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Imperfect Foods Sale – Get 20% Off Your First 4 Boxes

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect isn’t usually a nice adjective, but Imperfect Foods is taking back the word with a new deal.

Imperfect Foods is a grocery delivery service trying to change the world, and so far they’ve been making good on that mission. To date, they’ve saved over 39 million pounds of “imperfect” foods from going to waste.

You can save 20% off your first 4 boxes with the code SAVE20X4 ($20 off maximum per box). There’s no fee to join, and you’ll be charged once your groceries ship.

You might wonder why you’d pay for something imperfect, but that word has a different meaning to grocery stores and wholesalers than it does to everyone else. The food you’ll receive in your box might be irregularly-shaped or surplus, but it all tastes just as good.

I always find myself craving fresh produce once the weather gets warm, and I dream of big salads, crispy veggies, and refreshing fruits, which is why Imperfect Food’s current deal is the perfect way to start your summer off right. There’s no fee to join, and you’ll be charged once your groceries ship.

Each week you can choose your products, everything from produce to meats and eggs to snacks, or you can put your life in their capable hands and receive whatever they suggest. Instead of boring grocery stores and the inevitable lines at peak times these days, you can turn grocery shopping into a weekly present and surprise.

Written by Melissa

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  1. I skip shipments which is easy to do, so I only get it once a month and I get free shipping. They don’t have much organic produce. The natural meat selection is pretty good you have to keep an eye on their packaging a lot of times it’s 12 ounces instead of a pound. Their specials are often good. Very easy to change shipments and navigate site.

  2. I enjoy getting this box. I’ve had a few things arrive damaged, but they always refund for those items. The variety isn’t super huge, but that’s because their model is reducing food waste. The prices aren’t a whole lot cheaper (maybe like 20-25% off retail?), but again…reducing food waste counts. The shrimp, pre- hard boiled eggs, angelic bakehouse sprouted bread, chocolate covered almonds and heirloom chicken breasts are on my “always include” list. I am on an anti inflammatory nutrition plan, so I don’t get to have the majority of their snacks, but they always look tempting.

  3. Can anyone give an example of produce, meat & fish pricing. What may be a good price for CA market could be considered outrageous here in TX. Our Walmart’s produce selection is lacking and Natural Grocers is pricey but our local grocery chain HEB carries local organic (but not yet certified as such) Amish-grown vegetables for the price of regular. I can’t complain about quality of food & prices in TX.

    • The prices of Imperfect Foods aren’t great TBH. And since I usually have medium-sized orders, the cost of shipping tends to cancel out what little savings there are. Imperfect Foods mostly functions as a convenience service for me.

      I’ve also gotten good customer service when I’ve had issues.

    • Conventional Cucumber (2 ct) 1 $1.29
      Conventional Avocados (3 ct) 1 $1.99
      Conventional Carrots (1 lb) 1 $0.89
      Organic Carrots (1 lb) $1.29
      Conventional Leaf Lettuce (1 head) 1 $1.59
      Organic Fuji Apples with Apeel (1 lb) 1 $1.79
      Organic Pears (2 ct) $1.79
      Conventional Bell Peppers (2 ct) $1.78
      Organic Carrots (1 lb) $1.29
      Imperfect Foods Seasoning for All of the Things (2 oz) 1 $1.99
      Organic Cherry or Grape Tomatoes (1 pt) 1 $2.99
      Imperfect Foods Norwegian Atlantic Salmon (1 lb) 1 $9.79

      They often have fancy grass-fed beef for $6.99 (not that cheap, but was tasty when I got it once) and ground lamb or bison for $7.99-$8.99 a pound. It is not cheap for beef/chicken, but those options do seem to be really nice quality ones. If I get meat, I generally go for the seafood or lamb.

      Produce wise, it is slightly cheaper than the store, and the convenience is great. (My husband doesn’t ike veggies, so he only stays in the produce aise long enough to grab onions.) For other categories, there may be slight discounts, but the brands are already nicer ones that cost a bit more than generic grocery store stuff, so it’s hard to compare.

      I still get most of my meat from the store, though. I use Imperfect Foods more for the produce, snacks, and unique items hard to get from a local grocery store. I don’t need more than one box every two weeks. My favorite dish I’ve made from box items was a roast-red pepper salmon alfredo over rice. Their salmon is tasty!

      Customer service has always been great for me as well if something is missing, the wrong box is sent, an item of produce has gone bad (that’s only happened for me once, but they gave me free extra avocados for weeks because of it), and so forth. I just email with pictures and they take care of it.

      Other notes:

      – They now take back their packaging if it can’t be recycled where you live (The silver bubble coolers and ice packs)

      – With produce items the count/weight is a *minimum* – you might end up with extra! So if it says two limes you might get three, or 1b carrot you might get a pound and a half.

      – I think they allow you to donate your box to a food bank, if you want

      – It’s easy to skip shipments you don’t want, and to customize your order

      – They track how much you’ve saved (roughly) environment wise. For example, I’ve apparenty saved 390 pounds of food from being wasted and15,600 gallons of water from being used.

      • Good point about the minimum weight. One time I got so many carrots. SO. MANY.

  4. I got excited about this and went to sign up but they don’t deliver to my zip code yet. It said they would be soon though so fingers crossed

    • They are slowly expanding. I signed up way back when they were Imperfect Produce and only did produce – and it was about a three month wait for my area to be serviced. That was a few years ago, though – but they only serviced parts of three states. They’ve grown a lot since then.

      It’s a great grocery supplement, though – I get it every other week, and it really cuts down on grocery runs. I paired it with the Smith Brothers milk sub for a while and barely needed to shop at all except for pasta/rice! Though that one I gave up on, as it was just too pricey for basic dairy stuff.

  5. I get this sub, it’s great. They have a lot more than produce. I do wish they had more budget meat options, though, as you don’t get free shipping unless you get $60 worth of stuff. I generally have to include one or two splurge items like seafood, steak, skincare, etc. to get to $60.

    The dark chocolate almond pieces are great, and my kids love their “blue” chips (better for nachos than snacking as they are thicker than the typical corn chip. The mario raisins are another family favorite, and I love their sprouted grain wraps (Annie’s?) – especially the sweet potato ones when they have them.

    They’ve recently added akin care items, and are expanding that. Their $7.99 rose facial oil is very nice, a great replacement for my Dr. Botanicals rose oil. They now have jojoba oil, top, though I haven’t tried it. Even body butter! I plan to eventually try them all. 🙂

    There is some variation on what they have every week due to seasonal produce or overstock items they get. Besides the produce, which is often cheaper than the store, and the skincare which seems a nice deal from what I’ve tried of it, I wouldn’t call it a discount box. But even when I’ve splurged on more expensive items, the quality is usually worth the price.

    • I love their Hatch Chile corn chips! I expected them to be like tortilla chips, but they’re more like really light & airy Fritos, & the flavor packs a nice punch!

    • Those broken dark chocolate almond pieces are so good!!

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