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Allure Beauty Box May 2021 Spoiler #2

Allure Beauty Box April 2021 Spoiler

We have a spoiler for the April 2021 Allure Beauty Box!

FYI – If you sign up now, March will be your first box. Check out the March spoilers here.

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The April Allure Beauty Box will include:

Akar Restore Eye Serum (Full Size) – $85 Value

What do you think of the spoiler?

If you sign up now, you’ll receive a new member gift:

  • Clarins Total Eye Lift

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Allure Beauty Box is $23 a month. Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (72)

  1. I have enough eye serums to last me until I die.

    • 😂 I love this response.

      • Me too oui!

    • But you’ll die with a beautiful skin around your eyes!

    • ahhhhh hahahahahahaha

  2. I quit this box a while back when they did price hike, just wanted to check out how the boxes are going to see if it would be worth signing up again. So far, glad I cancelled. Everything I’m seeing in the spoilers is stuff I already received in the past year! I thought they were supposed to deliver us sample sizes of NEW or HOT items, but these aren’t even in the now! Just wow. Well, curiosity cured, lol! No regrets!

  3. It says serum, but the website says oil. So I don’t know about layering. I always heard serums don’t penetrate through oil so I guess the other serum I use first then oil? Or cream then oil? Anyone help please?

    • It would be serum, cream, then lastly oil. 🙂

    • Always layer thinnest product to thickest products.

    • thanks guys. i thought nothing went through oil, but there’s so many things now. like it says,,,,serum, but its an oil. so holy be confusing

      • Guys, an ignorant question here. Can I put serum on my neck? Is it OK for the skin? I love serums.

      • It IS confusing! Because depending on which articles/blogs/etc you read oils do/don’t go last because they do/don’t allow products to penetrate through them. Seriously!
        I have found that this winds up being true the longer/more you read on many subjects. The differences between French & English Lavender? Don’t bother, because within 3 pages you’ll realize NOBODY really knows because the identifiers listed on one page are switched on the next and mixed on the third. Non-profit vs Not-for-profit? Some pages say they’re the same thing. Other pages state the differences between the two. Still further pages then confuse those differences. Interested in what kinds of foods you should avoid to reduce your chronic migraines? Read long enough and you’ll die of starvation because you will have been advised to avoid EVERY food. Source: I have personally gone through each of these particular searches and more. Blerg!

      • lux, did you know statistics are the leading cause of statistics??? lol I’m with you. i have gone down so many rabbit holes for information that takes half of my day once i get started. i stop caring about why i looked in the first place and just want a definite answer !!!

      • Hahaha! The horror, the HORROR! When I wind up with 500+ tabs open on my *phone* because I’m looking stuff up, it makes me remember the good old days of “a minimum of 3 references in your bibliography” at the end of a paper. Put down 6 and you’re golden, even if 2/3rds of them are *Encyclopaedia Generica*. Gawd I’m getting old.

  4. Oh I’ll definitely take it! Hopefully the rest of the box is good because I am tired of skipping almost every month.

  5. If you’re a new member, when do you have to sign up to receive this box?

    • April 1st

      • Thank you!

  6. I use this product in the evenings and I love it! I’m close to finishing my bottle so I’ll be glad to get a new one. Yes, it’s expensive for the size, but I use literally one drop for both eyes and my current bottle has lasted about a year.

    • The toner is what we get. The clarins is a new member gift.

    • Never mind it’s not a toner

    • I’m excited to get this 🙂 I love eye serums, and find that most times I need no more than two drops total for both eyes, so even sample eye serums can easily last me a couple of months…. so I believe this could easily last almost a year. 🙂

  7. Is anyone else not impressed with the U Beauty Resurfacing Serum from last month? My skin doesn’t look as good as it does on my usual retinol/C/etc. routine and on my already always dry skin it’s extra drying even when I very quickly follow with moisturizer or oil. I’m wondering if it is working or not working for others?

    • It’s been working well for me; I’ve definitely noticed that my skin is softer and smoother. It’s doing pretty much what I had hoped it would; not a miraculous difference, but I’m happy with how my skin looks. My skin isn’t dry (or oily), though, so that might make a difference.

    • I have noticed a tightening effect and my skin feels a bit tacky for about 10 minutes after using it. Thankfully my skin is normally super oily and so the tightening is welcome.

    • I too have found it to be extremely drying and so have been skipping days between applications. It actually gave me dry patches which, despite my dry/dehydrated skin type, I almost never get. So I can’t speak as to how well it works if used consistently. :/

      • same…I’m getting dry patches, which I have never gotten, ever! Not much difference in pore size or brightness…Not close to the before/after pics on the website though. I have better luck with the Dermelect Self Esteem serum.

      • @Jodie: I think you need to use the product (any product) at least 30-60 days to see visible results. I wouldn’t give up on it at this point, it often takes much longer to see any changes, especially dramatic improvements.

        Good luck!

    • I really love it! I noticed a difference in a couple days. Wish it wasn’t so expensive!

    • I have combination skin and have been using it for over a week. I noticed about three days in that my horrid mask-ne dried up and my skin was very smooth. Now on day 7/8, my skin is extremely dry. Ive been wearing a lot of sunblock too. Last night my moisturizer was sucked in by my dry in within seconds. So I may have to start skipping a day, and maybe using a thicker nighttime moisturizer. My Caudalie Vinosource ain’t cutting it. Im going to give it another week. I haven’t noticed any other changes besides the acne clearing of the first few days. I have had new mask-ne appear but disappear quickly. If I dont see a huge change by day 16 I may pause altogether. I had and still have really high hopes for this one. Anyhoo…sorry for rambling!! Give it a try but be aware of possible drying, use sunblock and maybe a thicker moisturizer at night. Good luck!

      • *skin!

      • I apply my hyaluronic acid and 2 highly moisturizing serums prior to applying any glycolic acid or vitamin C product. This has really kept my skin hydrated while still being able to use the UBeauty every morning and night. I started applying moisturizing serums and emulsions before my glycolic acid, Retin-A, and Vit C products a few months ago, and that way I get the visible results without any peeling or dryness. Sometimes I even apply my night cream before my actives, this really helps.

    • I’ve been using it for about 10days or so at night since I’m taking a pause from retinol.
      I think it’s helping clearing up quickly a couple of pimples I got (masks…), but I found it a bit drying and at the beginning it irritated my skin.

      I believe I finally mastered my routine for it. Before using the U beauty treatment, I make sure that the cleanser I use doesn’t have any acid in it ( I read it on their website, where they recommend to not use those types of cleansers before the treatment/serum). I follow up with a very hydrating toner I got at ulta (peptaronic toner) and immediately a bit of essence (currently using the hanskin one). Then, once my skin is dry (it takes 5 seconds tbh), I put the treatment on, wait for it to dry and follow up with some oil with blue tansy and a thick moisturizer (without any fancy active as they recommend on the website, just ceramides).

      Hopefully, the lack of irritation is not due to me ruining all the actives in the treatment with my many-step routine 😀

      • I had questions about what is other resurfacing products. Can we use vitamin c? Exfoliate? I really don’t understand.

      • @Cassandra not sure if your comment was for me. All the info I have about the U beauty are from their website and I have no qualification to give skincare advice, however I personally keep exfoliation with AHAs and BHA for when I’m not using the resurfacing treatment to avoid overdoing, same as for vit C (it looks like vit c is one of the U beauty treatment ingredients, and I don’t see any recommendation to avoid its use, so I think it’s matter of what your skin can tolerate). Hope it helps!

      • Thanks! I am glad this is a discussion as I was not sure how to use this product with other products. 🙂

    • LeanGreenBean, I was hoping I was not the only one that was not loving it. I mentioned on another post (for another box that is including a different U Beauty product in their bag) that I have been totally unimpressed by it. My acne has flared up like crazy and I know my skin is a lot drier. This is the only product change I have made so I know it is the U Beauty. I think I am going to stop using it before things get worse.

      On another note, I know packaging has ZERO to do with a product’s performance and is totally insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but I also think it is interesting that the U Beauty is packaged in such cheap plastic to be such an expensive product.

      • Omg, I think the exact same thing every time I pick it up! Its weird how plasticky it is. Specially at such a price range.

    • Has been working for me as well. I can’t use it every night because of sensitive skin and it seems to really help to use a lot of moisturizer afterward. After about three weeks of consistent use, I’m seeing a big difference. I have really dry skin as well.

    • I’m gonna give it a few more weeks to work it’s magic before I really voice disappointment, but I definitely so far like my old routine better. I’d be proper upset if I had paid retail value for it.

  8. I’m pretty happy with this. I have a lot of eye creams in backlog so this serum would layer well under them. And if it’s 10ml that’s easily a 6 month supply – though I’ll probably use it on my neck/decolletage and possibly hands as well, so it will go by faster. I love eye creams for stubborn fine lines.

    • I think the eye cream is only the new member gift. The spoiler is the akar toner.

      • It says Akar Restore Eye Serum, nothing about a toner.

      • The akar is an eye serum

      • It’s an akar eye serum not toner.

      • The Akar is an eye serum, not a toner.

      • It’s actually an Akar eye serum, not a toner.

      • I believe the OP is talking about the spoiler which is an Akar Eye Serum 10ml.

  9. This is fine, wonder what the rest of the box is though

  10. I’m sick of highlighters and serums! And too many hair and face oils. To each their own. I can never get enough eye creams, serums, etc.

    • I think autocorrect messed that up. I’m tired of eye creams and serums.

  11. Does anyone know when these boxes normally ship?

    • Depends on when you place your order.

      Most subscribers get theirs mid-month.

      It’s available through Amazon, and if you order early in the month, it will come sooner.

    • Around the 16-20th

  12. I’m so sick of eye creams/serums/treatments in sub boxes. I get them so much faster than I can finish.

    • I have a lot of these types of products too, but I found a way to use them up: I’ve been using them on the tops of my hands and fingers. I’m 47, and while my face really doesn’t have many wrinkles, my hands do. So one day I used some extra eye wrinkle product on my hands and have continued this with various products, and no joke, my hands look five years younger, I’d say. Now if you’re much younger and hand wrinkles aren’t a concern, this idea might not be for you, but I would think using it on younger hands can still help the overall condition of the skin. Just a thought.

      • I use all of my face products on my hands. My mom could always tell people’s age, even if they had work done, by looking at their hands

      • I lean on my elbows too much and they are always dry so I use face products there too.

      • Great idea. My hands look terrible (I’m the same age btw)

      • Thank you very much for the tip.
        Same happens to me, too many eye serums and nowadays using tons of hand sanitizer, my hands get really dry.
        Will try eye serums in my hands.

      • I love reading tips and tricks here. I take a little bit more of eye cream and tap it around my smile line. I am trying to use up my stash of handcream, but it is a good idea to use eye cream/serum before bed!

    • I layer on two eye products both morning and night. This is a serum so it sounds perfect to layer under a thicker eye cream.

  13. Intriguing. I am very interested so far. Let’s see other spoilers

  14. love Akar! kinda over seeing Clarins in so many boxes it feels like though

    • The Clarins product is only for new subscribers.

  15. Me too. I have too many eye creams and serums.
    Next spoiler Will be a lipstick, guaranteed.

  16. Cool. Akar is a solid brand I think. Sure I have eye serums but it is nice to not feel like I have to use them so sparingly. Glad to have this spoiler today too. Skipped the March box so hoping for nice items for April.

  17. Looks awesome!

  18. I’m so sick of eye serums 😩

    • Me too!! If the photo is of the full-size, 10 ML for $85 is craziness!

      • My current favorite eye cream is $35 for 5ml (though I’ve never had to pay more than $6 for it since it’s been in a couple subs) so $85 for 10ml isn’t far-fetched. What matters is how well it works, since at the sub box price we aren’t paying anywhere near full price.

      • Jennifer, I’d love to know your favorite eye cream if you don’t mind sharing. I LOVE trying eye products and getting recommendations is awesome! Right now I’m using the Perricone CBD one that came in the last Macys box and I really like it. I prefer creams to gels or oils and I’m always on the hunt for my next favorite!

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