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Allure Beauty Box May 2021 Spoiler #2

Allure Beauty Box January 2021 Available Now + FULL SPOILERS!

If you sign up now, your first box will be the January 2021 Allure Beauty Box

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The January Allure Beauty Box will include:

  • L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream OR L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Serum
  • True & Lucious Super Moisture Lipstick in Vintage Rose (Full Size)
  • ManiMe Personalized Gel Nail Stickers (Full Set)
  • Saturday Skin Rub-A-Dub Refining Peel Gel (Full Size)
  • The Beauty Crop Blush Duo in Mauve-ulous (Full Size)
  • BaseBlue Cosmetics Airsponge

If you sign up now, you’ll receive two new member gifts:

  • Decorte Liposome Moisture Serum
  • Decorte AQ Serum Absolute

What do you think of the spoilers?

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Allure Beauty Box is $23 a month.

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Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (86)

  1. I actually am excited for this box! It has a great value and I know I’ll be using most of the items. Totally worth the annual $14. And unlike most of you, I guess I have a shortage of skincare and makeup items. (I don’t subscribe to a lot of beauty boxes).

  2. This box looks terrible. I gave it a try to see if it would get better, it hasn’t so I’m done with this box. For $2 more you can get Boxycharm, I already get Ipsy GBP. I think the boxes were so much better when they were $15. They are losing so many customers who aren’t happy with the products and the price.

  3. This box is ridiculous. I would expect an improvement to justify that price hike but this is definitely not it. I will now be canceling this new but not improved Allure….nail stickers? Really? That is insulting. Colors? Nasty. Old product, inexcusable.Allure blew it right out of the gate, its a mess. This was a confusing rollout, not much information and what was given was not inviting. Rookie fail. I am out.

  4. I really wish if could have got allure for $14, but I am a new subscriber so there was no way for me to get the annual subscription for that price. for $14 I would have zero complaints whatsoever.

    I started out with ipsy in 2017 & canceled after like 6 months or so. then I got a one-month boxycharm in Nov 2020 (canceled after my 1st box) & 3 months allure with a holiday bundle in November. Now I have enough skincare and makeup that will last me for at least this whole year, just need to get some moisturizers.

    I got so many serums and another one on the way in Feb? I can bathe in serums now. glad I skipped dec allure. I did not like a single product in dec allure box since I am paying $25. But no complaints with what I have received so far with both the services.

    Paid $27 for boxy with taxes, received Eloise & breakfast in bed eye shadow palette, biography eyeliners, milk mascara, snow mushroom water serum & INT cosmetics lip oil (which I did not like at all)———-> so this was worth the price for me due to breakfast in bed eye shadow which uses non-harmful ingredients, and snow mushroom serum was worth it for me, rest are just bonus. I want to throw away lip oil, but waiting to see if i can gift it or give it to someone who can make use of it. I received a mannakadar lip mask in my allure box, so will be using that.

    paid a total of $70 for 3 months allure subscpn.
    The holiday bundle itself made it worth for me. I was running out of face wash I was going to get one anyway, I have been waiting to try erno lazlo soap for long time, and OH the Tarte hydrating lipstick (just love it!), real ferment micro essense is doing wonders for my skin honestly and I have used it only a few times without any other skincare product, so I know the results are of the serum only. I ran out of eye cream too, so Amore pacific eye cream arrived just in time. I was excited to try Sunday Riley cream, but it was a huge disappointment, could be due to old stock, Sunday Riley ICE cream started giving me dry patches all over my face & break out, but glad it atleast saved my $65, I wont have to buy it to try now. Rest of the allure box products are just bonuses.

    I would be absolutely happy if I could get 2 useful products in my last two allure boxes for now. too late to skip jan box, but its okay, i need moisturizer anyway so just can try that l’occitane. I could use all the products in jan allure box, I try to be a minimalist, so do not have a room full of products in stock.

    I wish & hope we could use maniMe credit for anything on their website, else nail stickers are a total waste for me. I would get their top coat & base coat nail polishes if I could (though they are overpriced). if not no big deal. I have never tried nail stickers, so it will be a new experience.. those maniMe nail stickers look like plastic stickers stuck on nails though. seem like overpriced nail stickers to me. I would hate to have to download the app to scan nails and select designs and place order, all this for just one-time order to use the $30 gift card

    out of ipsy, boxycharm & allure I have tried so far ipsy & Allure seems like the best bang for my buck. travel size makeup products in Ipsy were just perfect for me since I do not use much make-up but I still like to have some in my drawer. the deluxe size makeup products in ipsy bag were perfect size for me and my sister. I am 33 yr old now BTW.
    Hopefully, I will get to use these makeup products soon, I cant wait to get over with covid!

  5. So glad I unsubscribed. I actually thought the products were better when the price was cheaper. The only box I liked was the one with the New Co Vitamin C and the Verso Eye cream…since that…garbage. I’ll save my $23 or reuse to Beauty Heroes or Boxwalla where you always get high quality products.

    • Agree the old boxes were better.

  6. On the allure Facebook page there’s a unboxing video of January’s box and it shows the blush one side is cream and sheer the other side is powder and brighter if that matters to anyone also the new member gifts are not full size I don’t remember where I saw that somebody said they were but the girl in the video says that both of them together are $100 value so I’m assuming they’re deluxe samples because each of those products are pretty high in price so that remains to be seen and she did spoil February and said that it’s definitely a full size of the exfoliate bottle

    • Hey so the U beaty is forsure in the February box. I would appreciate your help

  7. As a longtime allure-fan, I have hesitated to criticize the value of the new higher-priced box. But this is garbage. (Nail stickers?) And I have not liked ANY of the boxes since the price change. I’m sorry I paid for a year.

    I am excited for the Feb. spoiler, so that’s something….


    Not sure if they are still offering this but the fragrance box was amazing.

  8. So glad I unsupped last month this is the last month they screw me over with crappy products and things that look like they came from China like that sponge and seriously nail stickers?

  9. I guess I’m in the minority liking this box. I’ve been hard on Allure since the price change, but this is the first box they’ve curated that I think is actually worth the $23. Unfortunately the Saturday Skin product contains an ingredient I’m allergic to, or otherwise I’d sub for the month.

  10. I’m kind of excited about this box because it seems better than the previous few boxes.

    Excited about the L’Occitane.

    The lipstick looks pretty but I’m a little afraid because it looks similar to a previous Appeal lipstick that we received that didn’t look good on me at all.

    I don’t do my nails but the ManiMe looks fun and different so I’m going to give it a try.

    I’m also afraid of the blush because to my eye it doesn’t look mauve at all. It looks fuschia, which I really don’t like.

    We’ll see. I just miss getting my monthly box.

  11. this box has gotten truly awful since the price bump. im so glad i didnt opt in to the yearly sub.

    • Unfortunately, I opted in and l’m sorry; the quality has gone downhill since the price increase. I can’t get a refund.

  12. I have an annual so it’s comes out to about 14.00 a box for me so I honestly don’t care what I get. I make goodie bags and donate them to woman’s shelters

  13. just got mine yesterday. also, am I the only one disappointed in these boxes? we’re paying more and I’m not impressed by what we get, at all.

    • NO you’re not. Just got mine on Saturday and the only product I like is the Ciate London palette. The rest of the products remind me of Birchbox and their TINY sample size products. I’d rather go back to the old boxes with the old price tag bc for $25 you can get either ipsy plus and get all 5 full size products OR Boxycharm and get 5 full size products for$2 more. I’m glad I canceled.

      • why ipsy plus or boxycharm look better compared to allure is because they are 90% make-up, while allure is atleast 50% skin care, and skin care products are expensive to make , its effectiveness & results are important whereas make-up are not that expensive to make, and can be purchased for a fraction of its cost.

        I think ipsy & boxy are making more money compared to the allure, though they all cost around the same. it’s just our perception that we are getting better deal with ipsy & boxy. for example just see how many deals we can find on Ulta & sephora for make-up products compared to skin care.
        skin-care business is a tough job!

      • Rosh I get all three. BoxyCharm, Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, and Allure. I get skincare in every Ipsy and every BoxyCharm I’ve gotten so far. I’ve gotten QMS moisturizer, QMS eye cream, Tomato serum, Helios serum, Murad night time retinol moisturizer, two different Purlisse moisturizers, and a lot of other stuff. All of it full sized and most of them worth a pretty penny. My BoxyCharm this month Farmacy Moisturizer and Avant Miceller Water. My Ipsy has a Callyssee facial scrub, a Vitabrid vitamin c serum, and Filorga eye cream. Also keep in mind that Allure is sending sample sizes and cheating by claiming full size and products that are not full sized while both Boxy and Ipsy send a minimum of 5 full sized products for nearly the same price. I will be cancelling Allure when my year is up. I regret paying for a full year with such low quality and small samples all the time. This box was so disappointing. I agree with everyone else here that a coupon for nail stickers is tacky. I can’t even wear them at work so I’d have to take them off if I pick up shifts and am wearing them. They are a fad that had started to fade after that mlm company died and now there is another mlm that has revived the trend.

  14. It’s not a bad box, but I’m glad I skipped. The delayed spoilers are annoying

    Lipstick – looks beautiful, I’m on overload
    Saturday Skin – I’d love to try the brand, but I don’t use these types of exfoliating cleansers
    Blush – I’m on overload and cream and powder in one compact is a no go for me
    Nail stickers – look cool; having it be a voucher instead of a product is annoying, extra work for me
    So that leaves me with a L’Occitane sample and a drugstore sponge, meh

    • The L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream sells for $100 and is full size. Has great reviews too.

      • But we are getting sample sized….

      • It is definitely sample size. I don’t even think it is 0.5 oz.

  15. Skipped again through Amazon. Would’ve like to try the Saturday Skin peel gel and the L’Occitane, but that’s it. The rest of the box was a big disappointment. Ugh!

    • ya, agreed. I bought the year promo before they changed the price (so each box comes to like $13 vs the new $23) — I make sure there’s one item I’m I’m genuinely interested in trying (I just consider that one product for the price and the rest is “bonus”) or I skip. I’ve skipped the past 2. I kept this one to try the 2 that you had mentioned, but I’d never pay $23 for it. Also, can boxes PLEASE stop sending sponges! I have approximately 45438574897 and I’ve purchased none of them!

      • LOL. Unlike some others, I wish I had gotten the yearly deal at the old price. Then I could try the few products I’m interested in, at a better price. Since the increase, most just haven’t been worth $23 to me. February looks more promising though. 🤞🏻

  16. I use the last blush they sent on my eye lids, cheeks and lips as it is a cream product. Even with using it in 3 places, almost daily, it’s going to last a longggggg time. I’ve barely put a scratch in it.

    I’d love to know who goes through so much blush. I’m genuinely curious.

    • I’ve never used up a blush and feel bad receiving a new one, but the color works for me since I don’t have anything mauve, and I like cream blushes. If I know the one you’re talking about, the Beautaniq Beauty Butter, I’ve been using it a lot too and am about halfway through it. But with this new blush coming I probably won’t finish it any time soon.

    • The Beautaniq blush pot we got a few months ago has started to smell unpleasant, not bad, but just unpleasant. Glad to get another blush TBH

  17. This is reminding me of an old TARGET beauty box. What gives Allure?

  18. What an incredibly cheap box…how disappointing!

    These items are ALL cheap except for the manime item. Well, this will be curious, but I’m not holding my breath. With the price increase, we are expecting ALLURE to rev up their game…it’s not done like this.

    • I was excited about the ManiMe until I saw the 5 designs that we actually get to choose from. They’re all tacky AF.

      • Where do you see the designs for the Allure box? I went to the ManiMe website, and see the reference to Allure, but no link to click on the designs for the Allure box. Thanks.

      • Omfg I agree! I do not like designs, seriously I hate designs on nails….it’s like wearing socks and crocs! This is how much I hate nail art. I thought we got to choose….but seriously why not have a solid color choice? FFS…….

      • 😂@Sarah…..Girl, Exactly!!!!!

      • Coco1, the designs are on Allure’s Beauty Box website. There’s a gif flashing the five designs under the January Beauty Box spoilers.

        Sarah S, agreed, not my taste at all. I was hoping to get a solid design in an understated color. I might get the most insane pattern just to be ridiculous for a week and then take them off. I work from home so no one will even see them!

      • Seriously those options for the nail stickers are awful.

    • Not sure what your definition of cheap is; the peeling gel is $28 and the lipstick is $22, so…. Plus, the full size of the L’Occitane cream and serums are $110 and $59, respectively, so a deluxe sample of either is going to have pretty high value.

      Seriously, I understand not liking the curation (it’s not for me, even if I’d love to try a L’Occitane product), but complaining that the items in this box are “ALL cheap” is something else.

  19. I wish they wouldn’t always picture the new member gift(s) first in official photos. Thanks for fixing that order in the list below, MSA.

    • right! I got excited to try the Decorte brand/products and realized it was a new member gift. Can we not include the “bonuses” in the box section?

    • AGREE! I keep getting excited. Bonuses should maybe be a different post? Or at least a separate place…

  20. I’m full of question marks now.
    What ????

  21. Omg that blush is only $10?? And the sponge only $6? Disappointing!!! I didn’t know we’d be getting drugstore in the Allure box!

    • ….there is always drug store mixed in with the Allure box. That has always been a thing.

    • That sponge is great and they do typically have drug store brands.

  22. Was so hopeful for this box after the 1st few spoilers, but a blush and a sponge makes it a no for me. Oh well, off i go to Amazon to skip another month

  23. Sooo I went to the site to get one for my daughter in law. It says at the top your first box will be February. And for one box it has the 2 free gifts but for 3 months it says the bundle (which hasn’t been changed on that page) but says nothing about the 2 free gifts so I wonder if it’s either/or ? I doubt they would answer if I called today to ask since it’s a holiday. But I wonder if you aren’t already subbed and try to sub for Feb if it will say first box will be March?? Ohh my head hurts now. Maybe I’ll just give her mine lol

    • You should get both! My first month I got the new member gift plus later in the mail the sub bundle.

      • Thanks it’s a birthday gift so I need to know what to buy lol

  24. Glad I skipped ✋

  25. So basically we were waiting for a prolonged period of time for $8 blush to be revealed. I’m skipping. I hope Allure won’t play this waiting game again.

    The only product that is useful to me is Loccitane. Clearly I’m not paying even old price for a tiny sample. I use blushes and lipsticks, but color is not for me. They shouldn’t include two full size makeup products if they won’t let us choose from some variables. I agree this box seems decent compared to the last few months though, only if you find at least one or two full size products that interest you.

  26. Is it too late to skip this box? any one know the cut off date?

    • I was told I could cancel until like the 3rd of each month.

  27. I think this is a good box. No complaints here 👌

  28. I can’t believe I didn’t cancel in time! $23 right down the toilet.

    • You can still cancel! I was told I could cancel until like the 3rd of each month.

    • I know! I remembered to cancel December and the rep said are you SURE you want to cancel entire subscription and I said I’ll call back and I FORGOT!!!
      🙁 !! I’m calling NOW to dump this box I get ipsy glam and glam plus – glam bag X starting next month and that’s SOOOOO much better. Allure used to be so much better with Sunday Riley, Kate Somerville, Ole Henrikson, Huda, MAC etc. now they are terrible. I I don’t think they should EVER include manicure items many women like myself DO NOT do them especially NOW! oh well I guess the cream is ok I’ve never heard of it…

  29. January will be my last box.

    • Wow, did you see the spoilers for February though? I am more excited by that than by anything in recent months. January seems okay to me, but the February spoiler that just dropped U Beauty is keeping me around.

      • I did. January is my last of a multi month. I’m keeping Ipsy Plus and trying Ipsy X for February. Ipsy offers better products for me. I love the three choices for Plus as well.

  30. Now this and the Feb spoiler is more of what it was supposed to be. Somebody in a previous thread had said it seems like it wasn’t supposed to be better until January and I’m starting to think they were right. Maybe all their ducks weren’t in a row for the new promises. If it stays on this corse they might turn out fine

    • I’m excited about February already and January looks better than the past few months. I’m sticking with it for now.

  31. I think this is a pretty good box! It’s full of new products and brands – and that’s what I want from a subscription box. The nail stickers are the thing I’m most excited about, but I think it’s a good variety overall.

  32. Finally! I don’t regret skipping. I don’t think it’s a terrible box if one uses these products, but I have enough backup of exfoliant masks/peels (would have liked to try this, but a full size will go to waste),I am in no need of makeup, and The nail stickers are something I avoid.

  33. Wow return of the beauty crop. Not a terrible product or anything but Ive yet to get a box since October. Absolutely terrible pricing.

  34. Skipping. Wayyyy too much makeup. Another lipstick? Ive been wearing a mask for almost a year so enough already. Ive gotten so many rub-a-dub samples I have at least 4 sitting in my “maybe someday I’ll use this” drawer. The only good item in my opinion is the L’Occitane and its a sample. The nail priduct looks neat but the last gel stickers we got a couple months ago are still sitting in that drawer i mentioned. Not making last months mistake. What happened to better boxes with better products? We are getting less now and the value has fallen at at 50% increase!

    • How can you skip? I just signed up in December but haven’t received my box yet but I’d love to skip this one.

  35. Still not good enough for my money…

  36. Hate that the “New Subscriber” products are always so awesome while the rest of us loyal customers get products that aren’t as good (imo). I can appreciate all companies need new customers, but they also should not forget their current base.

    • Almost makes me wonder how long I could play the yes/no to subscribing game before they catch on.

  37. I’m so glad I didn’t take the bait in September and sign up for an annual subscription. Still waiting on this box to be worth $23.

    • I took the bait and regret it. If I paid $23 I would be livid.

      • I’m so disappointed. I don’t really want to skip boxes, because I just want to be done with Allure at this point

    • I have an annual and it’s absolutely worth the $14 for me. Love Sat Skin and looking forward to trying the nail stickers since I use these, just from another brand. The lipstick looks beautiful. Only item I’m not sure about is the blush as the color doesn’t seem to fit me but who knows it might look completely different when it comes and it could work.

      • I love that the lipstick is actually a wearable color! They’re usually too pale or too dark. I’m looking forward to this box.

  38. My December box has been sitting at my local post office since December 14th. Any one else have this issue?

    • Is there an option for you to just go there and get it?

      • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try to go tomorrow when they’re open.

    • I’ve had a few boxes sit at the post office for over 2 weeks with no movement. There’s been several articles and reports by them addressing this issue. They’ve been inundated with so much capacity that they can’t handle it all and don’t have the facilities or manpower to go through it despite running a 24/7 operation. I did get all my packages within 2-3 week time frames and note that they came when tracking still said they were at the post office.

      • This is the first time it’s happened to me
        I tried to sent a message from the tracking number but it won’t send it. Thanks for the comment.:)

      • Same here I still have not received my December 2020 box. I am glad I am not the only one having this issue. I will be calling them on Monday if I still don’t get it.

    • Yes exact same situation. I contacted USPS on their website on Monday. On Tuesday they called and said they haven’t received it and that UPS or FedEx must still have the package. I pointed the obvious that the tracking said it arrived at the USPS distribution center in Rochester who then sent it on to the Buffalo distribution center who Received it on 12/14. She insisted that the information online was incorrect. On Wednesday I received the package.

    • My December finally arrived on Wednesday.

    • I had that happen with an Ipsy bag.

      I would recommend also going to the Post Office website and file a missing package claim.

      That might kick it loose.

    • Same here🙄Hasn’t moved yet!

    • This happens often at mine. I go in and talk to the post master of the post office and they find my packages and hand them to me.

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