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Huda Beauty Mystery Bags Available Now

Huda Beauty has two Mystery Bags available now!


What’s inside? WELL, that’s a surprise… but we know you’re going to be completely obsessed with every. Single. Product. This 5-piece beauty bundle includes a reusable bag and some of our full-size bestsellers and Huda’s mini must-haves. Whether you want to perfect that pout or create a shimmery cut crease, you’ll be sure to bag the best of beauty! We’ve even included a super-hydrating product packed with moisturizing honey, OR a zesty spritz that’s perfect for on-the-go.

The Box: Huda Beauty Small Mystery Bag

The Cost: $49

The Products:

• 4 full-size items
• 1 bag

What’s inside? WELL, that’s a surprise… but we know you’re going to be completely obsessed with Every. Single. Product. This 8-piece beauty bundle includes a reusable bag and some of our full-size bestsellers and we’ve highlighted some of Huda’s makeup must-haves too. Whether you want to perfect that pout or create an eye-catching look, you’ll be sure to bag the best of beauty and never blend in! We’ve even included a super-hydrating product packed with moisturizing honey, and super-cute beauty merch that you won’t want to live without. Life is too short not to indulge in this mystery bundle!

The Box: Huda Beauty Large Mystery Bag

The Cost: $89

The Products:

• 6 full-size items
• 1 tool
• 1 bag

Are you going to get a mystery bag? 

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Comments (47)

  1. Let me start off by admitting that I’ve had a pretty terrible couple weeks, so I’m definitely more on edge than usual, but I’m so bummed! I know mystery bags are always a gamble, but I enjoy them anyway, because I’m not super picky and I can usually use at least a couple items. I use most products (highlighter and brow gel are the only exception) and a wide range of shades (no brown or orangish lipsticks and no orange shadow-that’s it! I’ll use almost anything else)

    Anyway, I got:

    – Basic B Sponge Applicator (don’t use sponges)
    – Wishful Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer (probably won’t use, 2nd ingredient is dimethicone)
    – Diamond Lip Balm in Negligee (might use, it’s very iridescent)
    – Life Liner Duo Pencil & Liquid Eyeliner in black (boring, have a million of these)
    – Lip Strobe in Posh (this is opaque gold, like an Oscar. Will not use)
    – 3D Highlighter Palette in Summer Solstice (don’t use highlighter and even if I did, these are wild shades)
    –Light blue headband (for washing face? Won’t use)
    –Mercury Retrograde palette (this is beautiful and so unique, though not one I will use often)

    So, $90+ for 1 eyeshadow palette kinda hurts right now. 🙁

    • Oh, also, the zipper was broken on my bag. :/

      Does anyone know of anything to do to get rid of a string of bad luck besides burning sage or palo santo?

    • I know it isn’t much consolation but I think you actually got a great variation. I would have loved! to have gotten the lip strobe in posh instead of deep purple — you can use it as a lip topper if you don’t prefer it as is or maybe even on your lids. I’m not into highlighter in general and have a lifetime supply as is, but it and the rest of the contents that you don’t love would make great gifts. I know that isn’t optimal when you are looking to treat yourself but it’s much better than getting junk nobody would want which seems to happen with so many “mystery” bags. As far as the broken zipper, an added chore I know, but I bet they would replace it if you reach out — I’ve heard good things about their customer service.

      I’m sorry you’ve had a rough time of it lately. Things don’t stay the same, for better and worse so surely this bad streak will pass. Many huggs and good luck wishes. 🙂

      • Thank you very, very much for your kind words. Hugs and good luck right back at ya 🙂

  2. I bought the large mystery bag and received:

    -Basic B sponge applicator
    -Summer Solstice highlighter palette
    -Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow palette
    -Wishful Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer
    -Life Liner in Very Vanta
    -Lip Strobe in Moody
    -Diamond Lip Balm in Negligee
    I like everything except for the Lip Strobe color, it’s way too dark for me.

    • Same bag- and same feedback! Fabulous palettes, good basics. Only dud is the purple lippie. To be fair, it coordinates well with the mercury shades. But on my Latina skin tone purples are not typically successful. But overall: happiness! I can never resist “mystery” anything, usually to my detriment lol. This one is a winner!

    • Same and same. Except also, her highlighter palettes always smell rancid to me. Way back when I received a couple from Ipsy I wondered if they were expired or had sat too long in a hot warehouse. Anyone else think they smell off?

      I have to say though, I am totally over the moon to have received the Mercury Retrograde palette. I already tried three of the shades (two mattes and a glitter) and they applied so well and look so beautiful, I’m in love. 🙂 The moisturizer is a happy discovery as well for me. I’m sure I would never have bought it on my own and I actually really like it, maybe enough to repurchase it later.

  3. Someone knows what it’s promo code please 😝

  4. My large mystery bag arrived today (so fast!). It contained:

    – Basic B Sponge Applicator ($17)
    – Wishful Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer ($49)
    – Diamond Lip Balm in Negligee ($25)
    – Life Liner Duo Pencil & Liquid Eyeliner ($25)
    – Lip Strobe in Ritzy ($18)
    – 3D Highlighter Palette in Summer Solstice ($45)
    – Rose Gold Remastered Eyeshadow Palette ($65)
    – Holographic Bag (~$25? – there’s a set of large + small bags available for $45)
    – Bonus Car Air freshener (I think that’s what it is) (??)

    That’s $244 (not counting the bag) or $269 (w/ my estimate on the bag) for $89. Overall definitely a good deal, but I’m super bummed about the eyeshadow palette since I just got the same one in my Ipsy GBX – I was really hoping for a different palette (anyone wanna trade??). And the highlighter palette won’t work for me (way outside of my comfort zone), but I’m happy with the remainder of the bag. So not fantastic for me personally, but it’s definitely a great bag and a great value overall.

    • Thank you for posting it. I am glad I did not ordered because I god mystery bag last year and it contained same palette. I would be really frustrated to receive same palette two years in a row.

    • (Sorry if this is a re-post, my reply from earlier still isn’t showing up.) I received the exact same bag except the 3D Highlighter palette is “Bronze Sands.” Everything is lovely and I agree the value is there, but it’s waaaayy too much shimmer/glitter for me! 😜

  5. I would love to know the contents of small if anyone knows?! Thaxs!!

  6. Just wondering, does anyone have an idea on how long it takes to ship from purchase date?

    • I purchased last night and just received notification that it has shipped, so unlike the bombay and cedar, it might be pretty quick turn around!

      • Thank you, Jem! 🙂

    • I just got mine !

      Amethyst pallet
      Double sided liquid shadow
      Diamond balm
      Matte lippie
      Perfume sample

      Any one want to trade amethysts pallet

      • Is it the 9-shadow Amethyst Obsession palette?

  7. I’ve never purchased a HB mystery bundle before. But I am definitely sure I will love anything from this brand, because for me, they never disappoint. I used the MANNYMUA code to receive 10% off my total, and with AfterPay, I was able to break it up into 4 easy payments of $21.43. Really excited to receive this bundle since I havent treated myself to any make-up for months. 🙂

  8. I bought it last year and I thought it was great but it was my first huda purchase so I was getting all the new stuff for me. I thought it was great value as you’re getting a lot of her products for quite cheap as I always wanted the desert dusk but wasn’t to willing pay the near £60 for one item so the mystery box was perfect as I got additional item for not much more.
    Going to get the large box again because i did put myself on a no buy and haven’t since October but I’ll break it for this 😂 it’s been a long winter you need a treat

  9. So all bags are different, so retrograde wont be in all?

    • I bought the large bag I wanted to see if it would have the same thing so I got two of them both bags have the same thing but so worth the price

  10. For no good reason because I have a hundred pallets, but clearly no self control, I got the large mystery bag. Will report back.

    • Same.

    • Same. I was trying all day to be good and resist, but dang it, I caved.

  11. I caved and bought the large bag despite being on a self-imposed very limited-buy and downsizing my subs in general but, I really want the Mercury Retrograde palette (hope we do all get this). I think it will be so pretty for spring and summer. Excited, yay! 🙂

  12. Somehow, I have never tried anything from this brand. Sounds like it’s popular, but anyone who has tried, can you vouch for the quality? Also, do the shades tend toward warm? I was so disappointed to finally try several items from Charlotte Tilbury and they were all warm-toned, which I can’t wear.

    • Great quality. The large bag is featuring the Mercury Retrograde which has a lot of cool tones. Look it up on the Huda Beauty website.

      • Great! Thanks! ☺

      • Do u know its retrograde for sure?

      • Laura, I can’t say for sure that every box will get it. Huda posted a video with the products in a clear bag and the retrograde palette was spotted in the large bag. That’s all I can say.

      • I was on the fence. That palette was the deciding factor for me 🙂

  13. Just saw that large bag has mercury palette, lip balm, lip liner, sponge application and other items

  14. I bought the large bag. I have all of her bigger palettes and a handful of the smaller ones. Figure any repeats I can give as gifts or sale/trade. 😁

  15. I saw someone say they ordered it and they got an itemized breakdown on paypal. So I am curious if any spoilers will come out.

  16. This is so tempting but I already own quite a bit of Huda, especially now. I have quite a variety after I got the advent calendar right after Christmas. So I’m afraid to get a bunch of items I have already.

  17. Leave the mystery bag in your cart for a whildd Ed and they’ll send you an e-mail with 10% off.

  18. The small is actually a better deal per item than the large, even more so if you don’t count the tool (which I don’t), so that’s odd. I also wonder whether or not there would be repeats if you get more than one bag.

    I’m a sucker for mystery bags, though, especially right now. Anyone else get one before?

    • The per-item doesn’t matter, really. The total value is much better on the larger bag.

      Smaller bag (57% off) means the value is $115 for $49
      Larger bag (67% off) means the value is $270 for $89

    • I bought last year large bag and it included one of her large palette. I doubt they put large palette to small bag.

  19. Are these bags holographic or pink? They show two different sets of bags… Which ones do you get if you buy it?

    • wondering the same thing…. i love the holographic looking one but i feel like its a filter/lighting after seeing the pink/clear one

      • I looked and they say both bags are holographic. They also say they can’t guarantee no duplicates if you purchase more than one bag and that all the bags are different.

    • If you go to the site, they show them against a white background, so they’re clear holo

  20. Has anyone gotten one of these before? What did you think?

    • I got a larger mystery bundle last year. It was really good. I got a large palette, 2 small palettes, 2 lipsticks and a primer.

    • I got one last year and I got the gold remastered palette. some lipsticks and other stuff. To me the palette alone was worth it. I really want to snag one of these, but I am scared of dupes. I have a lot of the smaller obsession palettes.

      • Me too. I have 3 of her larger palettes and 9 of her small ones. I’m tempted but the likelihood of getting repeats is pretty high for me.

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