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GQ Best Stuff Box Subscription Box Review – Spring 2021

The GQ Best Stuff Box is a quarterly men’s subscription from GQ magazine that’s $50 a box with free shipping. The box features $200 worth of products the editors have curated after testing and finding them to be the best in their class. Although this subscription is geared towards men, women love it for themselves as well.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About GQ Best Stuff Box

The Subscription Box: GQ Best Stuff Box

The Cost: $50/quarter + free shipping. Save with an annual subscription.

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Get an 18-cup starter pack of Kuju Premium Pour Over Coffee ($45 value) when you sign up for a subscription! No coupon needed - just use this link.

The Products: “The GQ BEST STUFF BOX is a quarterly subscription box featuring the things we love—rigorously tested and loved by GQ editors. It includes our favorite electronics, grooming products, and accessories—every box valued at over $200 each”

Ships to: The U.S. (including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico)

GQ Best Stuff Box Spring 2021 Review


The GQ Best Stuff box always comes with a fold-out info sheet that lists the included items and a little bit about each. It also tells you where you can purchase the item on the internet, along with the listed price.

This quarter’s box is all about doing what feels good. A comfy pair of sweats, a water bottle to keep you hydrated, and items to clean everything from your skin to your digestive tract to your shoes.


Richer Poorer Recycled Fleece Sweatpants – Listed Value $80, but retails for $72.

Updated 3/13 (late-night): This quarter’s big-ticket item is a pair of fleece sweatpants, which subscribers will order with a voucher found in the box. For the record, they got my order on March 1 and I received the item this afternoon, March 13. I would have put them on at my mailbox had I not needed to photograph them first. You can see that I excitedly opened the package before realizing that.

First off, the color. Subscribers only can only get the pants in “Green Garden.” I like this color but would have preferred a choice and likely have chosen something different. If you buy them from the site, there are at least six options. Having said that, it’s certainly not a bad color.

Secondly, the fit. I am not very familiar with sweatpants and what makes one better than another. These are only the second pair I’ve ever owned and the first pair I just received a few weeks ago in my Bespoke Post “Off Duty” box. While comfort is paramount, I’d have to say I prefer the Bespoke pair when it comes to fit (and color). I even placed the pants atop one another and there is not that big of a difference, but the RicherPoorer sweats seem to have more fabric. Some could argue more fabric equals more room equals more comfort and I would not disagree. Perhaps I am splitting hairs. I will say the RicherPoorer pair has pockets big enough for my phone, which is a big plus in my book. There’s a back pocket as well.

Lastly and most importantly, the feel. One word: incredible. The fleece on my skin is heavenly and makes any nitpicking absolutely moot. In this way, they are superior to the cotton Bespoke pair. I have spent the day in absolute comfort and have no plans to take them off in the near future. I’m not sure why it took me so long to get into the sweatpants game, but I’m glad to be a part of it now. I thought GQ including a pair of sweats in this box was a fantastic idea. Since we all are spending more time at home these days, why not make that time as comfy as possible?

One last thing I’d like to say is I only wish GQ had thought to put these in the Fall or Winter box instead. I’m sure these things are thought out far ahead, but thinking of how warm and comfy we could have been during the cold winter most of us spent inside has me wishing things had gone differently. Unless, like someone commented below, you live in Texas and don’t really have much of a winter at all. Do they make sweatshorts? Is that a thing? Should I get in that game too?


Pacha Soap Co. Exfoliating Block – Retail Value $7

This little 2-1/2 inch block packs a punch. Subscribers will receive either a charcoal or sea salt kelp exfoliating block. I received the latter and enjoyed the ocean scent. The block is made with pumice and feels like 80-grit sandpaper. I like exfoliating as much as the next person, but I found this block to be too much for me. It had no glide. I had to pull it slowly across my body, but maybe I just have sensitive skin. Having said all that, it certainly did its job well. I have a friend who receives this subscription who said this block was one of the best items he’s received from GQ and he’s been subscribed much longer than me. I feel like it would be great for scrubbing dirty hands. I’m going to leave it in the shower to see if my wife enjoys it. If not, I may move it to my workshop for sanding purposes… that’s a joke. It’s a great product.

The charcoal block is currently sold out on Pacha Soap Co.’s website but is available here. Sea Salt Kelp is still in stock.


Slime Monster Logo 32 oz. Nalgene – Retail Value $25

I am typically not a fan of branded merchandise counting toward the overall value of a box, but at least this time it is a very useful item. I AM a fan of Nalgene and have had several bottles of theirs over the years. They can take an absolute beating and remain useful for so long you grow attached to certain ones. (Or maybe that’s just me.) This one is the 32 oz., small-mouth model. While I typically go for the wide-mouth Nalgenes, it is nice to have one that stops the water from splashing into your face. This bottle has a Slime Monster GQ logo on one side. I have to admit that I like the logo. However, I just can’t get over the fact that this branded Nalgene is twice the cost of the same bottle without the logo. I’m going to use this because I got it as part of the subscription, but I personally would never pay extra to be someone’s advertisement.


Reshoevn8r Ker Wipes (12 Pack) – Listed Value $10 (Link is for 24 pack at $18)

I admit I do not keep my shoes very clean. I wear them until they fall apart, buy new ones, and repeat. That is to say, I don’t use sneaker wipes, but am always open to a new experience. Each of these wipes is individually wrapped. One side is smooth and the other is textured to handle whatever stain or scuff your shoe may have. They are water-based and safe for use on leather, plastic, vinyl, and rubber, but not for suede or nubuck. I did a quick wipe-down of my everyday shoes and was really impressed; not only by the good job they did, but by the quality of the wipe and its pleasant smell. Maybe there is something to sneaker wipes that I have been missing.


Aaptiv Fitness 2-Month Trial – Listed Value $30

GQ subscribers will receive a two-month free trial to the fitness app Aaptiv. If you sign up for the regular free trial on their site, it is only for one week. So a two-month free trial will give you plenty of time to see if it is right for you. Aaptiv provides audio- and video-based fitness classes led by certified personal trainers. It offers more than 3,000 workouts in such categories as running, stretching, yoga, meditation, and more. I’ve been inactive for so long, maybe it’s time to get moving again. I’ve been telling myself I need to get in some kind of shape for the summer. So maybe I’ll give this app a try. If you’ve read some of my other reviews, you know I’m not a fan of limited trials counting toward the value of a box. I like the extended offer, but trial runs – however long – should just be throw-ins.


Davids Premium Natural Toothpaste in Peppermint – Retail Value $10

I’ve seen this toothpaste around, but this is my first time using it and any natural toothpaste at all. I was not disappointed. While most toothpaste feels and tastes the same, I could definitely tell the difference with Davids. I’m not sure what ingredients – or absence of ingredients – made the difference, but I really liked this paste. It’s sulfate- and fluoride-free as well. While the toothpaste is amazing, I am particularly excited about the tube key that comes with it. I have always wanted one. It’s heavy-duty and works with any tube you may have. It was the first thing in this box I showed off to my wife. Maybe it’s an over-30 thing.


Disco Purifying Eucalyptus Face Mask (3.53 oz.) – Retail Value $32

Last year I received a lot of physical face masks. This year I have already received a few rub-on face masks, which you’ve probably guessed are new for me. Disco’s face mask is eucalyptus-based and it smells incredible. It has exfoliating properties as well. While the mask is on, it feels like my skin is breathing. That is until it dries and then my face cannot move at all. The site says it contains willow bark extract to reduce puffiness, charcoal to remove impurities, and bentonite clay to remove excess oil. Whatever the ingredients, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this face mask. As I like to say with items like this, I would like more time to use it to really see if I like it, but even after one use my face feels amazing. I included a photo of me in the mask per the request of a commenter.


MVRCK by Mitch Skin + Beard Lotion (2.5 oz.) – Retail Value $9.00

Sadly my one and only beard is no more. This skin and beard lotion would have been nice to use on it. I used this product anyhow since it says it’s really for the skin anyway. It has an aftershave kind of smell. It says it’s made with barley seed extract, but I’m not sure what that normally smells like. Overall, it’s nice. My face certainly feels moisturized. However, I think I’m going to pass this product on to a bearded friend who can appreciate it more than me.


Friska Men’s Daily or Energy Boost Supplements – Retail Value $30

Subscribers will get either the Men’s Daily or the Energy Boost pack. I received the latter. The supplement claims to support digestive comfort and better food breakdown with plant-derived enzymes. Each capsule also contains 100 mg of caffeine. I really liked the colorful cardboard tube it came in, but was a little let down it was just a vessel for a regular old pill bottle. As with any supplement, I can’t really say one way or the other about how well it works, but I will say they are easy to take and I really liked the presentation. Friska’s website offers many more supplements, including some for women.


Verdict: This quarter’s GQ Best Stuff Box may be my favorite yet. Almost everything hit the mark for me and – something I’ve come to appreciate in any box – everything was full size. While I’m not personally intrigued by the workout app subscription, there are obviously people who that will appeal to. The supplements were just supplements to me, but I liked their presentation more than most I have received. Each of the self-care items were on point and are already in use in my routine – aside from the beard moisturizer. I know I was hard on the GQ Nalgene, but I really am going to throw it in my hiking pack, where it will likely stay until I lose it. I really want to pick the toothpaste key as my favorite item to be humorous, but I’m choosing the fleece sweatpants as my favorite item. They are unbelievably comfortable. While I would not likely spend $80 on a pair on a normal day, receiving them in this box is exactly why this subscription is a great deal. Another box would have likely just offered the sweats by themselves. GQ made them the featured item among many worthwhile products – all for $50. Check out the value breakdown below and tell me what you thought of the items in the comments.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, the Spring 2021 box is available now.

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Get an 18-cup starter pack of Kuju Premium Pour Over Coffee ($45 value) when you sign up for a subscription! No coupon needed - just use this link.

Value Breakdown: The total listed value of this box clocks in at $239.50. That, of course, includes the two-month trial subscription and GQ-Branded Nalgene. Regardless, that is an incredible value for $50 – nearly five times as much. The self-care products were all incredible this time around, the bottle is very useful, and I am very excited for the sweats.

For $50 for this box, here’s approximately what you’re paying for each item:

  • Sweatpants ($80): $16.80
  • Exfoliating Block ($7): $1.47
  • GQ Nalgene ($25): $5.25
  • Sneaker Wipes ($10): $2.10
  • Aaptiv Trial ($30): $6.30
  • Toothpaste AND KEY ($10): $2.10
  • Face Mask ($32): $6.72
  • Skin Lotion ($15.50): $3.26
  • Supplements ($30): $6.30

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Written by Carlos Lamborn

Carlos Lamborn

Carlos is a husband and father of two. He likes coffee, beer, camping, disc golf, a good box cutter, and the accomplishment of even the most menial home-owning task. Carlos is new to the world of subscription boxes and loves the wonderment of receiving them in the new mailbox he just spent all day installing.

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Comments (21)

  1. Great review. I have on the sweats and I flipping love them! I would not pick this color, but they are so flattering! (How is that possible?) I don’t buy every box, GQ gives me insight to why quality matters in casual wear. I have liked everything they send a coupon for. Wish using the voucher for women’s clothes would be an option in the future.

    • I agree with everything you said. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Most of the time when GQ puts a free trial in boxes you don’t have to put any credit card information in. I was excited to use the Aaptiv 2 month trial but I don’t see away around putting my credit card information in. It just seems sketchy we all know the reason they give us free trials. They are counting on us forgetting to cancel.

    • Oh wow! My three year old was hitting buttons and I hadn’t finished.
      Anyway, let me try to say this quickly.- my little cutie wants my attention.

      -Love the toothpaste key- don’t know why I’ve never come across one.
      -Teenage son loves the sweats, no credit card info required!
      -pacha soap, why didn’t I think about using it like a pumice stone, duh?

      I have to run. I enjoy your reviews Carlos, honest and entertaing.

      • I know the struggle. Thank you for the kind words.

  3. My husband loved everything in this box. The sweats shipped fast, and are super soft/comfortable. They’re slim fit (not baggy) and won’t shrink or pill since they are 60% cotton/40% poly. The color is beautiful, more like evergreen.

    • I wish mine had shipped as fast as some, since the review sort of depended on it. I enjoy them very much. Thank you for commenting.

  4. Carlos, Thank you for the review. You definitely made an impact with the honesty! The men in my life are stereotypical “grizzlies” & I can’t get them exited about men’s skincare (especially when a feminine guy with eyeliner talks about it) but OMG – that toothpaste tube key – have to have it now!! The fancy PTR Irish Moore mud mask, previously frowned upon, is now getting enjoyed (though Korean sheet masks are a bit too small & look hilarious). We live in South TX & wear short sleeves year round so sweat pants in spring would be a miss (except when Hell froze over here 2 weeks ago & outdoor tropical plants I sheltered in my bathroom still died when it got to 38F indoors without power on day 3). So I’m really looking forward to the update- if these pants are any good I’ll buy multiples of this GQ box for Christmas gifts as I have two girlfriends who are 5’10” & have to shop in men’s department where color choice is between black, grey & navy. Mint green is definitely different & guaranteed not to be “mistaken for theirs” in the clean laundry pile by the husbands. Lol
    Thanks again for the review!

    • That toothpaste tube key is awesome, my husband got one in a Bespoke Post box years ago and I promptly stole it for my metal tube hand lotions the moment he finished the toothpaste tube.

      • I, too, used it on all the tubes I could find. Even the ones that didn’t need it. Thanks for commenting.

    • While I am not a “grizzly,” I also never had time for self-care products beyond bar soap and deodorant. Reviewing for MSA has opened me up to a lot of items and products. Some I will use in the future; many I was happy to review but won’t be included in my (very brief) routine. But it’s be fun to try them out. As for the sweats, I never considered people in warmer climates, but that makes a lot of sense. Please do check back. I’m expecting them Sunday. Thank you for commenting.

  5. Thank you for showing a photo of the mask on! Great review!

    • Thank you and you’re welcome.

  6. Thanks for the great review! A quick note about the pumice block: it probably feels too rough on your skin because Thomas works better on spots that are calloused, like fee or elbows or hands dirty from something like painting, like you mentioned. I would never be able to use that on my regular skin overall. Ouch!

    • *pumice, not Thomas lol! 😖

    • That makes a lot of sense. My friend also said that it works a little better if you really get it soaking wet. I’ve been avoiding it, but maybe I’ll give it another try. Thanks for commenting.

  7. I really enjoy your reviews. They are great and insightful.

    • Thank you for the kind words.

  8. My box hasn’t shipped yet. I am sure it will be way too warm to enjoy the sweatpants when I finally get to order them but they will be good for Fall. I can’t wait to see if my husband will like the sandpaper block! I am hoping my daughter will use the Nalgene in college. She always loses hers.
    I look forward to trying the app. I work out all the time. Fun box for sure.

    • Feel free to let me know how the block and app go. I agree with you on the sweatpants, but I’m still excited. I think I should be getting mine today (Thursday). Will advise. Thanks for commenting.

      Edit: I just tracked my sweats and they are not arriving until Sunday. Very lame.

      • Hooray I just got my box now! Late mail day. I just placed the order for the sweats. They look very cozy on you. Maybe for A/C they will come in handy? lol. Probably would have been better in Fall box. Oh well.

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