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BeautyFIX December 2020 Available Now + Full Spoilers!

ByMSADec 3, 2020 | 50 comments

Dermstore Beauty Fix
4.2 overall rating
311 Ratings | 42 Reviews

The December 2020 BeautyFIX subscription box is available now! 

Each box will include:

  • Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumizing Paste with Pure Rassoul Clay and Rose Extracts (250 ml.): A unique paste that turns into a foam shampoo to create volume and cleanse the hair and scalp.
  • The Good Patch Plant-Based Dream Patch (4 pieces): A transdermal patch enriched with herbs that promotes a deeper, more relaxed sleep.
  • TULA Skincare The Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser (50 ml.): A face cleanser to remove makeup, cleanse pores and condition skin.
  • SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream (0.25 oz.): A hydrating cream that firms and defends climate-stressed skin.
  • BY TERRY Baume de Rose Lip Care (3 g.): A moisturizing lip balm with regenerative properties.
  • miriam quevedo Glacial White Caviar Hydra-Pure Rescue Masque (50 ml.): A hair mask that offers deep hydration without weighing down hair.
  • Juice Beauty PREBIOTIX™ Instant Flash Facial (7.8 ml.): A multi-tasking exfoliator that cleanses and balances skin.

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BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.

Dermstore offers professional-strength formulas from top skin care brands (otherwise only available at a dermatologist’s office), hard-to-find spa care and natural beauty brands, professional hair care and makeup products, and specialty brands from around the world.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Johanna West

Has anyone actually received their December box?? I have yet to receive mine 😔

Olga Pidgeon

Nope, never got mine


The Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumizing Paste and the TULA face cleanser alone are worth the price of the box this month. I didn’t think I’d like either, but both I will definitely repurchase.


Does anyone know when they typically ship out the monthly subs? I just subscribed and want to make sure I don’t miss it- we’ve had some people going through mailboxes in my neighborhood 🙁


Still waiting on mine. I finally called cs today and got a refund. Mine says it is at the Atlanta postal station…since December 4th. Not sure what is up with that!! I really wanted this box!!


I’ve only been subscribed for a few months but in my experience they usually ship and deliver early. This month seems weird, though. I came here to comment because I haven’t received mine yet. I was charged on the 1st but it’s been sitting in NV/is still in transit since the 4th. I’m on the west coast, so not too far to travel. I hope it’s not lost.


Keep up hope Sarah. My box had some activity today actually. From 16th until 22nd nothing, and then today it’s showing it arrived to the post office of the suburb I live in. Still not showing expected delivery date. I’ve been getting these boxes off and on and never had any issues


I didn’t receive a response on my email for a few days, so I called and had the same experience as Nat. They were going to try to process a reship via USPS but were sold out and not restocking, so I was refunded. As an FYI, apparently they reship/refund if your order hasn’t arrived 14+ days after shipping. My customer service rep (Rita, she was awesome) said Newgistics issued a statement recently saying their tracking system was having problems. I’m still hopeful my box will eventually shake free from wherever it is in the system and show up. Kinda bummed, though. I was excited for this box! I love that Christophe Robin paste! 🙁 On the upside, less stuff arriving this month, so maybe I’ll work my way through more of my stash. haha 🙂


I reached out to the company today via chat. My box has been in the same place since the 16th. In my city, but never made it to me. At first she was going to process reship via UPS. But then she said that it was sold out. So she gave me an option to either get a refund or another box. I chose a refund. All in all, I am satisfied with the resolution. This box looked great, and I would have loved to try it, but just not meant to be I guess. I hope January is great.


Thanks for the insight, Lily! I just reached out through their Customer Service email. Fingers crossed I’ll still get a box. I’m excited about this month!


Same happened with me.. I called the company and they mailed another box through UPS this time (original one was sent through Newgistics) and I got it in a few days. Great customer service for the company, but I think they need to look into why so many boxes got “lost”.

So try reaching out to the company if you haven’t already.


Yes, same for me. It’s been in transit for awhile. For awhile there wasn’t any tracking other than that it was shipped. For the past few days it’s been in my city. Hoping it shows up soon


I had a great run with BeautyFix and enjoyed a lot of skincare products. Unforutnately the new shipping charge is a deal breaker for me because I like to cancel and resub depending on the spoilers. I am trying year sub with TestTube and hope that is a good fit for me.


If this is true and the Christopher Robin is only 50ml I’m gonna be very very disappointed the size of that product is the only reason I got this box!


I got mine today! I used to sub to this one but haven’t been lately. This box is amazing though!! The CR is totally full size. I did testtube for a year. I ended up not really liking it.. it was ok but I don’t like their customer service much either


It’s the full-size 250ml product! Just received mine the other day.


I have done test tube for a few years. Just know you can do a subscription at a lesser price but can only skip one tube per year. I cancelled my sub before this last two tubes I think. There was one prior I didn’t want and skipped but then couldn’t again so I cancelled. Usually I love every tube. This year there were three I wasn’t thrilled with to warrant the price. Decided I would rather cancel and pay full price for the ones I really like than paying for one that is eh because I couldn’t skip. Just wanted to put that out there


Dang it! I just got the Christophe Robin for half off through a GMA sale and now I wish I wouldn’t have because here you get the full size plus the other items for the same price! I might just have to get a back up even though it lasts forever.


I got that deal too and now I’m having the same debate. Really don’t need 2 huge jars and the price is good…


Yeah mine is full size


@Liz: it says on the Dermstore info page for the box that the included product is 250ml. Not sure why that person on IG received the 50ml, but it sounds like somebody screwed up!


I received my box & it has the full-size 250ml product in it!


I just saw a post on IG from someone that received this box and turns out the hair product is 50ml 🙁 A little bummed about that, but still glad I ordered, I guess…


I’ve still not received my November Beautyfix. Hopefully it comes this week.


If you don’t like rose scented items – the box isn’t for you. Both Christophe Robin & By Terry balm smell like roses. I personally love them both (except for the fact that you have to scoop the product with your fingers out of the jar. Don’t get a big glob out at once, it won’t stick to hair like shampoo or conditioner and just falls down off your head before you get to massage it all in & gets carried down the drain) & will gladly swap for your unwanted items from this box.


Thank you for the info!!

Christine Hall

Love it. This is one box that I have and always keep. If I don’t like a product I donate it but I usually use and love 90% of what they send. Am down to BeautyFix, Causebox and FabFit. Perfect combo for me.


I haven’t been getting this one though I did for awhile. Just wasn’t very good. This is a great box though… so I got it. Not sure if I’ll keep it.
I’m down to beauty heroes (LOVE) and ipsy plus… And whatever other things catch my eye lol


I have bought the Christophe Robin rhassoul paste at full price from Sephora before. It truly is very luxurious and lasts a long time since very little is needed. I would get this box just for that.


I had a completely different result. That paste turned my normal hair into straw! Threw it in the trash.


Beauty Fix is amazing this month. I love the Christophe Robin and am almost out, and am looking forward to every single other item, which is unusual.


Yes I used to sub to this but nothings impressed me for a long time. This box is amazing.


This one isn’t for me (I have pretty specific hair needs and I really don’t like getting supplement-type products in boxes), but I’m glad that it generally looks good and so many people are excited for it.

I’d much rather a box be not for me than just generally blah. Just a little bummed that I’ll basically need a box that’s worth spending $30 to get back on the Beautyfix train due to new shipping charges.

Denise Atkinson

I love the hair paste and have used a sample sparingly because it’s so expensive. But take notice of new shipping charges now before you click


Yes! With shipping and tax this box is almost $35 for me. 😕


Thank you for pointing out the shipping fee Denise, I’m cheap and that’s a deal breaker for me. I would have enjoyed trying the Christophe Robin though!


Shipping charge is for the first box only.


This box is a bit of a bummer for someone like me who can’t tolerate products that smell like rose (hair paste and lip balm), but I really like that Tula cleanser and I look forward to trying the other products.


Looks like One of the better boxes I have seen all year.

I got that Terry lip stuff from BF like 2 years ago and I loved it. Its a great nail cream as well if you don’t like the feel or smell of it on your lips. Its thick so I always used mine at night


Thanks Katy, I appreciate the info, but I just can’t handle the smell of rose in any product, anywhere on me, I’m that sensitive to it. Seems like I’m a total outlier, so I’m glad for everyone else who will enjoy the rose-scented products in this box.


Am I the only one whose like ehhh…. But you guys are convincing me to try this mos anyways! 💋


Erin, I feel the same. Nothing is enticing me! Shipping charge turns me away, too.


I didn’t realize that paste was actually shampoo 😂

I have to give it to beautyfix for a nice, varied assortment this month. Sometimes it’s fun just trying new products.


I’m usually not excited for two hair products in one box but I haven’t tried any of these items so looking forward to it!

Joy-Not the Other One

This is a sub that I watch monthly and subscribe to when it looks amazing. This is one of those times. I couldn’t hit the button fast enough on this one! I LOVE that Christope Robin scrub and currently use it so this is a steal even without the other items. It is a total bonus that they look great as well. I am so excited for this one! After the scrub, I’m most excited for the BY TERRY lip treatment. I cannot get enough lip care this time of year and this is one I have never tried.


The lip balm is great for an overnight lip treatment and also doubles as a great nail cream if you find yourself not liking it on your lips. It does have a fairly strong scent and a little offbeat flavor some may not like.


I have mega dry lips and LOVE the By Terry. Honestly, I’m tempted to sign up just for that, because I’m way too cheap to fork over $65 or however much the full-sized balm costs. You’re in for a treat!


The ‘hero’ items weren’t interesting to me so I cancelled my sub. I love that Tula cleanser and just bought it on sale from ulta. The rest looks awesome too. I’m on product overload so I’m ok missing this box since I don’t want the shampoo, but it did turn out to be a decent box!


Yeah, I love it! Excited to get this. I actually have a small sample of this paste that I haven’t used yet, but now I am going to since we are getting a bigger tub. Looking forward to trying the patch. I’ve been taking some melatonin tablets and they haven’t really helped much.


Now this looks exciting! All new products to me that I heard great reviews on and anxious to try. I was holding off getting this sub because the last few boxes didn’t get me to look twice. But when I saw the unboxing for this, heck yeah I jumped on it 🙂

Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.