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Black Dahlia Lacquer Mystery Bags Available Now!

ByMSAJan 13, 2021 | 31 comments

Black Dahlia Lacquer
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Black Dahlia Lacquer has three mystery bags available now!

Black Dahlia Lacquer is again offering our annual limited edition custom Lucky Bags. Following in the Japanese New Year tradition of offering fukubukuro bags, or discounted mystery lucky bags, Black Dahlia Lacquer is offering customized Lucky Bags in three sizes.  

Lucky Bags may include any polish we currently sell on our Web site in either size, previously retired or limited edition shades, over pours of exclusive polish featured in collaborations (such as Polish Pick up or Hella Handmade Creations,) unreleased polish or prototypes, mystery polish, as well as top and base coats, and cuticle, beard or hair oil in current or unreleased scents. Some bags will also include gift cards worth $5 to $30. (Lasy year over half of all gift bags contained gift cards!) Each bag may contain more value and items than promised. Bags will contain different items and no two bags will be the same, even among Lucky Bags of the same size. Shipping is free for all bags shipped to US addresses. Flat rate international shipping is available.

We will make sure there are no duplicates if you order more than one bag. We do our best to customize Lucky Bags based on stated preferences left in the order notes whilst stock allows. Note that we may not be able to fulfill very specific requests, such as for polish of one particular color or finish.  Not sure what you’d like or hoping for a variety? No problem, simply skip the order notes section. Here are a handful of requests from prior years in case you’re not sure where to start:

“Love holos, anything blue and citrus-scented cuticle oil.”

“Prefer pastel shades, glitter top coats, don’t care for orange or purple polish and would love clear base coats.”

“My favorite polish colors are green and purple, prefer creams, especially ones I can use for stamping. I don’t like black or gray polish.”

 You can also note any preferred duplicates with multiple bag purchases. (Such as preferring to receive as many top coats or red polishes as possible, even if there are duplicates.)

The Box: Black Dahlia Lacquer Lucky Bag

The Cost:

  • Small Bag – $35
  • Medium Bag – $55
  • Large Bag – $80


  • Small Bag: This $35 bag contains a minimum of seven items with a retail value of at least $50. 
  • Medium Bag: This $55 bag contains a minimum of 14 items with a retail value of at least $100.
  • Large Bag: This $80 bag contains at least 20 items worth at least $160.

What do you think of the Black Dahlia Lacquer Lucky Bag? Will you be grabbing one?

Black Dahlia Lacquer is a hand-crafted, vegan, and 5-free nail polish line created by a mother-daughter team in 2014. Based in Houston, Texas, Black Dahlia Lacquer offers annual lucky bags with multiple pricing options. Lucky Bags go on sale every January and are worth at least double their cost, wi... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I got my large bag! I had never ordered from Black Dahlia before & it did not disappoint. Holy cow the colors are just stunning & thick as well. I ordered the large because we recently moved & my nail polish got ruined, we lost the box they were in and they are now stuck and the colors have separated. If anyone knows how to fix this that would be so amazing 🙂

They stuck pretty much with my preferences I said no oranges or yellows, no mattes or chromes & anything that would help with painting my nails at home. Overall, I am very happy next time I will request reds, purples, and pastels. There were 3 greens that were very similar to Cleopatra & 4 silvers maybe a little bit more variety but overall super happy

I got a total of 23 bottles, no oils just nail polishes

11 large bottles:

Top Speed Quick dry top coat

No more ridges filler base coat

Mystery shade (forest green with super fine holo almost linear holo)

Mystery shade (a navy blue with big glitter in colors blue, green, silver)

Mystery shade (a blurple lol a blue and purple with small blue & pink glitter then hexagon red glitter)

Mystery shade (a baby blue with green and blue glitter)

Mystery shade ( a raspberry color)

Carnation petals

Silver tinsel

Gumpaste magnolia

Olaf’s snowflowers

12 small bottles

Rocket’s Red Glare

Black Dahlia

Red Dahlia

Dahlia’s Dream (stunning never have seen anything like it before)


Peach Crocuses


Midnight rose

Amethyst rosette

Mystery shade (I really can’t describe this shade I think its a purple but it has a wide range of glitter that make it reflect purple, green, blue but its not a chrome polish it is just filled with so much holo/glitter)

Mystery shade (looks like Cleopatra except with bigger glitter)

Mystery shade ( dark navy with flex glitter that it almost looks like an opal)


Olaf’s Snowflakes has a somewhat infamous rep on Amazon and Influenster as one of their first batches was way too thick so no one could easily use it. You should be able to thin it with nail polish thinner if it’s too thick.

I’m loving my colors and having way too much fun doing my nails lately. 🙂 Peach Crocuses is just such a cute and sparkly shade for February.


My small lucky bag arrived today – hurray! I have to say: everything was packed really well in the envelope. Since I haven’t tried any indie polishes, I gave them free reign in what they sent me. I feel like I received a wide range of colors and tons of sparkle! Below is what I received…

5 of the 8ml:
Holo Oleander
Speckled Lilac
Peach Crocuses
Mystery – a reddish pink with an iridescent shimmer

2 of the 14ml:
Rose Bud
Mystery – a teal blue with all sorts of glitter

And a cuticle oil – no scent listed or that I can pick up. Also, I have no idea of the different finishes/effects for polish so I have no idea what’s what for these. 🙂

Overall, I’m really happy with this purchase! It’s a great way to try out the brand and each color is one that I can see myself wearing. I’m going to try again to scrub off the last little bit of glitter (big brand, not indie) that’s currently clinging to my nails so I can try one of these lovelies out tomorrow.


I just received the small bag I ordered. They did listen to my requests in colors. (pinks, purples and blues)

2 small bottles in fuschia flower and moonlight petals.

5 big bottles – african violet, blue ice blooms, lavender lillies, top speed top coat and no more ridges base coat.

Really excited to try them out soon! If this goes well, I’ll be ordering a bigger bag next time.


Just got my bag in the mail. Beautiful colors. Everything is frozen since it hasn’t stopped snowing in days, so I’ll have to way till tomorrow to try. Received cuticle oil in Ylang Ylang, 4 large size polishes. 3 are “Mystery” and one is Holo Oleander. 4 small size, one is”mystery”,2 “petite prototype” and the last one is Purple China Aster. Mostly purples and blues- I would definitely buy this again.


If any of you are joining their FB group Black Dahlia Lacqueristas, I will see you there. Black Dahlia really is one of my favorites. I love that they’ve added semi customization on the lucky bags (they didn’t for the first one I got a couple of years ago). They really, really nailed it and I really wish I had bought the biggest bag. I’m wearing Queen of the Nile today and I am really loving the deep red, almost black cherry color


I finally got my bag (it got delayed by the Post Office a couple days) and WOW. First impressions are very, very good!

– The color selection is near spot on to my tastes, and they really paid attention to my notes. There isn’t a single one I dislike, and of the few I’m sort of “meh” on I can transform with the two gorgeous topper shades they included. I got more than a few polishes I was secretly hoping for! I got 15 color polishes, one top coat, and one cuticle oil – 17 items, well past the 14 minimum promised. They also included a $5 gift certificate code, which is I think for their main website and not the Etsy shop.

– While technically I am supposed to “wait a day” to open them so they can warm up, I broke into some and painting my nails different colors as I was opening them throughout the day. While I took the polish off a bit ago, the initial impressions are very good.

#1 – The application is consistent. Unlike Julep, which has great colors but formulas that are all over the place in terms of quality and how they apply, every polish of the 7 or so I put on applied in about the same way, with none of them too gloopy or too streaky or otherwise “off.”

#2 The polish looked nice in one coat. While there were several shades I’d ideally go for two, looking nice in one coat is almost a must for me since I’m a busy mom and can get interuppted mid-manicure.

#3 The polishes dried in about 4-5 minutes and were able to stand up to changing my ids diapers, cooking, and other life-stuff after that – without even a base or top coat!

#4 The polishes *removed* nicely. Normally it takes 1-2 minnutes per nail, it seems, for me to remove a glitter or shimmer polish, and I have to scrub hard. With these, it was only about 20 seconds per nail, letting the cottonball soak against my nail for a few seconds with the polish remover, then swiping everything off in little circles. There was no harsh scrubbing required. The only polish so far that wasn’t quite as easy to remove was “Cleopatra,” as it left a sheer green behind at first, but I still was able to get it off in less than a minute.

I’ll try to post my shades when I get a chance. I don’t think any were mysteries (though I wouldn’t have minded) but it does look like one was a “Prototype.”


In my medium bag, I got 18 items – over a $144 value!

– Cuticle oil in Ylang Ylang (The scent I would have picked if shopping, so nice! It’s not as sweet/floral as a typical ylang ylang blend, which is actually pretty nice, it’s more balanced with some nuttier oils.)


Empire (pretty regency purple)
Clepatra (stunning green)
Holo Oleander (lavender with a neat rainbow holo effect)
Mystery shade – shimmery pinkish red (sort of a miss for personal preferences, as I dislike bright reds. Looked nice with the Khufu topper shade on it, though.)
Pyramid of Khufu – Great shimmery orange topper, looks cute on it’s own but transforms other shades – over black it looks very cool, but more of an October shade!
Sphinx – a lighter green topper, also very cool
Star Gazer – Such a pretty navy! It has a silvery shimmer typically, but in the right light it picks up an amazing rainbow effect.
Before the Ball Drops – glitzy metallic flakie polish that sometimes looks like icy steel with purple and blue, yet other times looks antique gold with orange and reddish flecks!
Peach Crocuses – Love this sweet peachy shimmer!
Capitol Rose Garden – I was very happy this was in my bag, as I love the color on the website. It actually doesn’t look as great on me as I hoped, as it’s a little too pink for me. But the dusty rosy color is very lovely on it’s own.
Moonlight Petals – a creme navy, quite vibrant and saturated in color with a slight teal undertone
Queen of the Nile – gorgeous deep red/black cherry/cranberry shade
Necromancer – Black with rainbow flakies. It’s a but dark for my normal tastes, but it is pretty cool. I might try out the toppers over it.

Top Speed Top Coat
Ivy Vines – a medium green cream
Copper Lei – A gorgeous coppery color with pink and bronze flecks – I love how the light plays on this one.
Mystery – a dark teal with flakies, quite pretty. It’s a nice topper over the navy shades, as well.

So far I love the quality, as well. They are pretty chip-resistant and the formula seems to be consistently good. (Unlike my first julep mystery box that came with the sub where some polishes were fantastic and others were terribly gloppy or streaky.)


Small bag, with preferences: “I love all the special finishes, especially anything duochrome/iridescent. I love citrus scents. I prefer no top coats or pastel crèmes.”

I was pretty stoked right off the bat when I pulled 9 individually wrapped items out of my bag!

I received:
– Cuticle oil in Lemon with Mandarin

– Holo Oleander
– Queen of the Nile
– Save the Forest
– Save the Ocean (really happy to get this duo)
– Prototype (a deep coral linear holo that’s very pretty even though it doesn’t have a strong shift)

Full size:
– Mystery (wine colored linear holo)
– Mystery (light blue shimmer w iridescent flakies)
– Mystery (evergreen crelly w iridescent flakies)

The only one that doesn’t look like something I’d have purchased for myself is the crelly, simply because that’s not my preferred formula. I’ll have to experiment with it & see if it can change my mind. 🙂


We got a similar bag! I am so happy with mine and I am glad you are too!


I received my medium lucky bag yesterday. Only shade I couldn’t locate on the website was starred.

8ml polishes included:
Queen of the Nile
Dahlia’s Dream
Before the Ball Drops
Capitol Rose Garden
Amethyst Rosette
Holo Oleander
Pyramid of Khufu
***Rockets Red Glare

14ml polishes included:
Scarlet Begonias
Speckled Lilac
Copper Lei
Mystery (looks identical to Sparklefest)
Top Speed Top Coat
Glass Orchid

I also got a cuticle oil rollerball in Ylang Ylang!

Overall, the company did an amazing job sticking to my preferences. I have tried on the Mystery polish already. It’s an easy application, fast dry time, easy cleanup, and simply gorgeous in just two coats. Zero chips in the first 24hrs I’ve been wearing it. I am so impressed with Black Dahlia Lacquer! Thanks MSA for the heads up on the lucky bags!


Isn’t Dahlia’s dream stunning? When I pulled it out of its bubble wrap I was like OMG beautiful


Mine is due to arrive late tonight. I see several shades in yours I would love to get, so we’ll see. 😀 I’m also hoping I get the oil in Ylang Ylang or Jasmine.


So glad you liked it! I have been a big fan of Black Dahlia since my first lucky bag 3 years ago. I’m trying to decide which shade I want to put on today


I got my small bag and it’s exactly what I asked for customization wise. I got 8 polishes and 1 cuticle oil. I asked for jewel tones and bold colors (no pastels), shimmers, holos and creams (I didn’t get any true creams, but that’s OK), They did an excellent job. Here is my breakdown

Gold shimmer (it says Empire as the shade and the empire on the site is a purple color, so the label is either a misprint or It’s a dc’d shade, mystery shade etc. Either way, it’s stunning. 8mL $7.50
Cuticle oil in lemon with mandarin- 10mL $6.50
Queen of the nile- Ruby red cream with a hint of sparkle 8mL $6.75
Mystery shade in a very vibrant fuchsia with shimmer 8mL $6.75
Holo Oleander- this shade is STUNNING lavender with shift! 8mL $7.50
Save the Forest- jade green jelly with shift. Paint over black for stronger shift. I am so excited to try a jelly polish. 8mL $7.50
Sphinx- chartreuse jelly nail polish with gold and lime green metallic flakes 14mL $11.50
Mystery shade in a raspberry shimmer (I think it might be the shade Wild Cherry Blossoms 14mL $11.50
Empire- Empire is a vivid violet nail polish with blue Aurora shimmers 14mL $11.50

Total value $77, paid $35. They well exceeded the $50 threshold and I am very happy with it. This is my 3rd lucky bag with them and I have yet to be disappointed. I only wish I bought a bigger bag.


This makes me more excited! Mine has been sitting since Tuesday, in pre-shipment. Do you know which state they ship from? Its been so long since I ordered, already!


I can’t remember what state, but I believe mid west. The lucky bag was such a success that it’s 10-14 days processing time plus shipping time. It’s worth the wait!


Ordered! I got the middle bag. It was tough to pick between this and the Zoya mystery bag, but I decided an entire order taking my preferences into account is a bit better than 6 items I personally select along with 9 randomly curated items.

Plus, looking at the colors, Black Dahlia has a wider selection of colors that I really want. Zoya had a few pretty oranges I would love, but nothing much else that jumped out at me.

We’ll see how it goes!


I’ve never tried this brand, and the comments convinced me to give it a shot! I ordered the small bag to check them out. I did put in comments about colors I prefer, so we’ll see how it goes. Polish is my weakness. I don’t need any, but you know how that goes…


I purchased one of their Lucky/Mystery bags a maybe two years ago and I was really pleased. I requested holos and creams with no nail oils – and that’s exactly what I received. I ordered a small bag and it contained 8 polishes – 4 smaller 8mL sized polishes, and 4 standard 14 mL bottles.

If I didn’t have an insane amount of nail polish, I’d order from them again for sure.


I 100% don’t need this…but I definitely want it! ^_^ So many colors and sparkles!
I like that they offer some light customization on these bags while still keeping it all a surprise.

Does anyone know if the formula is fairly quick-drying? I always seem to accidentally knock my nails against something while they’re still drying.


Yes, fairly quick, but not super quick like some polishes.


Awesome. Thanks for the info!


I love indie nail polishes – this is a wonderful brand. They have a lot of beautiful and unique polishes and lovely cream polishes. This is probably a good way to get a number of their polishes if you do not already own it. I own quite a few from this brand.


I ordered a small bag. I really wanted the large, but I am trying to save money and use up some of my current stash. These bags are always fun though, so I couldn’t resist!


Fantastic indie brand! Good quality. I bought their last small mystery bag and was very happy. It came with very wearable shades and a cuticle oil.


After browsing their colors I am pretty tempted. It’s so hard to find nice greens, and they have so many fantastic ones!

Steph H.

For anyone wondering, it’s a good indie brand. I haven’t bought anything for a couple years, but I really do like the formula. The ones that I own still work great.

Lee Ann

It seems there’s lots of positive feedback on etsy. I personally haven’t tried the brand.


Same question….anyone tried this indie brand?


I know nothing of this brand. Does anyone have experience with their products? TIA

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.