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Allure Beauty Box July 2021 – Spoiler #3

Allure Beauty Box February 2021 Spoiler #3!

We have the third spoiler for the February 2021 Allure Beauty Box!

FYI – If you sign up now, January will be your first box. Check out the January spoilers here.

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The February Allure Beauty Box will include:

Floss Lip Advocate in Your Honor (Full Size!)


Christophe Robin Daily Hair Cream with Sandalwood (Full Size!)


U Beauty Resurfacing Compound (Full Size 30ml) – $148!

What do you think of the spoilers?

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Click here to get a 12-month Allure Beauty Box  subscription and a Mega Bundle for $250!

Allure Beauty Box is $23 a month. If you sign up now, January will be your first box. Check out the January spoilers here.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (69)

  1. Lookin’ good on all the spoilers. Being a beauty box aficinado; I can say Allure delivers more fun and value then the rest of the boxes.

  2. Hmm. The Allure website says this box is worth “$220+” and is their highest value box ever.

    $148 – U Beauty
    $ 43 – Christophe Robin
    $ 18 – Floss

    These three come out to $209. So the remaining 3 items will have a combined value of $11+?

    I guess that’s fine because these 3 items are great, but wow.

  3. Wow.. I actually Love the Feb Box! I was Not impressed w:Color of Lippie but then Noticed it’s from “Floss” which IS my FAV Highlighter of Many 100’s Recvd In My Too Many Sub Boxes! I Love the Formula/Texture & Color of the Floss Highlighter Which Was Recvd From ALLURE Months Ago! I Love the Samples From Allure & Grown to Love “La Roche..” (which missed past month or 2). I Think Allure Box resembles “Look Fantastic” Box out of UK (Awesome Box!!) ‘ Kinda like Macy’s (Jan 1ST box w/No Missing Products Replaced W:😞)

    • I love their lipgloss too!

  4. Has anyone been able to cancel their subscription? I know the policy is that you can’t but l wanted to try.

    • YES you can Cancel Allure. You can call their number 1-800-274-1603 M-F 7am-11pm CST, Sat and Sunday 8am-6pm CST or email them @ [email protected] . I emailed them at this email to Cancel when they increased the price. You can cancel one month and resubscribe the next.

      • Thank you so much, Whitney. I emailed them at [email protected] and this is the response:
        Dear Subscriber:
        Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Box.
        We are sorry, the annual Allure Beauty Box subscription is non-refundable.
        We have removed your Allure Beauty Box membership from automatic renewal. Your September 2021 box will be your last box.
        I will try calling or use the email address you suggested.

      • Thank you, Whitney. I tried to cancel and received this message:
        Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Box. We are sorry, the annual Allure Beauty Box subscription is non-refundable.
        We have removed your Allure Beauty Box membership from automatic renewal. Your September 2021 box will be your last box.

    • @amy, you can skip the boxes you dont want. But make sure to do so before 1st of the month. I know you can skip a month or two at a time. Not sure if you can 3 months or more.

      • Thanks, Rosh. I wanted to cancel the entire subscription, but I guess I can settle for skipping particular boxes.

    • No, you can’t cancel an annual subscription, only monthly

  5. The spoilers, so far, are the types of products I have been hoping for when the upped the price! Definitely looking forward to the February box!

  6. I hope Allure is telling the truth and we all get Your Honor. Not only am I currently watching a show by the same name on Showtime, but the nude and the coral shades of this product wouldn’t work for me. If I like the first three spoilers as much as I think I will, my husband may have to subscribe for a month as well. I bought into the ‘one year at the lower price’ offer, and skipped December and January, so it’s nice (not to mention unusual) to be somewhat excited! If anyone from Allure Box actually reads this- think about an option where a person could name one or two things they definitely don’t want- no mascara! No black eyeliner! You could replace the unwanted items with something from the vast store of leftovers you make the Mega Bundles from, and you’d probably attract a lot more subscribers in the process.

  7. I am so upset with Allure!! I received two notifications this week that my boxes have shipped. I emailed them making sure I didn’t get 2 January boxes, and they said it was my December and January boxes that just shipped. But I SKIPPED the December box!! When I tried to cancel in advance for my annual subscription (not happy with it) they said I cant cancel yet because I still have like 7 or 8 boxes left. When I asked her when CAN I cancel, she said.. “Try calling in September, or maybe July just to give us a heads up?? Actually call in June and then follow up in July”
    Why do I feel like they’re DEFINITELY going to try and charge me for another annual subscription when the time comes. Not happening 🙄

    • Morgan- Be precise with your records regarding what’s charged to your credit card and what you receive. If you’re charged for something you did not order, dispute the charge with your credit card company. If you’re being sent a box you skipped, reach out to Allure to make sure you get extended a month for the skipped box. Technically, you didn’t order it, so even if you get it, you should not have to pay for it. (I’m dealing with the same situation myself).

      • I skipped December and they shipped it anyway in January. I reached out by email, and phone and they replied that they do not have the ability to “extend the subscription by a month” I even spoke with a supervisor. Not cool.

      • @Bran Yikes when I called to sign up for annual I very specifically asked if I could skip boxes and just have months extended and they said yes! I wouldn’t have signed up for annual otherwise!

    • Same thing happened to me, but I ended up getting the December box as a bonus gift. I skipped it too! But I will take it for free.

  8. Can I just say I have called customer service twice in the past, once today, and customer service is terrible!!!! They’re tone is very nice but the message sent is very different. Canceled in December but got charged for January’s box…called customer service and they said they have a no-refund policy. Well, if you followed your cancellation policy it wouldn’t be an issue….

    • Typing too fast…their not they’re

    • Call back! I got a refund 2x last yearish when I put a hold on my account and I got charged anyway and received a box.

      • That was my second call:( but since you had success I will give it a 3rd go and then cut my losses! Thanks!

    • I signed up for the year just before the price change. Once the year is up I’m cancelling. If they don’t honor it they’ll be having a fight with my credit card company because I will report them for fraud. I suggest you do the same if they refuse to cancel your sub. If you are month to month then legally they are committing fraud if they continue to charge you. I do suggest sending a certified letter to their business address informing them of you cancelling too for your records.

    • I think subbing on amazon is easier. If you’re not completely done and want to pick and choose boxes amazon lets you cancel easily or skip months. And it all comes from allure and actually ships faster if you pay at the beginning of the month. You can also contact your card or bank and tell them you want a charge back.

    • Honestly I’d email my bank with the proof I canceled. Might make allure mad but oh well. Maybe try a prepaid card next time, there’s a site (forgot the name) that let’s u make prepaid e cards or whatever. Works pretty well from what I’ve heard. At least then they can’t charge you unexpectedly.

      • Thanks for all the tips about calling my bank, I might have to try that!

  9. Maybe since it is a sheer lip tint formulated with shea butter to deliver long lasting hydration you’ll actually like this one!

  10. This box is looking good sooo far!!! Finally lol.. Alos hoping the lip color is not too dark. They just shipped out my January box this morning!

    • Amazon or Allure? Mine usually has shipped by now through Allure.

      • I subscribe through Allure and mine hasn’t shipped yet.

    • Mine just shipped this morning too, subscribe through Allure.

  11. I want my January box to ship.
    February Looks really good to me.
    I Love the products and 3 full size yah…

  12. How does everyone already have March spoilers? MSA is really lagging lately 🙁

    • Who is “everyone”?

      • Any subscription blog you can throw a rock at, if you put “allure march 2021 spoiler” into google, you’ll see

    • Hi Lana! Thanks for letting us know. We post spoilers as soon as we see them, but if you ever see one before we do, feel free to let us know – we’ll happily give you credit in the post!

    • Yikes! I was happier before I saw that March spoiler…

      • I agree, the first March spoiler is very disappointing. It’s the Eyeko Double Act Shadow Stick in Dusk & Dawn, which is two shades of brown. Brown just isn’t an eyeshadow color I gravitate towards, they would need to provide a tutorial for me to get on board.

      • LOL. Agreed!

  13. I want my January box to ship!!

    • When I used to get Allure, they usually shipped around 15th or so. Now I go through Amazon. I know exactly when my box comes

  14. February is looking better than December and January.

  15. While everyone is pysch about this box i am still debating on it. U compound has retinol and it doesnt work with my sensitive dry skin

    • So far that’s the only thing I DO want. We need to split a box, lol.

  16. Izzie, it’s so weird how that works: Burt’s Bees does nothing for me, but I loved the Manna Kadar!

    • Heheh it is! I thought lips were quite “universal”(not much of a difference from person to person), but was I wrong!

  17. I saw spolier #1 for March too!

    • where???

  18. I think these spoilers look great. I really like the look of the color on the Floss lip product, but if there is a brown or bright orange red variant, I will probably receive that instead.

    • I have noticed that the colors provided by allure in their pics of spoilers don’t really match the shade of such product when I get it (lipsticks, nail polish, you name it, it’s like they apply filters on the pics). However, I went to get info on the floss website and, according to the spoiler, we are supposed to receive this specific color which is the same as represented on the floss website (on the model it looks very pretty). It’s a sheer lip tint, and in theory, we all are safe from bright orange reds and browns 😉

      • Thank you for looking into this. Sounds even better if it is a sheer tint. Now I am really looking forward to it!

      • Right?!? I agree with you 100% on that Izzie!!! I was kinda worried about the color being too dark for me but when I went to their website and looked at it it was NOT the color I was expecting AT ALL!!! Haha I was actually pleasantly surprised!! The description they gave of the color was semi-sheer berry pink.

    • 😅 I know Just what you mean let’s hope that it is only this one shade! I think it would be a nice shade on all lips.

      • Even if it isn’t, I think all four shades are pretty nice and neutrally.

    • “Your Honor” is the color so thinking we will all get the same

  19. I love this spoiler. I received the U Beauty product earlier in a kit from Pret-a-porter, and I love it. Feb looks great to me. Looking forward to sometime receiving my Jan box too.

    • I love the U Beauty serum too. I received a deluxe sample in the SkinStore advent box and it’s amazing! Looking forward to more.

  20. First two spoilers were good enough that I’m IN for Feb, but this spoiler is very meh.

    • This was my thought exactly! Still signing up for the serum alone. I won’t use the lipstick but the rest so far is still worth it.

    • Same, totally agreed.

  21. I don’t really care for the crayon/lipstick. I wish they included a highly-moisturizing clear lip balm, it’s the one product I use a lot and always run out quickly, and I think it would fit into every routine.

    • Bite is the best lip balm I’ve ever used.

    • The Manna Kadar lip mask from a couple months ago is a surprisingly great clear moisturizing treatment, so they have sent one recently.

      • You are right! but they also include a lipstick pretty much almost every month, so I wouldn’t be upset to see another clear lip balm instead of a pigmented one (which I use way less). On me, the manna kadar lip mask performed way worse than a burt’s bees lip balm and I had to keep reapplying it (I have very dry lips and my apartment is extremely dry in winter) and I finished the tube in a bit more than a month.

      • Izzie:

        I have to reapply the Manna Kadar every couple of hours to maintain a moist feel. It works well as a base with a heavier balm as a seal.

      • That MK really didn’t work for me, but I wouldn’t want any more lip balms, kinda drowning in them

    • Have you tried Akar? It hydrates a long time.

    • Thank you for the suggestions, I haven’t tried neither bite nor akar, but I am adding them both to my “to buy” list 🙂

      • I’ll second the Bite Beauty — all of their lip products are amazing. My experience with Akar is that it feels great on, but it doesn’t seem to penetrate deeply. I think we sampled it through Allure a while back, so if you’re a long(ish)-time subscriber, go dig out that bright red, round tin from your stash! 🙂

        The Full On Lip Cream by Buxom Cosmetics is my ride or die lip hydration product, though it’s actually a gloss. It has hyaluronic acid, and I even wear it now during WFH just for the moisturizing.

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