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Walmart Beauty Spring 2021 Box to Include Price Increase!

Walmart just announced a price change to their upcoming Spring 2021 Beauty Box!

The Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly beauty sample subscription box from Walmart. It features brands you will find at Walmart.


Starting with our next beauty box for Spring 2021, we will be making some exciting changes.  We also will be increasing the cost of your Beauty Box subscription to $6.98*.

Don’t fret, we’re still providing great products for your beauty box subscription and at a very competitive cost.  This increase to $6.98* is the only time we have increased the cost since the beauty box debuted in 2014.

Get ready for a few updates starting with better, high value assortments and products, and the website.

We look forward to bringing you in this new journey and delivering the best of Walmart Beauty!  For any questions about your subscription, please see our Beauty Box terms. Thank you for being a Beauty Box subscriber.


Walmart Beauty Box Team

*Plus any additional state tax.

The Spring 2021 box will include this price increase and 7 products. Box assortments will vary.  If you’re interested in a subscription, here are the updated details:

The Box: Walmart Beauty Box

The Cost: $6.98 + tax

The Products: Beauty samples from brands carried by Walmart.

Ships to: The US only

Check out our Walmart Beauty Box reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

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Comments (76)

  1. I received my “improved” box today. I only received 6 items, and one was a foil pak. I’m out.

    • I got mine too. Didn’t we get witch hazel in a previous Walmart box? It’s either this or another Hello toothpaste, which I received…again. Back in the day, end Classic and Trendsetter boxes were different. Kw, there’s non difference. I got the same Winter box for both accounts.

    • I only received 4 items: Gel nail strips, Olay, Toothpaste and Witch Hazel.

  2. I’ve been subscribed to this box for years but I just canceled today. I’m getting mostly repeats and products for African hair. Today for the price increase, the new item I got was a pack of 5 scrunchies straight from the 90’s. I’m done.

    • I agree. I just received the exact same box without anything new products and paid more!

    • I’ve been reaching out to them for weeks over a shipping error with my box. I refuse to support a product where the customer service and response is lacking. I am cancelling as well. As like you the repeat products are not worth it. Shame on Walmart and Brandshare!

  3. I ordered my first box the 25th of February. Does anyone know how long it takes to ship out? Or do you actually get them? I read a lot of reviews saying it took months..

    • Yes you do get them. It takes about a month from initial payment. I have had no problems, I have been getting them for about 2 years now.

      • Oh okay cool. I was worried because I ordered mine the 25 and have yet to get and email or anything saying it’s shipped. But thank you!

  4. Cant even get passed the payment part. Whole screen just blackout after I hit Pay/send

    • This is going to sound weird but if your using the wifi on your phone turn it off. I couldn’t log into my account, I kept getting an error code so I email support and they told me to turn off the wifi and it worked.

  5. I see some people saying they can’t figure out how to sign up.

    This is the website you go to

    For whatever reason you can get to this website through the Walmart main website.

  6. I can’t figure out how to actually get this. I have an account but it still just prompts me to create an account even though I have one and am signed in already.

    • I personally was not able to sign up for the box when I tried last year – their site is so buggy.

      And when I contacted their CS about it, they said they wouldn’t be able to help me either, so I just gave up.

  7. Just got an email from Walmart about their beauty box – and it still says that it’s a flat, $5. shipping fee (plus any applicable tax). I would have hoped that at least they’d have it straight!

  8. Does anyone know if they still have 2 versions of the beauty box? Classic & Trendy, or is it now just one box? I still have 2 subscriptions from before, but it doesn’t look like there are those choices anymore.

  9. So weird- got a box in August, did not got the winter box, still got the email. I may stick around for the the first $7 box because it’s cheap enough (and I really miss the Target box) but if they’re sending tampons, I’m out. I’m 61. Aunt Flo is no longer visiting me.

  10. The box is only going up to the $6.98 total cost from the $5.00. Not sure where MSA got their incorrect info.

    • Your comment is the most recent as I type and shows as being posted 7 hours ago. Please MSA, fix the information because people trust you guys to have the correct details.

      To reiterate, the email I received from Walmart to confirm my address, etc. said the box will now be $6.98.

      I’m looking forward to this update because maybe it will partially fulfill my dream of a beauty subscription that features drugstore brands.

      • I just got that email from Walmart too, its definitely only going to be $6.98 all together. There is no extra $5 shipping fee. I can’t believe MSA hasn’t fixed that very wrong detail in this post yet

    • Hi Roni! Thanks for flagging this – it was a mistake on our end, and we’ve corrected the post. 🙂

  11. I cancelled last summer but they asked me to update my info anyway. However, these are the costs detailed. MSA just has wrong info.

    Walmart Beauty Box: $6.98
    Shipping and Handling: $0.00
    Sales Tax: Plus any applicable Sales Tax

    • Thanks, Sarah! We were initially mistaken about the shipping cost, and we’ve adjusted the post. 🙂

  12. I just got the email asking me to confirm the address before the box is shipped. The price of the box is $6.98. Shipping and handling is $0. So total increase is only $1.98.

  13. I just got the email asking me to confirm the address before the box is shipped. The price of the box is $6.98. Shipping and handling is $0.

  14. I signed up last summer and eventually got the Autumn box, and it was fine. But then I never received or was charged for the Winter box. My account said “active” and I got this email, but that was it.

    I cancelled because I don’t really need any more stuff, even though it is still cheap. I just thought it was weird that I only ever got one box since last summer.

  15. I think the increase to $7 is worth sticking around for go find out…

    I’m especially intrigued by this part of the statement: “Get ready for a few updates starting with […] the website.”

    I wonder what updates to the website they might be making? I’d love to see some Ipsy-style pages with online info about the products, instead of just an insert card.

  16. This box used to be free and the $5 that we paid was for shipping. Above it states the box will now be $6.98 for the box plus the $5 flat rate shipping so the actual cost will now be $11.98. So we just have to decide if the box is worth it. They say they will be changing products to be better. For me I will have to see some of the new boxes before I can say if it’s worth it. As of now I would say no

    • Hi Kimberlee! This was actually an error on our end, but can confirm that the box is only going up to $6.98 (no shipping charge). Apologies for any confusion this caused!

    • Not $6.98 + $5 shipping. It’s $6.98 *including* shipping. The only added fee is tax.

      • Yes 6.98 plus 5. Read the end of the post.

      • Yes, and everyone is questioning where MSA is getting their information from. The quoted email from Walmart doesn’t mention any separate shipping charge.

      • Kasey, see the various comments in this thread. For those of us who received and read the actual email sent by Walmart, we believe MSA’s statement in this post that you point to is not correct. We are awaiting clarification from MSA.

      • Hi Sherri! You’re totally right – this was an error on our end, and we’ve updated the post.

    • It will only be $6 98 in total…..MSA has the info wrong

  17. Could someone please tell me how tampons and hand sanitizer are beauty products? The last box was awful, did everyone else get good things?

    • Tampons in a beauty bag lol. I believe that’s a first 😂

      • Better than the pair of underwear in the Macy’s box.

    • I was so glad I didn’t get the tampon variation! I actually got a nice selection last box, including a full size foot cream and a cute lipgloss. Can’t remember everything in it, but I was happy with it.

    • I agree. Not a good box.

  18. Calm down people. Its only 6.98 plus applicable state tax per season. If you read your original email, it states it will be “increased” to 6.98. This is NOT an additional charge. I find that for me, its still well worth the little surprises per season. Im staying!

  19. The information from Walmart Implies there will be no additional shipping charge just 6.98 +tax

    • Correct! We’ve updated the post to reflect this. 🙂

  20. I found more value in the limited edition Winter box for $12 than in the regular beauty box for $5, so if the products are upgraded and there are more of them, the price increase might be worth it to me.

  21. Going to cancel this box as an increase from $5 to $12 is a huge jump.

    • I read my email and no shipping fee was mentioned just a $1.98 increase. My last box had way better products than it used to. Full size items even and better brand assortment. Going to keep it a few months and see. The extra 1.98 after being $5 for so many years is absolutely understandable. To each their own though. Myself, I’m going to give it a couple boxes and see how they are. Less than a $2 increase isn’t a big deal for me at the moment but for others it may be! All the other beauty subscriptions have seemed to raise their prices over the past 2 years…Ipsy went from $10 to $12. For $12 I prefer the glam bag plus for $25 so I at least get full size products and can customize by box, skip months etc. I would check your email for something from Walmart beauty box that will clarify this shipping cost for you because I see no mention of it. Maybe only $5 extra for Canada, Hawaii etc?

    • Hi Erika! The new price is $6.98 with NO shipping fee – we originally misunderstood the update, but have since updated the post.

  22. My email notification did not mention shipping fees.

    • I am also wondering where this shipping info is coming from.

    • You’re right! This was a mistake on our end, and we’ve updated the post.

  23. I love the mostly empty box photo. Wow looks amazing 🙄

    • Lol ikr !! 😆🤣

  24. I read that email as to say the price was going from the $5.00 we’ve been paying thus far to now we will be charged $6.98? Not increasing to $11.98 (6.98 + 5.00)??

    Did I read it wrong? That is quite a jump if it is going from 5 bucks to 12…

    I understand their shtick has been that the customers never paid for the actual box, we were only charged 5 bucks for the shipping cost but I thought they were just telling us they are increasing that shipping cost by a couple bucks…

    Not starting to charge for the box itself as well as the $5 shipping charge..?

    • Last attempt to comment, I think it’s just $5 to $7, waiting for my comments to appear and clarification to be provided.

    • You are correct, They need to fix the info on this page. They have it wrong. My second comment, trying to see if they hold this one and not allow it to post, too.

    • Hi Becky,

      You’re correct – the new price is $6.98 + tax, with no shipping charge. This was a typo and we’ve adjusted the post!

  25. Wait, so it’s $12 now? 🤔

    Most of the time I didn’t think it was worth the $5…

    They really better bring their A-game.

    • Hi JuJu! We mistakenly thought the shipping charge was still $5, but it looks like this isn’t the case so we’ve updated the post. The new price is $6.98 + tax.

  26. MSA – could you please clarify this statement: “The Cost: $6.98 + tax and $5 flat shipping rate” ?? I didn’t read my email to mean that – I read it to mean that instead of the $5 cost (which covered shipping) the new cost would be $6.98 (plus tax). So basically a $1.98 increase, and not a $6.98 increase. I didn’t see anything in my email saying $6.98 PLUS the $5 shipping.

    TBH, one vs. the other is the difference between me staying subscribed and me cancelling, so I’d really appreciate the clarification. Thanks!

    • Hi Sherri! You’re correct – the new price is $6.98 + tax, with NO shipping. We’ve updated the post to reflect this!

    • I read the email the same way. It is only an increase of 1.98. They didn’t say they would suddenly include shipping. If they were to start shipping then I wouldn’t bother.

      • Part of the confusion is that when the box was $5, Walmart always positioned it that the $5 was the shipping cost and the box itself was free. So technically they have always charged for shipping. I believe Walmart is now just saying $6.98 for the box, period.

  27. Wow, the price is going from $5 to $12? That’s a bold move for a box with such inconsistent quality and months-long shipping delays almost every season.

    $12 for toothpaste and foil packets of shampoo? No, thanks.

    • I’m not sure that’s right. I requested that MSA clarify but my comment is held up. I think it is $5 to $7.

    • Hi Heather! The new price is $6.98 + tax, and they’re no longer charging $5 for shipping. We’ve updated the post!

  28. I have not been in a Walmart in 2o years.

    • Well congratulations for you!

      • LMAO 😂 Well said

    • You can catch up on YouTube “People of Walmart.” lol

    • I haven’t been in one in two years, lol.

    • What an odd comment.

      First, this box comes in the mail so your comment adds nothing to the conversation about the subscription.

      Second, so what? Does it make you feel superior to say you haven’t been in a Walmart in 20 years?

      • Definitely really odd comments. What does actually going to walmart have to do with the Walmart Beauty Box that comes in the mail? Also what was the point of those comments? What does you not going to walmart in 2 or 20 years have to do with this post? Super weird

      • It was a weird “flex” that backfired on the commenter.

        Heck, I live in NYC where we actually don’t have any Walmarts (though I wish we did), and even I have been to Walmart a few times in the past few years during my travels.

    • Cool

    • So to all who haven’t been to Walmart in “years”…what? You guys in prison?

    • Well your probably the only one🤪🤔🙄👌💯

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