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NewBeauty TestTube March 2021 Full Spoilers

We have full spoilers for the March 2021 NewBeauty TestTube Box.

If you aren’t familiar with this box, it ships every other month, and it was voted one of the best beauty subscription boxes by MSA readers.

The March 2021 New Beauty Test Tube box includes:


What do you think of the NewBeauty TestTube spoilers? 

If you are interested in signing up for New Beauty Test Tube, it is $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping. Ships every other month. Check out our reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

NewBeauty TestTube

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Comments (88)

  1. BEWARE! Their customer service has gone SO downhill, I’ve tried to logging in (No user found) AND emailing to UNsubscribe – PRIOR to my annual billing being pulled. I was told they did not receive my emails (4x sent). Then I was told I could NOT have a refund (emails sent before the $$ came out). They claim they have no record of my emails or calling so my ANNUAL fee of almost $200 was pulled. They would not refund even before I received the next box. No supervisor available to speak with and then I was told someone would call me back. No phone call received. SUBSCRIBER BEWARE.

  2. I have been trying to get ahold of y’all for a few weeks I have emailed 3 times in an attempt to update my payment information, but when I attempt to login it says no user found.I have been had a sub for at least 5 years. I really want to continue receiving my test tube and would really appreciate some help.

    • Hi Carolee,

      We’re sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience! At your earliest convenience, please call (888) 974-6042 to speak with a live customer service representative.

      • I was strongly thinking of joining 😯 After reading the comments ((( No Thank you))) replying you didn’t get the emails? I’m sorry,I don’t even believe that!🤨 If that’s a fact. You should be receiving this one either!

      • I was strongly thinking of joining 😯 After reading the comments ((( No Thank you))) replying you didn’t get the emails? I’m sorry,I don’t even believe that!🤨 If that’s a fact. You should be receiving this one either! Is this a ongoing issue?

      • I have emailed you all twice about my Free Friday Sunday Riley Fairy Godmother being exploded all over the envelope. Tried calling CS and the line just hangs up one me. I want a refund!

  3. A little bummed with this box. The lip scrub is awesome, but everything else is a bit of a letdown. Mask looks like a bright orange pair of panties and mannakadar is a low quality buzz kill.

    • I know. I got a purple lace mask! What am I going to do with that?!?!

      • I got the red one!!! I think that you just get into charter when you put it on, and just rock undies on your face! lol

      • Sounds perfect to me! All of mine are so boring.

      • Purple is more my color, I wish I got that instead of red, though I am cool with having a new mask to add to my small wardrobe.

    • I’m confused. I recently signed up and it says you receive a test tube every OTHER month. Why am I getting one EVERY month?????? When I called customer service, she didn’t have an answer for me. She said she didn’t know!!!!! What kind of customer service is that? I am thinking of canceling. I can’t spend $40 a month when I thought it was every other month. Im really disappointed . I thought they would be more reputable than this.

      • Was it possible you signed up at the end of the January/February cycle, got that tube then the March/April tube came out?
        My guess is it will be bi-monthly moving forward.

      • Hi Elaine,

        Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. It was an uncommon instance and we’ll do better in the future.

        Please feel free reach out to us [email protected] with any further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share. We would love to make things right if you give us another chance.

  4. I have tried any number of times to contact TestTube regarding my inability to log into my account. I know that the email address is correct, because they send me my tracking information to the same address. The site indicates that my password is incorrect. When I attempt to reset my password, the site indicates that they have no record of my being a member. I have been receiving this sub for quite awhile now, so they obviously have my mailing address, CC information, and email address. Is there any way in the world to contact their customer service department? I just tried live chat, but I guess nobody was at home, because there was no response at all. I have heard about some new member “perks” that are available, but I’m not able to even see what they are, because I can’t browse the website. I would love to see what “Free gift Friday” is all about, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen any time soon.

    Any advice you have, friends, would be greatly appreciated. I’m honestly about to just give up hope entirely. You can only try so many times, and wait so many months without getting really discouraged. Thanks to all of you, and stay well.

    • I am having the same exact issue with my account! I sent them an email about it(Twice) and have yet to receive any kind of response!! Very frustrating!

    • Same issue here. I reached out in Jan and they said they have my account info and they’d be fixing the issue. I still can’t log on and haven’t heard back from my more recent email.

    • Hi Jan,

      Thank you for your patience! We are looking into the issue with our member portal and hope to resolve it promptly and accurately. You’re more than welcome to call us at (888) 974-6042 anytime or email us at [email protected] for more information on Beauty Pass!

    • This is copied from above – an actual phone number lol. they never answered any of my emails about the same problem, but I guess I accidentally solved it when one of my cc was stolen and apparently that was the one they had. LOL

      We’re sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience! At your earliest convenience, please call (888) 974-6042 to speak with a live customer service representative.

  5. got my box a couple days ago… i really love the mask! the lip scrub is nice, too. i’m taken in by the stick form, it’s so much less messy than the pot.

  6. Can’t get into my account. Says user not found. Also no March box. What’s going on?

  7. Yes finally free fridays are back so yesterday i got Sunday Rileys fairy godmother shimmering body oil gel and just had to pay shipping 9.95 and its a $48 product.

    • How do you access free Fridays? I never even knew about that.

      • If I remember correctly, I received an email and had to create an account with NewBeauty -separate from TestTube. It is a great deal for Free Gift Fridays and 5 Day BeautyPass (before Christmas). You get text message, pay for shipping, and receive advertised product.

      • Yes that’s right

      • Could someone post a link? I never get any messages from NewBeauty – including tracking emails! – but I know they are… unreliable, to put it nicely, so I’ve never contacted them about it. But I would love to access “Free Gift Friday” and I cannot find it mentioned on their site. When I found out about Beauty Pass here, I logged in to my NBTT account and there was a link to Beauty Pass. Not so with Free Fridays. It’s weird, kind of like they don’t want everyone to know about it!

      • Thank you so much, DST! 😀

  8. Not sure I am that impressed with this month’s, but I hear New Beauty is now offering extra perks like “Free gift Friday,” is that true? Anything else? As they didn’t offer any of these when I subscribed! Lots of perks might just make me a subscriber again…

    • You have to sign up for the program.

      • Do you guys get messages from NBTT about these things? I never do, for instance found out about Beauty Pass on this site, not from any notification on their end. I’d love to sign up for this, I hope I’m able to login!

      • How do I access Free Gift Friday? Greatly appreciated!

  9. I sent an email to cancel on the 4th. No reply. Charged on the 8th. Bummed!

    • I sent an email to pause on the 3rd…no word. So I forwarded my original email again on the 6th…no word. I tried the automated chat system…it was ‘received’ but no response. Then I got billed on the 8th. I called CS on the 9th. CS said there was ‘no record of my emails, but CS would look into it and call me back’. *** I CONFIRMED I HAD BEEN USING THE CORRECT EMAIL ADRESS AND RE-FORWARDED ALL EMAILS …AGAIN! *** THEY DID NOT CALL ME BACK & I RECEIVED SHIPMENT CONFIRMATION ON THE 13TH! I called CS, and they said that “THERE IS NO RECORD OF ANY EMAILS SENT & ALL SALES ARE FINAL.” They offered a free ‘gift & free shipping on the next tube’. So I cancelled the entire sub.

      • Hi Quin,

        Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We’re sorry to hear that your experience was not up to standards. We’d like the opportunity to talk and investigate your this further. At your earliest convenience, please contact us again at: [email protected]

    • Kristin,

      We’re sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience. We’d like to look into this for you as well, please reach out to us at: [email protected]

  10. Login isn’t working for me. “Please provide user name and password “ appears every time. I tried to retrieve my password, but it doesn’t recognize my email.

    • It has been doing this to me for years

    • Same and I have emailed every email and can’t get ahold of anyone. I moved and I got an email sent saying they sent my box to my old house. I can’t get ahold of one single person for 3 months. I am doing charge backs. I love their live programs and boxes and free friday but testtube account doesn’t work, it’s ridiculous that we can’t pause.

  11. Has anyone else been charged twice for this month’s tube? I was charged once on February 26th and then again yesterday.

    • I was charged twice for the previous tube so I emailed them and they fixed it straight away. There is a possibility I also sent a message through the chat feature on the official site for good measure.
      They sometimes have a rep reading & posting in the comments so one would think they would like to fix this billing error pronto because it’s making them look bad.

    • Jojo,

      Thank you for letting us know about this. We’d like to make things right! Please contact us at:
      [email protected]

      • I have emailed y’all 3 times regarding my account and not being able to login, I needed to update my payment information and no one has replied to me. It has been almost 3 weeks of me emailing y’all trying to get help. It is frustrating because I WANT to keep my subscription and I’ve been a customer for at least 5 years.

  12. I’ve been trying to cancel this sub all week but the website keeps giving me an error message whenever I access my account. There were some great tubes but this one is a bummer. I’m trying to cut some subs from my life and this one made me decide I’m done with NewBeauty. Havent received any of their Friday deals in months and this box is the worst I’ve seen out of them. I understand it’s tough times for companies but it’s tough for consumers as well. We sit home and do very little and these subs are a treat for us. We want to enjoy the box and the products. This is just a let down.

    • Were you ever successful – I have been trying to cancel for a month and noone replied to emails, chats, or phone. They still shipped March and to an address I no longer live at because I cannot log in either. Something is really wrong here.

    • Hi Jenn! If you’re still having trouble accessing your account, we would recommend reaching out to the brand directly: [email protected]

      • How does this work when you email address isn’t working and numerous members above are pointing out you are not responding to emails. This is getting ridiculous!

      • And that’s why I canceled my subscription. I thought they would be way more professional than this.

  13. I am tired of getting the exact same products in different boxes! I just received that exact U-beauty item in a different box, and just got the same Save Sleeping Mask in a Kinder beauty box. And these are just two examples. At the very least, the brands could provide a different product they make to each box so there are some variations.

    The one upside to this is that, to use up so much product, I’ve been using some really high quality facial skincare on my hands and they look so much younger! They were pretty wrinkly before and after a few weeks of Sunday Riley Good Genes (I had TWO full sized bottles) and some other various products, they look noticeably better!

  14. Has anyone received a shipping notice for their TT? I haven’t, and I emailed customer service about it but have not received a response.

    • I called them today about being double charged for this box and the representative told me it ships tomorrow.

      • Thank you!

  15. Does anyone know when this ships? The website keeps giving me error messages. Thank you!

    • I called them today for a different issue and they said it ships tomorrow.

  16. After checking out the spoilers for a year I was FINALLY ready to subscribe to this one, but the last 2 boxes didn’t look very good (to me). Such a bummer! I was ready to pull the trigger!! 😩

    • Sae here Jordan. I subscribed years ago and loved it, but nothing exciting has been worth it

  17. I bought a four pack of mini Manna Kadar mists before, and I actually really liked them but the spray nozzle is terrible on two – so I’m actually not as mad about getting a full size spray as I might be, plus I love the idea of spray it on your feet lol!

  18. Toothpaste?🙄

    • This is actually really great toothpaste (I bought some on a trip to Italy,) but I wish they would at least include a full-size tube. At $3, this has to be a mini.

  19. So sad, I usually get so excited for this one. I agree, last box and this one looks pretty pathetic to what they have sent in the past. I’ll hang in there for the next one but if it is anything like this one… canceling.

  20. Will be waiting for the next one.

  21. What happened??? This used to be one or the best subs ever! They were very generous with their products but the last year they really have slid downhill!
    I’m hoping that they’re just waiting for their spring box to really surprise us!!

    • Agreed. I’m disappointed ☹️

    • Agreed. Manna Kadar products are terrible with bad ingredients like liquid paraffin and petrolatum. And, don’t need anymore serums or lotions.

  22. This box used to be like 90% full size products. It looks like it gets skimpier each time I see the next spoiler. The products themselves look nice.

    • Definitely agree. I canceled last fall; had a good run for a year or so, but it seemed to be slipping throughout 2020, and the problems with their website (that I see are still ongoing) were a real turnoff. Have not regretted it. I think this box has seen its day.

  23. I usually love this sub, but this one feels like it is lacking.

    • We’re sorry we missed the mark for you with this tube, Ashleigh! We’ll strive to do better!

      • I don’t understand why I am being charged again when i just received the tube last month. Its a bimonthly subscription. 6 tubes a year. I called customer service and she did not know why. I canceled my subscription. I was hoping you would have better customer service than this. Not worth the headache or the shipping fees.

  24. OMG! I just looked up Cosabella facemasks. It truly looks like you’ve grabbed a pair of undies and slung them on your head. LOL!!!

    • 🤣

    • Lol it really does

    • Well…bras & panties are what Cosabella does, lol. ☺

  25. It’s giving full prices but they look like samples? Anyone know what the real scoop on these are?

    • No, I’m pretty sure these are the correct prices. It looks like the {SAVE} SKIN CARE ANTI-POLLUTION SLEEPING MASK is probably the deluxe travel size ($23), which is listed as $27 on its site. Typically NewBeauty TestTube are correct with the ‘values’ that they list, and typically the products are higher priced brands (except for Manna Kadar, which is a rotten brand that I wish was omitted from all subscription boxes)

      • Yes thank you I saw on the site the u beauty is deluxe also . 33 size and toothpaste is duluxe

  26. I loved that U beauty from Allure. I was actually looking to buy it. I am happy to get it here. Everything else does not look that great. Manna Kadar always feels like a cheap filler.

    • Because it is I think a lot of people either don’t have Ross TJ Maxx or Marshalls near them or don’t go to them because when I see that stuff for $5 and then go to their actual site and see their markups it’s insane. And now that Becca is going out of business those stores will be flooded with that brand

      • oh I did not know Becca is going out of business…..more sales…

  27. Interesting the u beauty resurfacing compound makes its appearance again.

    That manna Kadar spray is heavily fragranced, so I use it on my feet. Pretty much any product I don’t want to use on my face ends up down there lol.

    • that’s such a good idea! I love it!

      • Agree! Lol!

    • Lol!
      And brilliant!

    • Lol love the idea! I was just thinking what to do with the mk mist 😆

    • That’s my mantra. The less I like it, the lower it goes.

      • That’s too funny 🙂 !

      • Agreed!!

    • The size for NBTT Ubeauty is 1/3 the size of the one that came in my Allure box.

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