but everything else was disappointing. I got the ABH Brow Pen in Blonde but I have brown hair, the 111 Skin that everyone got, Tower 28 gloss in the brownish color that I’m not excited about, and Ole Banana Bright Eye Cream (which is fine). I just thought everyone was getting a pallet and I would have been fine with either of those. I didn’t like any of the choices, ended up picking the Olaplex #0 (I had seen a spoiler showing #3 as an add on but it was sold out by the time I looked), the Aceology lip mask (never even heard of the brand) and the teeth whiten pen. I did have SR Glow as a choice and if it was any other product I would have chosen it, but I am overloaded with Vitamin C products right now. Overall, I just wish I would have skipped X. The CT cream and eye cream are the only things I’m happy about. I wish we could look at add-ons before we make our final choices! I definitely would have chosen differently. 😢

    • I had the exact Ipsy picks and compared to others am beyond excited! I then picked the mirror, color wow and party peel. I would of like the ABH palette over the lip gloss but I’m still happy. I looked up the gloss color and it’s actually pretty nude when on lips. I’ll bet someone will trade you one of the shadows for your eye cream.

    • It appears they did not give anyone the right color for the abh brow pen. I got caramel that is for people who have red hair, and I am blonde. Over on Instagram, a lot of people are saying the same thing. I emailed them as I can’t work with that color at all.

      • I got dark brown, which is right for me.

      • I got dark brown, which is correct. I could have used a lawn mower for my brows instead though… brow products aren’t usually my go to but that’s mostly because I don’t know how to do them without looking like Count Olaf. I’m sure there’s a tutorial out there somewhere for me.

      • I had 3 shades of the ABH brown pen in one of my choice picks. Im blonde. I was offered brown, dark brown, and chocolate. So I picked something different altogether.

  47. Guess who just picked up a new fan…Chloe K.!! Haha I am thrilled got mostly everything I wanted plus stuff I didn’t know I wanted!! My top two items were the mirror and one of the creams…got the Herbivore… Btw I picked up a glam bag plus extra sub and i shouldn’t have…we are not missing anything there!! I wanted the pretty bag…

  48. Sherri, you have every right to be disappointed. I am too. $55 is a lot of money to spend, even quarterly, for Ipsy to not provide decent personalization. I also only liked 3 out of the 8 products and those are the ones I chose. I thought everyone would be getting either the CT or the Herbivore.

    • I also thought that everyone got either the CT or Herbivore and 1 of the 2 pallets. I upgraded to glam bag x by an accidental click on my phone but once I saw the spoilers I figured I’d go ahead and keep it. I will be canceling X and sticking with my regular glam bag.

    • The only guarantee was that everyone would be getting the 111skin serum.

    • Did anyone get the Charlotte Tilbury? That was the only reason I kept the glam bag X and I haven’t seen anyone get it. I’ll probably cancel after this one.

  49. oes anyone want to trade the Tower 28 lipgloss in Coconut or the Patrick Starr One Size Eyeshadow in Everything & More for the Tower 28 Lipgloss in Cashew or the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown?

    • I’ll trade the gloss! I got coconut and it absolutely wouldn’t work for my skin tone.

      • Hi Morgan,

        That sounds great! You can email me at knclark1989 @ iCloud dot com and we can set something up! Thanks!

  50. Ok, I’ll start it over here. I was NOT happy with my GBX. Really wanted CT magic cream or Herbivore, got neither. I got:

    Ispy Picks:
    – 111 Skin
    – ABH Palette
    – ABH brow pen
    – MAC lipstick
    – Rodial Cleansing Balm

    My Picks:
    – Christophe Robin scrub
    – SR CEO
    – Riki Mirror

    Of my 8 products, only 3 are ones I wanted. I had an entire choice category where I didn’t want a single item, and ended up selecting something a friend uses so someone can use something. The lipstick I can’t wear, the shade doesn’t come close to working for me. And I personally have no interest in 111 Skin products. My regular GB is a dud too (all things that don’t mesh with my profile), other than the item I chose. So I’m feeling pretty salty right now. I know, I know, #firstworldproblems and all of that…

    • For what it’s worth, I’d be angry too. It’s an expensive upgrade to be handed a bunch of stuff you don’t want and you didn’t even get 1 of the more popular items. I wasn’t super happy with my Ipsy choices, I also don’t like 111 and everyone got it, but I at least got the Herbivore I really wanted. Everything else matches my profile ok, but I’m over loaded with certain products. If yours didn’t follow your profile, I’d write customer service and complain. If you let them know you’re unhappy in a nice way, they will usually compensate you somehow. It’s worth a try.💁

      • BTW, is anyone else worried that GBX is going the route of of GBU, where the first one was great and then it was just downhill from there?

      • Ha, meant to post that as a stand-alone comment, oopsie.

      • @Sherri maybe? But I didn’t like the first GBX that was offered. I wish the bag was just included but we could get the option to opt out for either a discount or an additional item. I only say that because I’m salty about wanting Dr. Brandt AND the bag, lol.

      • Morgan – my Feb GBX was great, I’m sorry yours was not. But FYI, in a way you are getting a chance to opt out of the bag for an extra product, at least according to how Ipsy sees it. Per Ipsy – some people said they’d rather have another product than a bag, so they made the bag a choice for GBX. So people who wanted the bag could get 7 products plus a bag, and those that were ok forgoing the bag could get another product (8 total).

      • @Sherri actually, I think I loved my bag. I found someone to trade the gloss with and if nobody wants the scrub, I read the ingredients and the scrub is salt so I’m not worried about particles staying in my hair; it will just wash out.

        Really, I like cheap/free things. I will probably buy the bag on the side of it goes on sale for $15 or something. That’s what I did with the 2020 January bags. What I really want is for someone to come back and say if it has dividers or the brush net up too. If it doesn’t, then I won’t mind passing on it.

      • @Morgan I wished the bag was offered in each category, and greyed our once you picked it, although, I doubt people would pick 3 bags 🤷‍♀️. I too wanted both the bag and the whitening pen.

    • WOW Sunday Riley was a choice? That is my Holy Grail brand… i love love love and rate everything 5 stars when I get something SR. I have bought SR from add ons…. i would have thought it could pop up in my bag somehow.. a choice or Ipsy pick would have been a home run for me!

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