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BeautyFIX April 2021 Available Now + Full Spoilers

BeautyFIX March 2021 Available Now + Full Spoilers

The March 2021 BeautyFIX subscription box is available now! (Thanks for the heads up, Renee and Melissa!)

Each box will include:

  • ClarityRx Daily Dose of Water Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum (1 oz.): A deeply moisturizing face serum for radiant skin
  • TULA Skincare Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer (7 ml.): A moisturizing makeup primer that hydrates and evens out skin tone.
  • RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek – Smile, Modest, Spell, Demure (1.5 g.)(chosen randomly; only 1 per box): A hydrating cream formula that adds a hint of color to lips and cheeks.
  • SkinMedica Facial Cleanser (1 oz.): A foaming, antioxidant-rich face wash ideal for all skin types.
  • PCA Skin Purifying Mask (0.25 oz.): A weekly treatment mask for clear, radiant skin.

What do you think of the BeautyFIX spoilers?

BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.


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Comments (39)

  1. I just realized the website says the box will have 6+ items. I thought it seemed like we should have gotten one more product!

  2. Let me just tell you, that PCA mask will be the best thing you have ever tried if you get breakouts or clogged pores. I don’t get breakouts much but I have been using it for years (since my esthetician and dermatologist both recommended the line) and it clears up skin immediately. All of PCA’s products are amazing!

  3. I honestly don’t get the hate with this box. The thing with BF is they actually include solid well known brands from reputable companies, not this made in China junk.

    Ipsy is the same price point but a lot of their products are random independent companies which all are made in China beauty. BF gives superb products and yes it’s not 10 products like it was but I rather have higher price point/larger products then a bunch of sample size anyways.

    • You made a good point Stephanie – no made in China junk. I dropped Birch Box because so many of its products were made in China.

    • Stephanie you literally just spoke my mind. I will never understand why people get so excited about “5 FULL SIZE ITEMS FOR $25!” and when 9 times out of 10 only one of those items (if you are lucky) is anything you would actually want to use. I love knowing that with this box I am getting the EXACT SAME FORMULA that is sold in the real product from a reputable website or store. And I love this box because what I truly want from a subscription box is to try new things and to try things that WILL ACTUALLY WORK. For instance, I discovered the Dr. Gross peel pads from this box along with a couple of Paula’s Choice items that are now my holy grails and have allowed me to stop paying $85 along with saving me the time and travel once a month to go to the Esthetician. I would have never purchased such expensive items without being able to first try them and see if they work for me which is what happens with this box through generous samples.

      I think what I also truly appreciate about this box is that I don’t feel bad if I try a sample size of something and don’t care for it and then toss it. When other boxes send full sizes that I try once and discover are junk, I feel terrible then throwing full size items out. Tossing what is left of a sample I don’t like doesn’t feel as wasteful (to my wallet or otherwise) as chunking 4 out of 5 full size items every month.

  4. My money is still safe from Beautyfix at its current curation.

  5. There used to be about at least 3 items more. At least. And it’s getting harder and harder each month to figure out what the hero products are. I feel like TestTube is also going in this direction. I havent seen an exciting $20 to $30 range skincare box in a while.

  6. Very disappointing! Also, the clarity serum only has one type of hyaluronic acid in it , IMO it works best to have a few different kinds of these acids. That way it can do its job to produce more HA inside your skin and attract more moisture to the surface. This stuff is Overpriced and underperforming

    • How do you figure out how many types of HA are inside? You are absolutely right, though, better quality serums have different sizes/weight to penetrate different layers.

  7. One can buy truly great HA’s that aren’t ClarityRX and save the time/energy/waiting for a box/paying for shipping or whatever. While I’ve never used that particular brand, I have other serums. I’m using a prebiotic/probiotic serum right now that is great and just picked up a HA serum the other day. Fewer items in this box, which is OK, but seems like the ClarityRx is the hero item. Looking forward to the review, but no FOMO on the box this time around.

  8. where is the rest of it? look at the previous boxes – like December there was a lot of other products!

  9. This has got to be the smallest amount of products I’ve ever seen…passing…I’ll get me another beauty box…

  10. I’m into this. I have way too much product right now, but I will use everything in this box and it’s not too many things so I’m excited.

    I will say it’s not completely clear to me that the RMS is full size, but if it is, it and the serum alone are over $100 + the rest, which is good with me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  11. The serum looks interesting but the rest is just filler. I think 5 items is the least amount of items I’ve ever seen in a beautyfix box. The good old days had 10-13! I’m passing for now. I was hoping for a better Tula item as well 😢

    • I wouldn’t usually view skin medica as filler. I also was hoping for different Tula though.

      • I think she means sample size are filler. Skinmedica is a nice brand but 1 oz of cleanser is a sample size and considering cleanser is one of the cheapest beauty products to buy it’s pretty disappointing. I agree, this box has got to be the worst I’ve seen. BTW skinmedica has a habit of underfilling their samples so if there is more than one use in it I would be surprised.

  12. I remember one time either last year or the year before, this box had 13 items. I get these boxes to try new things. But with only 5 items, I am not excited. Debating.

    • I was just leaving a review the other day on the Dermstore website saying the same thing, its ridiculous!!! They used to have 12- 13 products in each box, NOW its 5 or maybe even 6. And recently it’s been a bunch of repeats & very small samples. It’s not really worth the price anymore!!!

  13. I’m running low on hyaluronic acid, so I might get this one to try. I’m using an HA essence from Isntree that I love, but it is hard to find. I hope this one isn’t thick and sticky like the Ordinary. Maybe I’ll think about it; I certainly don’t need anything else lol.

  14. I’ll take the rms if anyone wants to trade for it.

  15. So how much is the free shipping threshold now? It’s higher than 50$ because that’s what l had in my cart😟

    • Ugh seriously? And here I thought the threshold was $35! Worst decision they ever made was adding on shipping 😒

    • I wanted to buy some products just now, and could not get rid of the shipping cost! I was trying to figure out the threshold, so I kept adding and adding to cart to see. Got to over $200, still had the $5.95 shipping fee. Going elsewhere!

    • I just placed an order 2 days ago and received free shipping once my order total went past $50 (before tax). Maybe there was a glitch on the site while you were adding items to your cart but if you try going to checkout, it should come out to $0

      • I think there was indeed a glitch but the free shipping threshold has been raised from 35$ to 50. I am going to just stay subbed to avoid the shipping costs, not every month is my favorite but overall they deliver high quality items that will get used. I just got my box today and the serum and RMS are worth the 25$ to me.

  16. High quality box, but I just don’t need anything anymore. So. Much. Stuff.

  17. What are the two full sized items? The clarity rx is one, but I can’t figure out the other.

    • The Clarity is full size and retails for $72. It’s amazing stuff. I’m getting the box just for the discount on the Clarity and really don’t care about the other items but they are a nice bonus I guess.

      • Have you tried it before? I read the great reviews that it has, guess l underestimated that brand.

    • Oops! Didn’t mean to post under your thread.

    • RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek – Smile, Modest, Spell, Demure (1.5 g.)(chosen randomly; only 1 per box): A hydrating cream formula that adds a hint of color to lips and cheeks.

    • The RMS product is the other full-size. I just got my box in the mail today.

  18. Yes there are usually more items in the box. Surprising there are only 5 items this time and two are really small only 0.25 oz. That’s pretty disappointing. This is usually a pretty good box.

    • Since Dermstore was sold it really went downhill. Used to be like 13 products in there boxes each month, now its 5 or 6 which is ridiculous!

  19. Pass.

  20. Seems…. sparse?

    • I agree Sherri. The full sized items are nice, with decent value, but it just doesn’t seem like a full Dermstore box. Not sure how to feel about it.

      I’m unsubscribed currently and debating..

  21. Nothing interesting, IMHO. This month has been a dud for me in general.

  22. Seems scant – aren’t there usually like 8 items in this box?.. 🤔

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