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My Subscription Addiction
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Keto Krate Subscription Box Review + Coupon – January 2021

Becca Peterson
ByBecca PetersonJan 21, 2021 | 2 comments

Keto Krate
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Keto Krate is a monthly snack subscription box that delivers ketogenic food and snacks. (The Ketogenic diet is a low carb, moderate protein, high-fat diet.)

Keto Krate’s snacks are keto-friendly, gluten-free, and low-carb with 5g of carbs or less per serving. Keto Krate helps you stick to your keto diet by offering delicious low carb snacks you can have on hand when the sugar cravings hit.

The main subscription is $39.99/month. However, two subscription choices are available through the "Gift" option:

  • The Muncher box delivers ~10 snacks for $39.99 a month
  • The Hangry box delivers ~30 snacks for $87.99 a month

This is a review of the main subscription plan for $39.99/month.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Keto Krate

The Subscription Box: Keto Krate

The Cost: $39.99 a month + free shipping.

The Products: Each box contains ~10 ketogenic diet-friendly snacks

Good to Know: Check out Krate Club to see more info about the snacks (macros, links to buy, coupons) for this month, plus keto success stories and recipes.

Ships to: The U.S. for free and Canada for $10.99

Keto Krate January 2021 Review

This year I decided to start out the year with a bang and really work on getting back on the keto train. I admitted to falling off the wagon last month with a surplus of Christmas cookies, so starting in January I have vowed to cut back on my sugar intake. Sixteen days in and I am happy to report that I have trimmed off 5 pounds! I received my Keto Krate box at the perfect time, as I was running out of desk drawer and car snacks. Scroll down to check out what kind of items I received this month.


Each month we receive a brightly colored pamphlet that gives us a bit of a kick-start each month. While it doesn't include information about the included items, we do get a sample start-up menu, recipes, coupon codes, and success stories. I appreciate all of the helpful information and enjoy reading the inspirational stories each month. Per usual, we also received the links to the month's product info in Krate Club, and tips on how to manage your subscription. I find this addition really helpful and a great tool to start a keto lifestyle.


Fat Snax Cheddar Almond Flour Crackers - Buy an 8 pack of crackers for $26.99

Fat 11g | Net Carbs 2g | Taste Score: 9/10

Early in my keto career, I scoured Pinterest in search of a good keto cracker recipe. I found a few, and while they were tasty, they kind of were a pain to make, so I was very excited to try this packaged recipe. These little squares were crunchy, cheesy, and packed with flavor -- all in a good way! Sometimes I find almond flour to be dry and crumbly, but these crackers held their form and were even tasty to my husband and kids who don't follow a low carb lifestyle.


CHOCZERO White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups - Retail Value $5.99

Fat 6g | Net Carbs 1g | Taste Score: 10/10

Ohhhh man, how did KetoKrate know I am literally obsessed with white chocolate peanut butter cups?! While I am an equal opportunity chocolate lover, there is just something about white chocolate and peanut butter that I can't get enough of....so much so that it was causing my pants not to be able to button....whoops. Anyways, here we have a delicious low carb version that not only is soy-free but contains no sugar alcohols, isn't greasy, and tastes almost like the "real" thing! And to top it off, we received a package containing SIX individually wrapped cups! Yippee! My kids were excited to give these a whirl, and they enjoyed them as much as I did....which could be a problem.....


Crazy Go Nuts Garlic Parmesan Walnuts - Buy a 12 pack for $23.99

Fat 22g | Net Carbs 4g | Taste Score: 10/10

I think I have said it before, but walnuts, pecans, and hazelnuts are some of my top snacks ever. While I enjoy traditional versions, I have never encountered a gourmet garlic parmesan flavor, I have to say I think I have found my new favorite. Paired with a Black Cherry White Claw, I was in heaven, and I will most certainly be purchasing more of these delectable morsels sooner than later. My husband concurred and really enjoyed them too.


Nick's Sticks Original Beef Sticks - Retail Value $3.25

Fat 8g | Net Carbs 0g | Taste Score: 10/10

I gotta say, this Keto Krate is rocking it so far! We all know that my family is pretty much all about the meat, so finding the meat stick in the box each month is pretty much the priority. I'm sad to report, that while we used to receive 2 meat products, we recently have only been getting one, but it definitely was a good one, so I'm not going to complain too much. This particular stick is made from beef that is raised without antibiotics or hormones and contains no artificial color, soy, MSG, nitrites, or nitrates. We received the original flavor and the texture was slightly comparable to a very gourmet Slim Jim. It was a little greasy, but left a lasting delicious beef taste in your mouth, and was quite irresistible. My kids basically fought over the second stick, and while I shared my stick with my husband, I secretly wanted it all to myself.


Duncan Hines Walnut Fudge Brownie - Retail Value $3.84

Fat 23g | Net Carbs 5g | Taste Score: N/A

I have seen these microwavable brownies in Walmart previously, but haven't taken the plunge to try them. I was really excited to see this incorporated in this box though. Weighing in at 5 net carbs, 0g of added sugar, and 10 grams of protein, I can't wait to give this a whirl. The instructions seem pretty basic, as all you need to do is add water and melted butter, but because I am just getting back in the groove of my lifestyle change, I didn't want to tempt myself with such a large treat. I plan on saving this for a night when my kids are munching on some ice cream and will report back later! If you have tried this, please leave a comment below to tell me what you thought!


Nuttzo 7 Nut and Seed Butter 2Go - Buy 10 packs for $13.99

Fat 15g | Net Carbs 2g | Taste Score: 8/10

Another item that got me through the first couple of days of my lifestyle change was the consumption of peanut butter. I know there are conflicting reports on whether that's okay for a keto diet, but there's no way I would have made it through without it. I was pretty excited to give this Nuttzo version a try as it contains 7 nuts and seeds and it's portable. I mixed the package well and poured a bit in my bowl, and while I thought it was nutty and decent to eat, my kids wouldn't even give it a try as they described it as looking like something I don't even want to mention in this review. While they might not be wrong, I found this really tasty on apples and by itself, with the coconut and almonds really shining through.


Pizootz Sea Salt and Vinegar Peanuts - Retail Value $2.95

Fat 12g | Net Carbs 3g | Taste Score: 6/10

Did you know they call Pizootz the world's most incredible peanuts? That's a pretty high standard, so I was looking forward to testing these out. The only problem is, I don't care for sea salt and vinegar flavoring. I did give them a try and found them salty and tangy, but just not my favorite. I graciously offered these to my husband and he gobbled them up like nobody's business, so they didn't go to waste, and he really found them tasty. Sharing is caring!


Ultima Replenisher Electrolytes Pure + Simple - Retail Value $7.99

Fat 0g | Net Carbs 0g | Taste Score: 5/10

Electrolytes are important, but I just can't get into the addition of these packets to my water. We have received these exact packets a few times in the past, and honestly, I am a plain water type of gal, so these packets just didn't do it for me. Because they are sugar-free I passed them off to one of my friends, and she raved about them. If you are into adding a variety of flavors into your water, these might just be the ticket for you to include more electrolytes in your diet, but I just don't care for them.


Zone Perfect Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Bars - Buy a case of 20 for $48.35

Fat 14g | Net Carbs 3g | Taste Score: 10/10

More peanut butter is definitely something I can stand by, so seeing this full pack of 5 bars was really exciting. With a healthy dose of protein, these bars are sure to fill you up and are really yummy too. Like most low carb bars, the chocolate part of this bar is a bit greasy, but the peanut butter shines through and makes for a really tasty snack. I tucked 2 of these in the console of my car, and put the rest in my desk drawer at school for an afternoon pick-me-up, and have really been able to avoid a trip to the vending machine because of that.


Nush Salted Caramel Cookie - Buy a pack of 10 for $29.90

Fat 16g | Net Carbs 2g | Taste Score: 5/10

Nush is a brand that I have tried a variety of products from but just haven't found anything that I truly enjoy. This cookie is probably the best thing I have tasted but is still just kind of "meh" to me. I really enjoyed the chewy texture of this cookie and found that it wasn't grainy or gritty, but I just am not a fan of the salted caramel flavoring. Usually, this is a flavor that I gravitate towards, but it just seemed a bit fake and coffee-like here. While I won't let this expensive treat go to waste, it just isn't my favorite and is definitely not something I would spend almost $30 on.


Chocoperfection Dark European Chocolate Bar - Buy a pack of 30 for $38.96

Fat 18g | Net Carbs 2g | Taste Score: 9/10

While I am more of a milk or white chocolate kind of girl, I also enjoy dark chocolate in small doses on occasion, and I can happily proclaim that this beautiful thick dark European chocolate bar was really perfection in terms of a dark chocolate. Not nearly as bitter as most dark chocolate, I found this bar to be smooth and creamy all while being sugar-free. My kids don't love dark chocolate, but both of them actually ate a half of a square without spitting it out--and that's pretty amazing if you ask me!

The Verdict: Keto Krate has definitely been a lifesaver in terms of helping me stick to a keto lifestyle. While I'm following a more "dirty keto" plan than most, I have really tried to cut out sugar, and because I have a notorious sweet tooth, this definitely has helped. I found this month of snacks to be an excellent curation including equal parts sweet and savory. Another highlight this month was that we received 2 packages of items that included more than one individually wrapped treats for future enjoyment. Keto snacks tend to be expensive, and this subscription is the best way for me to discover which brands and items I like before taking the plunge and wasting a ton of money on something I might not enjoy. I can't wait to see what I discover next month!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Unfortunately, no. If you subscribe today, your first box will be the February box.

Value Breakdown: The box costs $39.99 + free shipping which means that each of the 11 items has an average cost of $3.64. I also want to share that on their website, it states the retail value of this month's products is $46.41, but you would pay $58 in shipping costs for each product, plus you would have to spend $55.25 to get the discount code savings of minimum orders for each product, which would bring your total value to $159.66, so I think $39.99 is a pretty good price to test out different snacks and find new faves!

Check out all of our Keto Krate reviews, more healthy snack boxes, and the best snack subscription boxes!

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What did you think of the treats in the January 2021 Keto Krate?

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Becca Peterson
Becca Peterson

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