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FabFitFun Deal – Save 40% Off The Spring Box

FabFitFun has a new deal available now!

Now through 3/22, use coupon code MSABLOOM to save 40% off your first FabFitFun box! If you sign up now, Spring will be your first box.

Check out the full spoilers for the Spring box here and read our Spring box review!

FabFitFun is a customizable quarterly subscription box from The box includes lifestyle, beauty, and home decor items. Plus, subscribers also have access to FabFitFunTV, which offers all sorts of high-quality exercise and cooking videos for you to follow along with at home. It’s our readers’ top pick for the Best Fitness Subscription Boxes of 2021!

Check out all of our FabFitFun Box reviews to learn more about this subscription.


How do subscribers rate FabFitFun?

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  1. My herb grower already has 5” chives growing! Works really well so far. I prefer chives so I got some seeds and am happy so far.

  2. Today, March 22, is the last day to use the 40% off discount code. I was able to talk to customer service and find out what products are available for choices 1-3. Choice 1: Tech Candy UV Sanitizing Bed, Monroe Monroé Classique Watch in Sunburst Solérose, Perricone MD Essential Fx Acyl-Glutathione Rejuvenating Moisturizer, alice + olivia Daisy Print Duffel Bag, Shoshanna Umbrella (throwback), Billion Dollar Brows 6pc Pro Brush Essentials Kit, or Our Place Lunch Box. Choice 2: Steel Mill & Co. To-Do Planning Bundle, Splendid Faux Fur Slippers in Pink in S/M or M/L, FoxyBea Curling Wand (throwback), Short Stories LED Indoor Planter, Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Face Mask & Mini Watermelon Brightening Face Serum, or CALPAK Set of 3 Packing Cubes in Sorbet (throwback). Choice 3: Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Hair Masque, Verso Skincare Super Eye Serum, Bloomingville Woven Seagrass Coasters, alice + olivia Reversible Bucket Hat, Michael Kors passport wallet (throwback), R+Co Shampoo & Conditioner (throwback), Kate Space Earring Set (throwback), or the Gaiam Ultimate Core Toning Kit.

    • Thanks, Michelle!

    • I just ordered mine yesterday and can confirm that those were the exact choices that were available.

  3. Just ordered a second box! I think I like my choices in this one more than my original lol. I got another watch for a gift (it’s very nice!), the packing cubes, and the R+Co shampoo and conditioner set! I remember they had the milk set left (but limited), herb grower, weekend bag, umbrella, bucket hat, almost all the beauty items but MAC. The verso eye cream, hair mask (which is super nice!), Perricone. That’s all I remember off the top of my head

  4. If I got a seasonal sub, and want to cancel before the next box, any advice on when to do that…do I need to wait for the box to have shipped?

    • You can do it right away. I’ve done this before.

      • Thanks for the help 🙂

  5. The 40% off coupon expires on the 22… that means I can’t use it that same day?? or will it still be good thrugh that day??

    • You can sign up for a new seasonal membership box today and use the discount code. Make sure you have never used this email for a FabFitFun box in the past.

  6. I have been an annual subscriber for years and overall have been happy. I always customize and do my add ons as soon as they are open so I was able to pick the coveted tray and MAC lip stick duo, I also added $200 in add on items. My sister has a seasonal subscription so when she received hers I checked and mine was “still being processed”. I sent an email and received a response yesterday that multiple items from my box choices and add ons were no longer available. I was asked to repick my choice items from what was left in stock (no lipstick or tray) and was issued a refund on the add-on items that were no longer available which of course were the most wanted items. I am not sure how when I would have been in the first fulfillment batch (annual) that my sister a seasonal member was able to get her choice items but they were out of stock for me. In the big picture I feel like a brat for being so disappointed but I am…….

    • You definitely got screwed. You should not feel like a brat at all. One of the advantages of being an annual member is getting “first dibs”, which you clearly did not. If I were you I would call or chat with customer service and tell them that you feel that you were short changed (which you were). I feel like they would be able to offer you some sort of consultation to make up for it. I bet they would offer you some add- on credits or a partial refund. You can always make a request for what you think would make up for their mistake. I have found their CS to be pretty good these days (much better than 3 years ago).
      Good luck to you!! Let us know how it goes with CS!

    • Hi Becky, that sounds shocking to me. I don’t know if it depends on the length of your account for annual? Maybe 7 years annual gets preference over 1 year annual? I have never heard of this before. Thank you for sharing. I am 3 years annual and I got everything I picked.

    • I looked back and I think I have had an annual account since 2014! Time flies. I did email customer service. It was a strange back and forth that did not always make since but basically I never really got an answer on why or how this happened. They did offer me a $25 credit to use towards my next order but truthfully would still rather have had my items. I think they are getting so big and popular that I just fell thru the cracks. Hopefully whoever got my items will enjoy!

  7. I got my box and it’s the most disappointing box I’ve ever had from FFF. This box is 5th for me over the years, I’ve been subscribed on and off.
    I got the box on sale for the Verso eye serum. I love it and it’s $65 retail, so it was a great deal to get a discount on it and gamble on some extra stuff.
    The problem is that their non-beauty items used to be really nice. I still love the beach towel I got a few yers ago and the West Elm bowls are my favorite. The slippers in this box feel really cheap, I’ll use them anyway, but I’m not very happy with them, my foot slides around in them really easily, they aren’t made well. Based on quality, I’ll probably have to throw them away after one season anyway, if they last that long. The grocery bag was an item I actually wanted to receive, but it’s like 1/4-1/2 of a bag, its so tiny! You couldn’t possible put anything reasonable into it, it’s just not long enough and looks ridiculous.
    The smattering of surprise beauty items I got are fine, though none would have been my first choice. I’m glad that I didn’t get the cactus cup or the socks etc, but there’s just too much variation and is bound to lead to disappointment. I miss the old days when all of the “extras” in the box were fairly streamlined.
    I don’t know what it would take for me to sign up again because I’m afraid of the quality now.

    • I understand where you are coming from. I was not super excited about this box either. I would think with all the new subscribers, they would have more buying power to negotiate with, and take a better position on some great items. Instead the quality has gone down markedly. I don’t think they did that well as a company on the Spring box because almost right out of the gate it was 40% off.

      • Fabfitfun reaches over a million subscribers in 2018… they literally have warehouses filled with mountains of stuff.

        I’m wondering if they moved towards mass-produced items to match the huge number of subscribers?

        I, too, miss the days of quality, curated items 🙂

    • Totally agree Bout the 🎒

    • I agree on the quality but I have only been a member for 3 years. The scarves, slippers, and reversible clutch bags have broken apart or worn out on me. The beauty stuff usually lasts because you use it within 1 year. I have seen complaints about tech stuff such as the diffusers, blow dryers, curling wands, etc. The tech stuff may not work or may break quickly. If you don’t report something within 2 weeks then you’re less likely to get a replacement. If it breaks after a couple of months then you’re just stuck with a broken product.

  8. Planter is one of my favorite items and i got: the duffle, the planter, mac lipsticks, the perricone MD, and the calpack cubes; bento box, bucket hat, hair mask, elemis peel, super eye serum

    I am having so much fun growing my basil! Is cute and working really well

  9. Just wondering, how long should it be before my box ships? I signed up a week ago and the status still says Preparing to Ship.

    • They have 30 days to ship.

      • Thank you! It’s my first box so I didn’t know what to expect.

    • I don’t know exactly, but I feel like it was more than thirty days after I initially signed up. They make the suspense build and then it finally arrives, lol. It will be worth it though!

      • I got my tracking yesterday I ordered Sunday

  10. I just ordered a box (3/16 around 1:30 EST) . Some of the items seem to have been recategorized & moved around. which worked out for me since I mainly wanted the watch & packing cubes, which were both originally in cat 1. Also pretty happy that I was able to get the kate spade earings i missed out on from the winter box. I was also able to get the break down from chat prior to placing the order- so definitely worth checking before you order if you want something specific.

    In case anyone was still thinking of ordering, here were my options:

    Choice 1: alice + olivia Daisy Print Duffel Bag, Billion Dollar Brows 6pc Pro Brush Essentials Kit, Monroé Classique Watch in Sunburst Solérose, Tech Candy UV Sanitizer, Perricone MD Essential Fx Acyl-Glutathione Rejuvenating Moisturizer, Shoshanna Umbrella, Our Place Layered Lunch Box with Clips + Utensils

    Choice 2: FOXYBAE 25mm Black Curling Wand with Rose Gold Colored Barrel, Splendid Faux Fur, Slippers – Crystal Pink S/M – US 5-7.5, Splendid Faux Fur Slippers – Crystal Pink M/L – US 8-11, Steel Mill & Co. To-Do Planning Bundle, Short Stories LED Indoor Planter + True Leaf Market Italian Large Leaf Basil Seeds, Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Face Mask & Mini Face Serum
    CALPAK Set of 3 Packing Cubes in Sorbet

    Choice 3: Michael Kors Bedford Travel Passport Wallet, R+Co TELEVISION Perfect Hair Shampoo + Conditioner, Verso Super Eye Serum, alice + olivia Reversible Bucket Hat, Gloss Moderne Clean, Luxury Hair Masque, Bloomingville Woven Seagrass Coasters, kate spade new york Rise & Shine Stud Earrings Set, Gaiam Ultimate Core Toning Kit

    • Wow! So glad they switched the choices around, I think I will order another box – thank you so much for listing the items 🙂

    • Thank you A! By any chance do you remember the size of the R+Co TELEVISION Perfect Hair Shampoo + Conditioner?

      • It’s 8.5 oz!
        Also R is now offering $25 cash back with the spring40 code, the box is $5!

    • Wow…thank you soooooo much for that breakdown. It appears they added something’s from past boxes and totally moved things around! Someone asked about the size of the R&Co set and if it is the set I got a couple of boxes ago then they are about 8.5 oz =)

      I passed my spring box…I think I am going to get one now. Thanks again!

    • Thanks for posting this! I just ordered one (3/18) and everything is still available on this list and are also available as additional choices.

  11. I am an annual subscriber and have been for years. I still have not received my Spring Box. Still shows pending. Crazy thing is I saw a FFF Spring Box on my neighbors porch (not mine, she also has a subscription) Is it because of the add ons on ordered?

    • Possibly. Add-ons will delay it, so of she didn’t get any hers might come sooner. However, I got my box a while ago. Maybe reach out to CS and ask for an update?

  12. So I’ll share a review about the annual box I received. I picked the duffle bag, slippers, hair mask, hair scarves, and tweezers. FabFitFun picked out the lip masks, cotton rounds, and blue skin serum for me. First of all FabFitFun picked out items I wanted and will use. The lip masks moisturized my lips and plumped them for a few minutes. The cotton rounds are great to take off my eye makeup. I haven’t tried the blue skin serum yet because I have a lot of skincare. The duffle bag is great quality and I’ll be moving this year so that’s a win. The slippers started wearing out in a few days after using them. They are soft but the sole started sinking it. That being said I am overweight so that’s probably why this happened. I still love the slippers and I’ll use them until they fall apart. I chose to give away the hair masks because I don’t use silicone in my curly hair. I should have checked the ingredients and picked the bucket hat or coasters so that’s a lesson learned. I haven’t decided if I’m keep the hair scarves yet. I did try out a few styles and the scarf falls off easily. I think I need to use bobby pins or scrunches with the scarves. Or I could use them on my purse in the future. FabFitFun accidentally sent me the aloe socks instead of the tweezers. I tried them out and they are awesome! I should have picked these instead. That being said, I contacted customer service and they’re shipping me the tweezers separately. It’s my birthday month so I’ll call this a happy birthday surprise! I love my Spring 2021 box experience so far. Anything I don’t want will be gifted to family, friends, coworkers, or they will be donated to someone who needs them. Thank you FabFitFun for a hit seasonal box! You have made my birthday so special this year.

    • Thank you for sharing your review, I really like reading about different experiences and it’s useful to me.
      I didn’t pick the slippers, but in my experience that type of sole built in that way always flattens down regardless of your weight.
      do you think the hair scarves could be used as neck scarves like bandanas or are they too small? Thank you!

      • @Michelle F. (And happy birthday!!!)

      • They should be able to use on the neck – there is a little styling card that comes with them that shows that as an option. I haven’t tried it yet, though. I’ve worn then in my ponytails a couple times, but I think they’ll end up on bags as accent scarves.

      • @Jennifer thank you!

    • I also got the duffle and it’s perfect for what I wanted it. I grabbed 5 bento lunchboxes as add-ons, and so the Duffle is now a family picnic bag. I pack up the lunches/snacks in the bentos, and there is room left for the kids water bottles. It’s easy to carry from the car to a picnic bench or on a short walk. I can store the bag with the empty clean bentos in our hall closet, so the bentos don’t need kitchen cupboard space.

      The canvas material is really nice, as well. My only crit with it is that I would have loved some more pockets, or maybe a waterproof lining on the inside.

      • What a cute idea!! I love it!!

  13. My friend signed up this morning for a seasonal box and she told me which products are still available as of 3/12/21 at 7:30AM CT. Choice 1: Duffle Bag, LED Planter, Watch, UV Sanitizer, Perricone MD Moisturizer, Milk Makeup Duo, 3 Packing Cubes, or Umbrella. Choice 2: Core Toning Kit, Brush Set, Lunch Box, Pink fuzzy slippers in S/M or M/L, or Planner. Choice 3: Eye Cream, Hair Mask, Ring, Woven Coasters, & Bucket Hat. All of these products are available. You an pay an extra $15 per extra item for Choice 1 or 2. For choice 3 you can pay an $10 per extra item.

  14. This + cashback made this box $15 for me, so I pulled the plug and got one even though I had skipped it originally! I see it as buying a $15 watch, ‘cos that’s the only thing from the box I was super interested in.

    If anyone else is on the fence, note that the customization options shown on their website for choice 1 are NOT the full list. When I customized just now, they had everything available from 1 but the tray and the umbrella! Also, customer service told me that customization was over already, but when I purchased I was still able to customize the first three categories. That said, that might mean it’s about to end!

    • If you would have waited until March 8 and used the url & discount code on this blog, you could have gotten your seasonal box with a $20 discount instead of the $15 discount. It looks like they start that deeper discount seasonal members make their selection. I assume they had more inventory then subscribers this season which is why I think they offered the deeper discount of $20 this season.

      • Oh no, I bought yesterday, the 11th! I always use MSA codes ‘cos I love MSA wayyyy too much. So there was a 40% discount plus the $15 cashback offer on [popular cashback site that’s recently been offering FFF deals]. $15 total, quite a good deal! 🙂

    • OMG, thank you so much for mentioning that! I was not going to get it, but did the same and now I am so happy I got the box for $15 plus tax. SWEEEEEEEEEEEET.

  15. I would grab this in a second if the tray and Argan Oil were still available

  16. I was so disappointed with my box. I am not an annual member, which is the problem. I received the scarves, exfoliating hand cream, reusable facial puffs, lip masks, tweezers — just things I don’t want or need. The MAC lipstick sold out quickly. I unfortunately gambled and lost.

    • What did you pick

      • I picked the Milk Makeup mask and serum, which l liked.

    • I don’t see tweezers or scarves..wasnt that the box before this one

      • It was the spring box.

  17. So I was able to find some additional information about the products available for choices 1 through 3. For choice 1, I would avoid the Perricone MD Moisturizer because it’s not vegan or made with clean ingredients. For choice 3 I would avoid the Eye Cream & Hair Mask because they are both made with silicone and neither product is classified as being made with total clean ingredients. I saw one post about how the center stone in the ring came out after 1 day after they used it so I would avoid that one too. When I signed up for an additional seasonal box this morning, 3/11/21 6AM CST, there are still a lot of products available. You can still get the following items: Duffle Bag, LED Planter, Watch, UV Sanitizer, Perricone MD Moisturizer, Milk Makeup Duo, 3 Packing Cubes, Umbrella, Workout ball, Brush Set, Lunch Box, Pink fuzzy slippers in S/M or M/L, or Planner, Eye Cream, Hair Mask, Ring, Woven Coasters, or Bucket Hat. And you can buy extras in any of these 3 categories for an additional price per item.

    • Oh no ! I picked the Perricone Moisturizer because I needed a new one. I had no idea 😕

  18. I ordered another Spring 2021 box today. As of 11:30CST on 3/10/21 the following products were available. Choice 1: Duffle Bag, LED Planter, Watch, UV Sanitizer, Perricone MD Moisturizer, Milk Makeup Duo, 3 Packing Cubes, or Umbrella are available. The woven tray is sold out. Choice 2: Workout ball, Brush Set, Lunch Box, Pink fuzzy slippers in S/M or M/L, or Planner are available. The Argon oil & Mac Lipstick Duo are sold out. Choice 3: Eye Cream, Hair Mask, Ring, Woven Coasters, & Bucket Hat are all available. Nothing is sold out for Choice 3.

    • Thank you! I would have gotten the box if the argon oil had been available.

      • I’m so glad you were able to make the right decision for you. I’m sure you can buy that one item second hand from Poshmark or Ebay. A lot of people sell them new and unopened. The longer you wait or the more of these are listed for sale, the lower the price will be.

      • You can just get The Ordinary’s Argan oil for $7. It’s exactly the same thing.

  19. FYI to MSA staff the email that went out reads $40 off the box.

    • Thanks for the heads up. Yeah I figured $10 final price was too good o be true. lmao

    • You’re right, Andrea! This was our mistake and we’ve sent out a correction.

  20. Your email says save $40 not 40%…. I figured it was a typo

    • Thanks for letting us know, Jenn! This was indeed an error on our part, and we sent out a correction email.

  21. I got the box. I wanted the moisturizer, slippers, and eye serum (I love the eye serum and it alone makes the box worth it). Keeping my fingers crossed for the other items and assuming I’ll get the worst things available lol hello cactus cup and hair clips

  22. From what it’s showing me now when I click on the link in this post, the umbrella isn’t an option for #1 but the lunch box is? So what are the #2 choices?

  23. Are you able to see what’s left before you pay?

    • You can use the chat feature on the website and ask them, they were really nice about it

      • It looks like the argan oil, duffle bag, and UV sanitizer are also sold out as well.

    • If you do a seasonal box you can see the first choice before you get charged. You could send an email to FFF to ask about the options still available for choices 2 & 3. Be specific because you don’t want to read the general all options are available. Right now all of the original products for choices 2 & 3 won’t be available. I know as of 3/9/21 the following items are sold out: Mac Lipstick duo, umbrella, woven tray, Packing Cubes, Perricone MD Moisturizer, Watch, and Pink Slippers in S/M are all sold out. You can still get the Pink Slippers in size M/L. I don’t know if anything else is sold out.

  24. If you’re annual can you get this offer and customize all 5 categories? Thanks

  25. Considering getting another box to pick my sister up some gifts–does anyone know if the watch is still available?

    • At this price point I would. I already got a 2nd box. I was thinking about a 3rd box, but more items keep getting sold out. I don’t know if it’s worth it for me at this point. I know the following items are sold out: Mac Lipstick duo, umbrella, woven tray, Packing Cubes, Perricone MD Moisturizer, Watch, and Pink Slippers in S/M, argan oil, duffle bag, and UV sanitizer.

    • Kristina, just wanted you to know that I chose the watch and it’s gorgeous. Real leather band, too.

  26. For $30 it is a great deal

    • I’ve never seen this low of a price.

  27. I just ordered, 3/8 @1:50 eastern and was able to get the Perricone, workout kit and bucket hat. I also had option to add planter for $15. I initially wanted the planter but went w Perricone since it was available. No Josie Moran or Tray. Slippers were there in both sizes, and lunch kit. I am pretty pleased with my selection.
    I forgot bucket hats had even existed once upon a time, until I saw the review. And I know me, when I have a bad hair day I grab anything I can find and toss it on my head. A hat that can cover my face even more as I walk into walmart in my flip flops..heck yea. (South Florida girl) lol. Its also pretty adorable, im thinking jean jacket, white top and black tights, for a nice stroll around the park.

  28. That tells you how many people skipped the spring box!

    • 🤣🤣🤣 I was thinking the same thing – I’ve never seen them discount a box by 40% this quickly. Oh my…

  29. I clicked the link but they only showed me customization options for the first selection. I would want to be sure I could pick everything I want before entering my CC info. Is there any way to look up item availability? Or would I have to call their CS?

    • If you haven’t ordered already, fff will show you a selection of the top items to pick from or give you the option to choose later. Select Choose Later and you can pick from all categories.

    • You can use the chat feature on the website or call them to ask what’s available, you can’t preview the whole selection before you pay

  30. Is the planter sold out?

    • I got an extra box for a friend at around 10am EST and the planter was available.
      Also, when you first click on the link provide by MSA you see some of the options that are still available in category 1. The planter should be there.
      I have to say that, after I purchased the box and went past the credit card info, there were other options available that weren’t included in the first prompt (everything but the tray, if I’m recalling correctly). This was 2.5hrs ago though.

    • Nope. Things sold out are argan oil and the tray.

    • I was able to snag the planter today!

    • Just a heads up: I got a planter in my spring box and it was pretty disappointing. Not nearly as nice as the pics make it look. The plastic is thin and it looks cheap. Only time will tell if it gets the job done.

      • Thanks – had been wondering about that

    • The planter was there still.
      The tray, Mac lipstick, argan oil, duffle bag, UV sanitizer, and packing cubes are definitely sold out

    • I got the planter as an add on because my daughter wanted it and it was pretty janky (problems with the light staying on, flimsy, etc.) She was disappointed.

      • appreciate the feedback as the planter is the only reason I was considering this box

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