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CAUSEBOX Subscription Box Review – Winter 2021

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc. 

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


The Subscription Box: CAUSEBOX

The Cost: $54.95 on a quarterly basis, or $49.95 per box with an annual subscription

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Use code SPR20 to save 20% off your first box!

The Products: At least $150 worth of products for women from CAUSEBOX’s favorite socially-conscious brands.

Good to Know: Sign up for an annual subscription to qualify for CAUSEBOX Custom, which lets you hand-pick certain items in your boxes!

Ships to: The continental US for free, Hawaii, Alaska, all US territories (including Guam) & Canada for $7.95

CAUSEBOX Winter 2021 Review


Each CAUSEBOX comes with a beautiful booklet full of information about each product, its origins, and other tips and anecdotes. I really love learning more about the independent makers behind artisan products and designers and this booklet had so much info! I always read this book from cover to cover!

Let’s dive in!


Rose & Fitzgerald Brushed Gold Kettle – Retail Value $98.00

FYI: Annual subscribers can choose this OR a Tread & Supply Cozy Cloud Wrap

I am totally #teamtea and I drink at least 2 cups a day, and even more if it is cold! While I have a really cool electric kettle, sometimes it’s nice to go a little retro and use one stovetop style. This kettle holds about a liter of liquid and was smaller than I expected. That’s not to say I needed it to be bigger (I am the only tea enthusiast in the house), but just a heads up in general. It has a delicate sort of design that really is pretty sitting out on my stove and I guess you could say it worked as expected. Add water, turn up the heat, wait, boil. Simple! Our booklet let us know that over 300 artisans were employed to create these kettles.


Activated Eco Reusable Silicone Baking Mats – Retail Value $24.00

FYI: Annual subscribers can choose this item OR Boon Supply Reusable Zip Pouches.

I use way too much aluminum foil in my kitchen. I really hate cleaning dishes and pans with baked-on food, and foil has always felt like an easy way to avoid that chore. I will admit that this habit is becoming pretty wasteful. These silicone mats should really help with that problem because they lay down on my baking sheets and keep everything from sticking (I still spray a little oil out of habit!) and keep my sheet pans clean.


SKIN&CO Truffle Therapy Face Toner, 6.8 fl oz- Listed Value $27.00

FYI: All subscribers will receive this item.

I really enjoy toners, though I have to say I prefer a spray nozzle to a toner that I have to apply to a cotton round and then use on my face. No worries though, this is why I have both refillable misting bottles AND washable/reuseable cotton rounds! As much as I love truffle, I was kind of relieved that this stuff didn’t smell like actual truffles. Not sure that is a scent I want on my face. Though this formula isn’t fragrance-free, is it full of skin-loving delights like witch hazel, truffle extracts, calendula, cucumber extracts, sodium lactate, sodium PCA, niacinamide, and panthenol. Whew! I liked how light this felt on my skin, even though it is full of goodies. It is a great step for between your cleanser and serums or moisturizers.


Sanctuary Project Thick Gold Hoop Earrings – Listed Value $38.00

FYI: Annual subscribers can choose this item OR True Moringa Revitalizing Body Polish OR Zeal Living Marble Coasters

I have been on the hunt for a smaller pair of soft gold hoops and these were ALMOST perfect. I thought the size was great and the soft matte finish felt subtle and pretty. What I didn’t love was the splotchiness on the underside of one of the hoops, but this isn’t at all visible when I wear them so I might just be being overly picky. They look very chic on and don’t seem to bother my metal sensitive ears in the slightest!

I liked these a lot.


Maggie’s Organics Heathered Slouchy Socks – Listed Value $25.00

FYI: Annual subscribers can choose this item OR an ettitude Travel Beauty Pillowcase

I have a soft spot in my heart for really nice (and cute!) socks and this time of year my feet are always freezing. These are made of organic cotton and they are slouchy, textured, and super comfy!


Idlewild Co. Yearly Planner – Retail Value $32.00

FYI: Annual subscribers can choose this item OR Soon Skincare Peony Foot Masks

I am not generally one for planners because I keep my brain in my calendar app on my phone with a backup I can reach from any device! Some of you know I am a practicing esthetician, and though I have a digital scheduler, there is something that feels great about a physical backup where I can jot down notes and thoughts, especially since it feels more personal that typing on my phone or tablet in front of a client. It also has a handly built-in folder and super cute and colorful stickers!

Art Print 

And in every box, CAUSEBOX includes a postcard print you can mail or frame. This one is very cute and features the work of Célia Amroune and Aline Kpade, two super talented illustrators who happen to be super inspired by Matisse, my favorite artist!

Verdict: This fun CAUSEBOX was worth a total of $244 which is great for a $49.95 box. I did think a few of these items were priced higher than I would have paid for them in a store, but the fact that this box prioritizes including items made responsibly and ethically, so I can get behind them having a higher price tag than a lot of comparable items out there. This box felt really well-rounded, with everything from kitchen gadgets to skincare, accessories, and more. Everything felt pretty and useful. Who doesn’t love that?

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, your first box will be the Winter Intro box. Check out the spoilers here!

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Use code SPR20 to save 20% off your first box!

Check out all our CAUSEBOX reviews to see what they’ve sent in past boxes, too.

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of the Winter 2020 box from CAUSEBOX? What’s your favorite item?


How do subscribers rate CAUSEBOX?

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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (82)

  1. I finally got my box yesterday and I love it! The cardigan is so soft as is the pillowcase. The coasters are good quality. I can’t wait to use the foot masks. Really pleased with the curation.

  2. Hi everyone!

    For those of you still waiting on your Winter box, it might help to email them. I sent Causebox a polite email on 2/5 at 8am to see what was going on. FedEx then received shipment information from Causebox that same day at 12:30pm…it didn’t start moving until today but it’s seems like quite the coincidence. It couldn’t hurt to try and get things moving by just sending them a quick email. Maybe they’re prioritizing shipments for people who seem a bit frustrated. Just wanted to share!

  3. I was so surprised by how much I like this box. I got an annual subscription during the Black Friday sale so the box was free with an annual subscription; I received it in mid-January. I’m using the toner on the daily. I was going to sell the sweater but I’ve been wearing it almost daily while working from home; it truly is really cozy and soft. The socks are nice for what they are, and I love the baking sheets as it helps me eliminate foil waste. I haven’t yet tried the foot masks or the coasters but I can re-gift both of them if needed. I feel like I got my money’s worth with just the sweater and toner alone, and everything else is just bonus!

  4. Still no tracking for my winter box. I saw there’s a delay on their social media but I hope it’s not spring by the time the winter items get here. This is the last box on my annual and I canceled.

    • ME TOOOOO! I’m so tired of waiting for my winter box. I paid for it Dec 1rst 2020. Still no shipping info. Waiting shipping is my status. I will be canceling my subscription as well. I may get my winter box in summer. 😂😂. Not funny though!!! 😡😡

      • I finally got my box a couple of days ago. BUT! MYy tea kettle came with a dent and my coasters are oddly shaped. Kinda looks like broken marble that was polished and sanded for coasters. OH WELL! Lesson learned.

  5. I like this box and think it was pretty good. My kettle arrived with no damage, but it was smaller than I was expecting. I plan on using it as a watering can and am thankful people suggested that in the comments because it seems better suited for that purpose! Love the planner and the earrings. The stickers in the planner made me laugh though because they had all these references to travel and I was like…you know what year it is right?! Haven’t tried the pillowcase yet but it is super soft. Baking mats have worked pretty well so far when I’ve used them. Toner was the only dud. I hate when “natural” products put a bunch of unnecessary ingredients like orange oil or rosemary or whatever that are actually ingredients that are bad for sensitive skin. So I gave it away. Looking forward to the spring box!

  6. This is so funny! I ordered this on November 27 for $29.99.

    I completely forgot.

    I have been a bit down lately missing my parents. (they both passed away in the last year)

    So, today January 26 to my complete surprise this box arrives. It was a nice surprise and for $30 I feel like I got my money’s worth.

    The sweater is soft and cozy. It feels like a hug.

    The baking sheets. – Isn’t foil just as good?

    The coasters- I won’t use. I could re-gift them I suppose.

    The pillowcase- I’m sure I will love.
    At first I thought I would have rather had the socks. But, I’m glad I received the pillow case.

    The planner is lovely. I already purchased one but I think I’ll switch over to this one.

    The toner- I will use eventually.

    So, all and all it’s a nice box.

    When I ordered on November 27 my hopes were that I would get it in time for Christmas. This is why I canceled this subscription before I even opened the box.

    • I think they just ship on their quarterly. I’ve yet to receive my box. I’m excited to see it.

  7. Anyone from Canada whose box still hasn’t been shipped? Still waiting for the email that my box has been shipped.

    • I’m in canada and my box shipped last night, finally.

  8. I posted in the spoiler post 2x and it didn’t populate so not sure if it was filtered because I posted kettle issues? I posted in other categories without issue so it does seem odd. I got my box with the kettle over a week ago and it was seriously scratched, scuffed in areas and most oddly it had tape residue all around it that cannot be removed, the tissue paper inside was shredded and the cardboard inserts torn. I wouldn’t believe it unless I saw it. The outer box was pristine so IDK what on earth happened. I sent photos and they sent a replacement that arrived today. Well, this one has two long scratches and a scuff, and the handle has the residue and scuffing that cannot come off. I’m so disappointed. I do want to mention the first one is a tad shorter, very gold, this one is more rose gold and lighter in weight – no biggie at all with that as I assume they will have differences, but having scratches, scuffs and residue is not acceptable. I’ll use one for a watering can for my plants. Hopefully they will try another replacement so I can have one nice one to entertain with. It’s the reason I subscribed for this at all, and did an annual membership so hope it will get better. The rest of the items I absolutely LOVE – the planner, earrings, baking mats, pillowcase & toner. Sigh.

    • They have been so responsive and nice. They gave me a choice of another kettle or the sweater and I picked the kettle because that’s why I got the box to begin with! Hopefully 3rd time is the charm and it will be pristine. Fingers crossed!

      • I feel your pain, I love that their products do have a good cause & are ethically sound. I appreciate that their customer service is friendly, on top of things & always willing to make things right. On the other side 3 out of my four boxes have had at least one damaged product & shipping always seems to be a major issue (my sweater had 2 holes & the ziplock bags were ripped, most recently-but they sent new items). That said it’s always a personal choice. 🤗🙏🏻🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. so i’m an annual subscriber and only got my winter box today. also, the kettle came already rusted inside, and everything in the box had a gross musty smell. i’m so so disappointed, and i don’t think i got my money’s worth at all. also the bathrobe from the last box was a JOKE, it was gigantic on me and so uncomfortable and the sleeves barely even went down to my elbows?? this whole subscription is such a waste of money i’m cancelling as soon as i get my spring box (the last in my annual sub). these boxes came out to almost 100CAD each for me for some reason (more than it was supposed to be) and i basically got 6 dollar-store items this time. huge disappointment

  10. Got notification my market order shipped but still no box and I’m an annual subscriber 🙁

  11. Can anyone tell me what the weigh of your box was if you got the tea kettle, thank you.

  12. I’m now going to have 3 full bottles of that toner because it has been in 2 other sub boxes this year. Obviously they can’t give it away. It is now January 22 & still my winter box has not shipped. Canceling without a doubt if it doesn’t arrive this week. No other company is pulling this “no holiday shipping” crap. What a jackass excuse.

  13. I love this subscription so much. I love the items and the causes they help. I received my box Jan 19, the day before my birthday. I immediately filled out the planner, it is so beautiful. The kettle I plan on using as a watering can. It is lovely. I love the softness of the pillow and I always enjoy receiving Skin&Co. The baking mats I look forward to using, my daughter and I love to bake cookies.

    • Happy belated birthday!!

  14. I am still waiting (ordered in November). The box is apparently in Kansas 🙁

    • I take it that’s no where near where you live. Shipping in general has gotten outrageous. A 1 lb. package to mail cost $10. It takes way longer to receive packages too (I realize covid, but 25 business days to receive something that normally is received in 3 is truly insane.)

      • LOL – no, I live on the east coast 😉 I was pretty patient and not even thinking about it until this review popped up and reminded me I have yet to receive it.

  15. I JUST received a shipping notification email for my winter box. I’m NOT an annual subscriber so I’m hoping to not receive the tea kettle as I have absolutely no need for it. I suppose if I do receive it I’ll either gift it or use it decoratively. I’m looking forward to the toner as I have yet to find one that I really like. I, too, am not thrilled that they seem to only cater to annual subscribers. I don’t always have the extra funds so having the ability to not get every box is a good thing for me. I’m on the fence about continuing to get this box, though I love their mission.

    • It’s a small kettle, so would be adorable for plants/herbs and would also make a cute pencil or pen holder. I have some Schpirrer Faben colored pencils that have the same color of “brushed gold” shaft, and if I wasn’t using the kettle I’d probably use it for holding those!

      • That’s a great idea! 🙂 I received my box today and I did not get the kettle! And this cloud wrap thing is incredibly soft and cozy (not loving that it’s handwash only though)! I also received the coasters which are gorgeous and I love that there are extra cork pads packaged with them! I’m excited for the planner as I hadn’t gotten around to purchasing one for 2021 yet. I will definitely use the toner as I have yet to find a toner that I’m in love with. I also got the baking mats which we will definitely use. I have been thinking about buying a silk/sateen pillowcase for hair and skin purposes so I’m excited that I got the pillowcase to try out. Though I was bummed to see that the company put a coupon in with the pillowcase that was only good through Dec 31, 2020.
        Overall, I’m pleased with this box, shipping delays aside.

  16. Loved the box, but once again they got something wrong. Last box (which was my first) they sent the wrong thing and this box they didn’t send the Toner at all. The customer service is wonderful and they took care of it right away but I would love it if I didn’t have to work to get my box correct the first time.

  17. My box arrived without the coasters. I have an annual. I emailed them on two days ago and haven’t heard back yet.

  18. I’m a newer annual subscriber and I added an extra box this round when they offered that great deal during the holiday season. I have received my annual box and am quite pleased. The other box is awaiting shipment. I know that people are upset about the wait, but I guess I find these boxes fun extras in my life. So for me – I get excited when they get here & enjoy the things I like & gift the stuff I don’t. And if I think something would make a nice gift for a different season, I tuck it away to pull out at the right time. These items are not the most luxe ever – but they are decent quality. The service is great – they are responsive & kind. Again – these boxes are a bonus for me. I don’t rely on it for necessary daily living. I guess – with no offense intended – I find I enjoy it more when I keep this box in the fun extra perk category, rather than depending on it to meet a specific date requirement.

  19. Did I read that the silicone mats are only good up to 240 degrees? If so, that is not useful at all. Most thing I cook are at 350-425 degrees. Or was I misunderstanding?

    My box has finally shipped, but I’m still waiting on marketplace order.

    • I was curious about the same thing. The mats are made by an Australian company, so the stated temperature range is in Celsius. They are safe up to 464F: much more useful!

      • Okay! That makes sense! I feel so silly for forgetting that Celsius exists.

  20. I was planning to gift the kettle, but reading the comments I’m wondering if I should. Does anyone like it? My earrings the finish didn’t rub off.

    • I love my kettle and use it almost every day

  21. I signed up for annual during the fall. Somehow I missed being able to select for that box, and wasn’t impressed with what I received. I was able to choose to choose for this box, but wasn’t real happy with the offerings. Is it just me, or were the products offered in the past better? I signed up because I saw quite a few things I liked. I really like their market. Great products and prices!

    Megan, I wish we were in the same area. I would book a facial and brow session with you in a hot second! I always enjoy your reviews, and I’m sure that your esthetician skills are also excellent!

    • Yes the products in past boxes were much better quality and better curated too. This is why I chose not to renew my annual.

    • agreed, the options sucked for the past 2 boxes (and i’m an annual sub)

  22. It’s a quarterly subscription box and they chose not to ship during the holidays. I’m ok with the timing as nothing, outside of the planner, was particularly season specific. Were they great at communicating it? Eh, they do update that section on their webpage, but put the burden of checking that regularly on the customer vs sending out mass emails the way FFF does. The marketplace orders, however, those seem to have freakishly long delays and no real information on timing on the website. Mine just shipped and I placed the order Day 1 of opening like many others.

    I like the cloud wrap and have successfully laundered it. The socks got extra loose/slouchy during my first wear and they were big to begin with and didn’t shrink back after being washed, so those ended up in the donate pile. I’ve used the reusable ziplock type bags and they are functional. Wish they weren’t hand wash and dry given the side folds, but not unhappy with them. My remaining 3 items were all beauty/skincare related and I haven’t opened any of them. All in all, I’m happy I purchased the box.

  23. I got lucky and received a perfect kettle – I will not use it as intended, it’ll just sit on the counter looking pretty. I hope the silicone mats work well. The pillow case went to my daughter who adores bamboo/lyocell bedding. The foot masks will be gifted to a mask fanatic. The scrub and the toner will be happily used.

    I bought the whole box from a girl in a sub box group, she was an annual and forgot to skip. I wouldn’t bother otherwise.

  24. My 4yr old, art-loving daughter colored the coloring page in the booklet with me, and even drew (and colored) her own version of it this morning! Now she is busy helping me “color in” the inner book page design of the planner that has a colorable design of the flowers/leaves. And she’s picked a planner sticker to decorate the title page for me.

    I can totally justify getting this box as a “kid’s activity box” now, right? Haha 😀 It’s been hours of fun for her already!

  25. I’m an new annual subscriber and haven’t received my box or market order. Not even a label! I’m not happy, and I’m really starting to resent the company. Everywhere I look people are getting their boxes, and I haven’t even heard anything about mine. I tried emailing them for answers, and they told me to just wait. I tried contacting them on Facebook, and they ignored me. WTF is the problem with these people?

    • I have not received my box yet. I did receive a tracking number saying Feb 2nd

      • Communication is terrible. I’ve paid $226. And have nothing.

  26. The kettle design is so bad. It’s tiny (barely fills a mug with water) and if it gets anywhere near full, water starts coming out of the spout when it’s boiling. The handle and lid also get hot, so you risk burning yourself if you don’t use a mitt. And the first time I used it, while pouring it, the lid fell off into my drink. It’s pretty, but kind of useless as a kettle.

    Liked the other stuff I got, though.

    • This is good information to know. I’m sorry everyone is having trouble with the kettle, but it makes me feel better for not choosing it! I love the way it looks and was so tempted, but I already have a cute, functional kettle so I went with the cloud wrap (which I LOVE). I have heard some people say the kettle would be a good watering can, although it sounds like you’d have to refill it often. But hopefully you can get some use out of it! Along the same lines … turn it into a planter. That’s what I do with nearly everything 😀 #plantlady

      • Planter is a great idea! I might do that. I’m just bummed because when I got it, I threw out my old kettle thinking I would be able to use the new one, and now I don’t really have a functional kettle!

    • The kettle is the main reason I subscribed because I need one and it looked so pretty in the photos. Now I’m hoping I get the cloud wrap instead. I went with a seasonal subscription because I didn’t have strong preferences in the rest of the categories but if I had gone annual I definitely would have chosen the kettle. What a bummer it ended up being so disappointing. It was a great idea that doesn’t seem like it was executed well, unfortunately.

  27. My box has been “awaiting shipment” for several weeks now; I know it’s not an error because it hasn’t shipped for so many others either. I suspect it’s because I asked for the plus size cardigan (which was only available if you knew to email them about it – so you know it was a very last minute addition). Due to their various quality control issues, shipping delays, and weird item choices, I just cancelled after only one year as an annual subscriber. I know they offer many other boxes now aside from the monthly (intro! welcome! crap we need to move!) box but I would like to see them scale back to just the four yearly boxes and make them really great.

  28. I will never subscribe to this box when and until they allow seasonal subscribers to pick out 1 or 2 products. I think it is almost snobbery to say “unless you can pay for a whole year up front, – you don’t get to choose anything” – For a box that purports to care about people, it seems hypocritical to only really cater to those that can afford a year in advance.

    • Agreed. I buy only what I want from people in subscription box groups. This time around I got lucky and an annual subscriber let me pick everything in the box she forgot to skip ;)).

    • Yep. People will just stop buying this unless they can go annual. The quality is severely lacking in their boxes now, anyway. Look at the finish on those earrings and the kettle’s functionality is a joke.

      • Molly, I totally agree! Between the gold that rubbed off the earrings and the useless tea kettle, I am now glad they really only want annuals – I remember buying a box a few years ago (the one with the throws) and it was so scratch – not soft at all – I heard the robe last season was the same roughness.

    • My thoughts exactly

      I plan in canceling

  29. My 2nd box arrived (3 weeks after my first). I put the kettle lid on and now can’t get it off — even the husband couldn’t, putting it in the fridge to try to loosen it up didn’t help. And they sent one of the items wrong (sent a planner when I selected the masks). UGH.

    • I also saw where people are having touble because there is NO way for the steam to escape – I would make it into a pretty planter – it is almost unusable as a tea kettle – although beautiful!

      • Mine has the opposite problem. A small bump/knob on the lid keeps it from securing, so the steam escapes really well! But I can’t actually set the lid nicely into it in between uses, because of that knob for venting – so it doesn’t look as nice sitting out as I hoped.

        I could see why, assuming your kettle had a knob too, the lid would get “stuck” if you forced it on!

    • If you contact them they’ll likely replace both items for you.

  30. I just received mine today (signed up last month when they did the free box with annual promo) and I have to say I’m more excited about it seeing everything in person. The wrap is very soft & cozy. The coasters are gorgeous, though I do wish they came with a holder. Looking forward to using the baking sheets, pillowcase & foot masks. The only thing I won’t use is the toner but getting 5/6 usable items I like is not a bad deal at all.

  31. Megan do you not find those silicone mats to be a total pain to clean? I have had some for years and the only time I break them out is if I’m making cookies and the biggest dread is having to clean them.

    • I also have silicone baking mats and dread cleaning them!! It is nearly impossible to clean off oil/fat/butter completely. I selected the zip bags in my causebox instead of the mats for this reason.

      • Clean them easily with Dawn Power wash.

    • I haven’t had a ton of trouble, but I always mist everything with (probably way too much) oil. I also gave up on ever getting cooking tools back in perfectly pristine condition, so a few spots here and there dont bother me.

  32. Having regrets about not getting this box, thought the awful shipping stories are helping ease that feeling

  33. How weird.
    I got my box 3 weeks ago.

  34. I don’t even have a label yet for mine. I’m going to be peeved if I’m sent a planner at this point in the year so hopefully I get the foot masks I guess. This box has gotten less and less interesting the longer I wait for it, and I only paid $30 but I’m not certain it’ll even end up worth that to me.

    • I also got the super cheap $30 box. I guess we’ll be shipped last because of that. Definitely not going annual since they haven’t fixed their shipping issues. Other boxes are putting out spring spoilers and this one hasn’t even shipped-no thanks to anymore causeboxes!

      • Nope, my $30 box shipped, while my annual sub still hasn’t. I think it’s luck of the draw. Just FYI this is the first time they have had a shipping issue in the year plus that I have been with them.

      • Was annual for 2 years prior and they’ve had shipping issues for most of that time. I was lucky most months, but many times they used up the entire season shipping boxes. It got worse once they introduced the marketplace. Like others have said, they need to concentrate on shipping out their 4 boxes before they introduce welcome boxes, marketplaces, etc.

  35. Thank you for the review!
    I bought the Black Friday offer to become annual and I still haven’t received any news about my box. I’m unhappy about their lack of communication and their setting timelines they are not going to respect. While I want every worker to be safe and healthy, some transparency about realistic timeline expectations wouldn’t hurt. If I knew that my box would ship not at the end of December / beginning of January as they initially said, but at the end of January or later, I wouldn’t have selected the planner: one thing is missing 1-2 weeks, even 3, another one is 2 months.

  36. I’d love to receive mine. It hasn’t even shipped yet.

    • Just received my box. I thought annual subbers got theirs first but guess not
      Changed from cardigan-discovered I have too many-to teapot n love it. Missing the storage pouches but emailed them. I use witch hazel as a toner anyway so this should b a nice change. Foot masks-I adore them- n pillow case-also adore bamboo sheets. The coasters are beautiful, good gift.
      Was it worth the wait? Absolutely. Was I happy about the wait? No. Still admire causes in Causebox n the items are things I use, enjoy, n gift with pride.

  37. Oh I knew I should’ve signed up for this box. Especially when they did the annual sub where you get a box free. Welp :/

  38. I’m an annual. I received the kettle it is small but very nice. The earrings are pretty. I felt like the box needed one more item even though the value was there. The toner was of no interest and felt like landfill. I received the foot masks and baking mats, both appreciated. Their shipping is horrendous. I only received mine a couple days ago and I’m still waiting on my market order even though I placed it on the first day within a couple hours of it beginning, so not sure how they have their shipping set up or maybe I should say not set up, but very annoying that they bill right away and then don’t ship for months.

  39. After loosing excitement over this box because it’s taken so long to ship (I signed up for annual sub on December 8th), I am now looking forward to receiving again! Fedex just notified me it’s heading my way from a neighboring state so at least I know it won’t be lost in the UPSP black hole. I also got the kettle, mats and socks but opted for the foot mask and marble coasters YAY!!!

  40. I thought this was a great box. I chose the cozy wrap (LOVE it), planner, pillowcase, earrings, and silicone mats. I’m very happy with everything. I’m a little nervous to try the toner because I have sensitive skin, but I like that it has an esthetician’s approval! ;D

    A tip about aluminum foil: You can reuse it! Just clean it with soapy water and flatten it back out, or if it’s too ripped up to reuse, crumple it in a ball and toss it in your recycling bin (if your recycling service accepts it). My family grew up very thrifty and we reused foil several times, especially if it didn’t get super dirty (although we ALWAYS cleaned it between uses, don’t worry).

  41. After loosing the excitement of this box (I signed up for annual sub on December 8th) because it’s taken so long to ship, I am now looking forward to receiving it again! Fedex just notified me it’s heading my way so at least I know it won’t get lost in the USPS black hole. I also got the kettle, mats, and socks but opted for the foot masks and marble coasters. Yay!

  42. I chose the wrap which is amazingly soft and warm. I like to wear it while I’m creating jewelry or other art! I also chose the coasters (gorgeous), the baking mats (needed), the planner (even more beautiful and unique than I expected), and the pillowcase (smoothest and softest I’ve ever owned…I need full sheet set like it). I loved the other products as well. This was a fantastic box.

  43. The socks are the most luxurious feeling socks! I got the coasters which are beautiful, heavy, and also handmade. I also got the cardigan, which I like more than I thought I would, it’s super soft. And I got the foot masks which I haven’t tried just yet. I’m an annual, so I was able to choose my box contents.

  44. Really great, nice thorough review Megan! The kettle seems really small….I wonder if it would look odd on the stove? (I tend to leave mine out.)

    I didn’t receive this box but would have loved to read the booklet. I think it’s awesome when subscriptions include booklets and guides on the products they curated. It makes the whole experience seem more put together and complete.

    • The booklet also included a coloring page of the three lady picture, which I thought was a great touch! My 4yr old daughter made me draw eyes/noses on then since the faceless thing scared her, but then we colored it together. It was really precious!

      The booklet was nicely done, with so much information on the items and artisans. I realised the odd spots on my kettle handle that weren’t plated as well were actually from where twine/string had bee wrapped around it for the dunking process! Now what I thought was a flaw, I find pretty charming. There also was an art page illustrating parts of the moringa plant, which I pulled out to keep.

      • That’s really kind of cool about the tea kettle! Thanks for sharing ☺️

    • As the only tea drinker in my house, I found the kettle to be a bit small, but perfect for me! I think it looks pretty cute on the stove.

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