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FabFitFun Summer 2021 Box Spoiler #1 Hint!

We have a spoiler hint for the FabFitFun Summer 2021 box!

What do you think? 

What kind of products are you hoping to see in the box?

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Comments (104)

  1. March 10 and although it says shipped the FedEx tracking info says there will be a delivery date…when they receive the package!

  2. I have a question? At the end it has a scale then it says -S -E +P, so review (scale – S -E +P). But everyone keeps saying scalp. If it’s scalp why minus the S? That confuses me. I was thinking it was some kelp product. I also thought the first word could be whey. Because they didn’t saw +A, but it could be Ouai. If anyone could answer my questions I would appreciate it.

    • It is Quai 🙂

    • Scales is plural. It’s SCALES-S-E=SCAL

      (It should be SCALES-E-S. That’d make more sense.)

    • It says minus s & e from scale and add the p. Try that

  3. ??? detox and ??? Scalp massage.

  4. I guess I’m in the minority but I love Quai products. I’m using the shampoo and conditioner for fine hair and I’m happy with the results including the scent. I may resubscribe having taken a break from FFF.

    • You and me both on Ouai, I even have their perfume because I loved the scent of their body scrub so much.

    • I’m with you also. I have extremely curly hair and I love these products. So your definitely not alone.

  5. I’m Way over Ouai scrub! It’s been so overdone in boxes and as a deluxe sample for years now. I don’t like it, I feel like my very fine hair is slightly thinning on the top now and I don’t want to scrub on it at all. I find this stuff very hard to rinse out. It’s not for everyone at all. I don’t know they would pick this. FFF I quit after years of being a subscriber just recently too, I was thinking over the idea of coming back.the Spring box, is re run items and literally the same old things, duffle, lunch case, umbrella, some of the same products too. Let’s see some newness! Are you just clearing out the warehouse because it seems like it! The Summer box, well I’ll wait and see…. but not excited about Ouai

    • SO beyond over their products, hopefully it will be a part of customization and we can ditch it. i’m over the junk they’ve had the past few boxes my renew comes up after summer and I may jump ship cause i’m over it.

    • I agree Jo. I canceled cause I’m sick of getting products from the same brands all the time.

  6. I do not liike Quai products. Hopefully the other items will be better than this. It seems like we get the same things over and over.

    My spring box hasn’t shipped yet. It takes forever and I am annual.

    • I got a notice in my email on Feb 25. Now it’s March 4 and it still says pending with no delivery date! Huh?

      • March 10 and although it says shipped the FedEx tracking info says there will be a delivery date…when they receive the package!

  7. Ouia Detox Shampoo and Scalp Scrub

  8. FFF really thinks we all have dirty scalps huh? This is like the third similar product in three boxes haha.

    • 😂

  9. Ain’t nobody got time for that

    • Haha! Thank you, I thought the exact same thing…and I needed the laugh!

    • Absolutely no one!

  10. Summer already?! Can we just get the Spring box first?! I’m in Phoenix, AZ so the summer is one season I’m NOT looking forward to! LOL

    I’m really surprised at the amount of people who say they don’t like Ouai. I LOVE Ouai and their scents/products and I can’t wait to get my hands on some in a box if this is true!

    • I am so with you. I will go out of my way to choose Ouai! 🙂

  11. Gorilla Glue hair spray scrub 😁😉

    • 😆 thank you for that!

    • Now that sounds like a good time 🤣🤣

  12. Well if it is in fact a Ouai product then I am glad we can customize because I have never liked their products. I only like the real spoilers, not this guessing mess. Ugh, still waiting for my spring box.

    • I’m not a fan either, I can’t stand the scent. So good we can customize.

      I’m annual and my box has already shipped this Monday. If your annual, it’s shipping soon.

      • I am annual and still no shipping info for me. It’s starting to annoy me 😒

    • That spoiler hint is absurd. I don’t have time to sit around playing nursey games.
      I think it is silly.

      • Sammy, maybe you could be a bit nicer in your reply’s. I agree I didn’t care for her harsh criticism but that being said I graduated college second in my class making me salutatorian. I worked hard for that and I make typos all the time in my post. I catch those typos after posting all the time and then if possible go back and edit. But some platforms don’t allow you to edit your post. I’m not trying to be critical of you either just a little thought. Have a blessed day! (I hate things in text, because you can’t see the facial expression or hear the tone of voice. I sincerely am trying to be friendly)

    • YES!! Way to perfumey! Ingest migraines and can’t use them..😢

  13. Okay but HOW are we even talking about a SUMMER box yet?!?!? we havent even gotten spring.

  14. That would be a great addition to the box! I have been enjoying scalp scrubs, especially since I’m using more dry shampoo.

    I agree, the puzzles are a bit annoying.

  15. Ouai detox shampoo and scalp massage

  16. Could it be a iron wave hold. Maybe a Instyler. Or hair spray or a wig.

  17. I believe Ouai Detox Scalp and Body Scrub

    • shampoo

    • Not body but s.h.a.m.p.o.o.

      • The sensors would not let me write that last word. LOL

      • Sham… poo… meaning, fake feces. Now I understand why they censored the word. Only the real thing is allowed LOL.

      • LOL

  18. Yes, we should! I agree with all of you!

  19. Ouai Scalp Scrub?

    • Correct brand but in shampoo form.

    • Correct brand.

  20. I am assuming it’s ouai detox shampoo and scalp scrub

  21. ouai (wave minus”ve”=wa)which is pronounced “way” (??)
    detox- (toxic plus “de” minus “ic”)
    shampoo- going by the photos
    scalp- scale minus “e” plus “p”
    massage- photo of hands massaging(??)
    So…my guess is Ouai Detox Shampoo…and Scalp and Body scrub

    • I kept thinking “biohazard” and “radioactive” and gave up. Toxic never crossed my mind. Maybe a boa and a skimpy shirt and a blond wig and I would have got it?

    • On the scale you forgot the -S. If you minus the s then, it can’t be scalp? This isn’t a criticism. I’m genuinely trying to figure it out. Also, you might want to edit it because you mixed up the detox and toxic. Lol. Totally something I would have done. I hate text because you can’t see hear tone or see facial expression. Please know I really am not being critical. I’m trying hard to be friendly.

  22. Ouai detox something and scalp massage? I don’t like Ouai products.

  23. Revision…Wade detox shampoo and scalp scrub?

  24. Wade detox shampoo and scalp massage?

  25. Wa detox (hair bubbles so shampoo?) Scalp repair?

  26. I’m guessing some sort of hair and scalp massage item?

  27. Hmmm…my other comments keep disappearing. Ouai Detox Shampoo or Scalp Scrub…

  28. Ouai detox hair and scalp massage?

  29. WA + Detox + (Wig Nuts???) & Scalp + “Hands Off Jay-Z’s Hand Gesture Trademark”. I look forward to someone making more sense of this than me.

    • You got the first 2 parts correct plus the scalp. Great job! I needed the community to figure it out.

      • I think the hands are supposed to be “care”. But the [hair and nuts] is disconcerting.

      • Where’s the puzzle people? I don’t have the patience to think this through. Lol

    • Ouai Scalp scrub?

    • For what it’s worth, your translation is my favorite. 😆

    • Oh my god I’m crying laughing at “wig nuts”

    • LOL wig nuts had me 😂🤣😂

  30. WA Detox Shampoo and Cal (hands?)

    Lmao that doesn’t make sense but I give up

  31. It’s on their community page. Unfortunately everything I post here gets blocked.

  32. Some sort of Scalp detox??

  33. I was hoping someone already had it …

    Completely stumped on the first 2 parts but the last has got to be scalp massage!

  34. I think it has detox in the name wa + detox + somethings plus calp? Plus hand is as far as I got hmm

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that saw the – S.

  35. The last bit is scalp massage but I have no idea what that second image is after the wave!

  36. MSA won’t let me post the spoiler…

  37. I don’t think us adults need teasers for spoilers.

    • I know it’s not MSA.

  38. Ouai

  39. Ouai detox shampoo and scalp massage

  40. ouai detox scalp massage

  41. ouai detox scalp massage

  42. Ouai Detox Shampoo and Scalp Massager

  43. Ouai scalp scrub or shampoo

  44. Ouai Detox Shampoo and Scalp Massager I believe.

  45. Just going to keep refreshing the page until someone that’s good at these hints comments what they think it means 😂

    • Ha ha, that’s exactly what I’m doing too.

    • Stole this from another website… WA + DETOX + Shampoo + scalp + massage
      Maybe the Ouai Detox Shampoo?

    • LOL, I did the same. I was looking at it thinking, is that a radioactive symbol, wth?

      • Me too. I was like its something hazardous or toxic, so maybe a hazmat suit what with covid and all. Or a a tonic something. So possibly a cocktail shaker kit lol. Idfk

  46. the second part is scalp massage

  47. I know, right? Just show me the thing.

  48. Feels a little early for this. My Spring box hasn’t shipped yet and – has MSA even reviewed the Spring box yet? (Review might’ve been helpful before we made or selections)

    • Hi Christy! We just received our box, and will be posting the review next week 😊 We post updates (like this ^) from FabFitFun as soon as we see them!

    • Christy, don’t worry…you aren’t missing much out of the Spring box. 😞

  49. I will never like these hints.

    • You and I should be friends.

    • I agree, I just want to know what it is. There isn’t any sport in it for me.

    • I’m so glad other people hate these.

    • Agree. It’s more disappointing than not posting anything at all.

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