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FabFitFun: Full Customization Coming For The Summer 2021 Box

FabFitFun just announced some changes to their memberships!

Starting with the Summer 2021 box, Annual Members will be able to customize their entire box. Seasonal Members will get one more Customization option. All members will be able to Swap for Credit – swap the box for e-commerce credit you can use towards Boost My Box, reFills, Add-Ons, Edit Sales, themed sales, The Shop, and additional Customization items! 

From FabFitFun:

Hi everyone,

Over the past few seasons we’ve been steadily evolving the FabFitFun membership. From Boost My Box to reFills, our goal is to bring the best products at the best value straight to your doorstep.

At the same time, we’ve been thoughtfully listening to the feedback you’ve given us. Your voice is a big part of the evolution of building a membership that meets you where you’re at because we know your wants and needs evolve as life changes.

So we’re super excited to announce our most flexible membership ever! What exactly does this mean?

Starting in Summer 2021, current and new Annual Members get to customize their entire box. Yep, that means you can create a full box curation that’s 100% you.

Seasonal Members, there’s something for you too. Starting in Summer 2021, current and new Seasonal Members will get one more Customization option. That means you get to pick four times!

Lastly, we’re thrilled to offer UNLIMITED Swap for Credit to all members. Not a fan of the season’s box curation? No problem. All members can swap the box for e-commerce credit to use towards Boost My Box, reFills, sales, The Shop, and additional Customization items!* And do it an UNLIMITED amount of times.

We know how much you love choosing what you want each season and a fully customizable box gives you the opportunity to create the full curation that’s 100% you (and we hear you, sometimes that doesn’t include a cactus cup). This also speaks to our growing membership base. You’re all so diverse, and a fully customizable box reflects your individuality, while allowing you to choose based on where you’re at in life.

We hope you’re excited to enjoy these new member benefits come summertime. As always, we strive to make FabFitFun your go-to place for the best products at the best value. When we first created our boxes we had no Customization, no Add-Ons, no reFills, and no Community – and here we are now introducing a fully customizable box with no added price – just simply bringing you the flexibility that you want and need. We’re excited to see how uniquely each of you builds your box!

Learn more about the fully customizable box and Swap for Credit here .

xx, Katie

*E-commerce credit can be used towards Boost My Box, reFills, Add-Ons, Edit Sales, themed sales, The Shop, and additional Customization items. E-commerce credit can only be applied to Boost My Box, reFills, and additional Customization items in a future season when you’re receiving a box. E-commerce credit can not be applied to membership fees or gift cards. For more information on Swap for Credit, click here . For more information on Customization, click her .

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Comments (75)


    • Yeah…just received an email linking this OLD thread…What’s up with that??

  2. Yae! Fabfitfun has once again changed their model. Conformed to fit their subscribers wants and needs. Keeping up interest by creating new buzz around this new feature. Pretty smart. Proving my point that causebox can do whatever it wants. It doesn’t want to be a better experience for its subscribers, obviously. Well fff has won again!!!!

  3. I had decided not to renew. I have a drawer full of unopened products from the past couple boxes. Been giving them out as thank you presents etc.

    HOWEVER! I have one box left on my annual prepaid account so I’ll see how it goes and see if I will in fact renew.

    I started to lose confidence in FFF when they partnered with Summer and Rose. I ordered several Summer and Rose handbags as add ons and I was disappointed in the quality. Anybody else feel this way?

    • I had one of their purses and the strap clip broke the second day. Since then I avoid that brand.

  4. Wow, I had one monthly box ages ago and never felt like another box would be worth it. With FULL customization, I think the annual sounds like a good deal! I’ll wait to see if they offer another box big bundle for subbing up or something, but this is very promising and tempting.

  5. I love being able to customize more!!

  6. Hmmm. I cancelled my annual after the spring box – it was the end of my subscription and I realized that I was just accumulating stuff. A lot of stuff. Stuff that includes the purple cactus cup. But now I’m thinking about subscribing again since these sound like interesting updates.

    Maybe I’ll go sort through my four boxes and consider my life choices. lol.

  7. After reading a lot of these comments, it just proves no matter what poor fabfit fun does they can never win. I’m happy. Love being an annual member.

    • I agree.

      • I agree too!

    • I agree! Always well worth the cost to me.

    • 100% agree

  8. I just do seasonal and cancel after each season. Then, I watch the spoilers and sign up for the next box that appeals to me.

  9. Sounds like the swap-for-credit replaces the ability to skip a box. 🙁 I personally would rather just skip and extend the sub rather than have credit to spend.

    • It’s been like that for awhile for annual, though I’m not sure for how long.

      I could see it being a big bonus for seasonal subscribers who think they will want to shop the add on sale though.

  10. Wonder if the swap-for-credit replaces the ability to skip a box? I personally would rather just skip and extend the sub rather than have credit to spend.

  11. I have decided to renew just because of this change. This will be my 4th year with FabFitFun. I like the idea of customizing everything in my box. In addition, I like the idea of getting a $45 credit to use every 3 months if I don’t like the box. After so many years with FabFitFun, I’m not sure that I want every box because of the similar items that come out every year. I have also given away a lot of items over the years. This new change will allow me to pick the items that I’m going to enjoy and use the most. I call this a win for FabFitFun!

  12. I guess I’m the minority here, because I really like the mystery of subscription boxes!! Im afraid if I know everything that’s coming, it won’t be as exciting to see it on my porch. That’s part of the fun for me, sitting down with a beer and digging into my box to see what I got.

    Maybe for the summer box, I’ll pick a few and have a my hubby pick a few for me, that way it will still be a surprise, and would be interesting to see what he chooses for me!

    • You can always select the “surprise me” choice.

      • Right! I forgot that is an option

  13. This doesn’t mean customization options will be any better, it just means we’ll be able to choose the least bad option from the group, which is better than the current situation by far. But there will likely still be three categories of cheap & unappealing overstock or bargain bin items with overinflated values. Maybe now fewer items will end up in the trash.

    They had to do this at some point or go back to the previous model of FFF picks bc when ppl don’t know what they’re receiving, they can’t figure the items into the value of the box, especially bc the items were such a random collection and some were total garbage. So people are less likely to subscribe when the perceived value is lower and all members were dissatisfied because determination of who gets what was nonsensical. So the relative value of the box was brought down for everyone and discontent was brewing.

    Changing the FFF picks in the 1st place was just another way to inflate the value and pad the box with more filler items, in house brands, Ali baba/private labeled goods and bulk purchased overstock.
    When everyone got the same 3 FFF picks atleast they were generally good quality, from well known brands, and universally attractive items.

    Make no mistake that any change to the subscription is done to increase their bottom dollar while giving you less for your own.

    • Yes, those products always feel like leftover items they got on the cheap. I don’t mind this if they were good items that were of some use to me. This could add value if there were choices people may choose a $6 nail file over a $60 item that is unusable for them. Even if there were a larger number of options because they were close outs. I would take anything useful over those flower hair clips.

      • Agreed. And cactus cups. 🙄

    • If you don’t like that box for that season you can skip that box and get a credit to use on the add-ons, edit-sales, refills, etc. Look at FabFitFun Instagram page for full details.

    • I agree. The quality and appeal of all picks is more concerning to me than the customization of the cheapest 3. While I would still be happy for these additional customizations, that alone will not keep me as a subscriber. My subscription ends after the summer box and if summer and fall do not both have better quality items that appeal to me, then I will not be unsubscribing. FFF has too many unappealing options for me to ever subscribe seasonally and chance them picking for me. That said, the sales are more appealing to me than the boxes themselves, so maybe the ability to use the credit will actually be what keeps me or brings me back after a hiatus to use my current stash.

  14. i still wish they would just let you SKIP, period. i don’t want the “credit” to shop. I’d rather just buy 4 box credits, so i can pick which boxes i want and skip the ones i don’t without being sacked with a credit towards shop items i may not want.

    • Same. This is why I was willing to commit to an annual with Causebox. Wish FFF would allow the same but fully customizable boxes and some skip box option are still major upgrades from their prior sub terms so I appreciate the progress.

    • I love the items they offer in the add-ons, edit sales, or shop. If I want to pick exactly what I want and I don’t like that seasons box, then I can select other items I know I will use or enjoy. If you want to skip a season then go to seasonal and cancel when you don’t like the box. At least now you have 4 customization options in the box as a seasonal member now.

  15. Nice!

  16. Although I very much miss the days of the “hero item,” I realize those days are long gone. They had to do something so this is a step in the right direction.

  17. 👏👏👏👏👏

  18. Plot twist: next season’s customization is just all cactus cups, BUT WE GET TO CHOOSE OUR COLORS.
    [Disclaimer: this is a joke. This is not happening.
    But if it was, I would choose pink.)

    • hahahhahaha I love this comment!!1

    • Bahahahaha!!!

    • LOL!

    • I donated my cactus cup to Goodwill. I hope
      somebody lIkes it.

      • That’s funny! I was at a local goodwill yesterday and saw a cactus cup. I’m sure the will get plenty. Probably be able to sell in sets.

    • You win the internet!

    • hahahhahahahhahhahahahha… THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. Will they include stickers to customize? HAHAHHAAHHA thank you

  19. I gave to my pre teen granddaughter and she loves it! My 21 year old daughter loved it to too, it’s a teen thing!

  20. Glad they’re finally doing this. It’s absurd for Suzy to get makeup rounds and Mary to get nail polish when Suzy wanted the nail polish and Mary wanted the makeup rounds and now Mary and Suzy are paying shipping costs to send these $5 items across the country to each other when FFF could have let Suzy and Mary pick what they wanted in the first place and all the disappointment and resentment could have been easily avoided. If FFF is left with a surplus of cactus cups at the end of seasonal and annual customization because no one wanted them, they can put them in the heavily discounted seasonal boxes that they sell at the end of the season.

    • Then the cups would end up in add on sales for the next 4 years. But I think they would sell to the right market at the right price.

    • Things that they have a lot left over may end up in MB, if not in future sales or add ons

      • Oh god. Maybe we should avoid MB’s for awhile. We won’t get ISH’ed, we will get cactused.

  21. Good idea! I like where this is going

  22. Yeah, they have to do something because that last box was shameful, it was like a face oil and Big Lots rejects as filler.

    • The last box was my favorite so far. They nailed it for me.

      • Me too. I have used every single item. I really loved my box. My favorite item is the slippers but I received a lot of skincare which is what I really wanted.

      • Same here, everything I got I either used and loved, or made a great gift for someone else (i.e., the Elemis peel).

        But then, I didn’t get sent the cactus cup. 😉

    • I loved my last box.

    • Same for me. I was looking forward to trying the floss and that was my personal highlight. lol

      I think it’s just burn out, how many travel bags do we need? They repeat a lot of types of items and at that point if it’s not some cute you like better than the one you have it’s just an extra thing to get rid of.

      • I totally agree with you. After being with them for 3 years I now know what I’m going to use or not going to use. I like the idea of getting a credit and getting something in the add-ons or edit-sales because I don’t need the same stuff every year. I still think the box is the best value. 8 items for $45 per box on annual is $5.60 per item. Most add-ons sell for more. But if you don’t think you will use or like most of the items in the box, then just pick and choice individual items in the add-ons, edit sales or something else.

    • I was also a loser in the FFF selection lottery! I got both the cactus cup AND the flower hair clips. Wanted neither.

      Based on their press release I’m not the only one unhappy with the purple plastic cactus cup bound for landfills everywhere.

      Their last box was a total disappointment for me. Hate, hate, hate daisy prints, which pretty much left me with skincare options, and I already have a beauty subscription.

      After last season’s box I cancelled and signed up for Journee Box. The shipping may take forever but everything in their box is a much higher quality and NEVER feels thrown together, plus their customer service is top notch.

      I am glad though that they will be fully customizable going forward. No more trying to find someone to pawn your unwanted merch on.

  23. Ooooh, I was just saying how I don’t really miss all the “stuff” with my past FFF sub. Still true, but these improvements fix some of my other main issues with FFF. Well done!

  24. I’m still aggravated at receiving that awful cactus cup.

    • I sprayed mine gold, weighted it and am using it as decor. You could also use it as a vase with the top off.

      • Mine went into my burn pile.

      • That’s a great idea… I got the cup also and haven’t used it once… I was afraid of not being able to clean it well… I wish I could think Of cool ideas like that on my own… 😅


  26. Wonder if you can swap for credit after looking at choice options for selection?

    Feel like more people will become annual members with the change to full customization, but that could also mean more options will be out of stock for annual members. So that’s why I ask the above question.

    • I was thinking the exact same – The customization categories will have to include more closely priced items and it will end up in tiers will all the good stuff in a few tiers and all the filler in the last tiers. If they don’t tier it like that, the ‘good stuff’ in every customization option will be gone in a flash. If you forget which day to check for customization, you’ll still be getting a box of things you didn’t want and wouldn’t have chosen and probably be even more upset that you now have supposedly full customization and you’re still feeling like you got bottom of the barrel. So this could be tricky and I hope they are thinking through how to group the customization selections so this doesn’t happen. That would drive people away, I think. All that said, I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out for me before I go all negative on FFF as it’s usually a pretty good box overall. And I didn’t get the dreaded cactus cup. But I did some hair oil that I can’t imagine being useful for my long, fine hair.

      • This is already the case, where the choices are tiered by retail price. 1 & 2 as top tier, then 3&4, then 5, 6, 7. etc …

    • The number one complaint I hear about going annual is that people can’t afford it. So I think they will get more annual members but I don’t think it’s going to become the majority of people. For some customers it is appealing to stay seasonal. If you really don’t like the spoilers for the upcoming season then you just cancel for that season and renew when you find another seasonal box you like. And now they let you pick 4 items as seasonal, if you want to stay seasonal it’s very budget friendly. You pay for the boxes you know you are going to enjoy the most.

  27. I’m so happy to now be able to avoid the “Cactus Cups” of this sub!!

  28. Does anyone know the charge date for Seasonal members for the Summer box?

    • May 26 or 28, depends on if you purchase additional items with your box. FFF’s support page offers a billing/shipping schedule, that’s where I went to check for you.

      • Thank you! Hoping to see some spoilers before I decide if I’m staying … the Daisy hat and duffel and the LED planter got me last time. 😉

    • I was told that I was going to be charged for the summer box on June 1 as an annual member. If I add 2 weeks to that date I think seasonal members will be charged on June 15 for the Summer 2021 box.

  29. I’m actually more excited about the swap for credit options than the extra customization. The thing that always stopped me from going annual was that I often like the Fall and Winter boxes, but not the Summer and/or Spring boxes.

    • Yeah, honestly, swapping my Spring box for credit (er, skipping it and using the credit towards add-ons haha) was such a fun choice! I’d rather not WANT to make that choice again, but it’s really exciting to have the option. As much as we laugh about how many sales FFF has, they really do always end up having SOMETHING you want!

    • Keep in mind you have to use your credit before the next seasonal box comes out. That gives you about 3 months to use your credit. You can skip all 4 boxes but you will have to use your credit before the next season’s box is billed probably. Katie had mentioned something about this in her video on the FabFitFun page. You will have $45 or $50 credit to use per season/quarter. You won’t have $180 or $200 at the end of the year to use all at once.

  30. This might be the reason I renew. Good call FFF.

  31. Oh this is great! So glad to be an annual member!!

  32. Yes!!!

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