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March 2021 BoxyCharm base box choice is now open!

The choice items for March are:

  • MURAD AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
  • TOO FACED Damn Girl! Mascara
  • GLOW RECIPE Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular BoxyCharm box is $25 a month.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!

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Comments (22)

  1. Dont like any of the spoilers. Might skip this month

  2. Are the products in the popup store legit? How do they sell them so cheaply?

    • Yup, the products are real. Companies get great exposure being affiliated with Boxy and I imagine the end goal for these companies is for Boxy subscribers to fall in love with the companies’ products, and become a steady customer. Another example of how they get these huge companies to work with them: Viseart eyeshadows – the palettes Boxy sold for $9 in November (which normally retail for $80 or $49 on Viseart’s website and at Sephora, etc) were in an older plastic palette container that has recently been updated by Viseart to be magnetic so the pans easily removable. In the older version, the pans are glued into the plastic palette REALLY well. They’re very difficult to depot (I’ve tried). Anyway, the Viseart palettes Boxy sold were the “old” palette version which is NOT magnetic, the pans are hard-core glued in. The eyeshadow is perfectly fine, it’s not “old” but the design of their palette has changed. I imagine that’s how Boxy managed to score the pricier Viseart palettes – $9 is CRAZY low for an $80 palette. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the eyeshadow, it’s as incredible as all of Viseart’s eyeshadows are.

      Also, Boxy does collaborate with beauty/skincare companies to create products. So they have those connections.

      I don’t know how they have such incredible prices, I’m baffled. This month’s isn’t as impressive as November’s. That was INSANE.

      I could be wrong in my thinking; if anyone has more or different information I’d love to know how Boxy does it too! How do they sell pop-up items for such great prices??

      • Before boxycharm was started, Josef made his living in overstock beauty products. So he was able to cultivate relationships with suppliers for a long time. Just like TJ Maxx has some great brands at incredible prices it is the same thing, add in that boxycharm also works directly with brands so that they gain a huge amount of exposure. It’s why almost every brand save some of the larger luxury ones, work with beauty boxes. It’s good business.

        Occassionally they also will make products specifically for beauty boxes at a lower cost in China (see 111skin as a major example) So I always do my research before I buy some of the higher priced brands in pop up.

    • As the person above mentioned they get “older” products, especially repackaged products. The biggest thing is the INCREDIBLE mark up on skincare and cosmetics. They are literally marked up 200% and more in some cases. Also you have to watch because a lot of products are marked “made for Boxycharm” which usually means different imgredients/different factories. That’s more in the actual boxes and not as much in pop up. So while yes most of the products are “real” you usually get ones that didn’t sell well, are older, or even aren’t the “regular” formula

  3. I just got my second boxycharm box (jan and Feb 2021) and I’m going to give it one more month and then likely drop it. I was pleased with the first box, but my Feb box was GARBAGE. The good vibes mascara – I didn’t even know it was possible for mascara to make your lashes look shorter. Seriously. They look so blunt, like i cut them. And the curler – who is that for? Not normal human eyes, certainly. And the liner was completely broken – it fell out in chunks when I opened it. I hate the lip liner, it’s WICKED dry and I don’t like the colors. I got the scrub, that might be fine, I wasn’t impressed with a single use of it, but we’ll see if it does anything with more consistent use. The brow bar palette is nothing special, it’s basically the same thing you can get from ELF, and the brushes are cute, but I feel like I could find the same little set for $4 at tj maxx. So overall, super unimpressed with Feb. If March is the same, I’m done with Boxycharm. I could goback to ipsy and be disappointed for half the price lol

    • “I didn’t even know it was possible for mascara to make your lashes look shorter.” LOLOL I’m sorry your most recent Boxy sucked, but on another note, that sentence truly made me LOL. I really hope your next one is stellar, filled with 5 of your HGs!

      I joined in November and (knock on wood) I haven’t had a bad box yet. Or even close – mine have been really great. I didn’t pick an item for my Feb box and I ended up LOVING Feb so I might continue to have Boxy choose for me. I wish I could quit Boxy but I can’t – I’m addicted!

  4. How to do I make a choice, I see no option. I don’t know how to do it.

    • If you’re new, you can’t make a choice for your first box. If you’re already subscribed, log into your account and once you log in the choice option should be right there. I don’t know if you can still make a choice for base if that’s what you have. I’m not sure how long choice lasts.

      • Mine shows choice for premium and luxe but not base? Is that weird?

      • I just subscribed for the first time and it gave me the choice. It just popped up right after confirming my subscription.

    • It’s only open for certain days. Premium choice was last week. I’m pretty sure base choice is over now also. You don’t get to pick your first month usually. Make sure to go in and check the page early in the month to find out what days choice are.

      • I’ve had mine picked since the day it opened but I never had the base choice. I’ve rejoined boxy as of January but never noticed that for March I didn’t have base choice. I was distracted by luxe and premium lol

  5. I’m tempted to sign up with another account for March because these are good choices. Even though I don’t need another cleanser or mascara, I’d love to have the Glow Recipe.

    • I’ve thought of that too. But if i get a second account as of today, will I still be able to choose the item for base box (I get premium already)?

      • You can but you’ll be charged for feb

    • I love that glow recipe cream. It is really good. I am happy to see it in base.

      • yay! that’s what I picked, I can’t wait! What a great option.

    • It’s in the popup store for $18….less than another box and no commitment.

      • True, but I tend to think of it as “for eight more dollars I can get another 4 full-size products” if I were to get the base box.

        I wish I didn’t think this way! My bank account (what there IS of it, lol) would certainly appreciate it. : /

    • Hey guys so I recently unsubscribed from Boxycharm but I know there was an Ace Beaute code, would anyone be willing to share it with me?

      • You could check BoxyCharm’s Reddit page to find out. I find most ppl on there generally very friendly and willing to help/answer questions.
        Someone will probably answer your question quickly; or the answer/promo code may already be posted and you just have to search & skim through to find it. In case you’re not as familiar with reddit, just search for “Reddit BoxyCharm” on google or similar, and when you get to the BoxyCharm section/sub-reddit, then you can look for the promo codes by typing ace beaute or discount codes or member deals/whatever boxy refers to them as (I forgot the term) in the search bar at the top of the BoxyCharm subreddit page, making sure you leave r/BoxyCharm in the box if u want to search only within that group or delete it to search all of Reddit.
        Theres A lot of useful info on Reddit when it comes to sub boxes in general, but I check Ipsy and BoxyCharm sections most frequently. You can see spoilers from other places around the net that ppl reposted or if you’re trying to decide to subscribe that month, you can check what the availability is for choice options or view the list of addons/items in popup if someone has posted it. Otherwise, ask someone to help you by posting it. This is particularly helpful for Ipsy since you can’t access add ons until you’ve made your choice for next month or customized products. So It’s helpful to see what is available or that you are able to purchase for cheap before doing that. Ppl post screen shots/recordings so u can see the items and price, but u can also get info about items and read reviews.
        Just FYI in case u or anyone else didn’t know what a helpful resource it can be for sub boxes.

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