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My Subscription Addiction
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Earthlove Subscription Box Review – Spring 2021

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoMay 26, 2021 | 16 comments

Earthlove April 2021 box

5 overall rating
2 Ratings | 2 Reviews

Earthlove is a quarterly subscription box for conservationists and fans of Mother Earth! Each package is full of eco-conscious gifts that help you enjoy nature and heal the planet.

Subscribers can choose between Vegan or Beegan for the same cost. The latter option includes honey and other bee products.

This review is of the Beegan option for $59.95/quarter + $4.95 shipping.

Earthlove April 2021 open box

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

all contents from Earthlove April 2021

About Earthlove

The Subscription Box: Earthlove

The Cost: $59.95 quarterly + $4.95 shipping. Receive free shipping with an annual subscription.

ACTIVE DEAL: $5 off your first box

Add this code to your cart and they will automatically add the bundle to your first box!

The Products: 6-8 handpicked, eco-friendly products from different categories such as skincare, snacks, apparel, home decor, and gardening.

Ships to: The U.S. for free with an annual subscription, Canada for $20.00, and internationally for $35.00. Quarterly subscriptions ship for $4.95 each quarter.

Good to Know: Earthlove offers carbon neutral shipping! They have partnered with Cloverly to offset the carbon impact of shipping, for an extra $1.00 at checkout.

Earthlove Spring 2021 Review

Hi, everyone! Christen here. As is the case with so many of the awesome subscriptions we review here at MSA, I have been quietly admiring the beautiful curation and intention of Earthlove for so long. With the new year having recently arrived, some of us are shaking things up a bit, and Megan was so kind as to pass this sustainable subscription box my way. Ready to explore this quarter's delivery together?


Earthlove always includes a detailed information booklet that offers info about the month's theme and the items that were sent. Not only does it go into detail about the virtues of each product and the good each company is doing, it also outlines a seasonal eco-challenge, a featured cause (this month is in support of Ecology Project International's Every Egg Campaign, saving one sea turtle egg per box sold), interviews with several of the makers featured in the box, and more. On the back, they tell how you can try to win a free box through social sharing & offer more info about choosing their carbon neutral shipping option.

Earthlove is also a member of 1% for the Planet, which is a commitment to giving 1% of gross sales to their nonprofit partners.


The End of the Ocean by Maja Lunde Retail Value $27.99 (found on sale here for $15.99)

This month's hardback book offering is a fiction piece about a father-daughter relationship, but it's is woven with commentary about climate change. Storytelling is such a powerful tool to communicate gigantic, hard-to-wrap-your-head-around matters, and I admit to only knowing the Spark Notes of climate change's implications, so I'm eager to learn more through this novel. I read a few reviews of this book and am gathering that it's not a lighthearted read at all, but moody narratives are my style, so I like that prospect.

From Amazon:

In 2019, seventy-year-old Signe sets sail alone on a hazardous voyage across the ocean in a sailboat. On board, a cargo that can change lives. Signe is haunted by memories of the love of her life, whom she’ll meet again soon.

In 2041, David and his young daughter, Lou, flee from a drought-stricken Southern Europe that has been ravaged by thirst and war. Separated from the rest of their family and desperate to find them, they discover an ancient sailboat in a dried-out garden, miles away from the nearest shore. Signe’s sailboat.

As David and Lou discover Signe’s personal effects, her long ago journey becomes inexorably linked to their own.

An evocative tale of the search for love and connection, The End of the Ocean is a profoundly moving father daughter story of survival and a clarion call for climate action.

Completely aside from the premise of this story, the book itself traveled to me under the best of circumstances, which is to say, in contact with a bar of really amazingly good-smelling soap! So now it's a book infused with the scent of lemongrass, and it is such a peaceful experience that I might just start sneaking bars of soap onto my bookshelf.


Batch Dream CBD Tincture, 1000mg, 1 oz  Retail Value $74.99

This full-spectrum CBD is made from organic hemp, it's third-party tested at an accredited lab, and it's leaping bunny approved. All good things! Have you heard of terpenes? They're the compounds found in the cannabis plant that indicate its scent and flavor. Cannabinoids are another compound from the plant that are more frequently talked about. This Dream CBD from Batch has a terpene profile of terpinolene, myrcene, and linalool, which is a combo intended to have a calming effect and even help encourage restful nights. I can't speak to the efficacy of it but I do really love the pungent natural smell and taste of this tincture.


This little sheet gives some more info about the Batch brand, CBD in general, and the Dream Tincture that was sent in this box.


Impact Snacks Dark Chocolate Brownie Bar, 50g Listed Value $3.00 (buy 7 bars for $21.00 here)

Anything that has anything to do with dark chocolate or brownies has my attention. This plant-based bar boasts 10g of pea protein and 6g of prebiotic fiber. It also contains superfood supplements like maca and lion's mane, and it's coated in chocolate. Of course in reality it's a protein bar and not a brownie, and the flavor and texture were true to that reality. It was a little stiff and grainy, though sweet without being too saccharine. The thing I like most about pea protein is that it really doesn't have an artificial flavor, nor does it have an aftertaste. So while this bar wasn't the brownie experience my neurons had me hoping for when I read the words on its packaging, it was better than most protein bars I've tried.


Spirit Wild Farm Organic Multipocket Farmer's Market Tote – Listed Value $48.00

This canvas tote is tricked out with all the pockets you could ever want! It calls itself a "farmer's market tote," which would be a fantastic use for it, but I can also see myself using it even for a regular ol' grocery store run. We get lots of produce and I always skip the plastic produce bags, so it would be nice to divide them up into the compartments to carry them home. I love that this bag has handles and a removable shoulder strap, and that its only design is a "love the Earth" reminder on the side. I'm going to get a ton of use from this!


The Farmer's Touch Organic All-Natural Foot Cream + Refill – Listed Value $13.00 (buy a larger jar here for $26.99)

I'm just a few weeks out from giving birth and let me tell you, friends, my dogs are barking. I often sneak my feet into my husband's lap for a little low key foot rub while we're relaxing in the evenings, and I've learned that it's basically not worth it if there's no lotion involved! This little tin of foot cream is made from all-natural ingredients from the maker's farm in New York, paired with cocoa butter that she makes from scratch. You can tell it's a tiny operation, as there is no volume measurement and the ingredients are printed on a separate little business card. My sniffer had me believe there are mint and eucalyptus present in this cream, which is indeed the case. It smells wonderful and feels quite refreshing and nourishing for the feet.

Aside from wishing the ingredients were listed, my only qualm with this cream is that the tin arrived with a little bit of rust around the edges, and you can see from the discoloration that it seeped into the cream itself. This makes me especially appreciative of the refill packet it came with, and I had a recently emptied jar of cream on hand that I was able to use to hold it.


This is the card describing the ingredients and eco-friendliness of this cream. There is a note saying that the lotion sometimes turns green due to the natural mint extraction process, but unfortunately mine is decidedly orange-brown—definitely rust.


Cleancult Natural Hand Soap Bar, 5 oz Retail Value $4.99

This is the bar of soap responsible for making my book smell so good! I knew of Cleancult from our review and love what they offer for eco-friendly (but also attractive) laundry solutions, but it never occurred to me to grab myself a bar of soap outside the subscription. I love having a bar of soap in a dish to wash my hands with or use in the shower, and while this option doesn't have the visual appeal that a handmade bar of soap does for me, its short list of natural ingredients are what's more important. It's also vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and made in the USA.


Gotta love an exclusive deal from a subscription. This is a higher discount than most boxes offer cross-subscription, so I'll definitely be saving this one for later use!


Only Salt Plastic-Free Spring Salt + Chef's Pinch Bowl Starter Kit Retail Value $30.00

The more comfortable I get in the kitchen the more I adore the pinch bowl experience for salting meals. I have one that slides open, as opposed to the regular lid of this one, but I've found it's not something you'll open and close throughout cooking anyway—you can just take the lid off when you get started and put it back on when you're cleaning up. This Only Salt bowl was ethically sourced and made from sustainable wood (I'm not actually sure what that means, maybe it's shorthand for "sustainably harvested wood?"). The thick granules of salt that are sent with it was hand-harvested from a clean spring in the Andes Mountains by the local Peruvian community, ensuring it's free from exposure to pollution, chemicals, and microplastics. It never occurred to me to consider the source for my salt, but I'm glad to be aware now!

The Only Salt Starter Kit comes with the pinch bowl and one 1.5 oz packet of salt, which costs $18, but Earthlove also included a $12 credit toward another refill in the Only Salt online shop. Refills cost $24 for four 1.5 oz packets (and it's all plastic-free), so this credit gets you half off of one of those, or a deeper discount on a Starter Kit should you want to grab one for gifting.


Here's the small info trifold that comes with the Only Salt set. I love that it suggests uses for salt. While I don't feel like I needed ideas for how to use salt, I did get some meal inspo for dinner this week!


Tru Earth All-Natural Laundry Strips - Fragrance-Free, 32 count – Retail Value $19.95

I am so happy Earthlove sent us laundry strips! I've been wanting to try them for quite some time, but it was a situation where I thought of it every time I did laundry then promptly forgot the moment I came up from the basement. This packet contains 32 strips, which you can halve or double for smaller or larger loads. I was surprised to find that they feel a little spongey to the touch, but it makes sense given that they're meant to dissolve even in cold water. It was satisfying to plop one right on top of my load of dirty clothes and leave it at that—liquid detergent can get so messy and sticky so easily.

So, how'd they do? I give 'em two thumbs up! The strips truly are fragrance-free, so my laundry didn't have a scent after washing, which is a good sign—they did their job as well with a load of my husband's sweaty workout clothes as they did with my daughter's more delicate toddler clothes. I would absolutely buy these again.


American Meadows Pollinator Seeds Listed Value $3.00 (buy a 1/4 pound here for $14.95)

What better way to welcome spring than by planting some wildflower seeds? This packet contains enough seeds to cover 10 square feet, and includes non-invasive, non-GMO wildflowers like cosmos, coneflowers, bee balm, and more—all flowers that attract pollenating bugs and birds. We have a small raised bed in our back yard, but with a baby on the way I'm not sure we'll get to planting veggies this year, so I might just spread this packet in our garden bed and watch as the beautiful bees, butterflies, and (hopefully) hummingbirds visit our yard.

The Verdict: I just loved my Spring Earthlove box! I was introduced to items and brands that will help me reduce waste (like the laundry strips), consume more consciously (like the spring salt), and shop more conveniently (like the farmer's market tote). I love knowing that all these new products I've fallen in love with are from companies that are held to high environmental and ethical standards—to me, having that be at the foundation of this subscription adds value to the entire experience. Speaking of value, the contents of this box add up to $224.92 (using a mix of retail & listed prices, and using the full price for the book). This quarterly subscription costs $59.95, so that's a stellar value!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Maybe! Your first box will either be this Spring box or the Spring Editors Choice box, which is like Earthlove's welcome box. ACTIVE DEAL: $5 off your first box

Value Breakdown: This box costs $59.95, including free shipping, which means each of the 9 items costs an average of $6.66.

Check out our other Earthlove reviews and the best eco-friendly subscription boxes!

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of Earthlove?

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Christen Russo
Christen Russo

Hi there, I'm Christen. I am all sorts of things:

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I also got a rusty tin , they are sending another refill in its place. I guess my msabundle was just a mesh bag and pot scrubber, as those were the only items different than shown in the box above. I will see if it is worth the money after the next box. They were quick to resolve the cream issue. Excited to see what the next box brings!

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Laura P.

I got a rusty tin as well, but since they included a refill, I just threw the rusted one out and used the refill in another empty glass jar I had. I figured a replacement would be the same? My free bundle was also the cotton mesh market bag ($18 on their website) the wooden-handled pot/veggie scrubber ($10, I think?) and a bamboo toothbrush. Nice enough in addition to all the goodies in the box, so I’ll take it! 😊 Since the market bag is plain, I think I’m going to try to do an ombre effect with some extra dye I have from another project. Btw, the Dream CBD is what convinced me to subscribe and I’m so glad I did. That stuff has been amazing to help me relax at night AND it’s the one thing that is actually helping me sleep through the night.

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Shipping is $5.95!!

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I was checking out as it says shipping Spring box then the photo switched to some other products on the check out page. Not sure what to do? They don’t offer refunds. I want this box. Anyone have that happen today?

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I know I’m late in replying to this, but I wondered the same thing when I ordered, so I reached out to Earthlove via email and got a reply confirming the Spring box in just a couple of hours. Hope it was resolved for you.

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Anita F

Thank you for the review. I just resubbed and can’t wait to get my box. Earth love is the best! I cancelled FFF and won’t be renewing CAUSEBOX so I’ll be keeping this one. I love everything I’ve ever received- not so with other subs.

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I LOVE Earthlove so much! I’ve tried other subscription boxes, but always ended up canceling them due to poor quality items, customer service or some other issue. Not so with Earthlove. They follow their eco-conscious mission to the highest integrity and even give back to eco causes. I can trust that Earthlove will send me things that are good for me and the planet and things I can use! I really liked the farmer’s tote bag and the laundry strips in the Spring box. My favorite item this season goes to the CBD tincture. CBD is something I always wanted to try but is just so expensive when you’re not sure if it’ll work. I love that Earthlove sends things like this to try out first. It’s the BEST box! Can’t wait for Summer (hoping for something for the sun and maybe something fun to wear!!) 😄

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I’ve tried several different subs and this one is my favorite. Everything is thoughtfully put together in each box. And I use everything that comes in it.

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I’m thinking about canceling Causebox because they only give you 6 items per box and subscribing to Earthlove, do anyone who is subscribe to Earthlove like their boxes farely often?

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I’m an Earthlove fan! Earthlove always seems to have quite a few items in their boxes from the ones I’ve received (the winter box had 10 or 11 and the spring box has 9). While the variety of items is wide since it’s a lifestyle box I find I use almost everything and appreciate the extras like the eco challenges and community aspect. The code gives you some more items in your first box too. I got a pot scrubber, mesh produce bag, a lip whip, and hair oil in my bundle though I think the items change depending on when you sign up.

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Hi Pilar, I’ve heard wonderful reviews about this box (am tempted to switch myself). Subscribers say they don’t get that crummy feeling some people get with FabFitFun — and sometimes Causebox — where you feel like you’re adding to landfills / hurting the environment with consumerism. Instead, they feel good for supporting eco-friendly businesses.

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I love this box! I paused for spring because I was getting overloaded with my subscriptions and decided to skip everything for the season but now I am regretting it! I just left a message to unpause after reading this review because the FOMO is real! 😆. I honestly think they are the best sub box company out there; they actually pay attention to their customers and I believe they are 100% genuine in their mission. I always get so much use out of the items they choose. Love them!

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This box is amazing; I love everything it came with, and what it stands for. And I love that we got to choose our book! The items aren’t as flashy as some of the items that come with every box, but EVERY item is useful and enjoyable. My husband initially made fun of the salt and the pinch bowl, but then noticed immediately after I snuck some on his dinner, and he loved it! We have already used the generous coupon in the box to order more. The Cleancult soap is incredible; we keep it in the shower and use it as a body soap and I love the smell. I wasn’t sure if I’d want lemongrass as anything but a hand soap, but after trying it and the complex blend of scents, I was sold. All of the other items have also been used and liked.

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What a great box!

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Earthlove is my favorite subscription!!! and now that they give us the chance to choose our book or donate, I am even more thrilled. I love the balance of their boxes and their customer service is the best! I also love that there items in this box that aren’t in every other subscription box.

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I cancelled my Spring Causebox and signed up for this Earthlove box instead, and I am sooooo happy I did. I loved everything in this Earthlove box, so many actually useful items from high quality small companies (which is what I’d hoped Causebox would be but wasn’t).
As an avid reader, I love that each season comes with a book!
Interesting that both Causebox & Earthlove had a tote this season, but I like the crossbody strap, zipper closure, and wash-ability of the one I received in Earthlove better.
I’m also really excited to try the CBD dream and laundry strips, and plant my pollinator seeds!
I really loved this whole box and I can’t wait to see what the next season will have!

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