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CAUSEBOX is Changing its Name Next Week

CAUSEBOX is about to change its name and we have all the details!

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

Starting May 18th, the brand will unveil a new name and new benefits for your membership.

We couldn’t be more excited to see what comes next! It’s going to be a big week for CAUSEBOX. 

Can’t wait to snag a subscription?  See the details on a full membership:

The Subscription Box: CAUSEBOX

The Cost: $54.95 on a quarterly basis, or $49.95 per box with an annual subscription

The Products: At least $150.00 worth of products for women from CAUSEBOX’s favorite socially-conscious brands.

Good to Know: Sign up for an annual subscription to qualify for CAUSEBOX Custom, which lets you hand-pick certain items in your boxes!

Ships to: The continental U.S. for free, Hawaii, Alaska, all U.S. territories (including Guam) & Canada for $7.95

Check out all our CAUSEBOX reviews, including the latest Spring 2021 Box.

What do you think of this news from CAUSEBOX? Any guesses on the new name?

Alltrue (CAUSEBOX)

How do subscribers rate Alltrue (CAUSEBOX)?

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Comments (57)

  1. Alltrue it is.

    First summer spoiler: Ettika solo stone bracelet or Small Hours traveling cutlery set

  2. It makes me nervous when boxes try to reinvent themselves. 😐

  3. I heard that it’s going to be something like Alltru or Altru (like their in-house brand name)

    I think the name change is a bad move right now. It looks like they want to abandon the “cause” ship and focus on more random products that are simply artisan made in India or whatever. I’m very disappointed in them and am seriously considering cancelling my subscription (especially after all the shipping hiccups). I’ve been a devoted subscriber since 2018

    • Oh, wow. Yeah, I agree. Bad move.

  4. So I had cancelled and have one box left. Will I not receive it now that they changed the name?

    • I don’t see why you wouldn’t get your box even if they are changing their name.

  5. I really hate that they’re changing their name. It really does seem like they’re only doing it because apparently they have a really bad rating with their current name. If it is true they’re changing it to AllTrue, that just seems like a mistake to me. Causebox succinctly told you what the box was about, what you could expect to receive. Calling it AllTrue tells me nothing.

    I feel like Causebox should instead be looking at improving their shipping, especially when other boxes like FFF are able to get their boxes out sooner, and DURING the season. People getting their winter box in February doesn’t look good, and by the looks of it we won’t get the summer box until summer is over.

    And not just shipping but they really need to stop with making these unique items with brands that don’t make those items – like the kettle for instance. I hope they learned their lesson with mass producing an item the brand doesn’t even make, and having so many issues and complaints come up. I would prefer they pick items the company makes already and just including that in the box. If they want to make a unique item themselves with their artisan team, then great – do that. But they showed that teaming up with a brand then making something where there is no quality control really doesn’t work and left a lot of upset customers.

    They also said other exciting things were coming to Causebox, which I think may also mean customization for seasonal? Obviously not full customization, but part of it? With FFF now allowing seasonal to customize more than 50% of their box, it seems kind or ridiculous that Causebox won’t let seasonals customize at least 1 item or 2 out of the 6 or so in the box.

    Although I’ve had a good time with Causebox since going annual a year ago, I think I may cancel my annual sub before it renews next month. I’ve had some issues with items in my box, which they have dealt with quickly. But I think I might go for the Black Friday deal where I can get a whole box for free and pay $50 less, especially since I’m in Canada and the exchange rate is brutal. I’ll see what the Summer and Fall boxes come with, but unless the choices are garbage and there’s stuff I don’t want, I don’t see me keeping annual. I hope they do some sort of customization for seasonals, so I can get at least 1 or 2 things I really want and be okay with them picking the rest.

    With getting both Causebox and FFF now I just find I have stuff overload, especially when I buy multiple boxes like I have with Causebox and FFF. Right now I want to get 2 FFF summer boxes because there’s so many add-ons I want to get from some categories and it just makes more sense to get 2 subs than to add-on all the stuff I want. In the 2nd category alone there are 4 things I want! And now that seasonal can customize 4 items out of the 6, it’s a no brainer.

    • What you’ve taken the time to type here is important and I hope the people at The Box Formerly Known As Causebox will read it and take it to heart.

      Any major change like this (like changing the brand’s name for crying out loud) is done for a reason. Or many reasons. But it’s never done for funsies or as an afterthought. So, something made them do this. Did the ownership change hands? That’d be my first guess. If not, then something REALLY important drove them to make the change. If I were a current subscriber, I’d want to know exactly what that something was, and I wouldn’t settle for anything other than a legit answer.

      • Agree, this is a well-worded, well-thought out comment.

      • A lot of companies don’t want to partner with “Causebox” after what happened to Bathen after the substandard robes and towels were sent out with their brand attached. I wonder if that’s part of the reason.

    • I agree 100% with what you have written so well.

    • Very well thought-out comment. Couldn’t agree more, and I believe there is more to this name change than “creating a community and movement for good”. They are trying to outrun all the negative comments. The money they are spending on this name change would be so much more well spent if they used it to improve their fulfillment process. Until they address the issues with shipping and timelines this will just be more of the same but harder for new subscribers to see all the negative reviews associated with their name.

      You and Reeb have both hit the nail on the head with subpar products also. Both that kettle and the Bathen products were awful. Who wants bath towels or a robe you have to wash delicately and can’t throw in the dryer, and then have to iron them?? Whoever “curated” that should be fired.

  6. Did you all get the email survey asking what you wanted in upcoming boxes? That was very encouraging.

    • I didn’t… I’d be happy to share my opinion with them.

      • You have to sign up to say you want to help curate the box.

    • I have received about 3 surveys in the past few months. Felt very FFF to me. Hopefully they can hang on for the 2 more seasons I have left on my annual. Can’t wait to be done with “Alltrue”.

    • This is my 4th YEAR with Causebox and I have never gotten a survey

  7. They’re changing their name because of the F they have on the BBB. Full stop. And they deserve it, frankly, for never having had it together when it comes to shipping times (and don’t blame the pandemic, CB, your shipping was terrible two years before that happened, too.) I once subbed to a Summer box and didn’t get it until mid-September. I subbed for an annual in mid-April and still don’t have a shipping email (in fairness, they told us that would happen). But if you’re a seasonal box, you should ship the items so they are received before the season is over. At this point I expect to get my Spring box in mid-June, and who knows when I’ll get Summer, mid-August, maybe? They need to upgrade their fulfillment center, not their name.

    • I wish I hadn’t read through all those items on Despite receiving boxes three months after I’m charged, I love the products and causes of Causebox. I’ve never had an issue with a product or customer service. That sleep spray in the current box is something I never would have purchased or even tried. My kid sprayed it on my pillow and I went out like I’d been punched by a heavyweight fighter. I had the same result last night. I’ve told six friends about it this morning.

      • That exact spray was first featured in an fff box. They’re now wannabe fff with several overlapping products. Their shipping a season late made me not renew my annual.

      • Lauralee (lovely name BTW), if I may share suggestions for a sleep spray: the most common is the Bath and Body Works Lavender Vanilla, and while mass-produced, it is indeed relaxing and comfy, and available in a variety of products besides just the sleep mist. If you’re looking for more “small-batch” products, please see if there’s a “new age” store in your area (not sure where you live). My town in West Virginia has two (!) stores that sell such products, and I’ve bought from both and like them. But you can even find such products on Amazon, or especially Etsy. I’d think you can search for “sleep spray” or “sleep mist” on Etsy and should be able to find small-batch products including some with Shamanic blessings.

    • Exactly! They’re deleting comments off social media too. Just like GlobeIn and OuiPlease. Wait OP is scamming.

    • I remember ordering some Christmas gifts at a Black Friday sale. When mid-January rolled around, and they hadn’t been shipped, I canceled. This was before the pandemic.

      Their excuse on FB was that they were on a purchasing trip and weren’t helping to fulfill orders. I thought, that’s the worst business strategy ever. Their comments basically said, look at all the people we’re helping and empowering and aren’t you folks complaining and being mean!

      If you put fulfilling your orders on the back burner, and even admit it, well there’s not much hope for your business.

      • I’ve seen my share of narcissists who are very vocal about how they donate to many causes while simultaneously treating those closest to them poorly.

    • Somehow, Alexa, your comment about their BBB grade of F is the only one MSA didnt delete. Their were definitely a ton more. This thread had over 100 comments the other day. Hmm🤔🤔 So much censoring going on here.

      • Yep. On the new thread confirming the new name my comment about my negative experience with this company was swiftly deleted after about an hour.

  8. Some sleuths in the Causebox facebook group found a copyright filing for the rebrand to be “Alltrue”, which is a play off their in-house brand Altru, which is a terrible play on Altruism.

    • Yikes I definitely prefer Causebox better. I’m not a fan of rebranding. Might have worked for Madonna, but not so much with subscription boxes.

    • Yuck, a horrible rebranding if correct!

  9. Love the gender reveal comment. I didn’t receive an email on this. I find their lack of communication annoying but agree just tell us your new name and start with the summer spoilers already.

  10. I subbed for a year. Canceled after first box. Have three boxes to go. I have no desire to ‘engage’ with Causebox or it’s upcoming community.

  11. My theory is that these subscriptions make more $ through addons and online sales then through basic subscriptions, so my guess is that “box” won’t be in the name.
    They have long needed an upgraded website, creation of a community and more engagement with it. There’s a lot of opportunities a company like Causebox is missing out on currently particularly bc of lack of website capabilities and community interaction. But if causes are actually important it’s an amazing way to educate and raise awareness about causes and how to get involved bc of the large captive audience and sub box’s reach.
    There’s so many possibilities to incorporate the box products, causes, ppl affected by the highlighted issues and additionally those trying to enact change and easily create interesting or dynamic ways to get/keep consumer attention & increase product interest. There’s also many untapped opportunities for increasing brand awareness like multimedia featuring people and products and creating spaces for company & customer interaction.

    Plus, the market place interface is incredibly antiquated and frustrating to navigate and needs to be overhauled.

    • Honestly, I liked the Causebox market more than the boxes. That said, I quit CB because as a seasonal the box was useless. I wasn’t going to spend $50 to possibly get blue light glasses (I wear glasses) and a plastic cup. And I have no desire to upgrade to annual with CB. Just not a good enough box for me to spend that $$

      • I agree. I bought one intro for $25 and the only thing I actually use from it is the silicone lids for containers. It’s useless as a seasonal because you can’t customize and I don’t want to spend my money on a gamble. I find a lot of their stuff cheap and all this vegan leather is just a no for me.

  12. I have one more box in my annual. I cancelled renewal about a month ago. I enjoy the items and support the causes; however, in the end, it’s just more mass consumerism. I’m wary of any company that rebrand anything about themselves. (Remember ‘new Coke’ circa ’84?) Their name doesn’t need changing. It already suuccintly describes the purpose of the box.

    • What a great well written response. This is exactly how I feel.

      • Thank you!

  13. So, now I’ve heard this on reddit, and on MSA… but nothing direct from the company. I’m sure they’ve shared it on some other social media site, but as an annual subscriber who has recently cancelled (no more boxes after fall), this is the main reason – lack of direct communication with customers.

    • I received email directly from Causebox about the name change. It’s also on their IG page.

      • That’s strange, I didn’t receive an email from them, but I almost never do (and I’ve checked my Junk mail). The reason I follow MSA is so that I can find out about customization times, etc. Unfortunately, Instagram (I assume that’s what IG is) doesn’t allow you to see things unless you have an account, which I don’t.

  14. They want to “create a community”? So they are looking for more social media interaction like the brand and other subscribers? Or maybe more info about the product creators and artisans?

    I’m optimistic about the rebrand. As long as the product quality stays high, they source from good causes and companies, and they don’t add more beauty (because there are plenty of other boxes for that), I’ll be happy.

    I finally signed up for an annual this Spring, so I really just want Summer spoilers and the date the Add On Market opens!! lol

    • The Products: At least $150.00 worth of products for women from CAUSEBOX’s favorite socially-conscious brands. I agree, as long as it still supports good causes.

  15. MSA is going nuts with the e-mail alerts lately. I got alerted that there was a new review…this is not a review. It’s not even news.

    This article is just going to say that they are changing their name, but they won’t even tell us what that name is? We knew this days ago, so its not even new news.

  16. Interesting…hoping they also change to allow full customization for annual members to compete with FFF!

    • I think some customization for seasonal members is very likely.

  17. They really need to. 5 or so years ago it was a unique box dedicated to actual causes. Remember the leather wrap bracelet? Now it’s just typical run of the mill sub box. Sad

  18. As annoying as a gender reveal party. You have news? Just say it. Agree with Mary that they are probably moving away from their roots and trying to sell us this change as an improvement.

    • Ha this was funny, Julia!

  19. I’m excited to see what is to come.

    • 🙄

  20. I’m guessing it’s a change so they aren’t “boxed in” by having to do good or stay true to the cause. Bring on mass produced sweat shop stuff.

    • 100% this is why. So many of their products have no “cause” now. This is just to get away from that backlash.

  21. I think it’s a shame that they are moving away from their roots. The “cause” in Causebox is what made it a unique subscription. Lately, it’s been feeling like a FFF clone.

    • Did they say they were stopping supporting their causes? I think it’s just a rebranding to increase a wider market of sales.

      • You might be right T.marie. I may be interpreting it wrong.

        Based on the direction of recent box items, my initial thought was that they needed to change the name so they could start including mass produced, cheap items from China in their boxes. But maybe I’m just being a Negative Nelly. 😉

    • I agree Mary

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