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Here is the full product list for the March 2021 BoxyCharm base box!

  • LAVISH Wet Brush Cleaning System
  • THE BEAUTY CROP Avocado Hydrating Eye Mask

  • KAB COSMETICS Hydrating Lip Oil
  • MAVEN BEAUTY Maven Rose Water Setting Spray
  • ACE BEAUTÈ Eyeshadow Pods
  • SAINT LUXE BEAUTY Limited Edition Liner Duo

  • GLOW RECIPE Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream
  • TOO FACED Damn Girl! Mascara
  • 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Contour Gel

  • LIME CRIME Venus 3 Eyeshadow Palette
  • PMD BEAUTY silverpure™ Makeup Removing Cloth
  • SERAPHINE BOTANICALS Apple + Baume Glow Lip Mask
  • CROWN BRUSH All Eyes On You 5-Piece Luxe Brush Set

  • VISEART Seamless Eye Primer
  • VISEART Neutral Mattes Milieu 14 12 Pan Eyeshadow Palette
  • VISEART Neutral Mattes 01 12 Pan Eyeshadow Palette
  • FRANK BODY Glow Mask

  • MURAD AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
  • PERSONA COSMETICS Season One Lip Gloss
  • KITSCH Ice Roller

  • LUNA MAGIC Blend It Girl! 4 Piece Brush Set
  • LAURA GELLER LashBOSS Bold Mascara
  • MUDMASKY Blue Light Protection Mask
  • FENTY BEAUTY Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick

  • BEAUTY VAULTE Circadian Lip Liner Trio
  • LASHAHOLIC LASHES They’re Real, I Swear!

Your March box may include:

111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Contour Gel OR Maven Beauty Maven Rose Water Setting Spray


Lime Crime Venus 3 Eyeshadow Palette

The choice items for March were:

  • MURAD AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
  • TOO FACED Damn Girl! Mascara
  • GLOW RECIPE Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular BoxyCharm box is $25 a month.

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Comments (47)

  1. Oof. I was hoping for the Lime Crime palette, but nope. Sadness.

    Murad cleanser (my choice)
    111skin black diamond contour ge
    Maven rosewater setting spray
    BRB brow gel
    KAB lip oil in juicy melon

    It’s a fine box, just really wanted that palette, which is not something I say very often. Oh well.

  2. Really wanted the Lime Crime palette, but I’ve had terrible luck getting palettes if I want them. I don’t want it bad enough to pay more than half of what the box cost to get it. I’m getting sick of seeing these pretty things and getting a box of overpriced skin care to the point where the price is fake. I mean, really, $140 for 111Skin contour gel! It has diamond in it, the Material Safety Data Sheet says this about diamond powder:


    Why the eff would I put that near my eyes!? Heck no. Diamond powder shouldn’t go near eyes. I thought plastic glitter sounded scary.

  3. If i dont receive a palette in my March box im going to be very upset

  4. Hooray. I did not get any repeats.
    My box- Glow Recipe(I chose), Lime Crime(will put up for swap), Rose Water Setting Spray, lip oil in plum punch, and the avocado eye masks. This is 100% better than my Feb. box which I didn’t want any of it!

  5. Does anyone remember getting the Kypris illuminating palette and serum in a previous box? Or am I trippin?

    • I received the Kypris Serum in I believe fall of 2019.

  6. Got my box today and I’m so bummed that I didn’t really get any makeup. I was really hoping for a new eyeshadow palette. My items were:

    Glow Recipe (my choice)
    111Skin Black Diamond gel
    KAB lip oil (which I do love but it’s clear)
    Lavish brush cleaner
    Maven rose water setting spray

  7. Where can I find what variation I’m getting I can’t remember the Facebook account

  8. I thought about that, but it all takes time, of which I have very little. Setting up account, staging items to take photos, posting photos, writing descriptions, figuring postage, purchasing mailers, packaging items, printing labels…or going to post office…it all adds up. Labor to do all this is worth money. How much time have you spent ‘making’ your initial outflow back? I’m seriously needing your feedback on this because I have to watch my time so carefully. I have very little to spare. Reading and posting here is stealing time from something else! Also, I don’t have a printer or postage scale.

    • For me personally, I looked at the size of all my items and got my shipping materials up front. You can also get shipping supplies free from USPS. I also reuse shipping materials I’ve received other items in to save money.

      You’d have to offer free shipping and eat the cost since you don’t have a printer or scale. I don’t offer free shipping on items anymore because I lost more money than it was worth after fees. Plus, I live in the country so I’m not close to my post office. I sell on Mercari and Poshmark, so I just put the estimated weight into their system and it generates the shipping cost. After you weigh a few items it’s easy to figure out. The only time I weigh something now is if I sell a bundle.

      Taking/editing photos and writing the descriptions takes the most time for me. I actually don’t keep track of how much time I’ve put into it, because for the low cost I sale my items it probably wouldn’t be worth my time if I did. Honestly, I have a handbag addiction, and the extra funds I receive from selling gets put into a new one to treat myself. Then I sell my old one and the cycle repeats.

      I feel like for as much as you have you could definitely make back a good bit of what you’ve spent. If I were you, I’d look up a few items your wanting to get rid of and see what they’re going for to see if it would be worthwhile for you.

    • Ebay is much easier

      • I have a small eBay store but find Mercari to be less hassle when it comes to listing and fees, so that’s why I recommended that particular app for newcomers. I suppose Poshmark, OfferUp and other apps aren’t much different when you get down to it, so pick the one you’re most comfortable with.
        Disclosure: when I first started selling, it was on eBay! To each their own 😉

    • Thank you all for taking the time to share information with me. I truly appreciate it.

  9. Welp, Boxycharm appears to be doing spring cleaning on past products. My box was supposed to arrive yesterday, but tracking stopped updating Sunday. I was excited to receive it this early, but who knows when it’ll show up now.

    • My box actually showed up today! I received the same items I’ve seen most on YouTube receive. I’ll be selling the KAB and Maven spray, so 3/5 isn’t bad. I received:

      Too Faced Damn Girl! Mascara (I Chose)
      Lime Crime Palette
      Maven Beauty Rose Water Setting Spray
      KAB Cosmetics Hydrating Lip Oil
      Lavish Wet Brush Cleaning System

      • Steph, I can’t thank you enough but THANK YOU for listing your items and giving me hope 😀. Your box is my ideal box. Fingers crossed I get the same. Mine is supposed to be here Friday.

      • Nicki, you’re very welcome! I’ll keep my 🤞 crossed for you, too!

  10. I just want that Lime Crime , fingers crossed

    • Aoife, I’m right there with you – I want that lime crime palette SO BAD, this is my bday month … but I’m getting the feeling , after watching all the unboxings I wont get it. I’ve seen 1 non PR box and they got the 111 skin …seems it’s only in the PR boxes. I’m literally going to cry if I dont get the palette. Ha. If anyone on here gets their box, and picked the mascara in choice and got the palette PLEASE let me know.

      • I don’t get PR and I received the Lime Crime palette, so there’s still hope.

      • Forgot to add that I chose the mascara. My post above has the items I received listed.

      • I didnt get to choose , resubbed because of the lime crime and the coupon they offered me. I hope we all get that lush palette!

      • I got the palette and am not PR! I also chose the TooFaced mascara (I wonder if there’s something to that?)

    • Me too!

      By the way, my niece’s name is Aoife! Sounds sort of like “Eva” correct? I love it!

  11. After my annuals are done, I’m only keeping one sub…a beading sub, and I had two of those, and am letting one go. As much as I love my Ipsy Plus, I’ve got to stop. I pulled out all my beauty sub stash and I started placing it all on my bed. When I ran out of bed…yep, all covered…and I had plenty more to go…it was a huge reality check. I’ve donated and gifted tons as well. One human can only use so much. And, I realized I love my natural face without makeup as much, or more, as my made-up face. It’s all too much. Simplify is my goal for everything in life. More stuff does not help simplify.

    • If you have unopened items it is easy to see things. I used poshmark and do well. I’ve spent $650 on boxes since last Summer and sold 40-50% of it, pocketing $660 (so I made my money back).

      • Yep- I’ve been doing this for years, not only with makeup sub items but also clothing, kids and household goods. For example if I recieve a box with 6 items and I only intend to use 3 of the items – I will sell the other 3 and generally make the cost of the box back and still have 3 items that are now essentially free.

      • I thought about that, but it all takes time, of which I have very little. Setting up account, staging items to take photos, posting photos, writing descriptions, figuring postage, purchasing mailers, packaging items, printing labels…or going to post office…it all adds up. Labor to do all this is worth money. How much time have you spent ‘making’ your initial outflow back? I’m seriously needing your feedback on this because I have to watch my time so carefully. I have very little to spare. Reading and posting here is stealing time from something else! Also, I don’t have a printer or postage scale.

      • Warning: I don’t know if MSA cuts off comments after a certain # of characters & my post ran long!
        Alice, I’ve been selling to pay for what I want to keep for several years now and it *can* take the time and resources you’re worried about, but it doesn’t have to – you should check out selling apps like Mercari for a more casual experience.
        (So far I’ve only purchased from Poshmark, not sold, which looks similar; let’s hope Pinky or others can give you the lowdown.)
        Start with something small-ish in weight like a serum or lipstick. Mercari makes it really easy to test the waters because a) the photos you post don’t have to be beautifully done, they just have to give people a good look at what you’re offering – just take a few pics with your phone b) descriptions are shorter than, for example, eBay. You can name your item with the slightest of details & if someone wants more info, they can message you. c) choose the buyers pay shipping option & Mercari handles more postage stuff d) I do recommend a scale – I got my first postal scale sent to me free from the USPS by signing up for their free trial. (Just don’t forget to cancel!) e) You can reuse packaging material from your own subs & purchases to send to buyers (yay recycling!) You also have 3 days to ship with this app & that takes some of the pressure off f) no post office trip is needed, your mail carrier will pick up packages for free during regular mail delivery. g) In theory, you can do all this without leaving your home! (I’m disabled, leaving the house is not something I do often and this is how I manage to do it.)
        We now run into the biggest stumbling block: the need for a printer, which might force you out of the house, LOL. If you don’t want to invest in a printer, you could ask family or friends to use theirs? What about public libraries, UPS or Kinkos?
        If I can do it, I bet you can do it, too, but it’s totally understandable if you decide against it.
        Standard Disclaimer: This is based on my personal experience, YMMV and I’d really like to read what others have to say. 😉

      • I can’t thank y’all enough for extending a helping hand to me! I appreciate the time you all took to share your knowledge about sales. I do have plenty of packing materials I saved, I could try to get the scale through a usps trial. And, I could order a simple printer! Some printers can be linked to phones, right? I might give it a try. I’m only rudimentary tech savvy; but, I can try! Thank you.

  12. Has anyone actually received the Viseart palette in their base this month? That would be awesome!!!!! It was in premium a couple of months ago n I didn’t get it…

    • ^ this is what I’m wondering! I keep seeing a lot of the same 5 products in the March boxes so I’m wondering if anyone will even get the Viseart palettes.

      • Yeah, I keep seeing the same stuff too 😕…

    • No – but I did receive both of these a while back and they are fantastic!

    • I just got my box today and received the Viseart Pallet. I got variation 23. Here’s my box contents:
      -Glow Recipe Banana Souffle Moisture Cream (choice)
      -Crown All Eyes On You 5-Piece Luxe Brush Set
      -Seraphine Botanicals Apple& Baume Glow Lip Mask
      -Viseart Neutral Mattes Milieu 14 12 Pan Eyeshadow Palette
      -Viseart Seamless Eye Primer

      • Oh I really hope this is the one I get too! Please cross your fingers for me.

      • Stephanie, did you get the Viseart Palette?

  13. I picked the Soufflé so I know I will be happy with that. The rest looks pretty meh to me. I am happy to see that I will be happy with any of the eyeshadow palettes. I have yet to get a good palette since resubbing. I’d like the makeup cloth. And a mascara. The one I got last month is total junk. No ice roller since I already have one and no Viseart eye primer. Already bought two. Lol. And there are a few other products I have already been sent that I’d rather not have again. Last month ended up being a 2/5 month for me so I hope I will like this month’s box better than that.

  14. Hmmm lots of potential to go either way. I ordered a new subscriber box with the VV palette gift, not sure if it’s even shipped yet but hopefully soon! As long as there’s another eyeshadow palette I’ll be pleased, I love the two LC prelude palettes I have, and I already have the two viseart but wouldn’t be mad at a spare to keep or gift

  15. So many repeats! I already have that Lime Crime Palette and it is really pretty. I got that crown brush set in pop up sale, and I actually really loved those brushes. They were really soft and blended really good!

  16. These could be hit or miss this month…
    Many amazing options and also a lot of stuff that would be completely useless to me.
    I’m surprised they’re putting the Viseart palettes in the regular box!

  17. Someone remind me if they send repeats to you? I see many things I already got from them.

    • They’re not supposed to as long as it was received under the same account. But if you got something under a 2nd account or purchased it in add one or pop up you could get a repeat that way.

    • You’re not supposed to, but I’ve received the Trestique mascara twice.

  18. March is my last box. Only kept for the souffle. The rest will probably be dregs, like those cheap a$$ brushes, a purple lipstick, or another spongem lol. I’m working my way out of beauty and lifestyle subs.

    • Good for you. I need to get the strength to do this as well LOL although I have got rid of quite a few of my subscriptions

    • Same, I canceled premium last month. I figure if I really want something, I can always pick up from adds on.

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