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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction
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Simply Earth Essential Oil Big Box Review + Coupon – February 2021

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoFeb 17, 2021 | 2 comments

Simply Earth Bonus Box January 2021

Simply Earth
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Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you therapeutic grade essential oils paired with ingredients, bottles, and extras to make 5-6 natural recipes. Every 6 months, they send subscribers an upgraded "Big Bonus Box" to stock them up on some supplies they'll need for future DIYs.

This is a review of the $39 monthly recipe box. It's Big Bonus Box month!

Simply Earth Bonus Box Packed By Sticker

According to the Simply Earth site:

Every month, we’ll send 4 full-size 100% pure essential oils (+ 1-2 extra), plus bottles to make 5-6 recipes. So you’ll have everything you need. Each month is a new theme. Plus, you’ll get more ideas and recipes on how to use the oils inside your box beyond the recipes included.

When you subscribe, you get our BIG BONUS BOX with your first purchase. It contains worth $50 of supplies: hard oil, spray bottles, roller bottles, and more! Plus, you automatically get this Big Bonus Box shipped to you after 6 months.

Opening the Simply Earth Bonus Box - January 2021 Essential oil rollers and dropper bottles from Simply Earth Bonus Box

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

The Subscription Box: Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

The Cost: $39.00/month + free U.S. shipping

The Products: 4 full-size 100% pure essential oils + 1 -2 extras to make 5-6 recipes around each month's theme. Simply Earth donates 13% of profits to a charity.

Ships to: The U.S. for free

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box Review

It's Big Bonus Box month for me — yay! New subscribers are sent a Simply Earth Big Bonus Box + Starter Kit when they first subscribe, and then the Big Bonus Box arrives with their regular monthly box every 6 months thereafter. In case you missed it above, the Big Bonus Box stocks you up on ingredients and supplies that are commonly used in their DIYs. Since I took over reviewing this box for Megan just last month, my subscription didn't start with a big box and it limited how many homemade projects I was able to do, so I'm extra happy to now have all these supplies on hand.


Inside the big box comes the regular monthly Simply Earth box, which is what I'll go over first. Here's what all recurring subscribers received for February: a selection of oils, ingredients, and recipes with a subtle nod to Valentine's month in its color scheme and bright, floral scents.


We're always sent 6 recipe cards for roll-ons and diffuser blends and various other concoctions using the items we were sent that month. If any recipe requires ingredients or supplies that aren't included in the box, they're noted with an asterisk. Often, certain vessels (like roll-on bottles) are needed, which are sent periodically in the Big Bonus Boxes. The monthly boxes also come with sticker sheets so you can label your oils, homemade blends, and DIYs.


You'll want to flip each recipe card over to see what's on the back. The info that's customarily represented here is a list of the oils and ingredients you were sent that month, a note from Katie (the curator and aromatherapist behind this box), referral program info, customer service info, and a little about the non-profit to which 13% of Simply Earth's profits are donated. This month it's Disrupting Traffick, a non-profit dedicated to providing survivors of human trafficking supportive services. Such an incredibly worthy cause.

Here are the oils I received this month:


Happy Joy Essential Oil Blend, 15 ml - Retail Value $7.99

From Simply Earth:

Feeling down in the dumps?  Need something to brighten your mood?  Happy Joy Essential Oil Blend is bound to make your day better! The fresh and sunny scent provides a refreshing aroma that can be used in a variety of ways. This synergy will provide a boost of energy and a breath of fresh air to bring you happy and joyful feelings.

What a happy scent, indeed! It's bright and sunshiny and floral. The ingredients include geranium, sweet orange, grapefruit, & ylang ylang essential oils. If I could change one thing about this blend I would tone down the ylang ylang a bit, but I'm learning that a boldly detectable scent is generally the case for this oil.

This oil is noted by Simply Earth as "not recommended" for pregnancy and breastfeeding, though I'm not entirely sure why, as its 4 individual ingredients are said to be safe by both the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists when properly diluted (reference here). I'm going to run this one past my midwife before using it.


Basil Essential Oil, 15 ml - Retail Value $14.99

From Simply Earth:

Sweet basil got its name from ‘Basileus’, a Greek word for ‘king’. That’s why today it is considered as the king of herbs! Basil has long been used in Ayurvedic treatment - a holistic body healing which was first practiced in ancient India.

Basil essential oil isn't what one might expect! We all know (and probably love) the smell of basil from using it in our kitchens. The essential oil version has a scent that's less bright, more earthy, a little spicy, and almost peppery. It's really nice and I can imagine it adding wonderful dimension when blended with a floral oil. It also has a slew of benefits including helping with acne, anxiety, fatigue, and more.

I'm going to hold off on experimenting with this one because it's not pregnancy safe, as it may incite uterine contractions. Perhaps I'll pack it in my birth bag for when I want to invite contractions on, though!


Lava Essential Oil Blend, 15 ml

I was unable to find this brand new oil blend in the Simply Earth shop, but I did find this YouTube video where founder Katie describes it. Its oils include grapefruit, blood orange, sandalwood, and ho wood—all fruity and woody scents that remind the Simply Earth team of a tropical getaway.

This blend is said to be safe for pregnancy, though it is always best to consult your doctor before trying new EOs. I'm not seeing much on the internet about ho wood, and have actually never heard of it, so I might even check in with my local herbalist-midwife (how's that for a good person to know?).


Geranium Essential Oil, 15 ml – Retail Value $16.99

From Simply Earth:

Geranium was used by ancient Egyptians to treat tumors and then by Europeans to treat a wider array of conditions including dysentery, hemorrhoids, menstrual conditions, and even diarrhea. Today Geranium is used in perfumery and as a flavoring agent in foods. It is often confused with rose due to its rosy scent and nickname, Rose Geranium.

I learned a thing or two about geranium oil in just the short description above. They say it's often confused with rose, but actually, as I sit here enjoying its aroma in my living room, I'm taken by how different it is from rose than what I was thinking. I find it to be brighter and lighter. I love the scent of rose essential oil, but geranium is a pretty alternative, offering a slightly different floral vibe.

And, great news: this one is pregnancy safe!

Simply Earth Sea Clay

Sea Clay, 1 oz (French Green Clay available here)

Who else has a peaceful feeling come over them even just looking at this green-grey clay color? It's probably an association with the clay's soothing effects. While Simply Earth only sends about an ounce of ingredients like this in monthly boxes, it's typically enough to be used for several DIYs.


Clear Spray Bottle & Prism Roll-On Container

This month we were sent two snazzy containers. One is a spray bottle for the Happy Day Body Spray recipe, and the prism roll-on container is suggested for the Day Dream Roll On recipe. I personally like the look of the classic amber glass containers better, but these are a fun change of pace. Perhaps they were included with Valentine's Day gifting in mind!

My DIY This Month:

Mermaid Mud Mask

As I scanned this month's recipe cards I had a hard time finding ones that, as written, were safe for me to try during my pregnancy. Masks are way outside my comfort zone, but I really wanted to use the clay I was sent, so I gave the Mermaid Mud Mask a try, subbing the basil oil in favor of lemon essential oil (from my January box). It may not seem like a big deal to some, but this is my very first time making my own decision on which oils to blend!


Most DIYs included in Simply Earth's monthly boxes only take about 2-5 minutes to complete. This one was a quick 5 minutes, including ingredient-gathering. The mask made enough for 2 people to enjoy together, but it was just me, so I used scant measurements. I still had extra, so I saved half in an airtight container in my fridge. It's said to have an estimated shelf life of about 7 days.


You've all seen photos of mud masks before, so these images are nothing novel, but they give you a peek into my experience. After the initial "ick" feeling of rubbing thick, wet stuff on my face, I was able to appreciate the incredibly cool, soothing experience this mask offered. And, the scent—good heavens, I highly recommend the geranium + lemon oil combo! It was bliss! I waited the recommended 10-15 minutes for the mask to partially dry, then wiped it off with a wet cloth as instructed. Despite having hardened most of the way, it wiped off easily, and after one last splash of water on my face and a towel-pat dry, my skin felt so, so, so smooth and nice. The directions say to follow up with a moisturizer or face serum, and as has become my customary winter ritual, I mixed both in my hand and applied them together. My face still felt smooth and smelled like the oils for a good half hour after cleaning the mask off. It was a really great experience!


Here are the extras that came in my Big Bonus Box:


Simply Earth Coconut Oil, 12 fl oz - Retail Value $8.99

I keep coconut oil in my kitchen cabinet to cook with, so I always have it on hand. Even though it's the same thing as I was sent here, I can see a clear argument for not mixing cooking ingredients with skincare ingredients, so it's nice to have this dedicated jar. Plus, the jar itself will make a great container for future DIYs once the oil is all used up.


Set of Six 10 ml Amber Glass Roll-On Bottles - Estimated Value $6.00 ($0.99 each)

Since I was in the unique position of my first Simply Earth box not aligning with our team's receipt of a Big Bonus Box, I was limited in the DIYs I had the tools to create last month. I considered running out to the craft store to stock up on vessels like this, but I'm glad I waited! These guys offer a quality experience, with their amber glass and metal roller balls.


Set of Six 5 ml Amber Glass Dropper Bottles - Estimated Value $6.00 ($0.99 each)

These small dropper bottles are a great addition to my DIY supplies, as well, as I begin experimenting with creating my own blends. I'm eager to see what the muse guides me to create!


Simply Earth Almond Oil, 4 oz - Retail Value $8.99

One of the two carrier oils we were sent is cold-pressed almond oil. It's thin but permeating in its hydration, and safe to use on any exterior part of your body. It's mostly scentless, save for a hint of nuttiness, but that faint nutty vibe falls to the background when paired with essential oils.


Simply Earth Fractionated Coconut Oil, 4 fl oz - Retail Value $8.99

The other carrier oil we were sent is fractionated coconut oil, which means that it's been heat pressed so that it never hardens. This might be a silly comment to make since both carrier oils are, well, oils — but it has more of an oilier feel to it than the almond oil does. It's completely odorless and absorbs well into the skin, but is heavier.

Simply Earth Beeswax pellets for DIYs

Simply Earth Beeswax Pellets, 2 oz - Retail Value $5.99

Finally, we were sent a 2 oz bag of beeswax pellets. You can melt these down to use in various homemade skincare items, and of course you can use them for candles. They're lighter in color than some beeswax I've worked with, but beeswax does have a natural variation in color.


Side Note


That's it for what I received in this subscription box, but I wanted to share that I made a personal purchase of this essential oil storage box from the Simply Earth site. I'm only a few months into my subscription and my oil collection is already adding up quickly, so I wanted to stay on top of organization from the start. I guess it'll only take 6 months before I run out of space in this box, but I do plan to share some of my EOs with my parents and in-laws (and already have, as you can see by the 1 missing in the photo). I also bought a recipe card tin to keep the cards and stickers in. It ended up being bigger than I was expecting, but it's nice that the label sticker sheets fit in there without having to be folded.

Verdict: Big Bonus Box month is a thrilling checkpoint in the Simply Earth subscription journey! Not only is it a very well-thought-out offering to truly equip subscribers with the supplies they need to make the recipes included month after month, it also ensures we're working with quality ingredients and tools. On top of that, February's haul of essential oils and special ingredients was such a welcome bright spot in this late winter season—in February where I live, the drab cold drags on and on, so being sent some cheerful scents was such a gift.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Not this exact one, but similar—if you subscribe today, you'll receive the Starter Box as your first box as well as the big bonus box!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $39.00 (with free shipping) so each of the 7 items in the monthly box has an average cost of $5.57. There is even more value here since this was a Big Bonus Box month for me, but that will vary on your own subscription schedule! 

Check out all of our Simply Earth reviews!

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Boxy Fox

Oh my gosh you are too stinking cute. Every time I watch This Trippy Hippies channel she reminds me of you. I highly recommend you check out the hydrosols they have available. Katie says there’s a byproduct of making oils and since they are much more deluded their perfect for babies!

If anyone else out there is pregnant, like I told Christen last week, you can choose to swap out what oils you get with each box. The option not really practical for reviewing but definitely practical for someone who wants to get the most out of this box while with child.

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Christen Russo

I hadn’t heard of This Trippy Hippie but I love her energy! Thanks for the tip on the hydrosols—I see they have lavender and rose right now, which are two favorites. Thanks for the recs and the support!

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