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BoxyCharm April 2021 Full Spoilers

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

We have the full product list for the April 2021 BoxyCharm base box!

Your April box may include:

MANNA KADAR Pluck It 2-Piece Tweezer Set $18.00

FARMACY Honey Grail Ultra-Hydrating Face Oil

QVEEN STUDIO Dragonlash Mascara

LAURA GELLER Iconic Baked Sculpting Lipstick

Liquid Luxe Lip Gloss $21.00




THE CRÈME SHOP “Halo Lovely” Powder Highlighter Trio Palette

THE CRÈME SHOP “123 Smile” Shading Cream Trio Palette

KNDR BEAUTY KINDER Glow Highlighting Palette

TREND BEAUTY Unicorn Dust $12.50

MALLY BEAUTY Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra $25.00

APPEAL Liquid Eyeshadow $21.00

NATASHA DENONA Jubilee Eyeshadow Palette $48.00

NATASHA DENONA Ayana Eyeshadow Palette

AURORA Eyeliner Pen Espresso $11.99

DRAGUN BEAUTY DragunFire® Color Corrector

EARTH HARBOR AURORA Superfood Luminance Ampoule $32.00

STUDIOMAKEUP Tinted Moisturizer $35.00

TOUCH IN SOL Pretty Filter Icy Sherbet Primer 50g $32.00

BEAUTY DIVA LONDON Diva Eye Brush Set $48.00

DOMINIQUE COSMETICS Creamy Fill & Define Lip Liner $18.00

GERARD COSMETICS Slay All Day Setting Spray $22.00

WANDER BEAUTY Double Date Lip and Cheek $22.00

ELOISE BEAUTY Get Gleaming Body Glow Champagne Rich $38.00

TARTE Double Take Eyeliner $24.00

TERRE DE MARS 008 Reddition Body Cleanser $22.00

TARTE Maneater™ Mascara


111SKIN Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Booster $135.00

PETITE N’ PRETTY Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara $16.00

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular BoxyCharm box is $25 a month.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!

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Comments (77)

  1. Hello Charmer’s
    I’m new waiting on my 1st box. I was not aware that I could pick, didn’t give me that option. Also on the Spoilers why so many?? With all the items it’s still like getting a Mystery Box, nothing like others Spoilers, they give you exactly what’s in your box. So how many items do we get?? I signed up for Luxe, then they put me on Wait List, upset about that. Thank you

  2. I bit the bullet and signed up for Boxycharm. But I am still a little unsure how the choice works. Maybe one you lovely charmers can give more info. Do you get to choose a product for your first box or does it happen the following month? And do you usually receive an email about choosing? What about the day of the month for when choice happens? Thank you for helping out a Boxy newbie.

    • You won’t get to choose for a your first month as you always receive the first box for the month you sign up in, and choice day always happens the month before. I.e. choice for April was back in mid-March. So you’ll be able to choose from the May box going forward. Choice for May is tomorrow, 19th April and should be available on the website from 12pm ET. The add-ons sale also starts at this time (extra items you can buy at discount prices which will ship later). There isn’t a set day of the month for choice but it does get announced in the website and social media.

      • Thank you, Jen, for this info.

  3. After researching the two ND palettes, they are both comprised of existing shades. So, I guess such exclusive configuration for Boxy. The Ayana colors are Harlow (Mini Glam), Lash Line (Glam Midi), Satin Skin (Purple-Blue and Palette 10), Crease (Glam Midi), & Glam Green (Green-Brown and Palette 9). The Jubilee colors are Vintage Taupe (Tropical), Intense (Love Midi), Limoncelle (Tropical), Enigma (Metropolis), Mint Frost (Tropical). So both palettes are compilations of existing palettes many (like myself) may already have if you’re a collector or purchase a lot of her palettes.

  4. Got mine today, not sure how i feel about it. I wish they look at the profile.

    ND Jubille, Ampoule (choice), Dragunfire color corrector, sculpting lipstick and body cleanser

  5. I wasn’t aware that when you let boxy chose for you that you still get one of the choices. I guess I thought you got something different. If I would have known that I might have made a choice but I didn’t really like any of the choices but I have nothing bad to say about my box! This is probably one of my favorite boxes that I’ve received in a long time!! I received variation C2104137-BA….
    -ND Ayana Palette
    -Earth Harbor Ampoule
    -Eloise Body Glow
    -Illuminati Lipgloss in Theory
    -Be a bombshell Lipgloss in All Dolled Up
    I finally got a box where all the shades are wearable. That NEVER happens. Haha

    • Hello
      Where do you find your numbers at, like you posted?? I can’t find any. Thank you for your help

  6. Am I the only one who didn’t get an ND palette? I’m super bummed out by this and I feel like it is because I purchased one in pop up.

    • I thought everyone was suppose to get one this go round because of the outburst they had the last time when only some people got the peak palette

      • What you buy in pop up shouldn’t affect what comes in your box at all!! If anything it should be the complete opposite showing that’s what you really want!! Sorry for 2 comments but the more I thought about it the more aggravated I got for you because that’s so not fair. Haha

      • Thanks, I’m mad too! Lol. Based on these comments I think everyone else did get it. Grrrr.

    • What you buy in add-ons and pop-up doesn’t have an effect. I bought the exact same palette I received in my box previously. It came with a smashed pan. They said they couldn’t replace it just refund it then a few weeks later here comes my box with the exact same palette. I’d contact customer support through their bot on the site if I were you. This was the worse box I’ve ever gotten from BC. I’m super disappointed because lately my boxes had been pretty good. Last months was downright great. The value of my box was really low and I got all the cheapest things. I got the ND palette and my choice was the Earth Harbor serum. I got the tweezers, the Dragun color corrector, that nasty cheap Illuminati glitter gloss. The Illuminati brand has no business in a BC box.

    • I haven’t even received mine yet, not even a tracking number…so irritated right now. No clue what is in mine. I wish they would do the product reveal like Ipsy does.

      • Haven’t received mine yet, either! I know I’m in the minority on this but I like not knowing what I’m going to get until it arrives. When I started beauty boxes a few years ago that seemed to be the default setting. I still care about what I get, though, so I wish it would get here already.

      • My box hasn’t shipped either. I sent an email to customer service about it over the weekend and am waiting to hear back :/ I thought they always shipped within 5 business days of the first, so for it to not even have a shipping label when we’re so far in the month, I’m not very impressed right now >:(

  7. I received one of my base boxes today (I have 2 and Luxe). This box was disappointing and has been for some time. It contained the Natasha Denona palette in Jubilee. The brown tones would have been a better fit but I am going to make the brighter colors work. They’re really pretty. But the palettes are “exclusive to Boxycharm” so who knows if the formulas are the same as retail. Next was the Touch in Sol primer. It says it’s cooling but we’ll see. Then I received TWO Dragun Beauty products….one tubing mascara (nope!) and a lavender corrector (nope again). Last was the Terre Mars body cleanser. Neutral about this, but I’m sure I will use it and it’s a nice size tube. So that’s one really nice product, two meh and 2 awful. Now…let’s bet that I will receive the exact same box when it arrives. Time to let one go.

    • The palettes color combo may be exclusive to Boxy, but those colors aren’t. They are in her regular line, both of them. The Ayana palette, I’m still praying to get, because I have the Jubilee for the most part. So, Ayana colors are Harlow (Mini Glam), Lash Line (Glam Midi), Satin Skin (Purple-Blue and Palette 10), Crease (Glam Midi), & Glam Green (Green-Brown and Palette 9). The Jubilee colors are Vintage Taupe (Tropical), Intense (Love Midi), Limoncelle (Tropical), Enigma (Metropolis), Mint Frost (Tropical). So both palettes are compilations of existing palettes many (like myself) may already have.

  8. I got my box today and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I even got the earth toned ND palette that I wanted but just assumed I wouldn’t get. My other items were the touch in sol (my choice), a Bombshell lipgloss in a nice earthy shade, the Creme shop highlighter palette which I threw away because it smelled like chemicals and I don’t need any generic highlighter and the Eloise Beauty body glow which I really like. Very happy overall this month!

  9. Geesh,
    This is shaping up to be a horrible month….the items arent appealing or brands I want to try or would purchase from…just mostly cheap filler items and we will get like 1 name brand and the rest filler junk…

    Ipsy has been awful for my plus since they started doing the “pick 3” thing.. the brands and recycling the same products are getting really bad with nothing interesting.

    I’ve been with boxy for 6/7 years straight, never missing a box, but I know my luxe boxes I’ve been wasting money as well where it would be better to get base and buy pop up/add on and buy the item from people selling them that month from things I want and save a lot of money and not have a bunch of junk laying around I cant give away…

  10. I received my box today and it’s variation ♡9. I received:

    ND Jubilee Palette
    Earth Harbor Ampoule (My Choice)
    Terre De Mars Body Cleanser
    Dragun Beauty Color Corrector Lavatory
    Illuminati Cosmetics Lip Gloss

    I do wish I would’ve received the other ND pallete because I could’ve used all the shades without having to use another palette for a cohesive look, but this one is pretty! I’m happy with everything except for the Illuminati lip gloss. I don’t like lip gloss, so I would’ve rather received the lashes or tweezers instead. I don’t like the Dragun Beauty brand, but since it’s lavender, I decided to try it on my under eye circles and it works great! I do really like this box. 4 out of 5 for me!

  11. Got my shipping notification and my weight is 1.3lbs. I picked the tinted moisturizer and really worried I’m getting the face oil instead of 1 out of 2 ND palettes. Last month I got the ridiculous 111skin instead of the LC palette and was SO upset. If anyone has received their box and it’s the same weight can you please let me know what you got?

    • Here’s what I received..
      1. Earth Harbors ampoule ( I chose the Studio Makeup tinted moisturizer Grrrrr) Not really happy I didnt even get my choice!!
      2. Illuminati lip gloss. I love gloss but lord this is too much. I’m not 12.
      3. Dragun color corrector- Liked it! Works well.
      4.ND eyeshadow in Ayana- I have prob 20 palettes right now from all of my sub boxes and hardly wear eye shadow. They for sure will go bad before ever using.
      5. Tweezers. Between those and brushes I am stocked into the 25th century.
      I guess I am bitter because I didn’t get my choice but hey.. Still fun to get a few presents to myself every month.

      • I’m happy to pay shipping if you’d like to get rid of that Palette? I didn’t get it in my box and was praying I might get lucky. I had neck surgery last month and I’m almost to the point of canceling since my budget is getting tighter with me not working.

      • Tabby O,

        There are tons of ppl reselling both palettes on Facebook/IG/Reddit groups & subs. You can usually get some pretty good deals ☺️

  12. Why are there so many repeated items?? 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • I just commented about that…body and ipsy are doing it..ipsy has been doing the same recycling of items for over a year BAD and even the choices arent good….
      Since ipsy bought boxy, I assume we will see a lot more of this here, and this month, the filler items are cheapy dollar store looking makeup . Which means we get 1 named brand and the rest is just junk filler stuff….it seems to be going downhill and I hope it doesnt get to the point ipsy does.

      • I get only allure beauty box. I really like it. I usually use most of the products they send. There are 3 full size products in the box some great and some not so. But for the money it’s worth every penny.

      • Ughh that sucks! Boxy charm used to be one of the best subscriptions out there. The past few months I’ve been giving away majority of the stuff I received. I think I’m probably going to cancel soon. I just resubscribed in January and they’re already doing repeats in April. That’s crazy!!

  13. Anyone else get the Aurora Eyeliner in Espresso? I cannot even believe how bad it is.

    It looks orangey, like henna. I was able to get the Espresso/Brown color out of in once – one eye looked like I was wearing a burnt orange eyeliner (with tons of streaking) and my other eye looked like I was wearing an Espresso eyeliner. It bleeds SEVERELY and is extremely watery. I’m wondering if I got a bad one or if this product just is that horrific.

    • I haven’t got my box yet…the ONLY hood eyeliner I have got from Boxy is Marc Jacob’s. Every other filler type no name brand (even the kat von d) was dried out, no pigment, cheaply made…like I’ve tried better eyeliner from the DOLLAR STORE!!! So it wouldnt surprise me to hear there are issues with it…I think they give us like 1 brand name item and throw in a bunch of cheapo junk type products as a filler….since ipsy bought them, it’s got a LOT worse.

  14. Yep. My add on are coming in today but April box is still just sitting around lol. Im hoping they dont give me all skincare and gloss.

  15. I am so tired of seeing so many blatant “Dirty Little Secrets”-type “brands”! I looked up every single one of these items listed with names I didn’t recognize (so, NOT Tarte, Geller, ND)…so many of them are bogus. Horribly poor-quality websites littered with typos/grammatical issues where you have to dig around to find the “about” section which is often just a poorly written pile of trend-words. One of them is actually the contract manufacturer’s name itself on the package (like Boxy didn’t even bother to at least upgrade to private label packaging). To get a true RV for any of these variations, I would deduct every one of those filler products from the “total” to get what it’s actually worth.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who researches these unknown brands. Boxycharm has been sending out so many filler products that are made by scammers or some kind of shady brand. Some of these brands even put out fake articles about their brand/product to make it seem as if there’s a positive opinion of their brand online and they go to great lengths to make sure negative reviews don’t get seen. Surely boxycharm researches the brands they do business with and the products they put in boxes. So does boxycharm just not care what kind of garbage they send us. Not to mention, I feel like some of these cheap products contain harmful ingredients. I received a terrible primer in my February box…idk what was in it but I used it twice and after the first time my skin didn’t look good for a few days. After I used it the second time my skin became so unsmooth, broken out, and my pores looked like I hadn’t washed my face in weeks. I’m just now getting my skin straightened back out and I’m pretty sure that weird primer was the cause.

      More customers need to look into this problem and complain to boxycharm about it.

  16. I got a shipping notice a few minutes ago. I wish, once the box was created, they would post what is coming (like ipsy). Now I have to watch it sit at Boxycharm for the week then watch the craziness of the box coming near my city… away from it… then near again… 🙂 I do like the anticipation a little, but I’d rather have the reveal.

  17. Prettypony I seem to always get lashes and they are my last choice on the boxy quiz. I’ll trade lashes to you monthly (if I get them) for something you don’t like from your box

  18. Got my box today.

    ND palette Ayana
    Studio makeup tinted moisturizer
    Eloise body glow
    Flirtacious monarch lash pack
    Terre de mars body cleanser

    Happiest ive been with a box in 5 months!

  19. I chose the TIS Primer. I’d like the Farmacy Oil the green corrector, and maneater mascara. Wouldn’t mind the tarte eyeliner, eyelashes, either ND palette and even the tweezers 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 Really hope I get some of these LOL.

  20. I’m just bracing myself for the 9,000,000 posts on IG/Reddit etc. about how nobody got a ND five pan.

    This is so much filler garbage. There are definitely *some* gems, but they’re few & far. Glad I cancelled!

  21. That gloss looks like a Louboutin knock off!!! Hard pass

  22. I keep almost signing back up, but then I see this and feel relieved that I didn’t.

  23. Why on earth are they including kids/tweens makeup lines (Petite n’ pretty) in a box that is in no way targeted at that demographic? Yeah, yeah I know some people who subscribe have kids they share items with (and that’s rad!) and some subscribers may be teens but nope. Not cool, Boxy. Not cool. And this is from someone who is “petite” in rl.

    • I would never have known Petite n Pretty was a tween brand, I assumed it meant petite as in small packaging. I’m petite as well, though I usually just say I’m short since to me petite feels daintier and I’m in no way dainty lmao

      I do think the packaging is cute, monstera leaves are always trendy for spring/summer but I don’t want another black mascara. Won’t be mad if I get it but it’s definitely not something I want

    • I got this mascara in a previous box and while I was initially annoyed, I ended up really liking it. It was great for days I did more natural makeup and was one of few mascaras to not irritate my eyes at all

    • I received that mascara months ago in a box. I had never heard of the brand and was disappointed to find out it was for tweens.

      • Yep. I received it over a year ago.

    • I agree, and this is also an old product. I remember not feeling pleased when I received it over a year ago.

  24. Very few things shown excite me😒I don’t know if I’m feeling this subscription I may need to look at my profile because every month I’m not crazy about what I get and it’s like they don’t even consider my profile they just send me what they want me to have. This subscription needs to get better or I’m going to drop it

    • They have never used profiles, but have said they were working on it – for several years now. So, you’re correct, they send whatever. Its more like a mystery box. I cancelled them but keep following so I’ll know when they, finally. implement using profiles.

    • They don’t consider profiles.

  25. I resub this month because the spoilers were awesome and sign up gift pay for the box… and of course, they have to fill it with a million cheap garbage fillers…

    I usually don’t mind getting one or two garbages in a box if the star item is good, but after looking at all the PR boxes so far… none of them got any fillers from this ridiculously long list… I am very worried…

  26. Is the 111skin brand legit? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it anywhere other than a subscription box and it has such a high value.

    • Might I suggest you go through some of the recent Allure posts here on MSA and read through the comments? The many questions about this brand prompted 111SKIN to release a statement! I’d post a link or two but I’m afraid to trigger the spam filter.
      Can someone else can step in here and give the TL;DR version? 😉

      • Thank you! I found that post and that is interesting.

      • Which month of Allure?

  27. Does Boxy Charm have any CHOICE items???? I would love several items in the spoiler, but have NO interest in half of them.

    • The choice items for this month were StudioMakeup tinted moisturizer, Earth Harbor ampoule & Touch in Sol primer. But the choice is closed now. They only let you pick one the month before the box goes out.

  28. I wish I would get ND eyeshadow Ayana….. all other makeup items seem to be made in China stuff that I will give away to my friends…. I just don’t want to use anything makeup and skincare items made in China.

  29. I feel like there’s very little middle-of-the-road stuff here. It’s all pretty well-known brand name stuff or really cheap, sketchy private label stuff. I wonder if that’s due to having highly desirable items like Farmacy & Natasha Denona.

    I’d definitely prefer to get more stuff like The Crème Shop & Laura Geller vs filler junk stuff from Be a Bombshell and Illuminati.

    • Agree. If the box could be customized it would be more tempting. Hoping for the 4-5 items that intrigue me would not be worth risking the filler items. (Laura Geller does mystery boxes every so often, btw – I wouldn’t get more than one as I got duplicates between my 7 piece and 10 piece boxes, but it was a fun way to get a decent amount of different products.)

      I picked up Fashionsta in January and am loving that box so far, though, so Boxy would have to do a lot more to tempt me.

  30. I’m crossing my fingers for the neutral ND palette. It’s the only thing I want in this whole list and would also make the box worth it. There’s a few items I wouldn’t mind, but I don’t think I’d get enough of them to redeem the whole box. I do love the Maneater mascara, but I’ve gotten before so it’s doubtful I’d get it again.

  31. Noooo, so bad

  32. Geeeez, what on earth is up with Boxycharm that they have this any items for ONE month’s box? THIS is crazy!

  33. I definitely should have skipped

  34. I usually try to find at least one item I like in my box, but there really isn’t anything here I want. I’ve stuck with boxy because of the items I can purchase for dirt cheap with the pop up sales. I’ve bought some really expensive items I’ve wanted to try but couldn’t justify spending the cash on. I just bought about a million dollars worth of Elemis products and think I’m good for the rest of the year. When I see spoilers like this, I don’t feel so bad about paying for a crummy box that month. On the other hand I am set for a long time with skincare and maybe it’s time to take a break.

    • You could subscribe only on pop-up months
      I first subscribed back in november since I saw my mom’s favorite exfoliator (dr brandt microdem) as a popup spoiler and I was interested in a mystery box and potential ND palette so i went ahead and paid the price of admission to the sale. I’ve since dropped ipsy and moved to getting boxy monthly, but I think after may’s pop-up unless there is any more ND or something else stellar I will probably convert to pop-up only if even and try to get through some of my stash

      • I like your thought process Amy 🙂 I think that sounds like a really good idea.

  35. Wow. The filler items are getting so much worse. This may be my last month for a while. I’m getting overloaded anyway so maybe it’s for the best.

  36. Super excited for the ND palettes!

    Bummer about lip glosses, hopefully I don’t get one

    And words I never thought I would say but I’m hoping for the Manna Kadar, my tweezers seem to have a difficult relationship with existing in this realm so I can always use a few backups!

    • I had the exact same thoughts about the tweezers lol. I’ve never cared for anything from the brand but I can always use more tweezers!

    • 😂😂 When the country locked down for Covid last year, I packed a go bag in the event I was carted off to the hospital which included tweezers I had gotten from a subscription box. The go bag is still packed thankfully since I didn’t need to use it but it was great to know that errant hairs wouldn’t embarrass me if worse came to worse. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  37. The skincare products look great, I wish there was more skincare in boxycharm! Not wearing much makeup these days so it seems a waste to buy a box of mostly makeup.

    FYI the Farmacy honey grail is soo nice, smells lovely and lasts a crazy long time (I find a teeny tiny drop is enough), but is probably only good for people with dry skin because it is quite oily.

  38. I want the eyelashes… I never get eyelashes in my boxycharm. I would love to try a lot of this, but alas I will get stuck with the cheap tweezers <3

    • I thought the exact same thing about the tweezers…I have the worst Boxy luck, haha. I wanted to skip, but the email about the add-ons from last month being shipped with this month’s box made me worried I wouldn’t get them if I did. I was also hoping for the one of the Natasha Denona palettes, which would be worth the whole box for me, so I rolled the dice. But 80% of these products look like cheap garbage or just wouldn’t be useful to me at all.

      • My thoughts exactly about them not shipping the add ons. I am not feeling this month at all but am waiting on $100 of add ons! Sure enough they were shipped with the box. I think this is a way to keep people from cancelling and resubbing.

      • I received exactly half of my add-on’s today and my boxes still haven’t shipped. I thought it was strange only half of the add-on’s shipped (and so much later than usual too). I didn’t realize they had changed the way they did it this month so thank you for that!

    • The lashes is the only thing I want in this line-up. I’m moving and just found 2 boxes packed with make-up sub box items I never touched, (including 3 tweezers).

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