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FabFitFun Winter 2021 Box: Re-Fills and Add-Ons

FabFitFun x Zola Box Launches In Time for Wedding Season

ByMSAMay 10, 2021 | 171 comments

3.6 overall rating
1104 Ratings | 245 Reviews

FabFitFun just released a limited edition box in collaboration with wedding planning site Zola and we have all the details!

Do we hear wedding bells? We’re so excited to bring you the Zola x FabFitFun Wedding Box — a specially co-curated box for the newlyweds-to-be. Whether the happy couple is raising a glass with loved ones or getting ready to decorate their new home, the Wedding Box is filled with some of our favorite products to prepare them for this new chapter in their lives with a combined value of over $200!
Subscribers can grab this box for their special day as an Add-On, but, it will soon be available in The Shop. Until then, here’s a sneak peek:
The Box: FabFitFun x Zola Wedding Box
The Cost: $49.99
The Products:
  • Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask – $39 value
  • Twine Cheese Board with Plate – $30 value
  • Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Rose Gold Eye Mask 6 Pack – $25 value
  • UnHide Lil’ Marshmallow Blanket – $65 value
  • BOMSHBEE® Sloane Champagne Flutes (Set of 4) – $51 value
Good to know: “The Wedding Box will be available in Add-Ons and The Shop while supplies last to U.S. members only. To learn more about The Shop, click here. To learn more about Add-Ons click here.”

Want to know what to expect from the FabFitFun Summer 2021 Box? Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women. Also, read on for full spoilers of the FabFitFun Summer 2021 Box.


Are you getting this Wedding Box?

"FabFitFun is a seasonal lifestyle subscription that sends subscribers 6-8 items every season, worth up to $300 in value. Boxes include amazing products that are trend-savvy ranging from full-size skincare and beauty products, to wellness products, to accessories, to decor and more every season. Whi... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Oh shoot, it’s gone again, LOL.


oh no! my son LOVES that blanket, rec’d in a free box somehow and daughter wants one now too – they like better than barefoot dreams!


Was hoping for the Murad product but it quickly sold out. Sigh.


Hi, other Steph here. Today is the last day for customization so this item will probably be available today so keep checking the site. I choose this but I’ve decided on something else so one will def open up.


Oh cool, thanks!!


It’s available right now when I checked.


I actually re-subscribed after 2 years off due to this box. I ended up getting the Spring box without picking any items and I actually loved all of it. I ended up getting the PMD, Summer Friday serum, the Rae Dunn bowls, the Draper James gown that every body hates for some reason – but I can tell you living in SETX it is great summer sleep shirt! The Malen Goetz moisterizer seems interesting and I need a new one and I added the corkcicle cup, also got the African Oil and Dr Brandt cleanser. I also picked the Murad collagen infusion and Phat Glow mask. The price of the Collage infusion or PMD alone is worth the cost of the box IMO. Even if I don’t absolutely love everything in the box I have always found the other items to be great as gifts for my nieces or office girls. Sometimes taking a year off is a good thing as you can always resub.


Because it’s something only a fat frumpy old lady would wear that’s why.


I also don’t get the nightie hate. I actually really like it. To me, it’s cute.


I think it’s matter of aesthetics for most. In my case, what is non-negotiable is the fabric used: for summer I would expect cotton or other natural fibers. The upside for those who like the nightie is that, if many hate it, it won’t probably be sold out soon like the most coveted items.


I’ve been an annual subscriber for quite a long time and just cancelled after seeing these choices. The only decent large items (the towel and cooler) are recycles and they’ve already run out of those.
All I’m seeing are future dust collectors and eventual inhabitants of a dismal garage sale shelf after I’m wary of them taking up space. And that nightgown? Perfect for recovery after a painful abdominal surgery and…. not much else.


Or a postpartum gown to ensure your husband never wants to touch you again!


Hahahahaha, surgery gown.


Are you saying the yellow cooler isn’t available to anyone anymore? That would influence whether or not I cancel (I’m billed seasonally). Thanks!


I’ve checked several times since yesterday. Cooler not available.


This is my first time with FFF. I did enjoy the spring box so I changed to an annual. I read that we will be able to customize our entire box. I only see 6 choices. It says you get 8-10 products in a box so where are the other choices?


Choice 6 is your 6-8 items. Some of those are combination of three items. In case some customers don’t like available three-item combinations, there are larger, more expensive single/double item substitutes.


I’m thinking of joining as an annual subscriber, but I’ve heard about a lot of items being unavailable soon after the customization window opens. Is that the window for seasonal subs or does it happen for annual as well? I really like a few specific things, but don’t want to risk it if they’ll be gone right away. Would love to hear about everyone’s experience with that.


I resulted like an hour ago and got 3 of the items I wanted.


Reactivated my subscription. Sorry


Don’t do it . You cannot get what you want as an annual either


Yes, it’s true. I was an annual subscriber for YEARS. I finally did unsubscribe after my subscription ended, a few months ago. The last 3 boxes, I couldn’t get anything that I wanted at all, and I was finding that a lot of the items, were very redundant. I was so tired of the same old things popping up or something that was nearly the same thing. I became very dissatisfied and it had been my favorite box. But after several boxes in a row, not getting my choices. And then getting items that I wound up with that I never would use, like skincare not for my skin type, or stationery items I’d never use, etc. I don’t have a mom, sister to gift them to and my daughter gets her own boxes. It was really becoming a waste of money. I have the money, but it was sucking….


that’s not even a little bit true…


Updating to say thank you to everyone for the helpful replies!


It is true that if you are an annual and you have something else going on and can’t get on when they open up customization then you will not have all the choices available. This happened to me today and customer support said sorry that is too bad. Pick something else.


Yes its true!
I got in 20 min late and was able to get everything I wanted and the added ones but my friend logged in 40 min after it started and she wasnt able to get the PMD Clean brush. so yes this happens a lot!
Last box i checked during the day while it was opened to try and get the products I wanted that were not available and was able to get one but not the other 2 so this is a common issue unfurtunately.

Kate Iubel

I’m an annual subscriber and never had an issue with not being able to get my first choice (and I check on the first day, but not right when choice opens). I have noticed some categories won’t allow add-ons (you normally pick one item of maybe four per category, but then if you want another in the same category you can add it for a low price), but idk if that is due to running out of ‘extra’ inventory or something they just planned not to do. So I’d be confident about being able to get your first pick in each category, but maybe not being able to choose two from the same category.


Thank you! That’s good to know!


For annuals, if you sign on quickly, I have never had issues getting my first choice. Some additional choices do sell out pretty quick.


More like a few minutes lol. You’ll probably be ok an hour later, especially just for your main choice per category. But they let you add extra choices on for maybe $7, $10, or $15. Those extra choices sell out very quick, literally sometimes minutes when Fabfitfun doesn’t have a lot of those items, that’s especially common with the leftover previously sent items, they’ve been adding a few extra items to each category and those items are things that they’ve already offered before. Those tend to sell out much quicker because they’re just trying to clear out all stock and don’t have a ton.


Thanks! When you say quickly are we talking within a few hours or a few days?


I just re-activated my account and now, after seeing the choices, I’m really not impressed. I’m sorry I re-activated.


They allow you to skip all boxes now. So if you are an annual and you don’t want the summer box and later don’t want the winter box and so on you can skip it.


so want to love this box after PSMH went out but never get it!

do y’all think this is closest to PSMH? miss their LE boxes too, still can’t accept they are gone, lol


I think Cause Box and FFF are the closest to PSMH. I miss that box, wish I got more of them when they were around


so miss it + so do my kids! it was best when monthly but will look into all these others! thank you! xx


I think Curateur and FFF are the closest to the old Pop Sugar. You could also look into Causebox and the Kevia box that is similar to CB. Since FFF is fully customizable, you could use it to curate a box close to PS.


thank you!! xx


Do you know there’s a new box called CURATEUR box and Rachel Zoe handpicks every item in it? It looks like PSMH to me, but with a new name!!


Curateur is NOT a new subscription and the quality of that box is garbage since they rebranded, without Rachel Zoe’s name. Check the reviews—if you like overpriced “gold-plated” junk you might enjoy, but I do NOT recommend.


thank you everyone for info, much appreciated!


Curateur is the new name for “Box of Style.” FFF is much closer to Popsugar (especially price/quantity/item types) than Curateur is.


I love Malin and goetz products. I have really bad (strange) allergy to lip glosses, lipsticks and balms but never with balm from malin and goetz lip. I love the vitamin E lotion as well; it doesn’t have the oily heavy feeling. I would highly recommend if you have the option to choose it.
I also had the opportunity to try Flight Mode High Altitude Hydration Mask in the last box, and it’s also worth trying.


That nightgown is a guaranteed way to make your significant other say “oh heck no I have a headache ” lol great birth control.


Lol!!!!! Hilarious!


You will get your beauty sleep in this nightgown because no one’s coming near you if you’re wearing that.


too funny!


That could prove useful if I “have a headache” lmao!!! I won’t even have to say I have a headache….


This is apparently an in demand item. On FFF forum there’s a poll on what products you’re picking. For this category the dress was third most popular….


I agree with the comments about the meanness here. If you don’t like the nightgown, don’t get it. Or mention that you don’t like it– but some folks might like it and you don’t need to tear apart their taste– it’s kind of cruel!


I am not choosing the dress, but I cannot believe how nasty women here are to others. Is this what former high school bullies become after they grow up?


Correction- I just looked at the poll again and it’s the second most wanted item…..

I don’t understand but I guess it’s a wanted item…..


In demand? Riiiight…maybe if you want to gross out your significant other and never have sex again.


Lol in high demand for who? Feral ghouls who have never been intimate with anyone anyway?


If it’s in demand there must be a lot of women who want to be celibate!


I thought so too! haha!


Has anyone used the PMD?
I am almost 60 – don’t need a ‘deep clean’ but would love anything that would help with resurfacing / moisturization etc…?

Lucy Palmer

It does have, er, other uses. So I’ve heard. If ya know what I mean.


I subscribe to Heart & Honey (which I highly recommend and which I learned about on this site) so I don’t need to use this for that. But lololol 😄


I often wonder when people use my bathroom if they’re secretly wondering why I keep my vibrator in there and on display, LOL!


Lucy! too funny, will never look at PMD the same again! ha!


I’m 50 and I use the PMD daily. Did it change my life? No. But it did put a stop to the random breakouts, red spots and blotchy patches and my skin is much smoother, so there is some value to using it. I used the Clarisonic for a time, but even with the sensitive brushes it was too much for my skin. The PMD is very gentle.


Yes. I’m 61 and I did not like it nor did I find it any more effective than a good exfoliating product, a good cleanser, and my hand. I call it a face vibrator because that’s all it does is shake. It hurt my face and I used it super gently and deftly. It’s noisy, too. I gave mine away.


You’re welcome!


Thank you!!!


I’m interested in the society6 picnic blanket. Does anyone know the dimensions?


It’s 50″ x 70″ and can be machine washed and lined dried.


Maybe a long shot, but anyone have suggestions for bead kits that might be a little less expensive? I’d like to do this with 2 nieces and it sounds like the Bauble Bar kit is not the best option. Doesn’t need to be the best quality.


amazon may have too, the ones have seen at target did not look at cute and probably less on amazon too! have fun, it’s a great idea!

also, baublebar has sales/discount codes a lot, could check back there and see too!


Asda do a bead kit for £1 lol!
Great for kids


Madewell has 2 high quality diy bracelet kits on sale for 14.99 right now. They both have very cute beads! If you sign up for their insiders club shipping is free and sometimes their sale stuff is marked down another 30% if you don’t mind waiting it out.


tried to put link but would not post, ugh

madewell bead set is $12 on nordstrom right now!


I’d try target, Walmart, and michaels craft store.




Blush Pineapple Ice Tray this same exact ice tray is at Dollar Tree for $1 there are others too.


Yeah, a melamine tray is a melamine tray, and while some have cuter prints than others, they cost the same to produce. Not impressed with the one in this box and the RV is laughable, as you’ve shown.

Amy R Ward

RE: tray–I was at Dollar Tree yesterday and noticed one that looked just like it! How ridiculous to price it as FFF does.


Does anyone know if the Lashes MD Conditioner is the same thing as the growth serum? the Lashes MD site labels it as growth serum & conditioner (all in one product) but this post makes it seem like the growth serum and conditioner are two separate products.

Amy R Ward

I was wondering about this too–I would want both for it to be full effective. :-\


apparently it is just the conditioner not the growth serum – someone clarified for me on another platform!


I too have lost the spark for fff. I gave this to my daughter for her birthday and now I’m really sorry. The cause would have been a far better choice. I’m Really disappointed in the summer box choices. There is absolutely nothing in it that I would buy. I’ll just have to choose gifts for someone else


I’ve done cause box for the last year and honestly the quality is pretty bad. Their market (similar to add-ons) is great though.


Right!? I wish they’d introduce a swap for credit. I’d love access to the add ons without getting the box.


Cb shipping is horrendous where you don’t get the box until the season after. Fff is much more reliable. Do you have box burnout? I took 1-2 years off and came back excited for ever, might just need a little break?


For sure! I am cancelling as soon as mine arrives. CB has been a terrible experience!

Sarah C.

The Epare cutting boards are terribly thin. Thinner than a paper plate. Got stuck with 2 sets on the last go around with these boxes. They must be trying to get rid of them.

Jen K

I thought I’d hate these but I ended up using them when my normal cutting board was in the dishwasher. I was super surprised at how well they work and clean up.


Y’all must have WAY better Dollar Tree’s than I have. The shelves at mine are always empty unless I want wedding-themed gift wrap, items tied to whichever holiday is closest, kitchen towels, plastic containers, snack foods, frozen foods (always an entire case filled with $1 crabcakes) and toiletries.


Same! I love mine! And they’re so versatile, we even use them as a kids’ table mat or playdough mat, it’s a great art mat, sooo many uses! And it being a 4pk is even better! But yes, I use them as convenient cutting/prep boards too.


A note about the Soar selfie light – this is the size ideal for a cell phone, which might be what someone wants, but I was hoping for something bigger and more for a laptop. so just fyi in case someone else thought it was bigger too. (I found more pics of it on the soarspaces website).


I’m sure this has been asked eleventy-trillion times and I’m just not seeing it. Boxes are supposed to come with 8-10 items, but this only shows 6. Is it just that these are the only “pre-spoilers” and the other 2+ will be customizable when customization opens? Thanks for any kind responses, as there may be an obvious answer. 😉


In the 6th category, you can choose 1, 2 or 3 item bundles. Basically you can have 6- 8 items depending on what you choose or what’s chosen for you.


Duh. Thank you! I even read that and my brain just skimmed right over it. 😄 Appreciate the kindness considering I was being dense.


Does anyone know when they sleep shirt is made out of?


Polyester and spandex


Thank you


If that Baublebar make your own bracelet kit is worth $50, I’m a size zero billionaire.

I looked at their website and they have a more extensive (tho honestly still pretty cheap looking) kit for $68. This set looks like something you get at the dollar store.


Right?! I don’t sub this box, but I do look at spoilers here on MSA, and after the last spoilers for this box, I saw this Baublebar item and noticed from the pics that it looked like something I’d find in the tween section at Hobby Lobby, so of course I went to the Baublebar site to investigate… No way the RV of $50 is even close. And frankly that whole site was a let down, as everything metal was “gold” (or sometimes “silver”), not a “rose gold” item in sight. Nowhere. It’s rare that I can go to a site with as many items as BB has and not find anything to put in my cart.


OMG – thank you for the gut laugh! Yes, this is the WORST box so far – full of repeats and cheap filler – the products are becomg very juvenile (activity books, plastic beads – the sippy cup last season) – what is going on? LOL LOL


The sippy cup was terrible. Though I have no interest myself in the bracelet kit or activity books, they are pretty popular at the moment after the pandemic brought that kind of stuff back in vogue to keep kids occupied while doing virtual learning.


Obviously expecting a mix of cheapy items from FFF but cringed at those beads


my thoughts exactly!!


This set is on their website too, for $38.

I guess “price” and “value” have different meanings, but I shouldn’t be surprised. All boxes are guilty of this practice.


Yes they are, and its a deceptive practice.


When the spoilers came out, Baublebar listed the kit at $50. Now it’s listed at $38.


Ladies, does anyone know the scent of the Ouai product? Is it the same scent as their leave in conditioner spray or is it different? I saw a mention of rose scented, is this true? Thanks in advance!!


It’s the Melrose fragrance, it’s different. I’m not sure it’s super rose scented because I feel like I can still smell a bit of the apple cider vinegar in it, but I actually like it. It smells just clean and not as overwhelming.


Thank you!!!!


I signed up a couple of days ago for the Spring box, but now I cannot see that order and customization since everything switched over to Summer. Does anyone know if there any way to find out what I am getting (other than my choices) or do I have to just wait and see lol? Will I be notified when it is processed and ships?


I just got mine yesterday. I received the rose gold/grey watch (which is nice), RCo shampoo/conditioner, Milk mask and serum, Ernie Laslo black soap, some cute tweezers, some pink nail polish. I was hoping for a few “home” products but I was very pleased for it being a total surprise as I’ll use everything.

Cheryl W

Its probably too early to see online but If you go to the main page of the site, click on the chat bubble and customer service can help you!! They can let you know what you will be getting and your shipping status.


Thank you I will do that!
I had to use chat to complete my original order because the website froze. They were very helpful!


I was waiting for the summer box to re-sub for an annual, but what’s the best deal to get before add ons and customization? There probably won’t be one before then, right?

TIA, I haven’t gotten FFF in awhile and forgot how their offers work.


I was goi g to cancel my second box I got last season and they offered me 20% off to co to he on. I say I got a $15 off coupon like everyone did in the spring box, and asked if I could apply it to an annual. They told me yes. I wanted to pay with PayPal so I had to make a new account for that- & I asked if $15 off was still available if I made a different new account, they said just yes- just contact CS when I’m setting it up.
FYI- they never asked for the coupon code. Seemed anxious to get more ppl signed up. So there’s a deal for seasonals and annuals. Just reference the 20% off or $15 off coupons to CS. Hope this helps someone.


I hadn’t received it in a while but if you still have an account with them it might make you re-activate your account, which is what it made me do. There was a button there when I signed in that said “re-activate”. I was hoping to use one of the deals to go annual but couldn’t because of this. If it’s been a long time though and you no longer can sign in or have an active account it might let you use a deal. I’ve seen a few deals for seasonal and I think the deal for the annual was to save like $20 or 20% something like that. I’m excited that annual members get to customize our whole box now, every category and seasonal gets to choose more as well.


Question please for anyone who has the LP dry shampoo, when sprayed on your hair do you get that white powder or is it clear? Thanks!


I’ve been devoted to LP dry shampoo for years. If I spray too close to the spot where my annoying clump of white hairs are it will make them more noticeable but I make it a point to spray a little farther in that area.
Also, you don’t even need to worry about it if you use the overnight trick. Idk what magic is in that bottle but I give my hair a really good once over of the LP, it won’t matter if you spray too close or too much. Put it up in a bun using a scrunchie or something that won’t leave a dent to secure. The next morning take out the bun, brush through and you will have hair that looks freshly washed, full, thick, bouncy etc etc I LOVE THIS STUFF 😂😂😂
As someone who has had fine, thin, stringy hair my whole life it’s like a miracle!


Best tip- spray it on the night before- it will make your hair look amazing the next day, and the white residue should be gone.


I’ve never had residue from it. I don’t use dry shampoo directly on my scalp, since I break out from every kind made, but I spray it on my hair near my scalp and it works well.


I’ve never had that problem. I don’t use it often, but when I do I don’t need to use much, so it doesn’t leave residue.


I’ve used this product for years and never had an issue with white powder residue. You need to follow the directions and not hold the can too close when spraying. It’s the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used.


Thank you Margaret. You have me thinking of choosing this item again, I do have a tendency to hold it too close to my scalp and you’re right if I held it farther away I wouldn’t get the dreaded white residue. I do love LP’s scent and it would be great for after work when I need to run errands and I want to get ride of the semi greasy scalp. Okay, back to LP for my choice item in this category!


It has that white powder


Thanks Hanna! I was hoping for the other reply as the white residue highlights all my white hair. Not sure what to get now in this category.

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