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Trendmood Box Volume 11 Is Available Now

ByMSAApr 29, 2021 | 40 comments


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The Trendmood Box Volume 11 is available now.

Trendmood Box Volume 11 costs $39 and includes:

  • Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow AHA Pink Dream Body Cream: A lightweight body cream that hydrates and smooths, infused with a watermelon scent includes moisturizing watermelon seed butter and exfoliating hibiscus AHA, creates hydrated, smooth, and glowing skin without silicone or leaving a sticky feel.
    Formulated with watermelon seed butter, hibiscus AHA and hyaluronic acid.
  • Biossance Squalane + BHA Pore-Minimizing Toner: An alcohol-free, dynamic toner that visibly tightens pores, clarifies, purifies, and hydrates all at once.
    The secret to this formula is the mix of the ingredients with multiple benefits: White Willow Bark Extract, Caviar Lime Extract, Sugarcane-Derived Squalane.
  • Tatcha Silk Powder Protective Setting Powder: A protective, talc-free setting powder that blurs pores, shields from pollution and blue light, and provides a translucent, soft-radiant finish. With Silk Extract for visibly smoother, more radiant skin. It can also help makeup last longer, blur the look of pores, and reduce the appearance of shine.
  • Dominique Cosmetics Now or Never Eyeshadow Palette: From their latest collection inspired by strong women who take risks, follow their dreams and make history. The palette includes four matte shades, one pressed glitter, one silky pearl.

Important to know: All boxes are limited to one per customer.

Trendmood is an Instagram account that has amassed a 1.5 million+ following for breaking the latest beauty news since 2012. Ever since the first-ever Trendmood Box was released in mid-December 2019, every box released since then has sold out almost instantly.

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Will you try to grab a box? Let us know in the comments below.

"The Trendmood Box is NOT a subscription box. Each box will be treated as a separate launch. Some months could have 1-2 launches, while others might not have a launch.

Each box will contain 4-5 items curated by Trendmood. Items can include makeup, skincare, accessories, nail polish, and o... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I bought this for tatcha and lotion.. if anyone wants the other two
Items for cost plus a few bucks to ship it to ya let me know:)


I missed out both times. I had it in cart, it refreshed and then said sold out. 😔 I only want the eyeshadow palette.


Hi Milly, the palette is the one thing I’m not keeping. I can sell it to you if you’d like?


I was lucky enough to buy this the day before it dropped as I had gotten the fab one and bcuz I reviewed them I was able to get it the day before. I have the glow recipe moisturizer but im almost out (it is sooo good) and really wanted to try the tatcha powder and even tho I have a ton of toners I have wanted to try the bioessence one. The palette I will never use and don’t have anyone I know that would so not sure what to do with that but its def a good value. Wish they added one more product but overall I’m happy with it.


I’d love to buy the palette from you. I missed out both times. I had it cart, it refreshed and then said sold out. 😔


Absolutely. I actually don’t want $ for it but if u just pay for shipping u can have it. Im happy to give it to someone who will use it.


I really just wanted the toner, which is less than $48 so I’m just not getting anything lol


I’ll sell you the toner for $12 I wanted the lotion and tatcha so I’ll sell the other two items for $24 or $12 each?


I got the box, was not planning to, but I had tatcha powder in my sephora cart and wanted to try. Since the price the same for powder and box, I decided to get the box. Not crazy about palette, it does not have good review, plus I cannot stand glitter. Dont care about body lotion either. I guess toner will be ok.


Okay reading the comments I’m feeling pretty lucky that I was able to get the box. It’s my first TrendMood box. I’ve been wanting to try the Glow Recipe Body Cream, and Tatcha and Biossance are two of my favorite skincare brands.


I was on at 11 CST, clicked on PayPal, came back and it said sold out. I’m over FOMO!!!


Same! Was so pissed


Oops, forgot about this.

That palette is so pretty!


Great value but talked myself out of it. I’m up to my eyeballs in toner already and the Glow Recipe is the one thing I really wanted to try and I can sort out getting it on sale elsewhere


I had early access but I guess I wasn’t fast enough so I waited for regular release and I was ready with my fingerprint payment and I still couldn’t get it even though it was in my cart and ready to pay in like 5 seconds.


Same! Early access wasn’t working for me even though I put in the password, and then right at the very second they released at the regular time it was in my cart and I was paying and then it froze. Only a few seconds later it came back and said sold out…and it wasn’t even 10:01 pt yet! I already have all my info and payment saved and everythiing! The confusing thing is there are people saying they checked out at 10:01. So it seems the people that were on immediately and paying were bumped off when the system got overloaded with everyone else coming on at the same time. Confusing. That or it’s all a random processing order with literally thousands trying to pay all at the same millisecond lol!


Dang, so the early bird didn’t get the worm.


That FAB box was available for over a week and this was sold out before I could even get through checkout. Trendmood, you need to be consistent with availability. I keep seeing you posting on social media that your working on expanding quantity to basically ensure it not selling out immediately. I thought after the FAB box, you had figured it out. I guess not. We can’t get excited for a box we can’t get our hands on.


The FAB box is an anomaly in the trendmood boxes in my opinion. It is the only one that was not sold out extremely quickly. I truly believe that they had WAY more volume of that brand box because it was FAB.
And with this one that released today, I would guess that the sold out palette (and I checked the palette on the site and it was indeed sold out) was probably the item that was the most likely to have very limited numbers available. I am just guessing but DC is the only item not available at Sephora.
We are getting new releases of all the products included in these boxes typically (I think brand takeover boxes are the only times it is not filled with all new release products) so expecting trendmood to have the volume that you are wanting may just never happen. Trendmood is not a huge brand at all, and I think it’s a huge deal to get such a value on new released products. Tatcha is not giving anyone a free $82 gift or anything close with purchase (and that is exactly what this box is in $ terms). That’s just how I looked at it this one specifically to see if I should try to lock it down, but anyways I look at these trendmood boxes in a very different way because no other subscription box or one time box is offering mainly high end, spanking new (or even fairly new) products like this. They just aren’t and trendmood is it.
I know it has been a cause of frustration for a lot of people in the past, but I really go into each one of these boxes that I do want with the idea that I might not be able to get an order number. If I do, great, if not, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I have no desire to let a box cause me stress in my life since they are supposed to be fun and a treat imo. I’m truly sorry to everyone that wanted one and wasn’t able to get one. I have definitely been there.


Well said AH!


I truly don’t get it. The FAB was better value and is a great universal no frills brand. I guess Tatcha is a hyped brand that doesnt show in beauty boxes too often.

Amber )-(

@Jay Unfortunately a lot of people think of FAB as Beneath them because it’s a brand you can get at the drugstore. A lot of Trendmood followers feel anything less than high end brands is garbage they won’t touch.


The FAB box was the only one I ever bought and I think it’s awesome.


I agree! I bought three of the FAB boxes over the weeks they were available. Amazing value especially for someone with sensitive skin. I love the scrub and buy it at Sephora regularly, so the rest of the products were basically bonuses!


I agree with you. The FAB box is the only TM box I’ve ever wanted and bought. I’ve never had a FAB product in my life; I don’t subscribe to that many boxes.
That body scrub is *everything*!


In Trendmood’s defense, it’s not inconsistent availability, it’s the fact that the demand for the FAB box was much, much less than this box. Actually, most boxes sell out within minutes. Perhaps we have been getting so much FAB in other boxes that we didn’t want any more (at least that was what happened with me – I’ve still got plenty of unopened FAB items in my stash). I would have bought this particular box if I had been quick enough. There were things I would have liked to try.


I don’t agree with that. The FAB box was highly in demand as well. I belong to a bunch of subscription box and makeup and skincare groups, I follow a ton of this stuff over many platforms. I saw more excitement over the FAB box then other Trendmood boxes. I also saw everyone that tried to purchase it, was able to purchase it. I even had friends messaging me after seeing my box reveal posts, asking me where they could get one. I sent the link and they purchased. I usually don’t get that from personal friends over my beauty boxes. Believe me, the demand was definitely there but for the FAB box, they had the supply to meet the demand. It’s fine if they have a limited number of boxes but they shouldn’t be hyping this all over social media if the supply is that low. I have literally tried to get every single box at launch time and the only one I was ever able to snag was the FAB box.


I am glad this is sold out as I don’t need it, but was going to get it. Saved my money.


Same! I saw it last night, even got the early access email…but held off. Glad it sold out as I really shouldn’t be spending that right now, but I wanted it. Lol.


Same, glad it sold out before I could buy it. ;D


The price is actually $48!


Okay, now I fell better about not getting this.


Exactly! Too much for really only wanting the toner.


I agree if you only want the toner. I wanted to try the setting powder. I already have the lotion which is amazing and I love it so I’ll take another one. I also wanted to try the toner so this was a total win for me. Luckily I was quick enough and actually got it.

Brittany Bolton

I got on for the early access on time and it said not available so I waited a minute and refreshed the page and sold out! Kinda mad cause I really wanted this box and it was gonna be my first trended box and I wasn’t able to get it on the time for early access and then bam sold out!


If that happens to you during early access, you can try again during the regular release. I have been fairly successful getting the ones I have wanted and I highly suggest trying for early access, but having regular release as a back up.
Definitely try it again the next time you see a box you want!


I’m thinking they must not of had too many of these boxes because they sold out within a minute it sounds like I also tried to buy it after 3 minutes and it was sold out already


The same thing happened to me!! I even went on early and kept refreshing. I was able to add it to my cart but the 10 seconds of clicking paypal made it sold out. It is very frustrating-especially since their last box was available for about a week. Didn’t think it would sell out in 45 seconds but here we are…

Kathy S.

says it’s Sold Out???


Yeah, sold out in about 1 minute both during Early Access and again at the regular release.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.