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Beauty Heroes December 2020 Box FULL SPOILERS!

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We have the full spoilers for the new Beauty Heroes box.

Each December box will include:

  • Ayuna Terra Bella

We’re in the final weeks of 2020. As we reflect back on the year, one thing is crystal clear: we never know what the future holds. As a way to acknowledge this astonishing year, we bring you a Discovery like no other.

Ayuna celebrates the endless potential for innovation through their annual release of Terra, a leading edge formula always contained within a handcrafted ceramic vessel. In our December Discovery, Ayuna reveals its 2021 Terra innovation: Terra Bella.

Terra Bella is the first-ever formulation to feature cannabis sativa stem cell technology. The supreme cream is held in a delicate vessel made of clay. While the ceramic pot was created to be a keepsake, Terra Bella was developed to be decidedly ephemeral. Once this limited edition runs out, Terra Bella will cease, but the Terra technology will live on.

Never before and never again, December’s Discovery is a true Collector’s Edition.



*Due to the very limited number of Terra Bella’s produced, limit one subscription per customer.

If you’re not familiar with Beauty Heroes: this is a natural beauty subscription box that focuses on quality over quantity. Each month they send you one new full size “hero” product in the face, body, hair or sun care category, plus a smaller “sidekick” item.

What do you think about the Beauty Heroes spoilers? This box is $58.95 a month. Check out our Beauty Heroes subscription box reviews to learn more.

Beauty Heroes

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Comments (59)

  1. I’ve finally started using the cream and I LOVE it!

    Im using the following routine: Saturday Skin Cleanser, Biophile (essence & serum from Nov BH); Votary Super Seed Facial oil & the the Atuna cream. Is not piling for me and my face is glowing 🙌🏾

  2. I was very excited to try this product. However, for the price it’s a let down. Nothing special here. Since I’ve been using organic skin care indie brands for years this cream was disappointing. It does not layer well and sits on skin and does not absorb. If you put anything on top of the cream it pills – which I hate. Also the lid won’t close or seal down either. It was a unique idea but has poor execution. I’d seriously pass on this one since there are so many other brands whose creams beat this one hands down.

    • Mine pilled *very* badly as well when I used it as the last layer over a serum and a watery essence. I was shocked at how much it curdled up on my skin. I will try using it on my bare face, but my serums are the backbone of my anti-aging routine so this cream isn’t going to be super useful to me. The unboxing and anticipation were the best parts.

      • I havent opened mine up yet but it says this is supposed to be a combined toner,serum and moisturizer. I wonder if thats the reason it pills over other products? I paid $65 for the 1 month for this cream-I hope it does not disappoint when I do start using it!

    • I found that mine also pills badly. I have tried to let it soak in for the first hour of my day and then put on a light CC cream (or even sunscreen) and instantly I have pilling. I have tried to put it on at night before bed and it pills.

      This is not a great product for me and, given the choice, I would not even pay $4 for it. The lid doesn’t screw on properly and so the vessel, as gorgeous as it is, is not even reusable for me.

      • I ordered this item 12/18/2020, have not received my order or a refund. This outfit says they gave a charge back, but my bank has not record of that. So I learned a lesson lol I guess

  3. The box that this jar arrived in is 100% being saved. It’s a corrugated brown box and is divine.

    The jar was extremely hard to open for me. I cut myself doing it and let’s just say the jar didn’t stain thankfully. Sheesh. I’ve been using my hands for 40 years but you wouldn’t have realized it yesterday.

    I hate the clay pot. Picture the sound of terracot pots scraping themselves on a Home Depot store. That’s the sound. I detest the sound. I realize it’s a piece of art but the seal is terrible.

    The cream does have a strong, natural scent. I don’t mind it. The formula is 8/10 thick and a little goes a long way. My skin feels hydrated easily 10+ hours after applying it.

    Will I buy it again? No.

  4. I just subscribed to this box too without hesitating when I saw that the Terra Bella was in it. I have been using the Cream II and I love it. I am on my second jar but I feel that for winter I need more hydration. I love their oil, their facial. Not a fan of their masks.
    I’ve tried Tata Harpers Creams which are around $115 dlls and they just don’t work for my super dry and sensitve skin. I tried La Mer and I didn’t like it one bit. I used to buy the Amore Pacific for $198 and I loved it but when I changed to non toxic skin care, I stopped using it.
    I honestly don’t mind paying a lot of money on moisturizers, as long as they are hydrating enough. It is so hard for me to find a good one that once I find it, I stick to it.
    I do think $455 is a bit much though, thats why I went for the box without a doubt and I bought a sub gift too because I will never be able to afford this again.

  5. Does anyone know how many ounces this is? I think I read everything but I didn’t see it.

    • I think its 3.2 oz so double the normal size

      • Thanks for the info, Bindi.

        I actually really liked the Ayuna face cream (though not the body lotion, oddly) we received once before so I’m so tempted to get this even though I didn’t want to buy myself anything else this month. :/

  6. Just looked at the ingredient list and there’s nothing special there for me. Only thin that is special is the handmade ceramic jar you get. Not worth the price for me. Easy pass. I so dislike when boxes inflate their retail value just to trick people into buying the box. Nothing in the ingredient yelling that this is worth $455! I don’t even think it’s worth the price of the box.. I’m out on this one. It is a beautiful ceramic though…

    • Hi Melissa, can you please share where you found the ingredient list? I am struggling to find it (which makes me also suspicious of the value). Thank you!!

      • https :/ /omgbart. com/ ayuna-terra-bella-beauty-heroes-december-discovery / At this website.. Just scroll down and you will sea pic with the ingredients on the box. I hope this comment will show up, as I put spaces in between. Hope this helps!

      • Grape Fruit water, than oleyl erucate, which is an emollient. 3rd ingredient is propanediol that is a natural solvent and emollient. 4th is, water, 5th ingredient is glycerine. 6th is trehalose which helps to moisturize the skin. 7th is sucrose stearate which is just another skin emollient. 8th is olive fruit oil. 9th ingredient is behenyl alcohol, which is a thickener and emulsifier. That’s all I’m listing, just take a look for yourselves, for anyone who’s interested. The special ingredient they claim is so special is number 21 on the ingredient list, which is Cannabis Sativa Callus Lysate that is an extracted from stem cells. Any really special or good ingredients are just at the bottom of the ingredient list. Maybe others may love this lotion, as I’m sure it will feel great on the skin and make your skin feel soft, but, just my opinion, there are so many other moisturizers out that have way more active ingredients that will actually help aging skin. This might be good for those that are just concerned with dry skin. Anyway.. the ingredient list is why I think it’s overpriced. It’s still a nice moisturizer though for dry skin and I love the jar!

  7. How I love BH. I am such a fan girl for Jeannie Jardot. She is doing a ton of stories on Instagram about this product and learning about the process of making the jars, the women of Aylin’s and the science behind the cream (oxytocin!) is making me live this 100x more.

  8. Is this what we’ll get if we subscribe today…?

    • Yes

      • Thank you Nat!

  9. This is one I’d like to see Ragan review.

    • I haven’t tried it but I can tell you “plant stem cells” is just marketing speak. All plant cells are totipotent, which means they can all dedifferentiate and regenerate into mature plants. (In mammals that is not true; you can’t even take a cardiac muscle cell and grow a whole heart from it, for example, but there are some stem cells even in adults.) Anyway, incorporated into a cream, the cells are not going to be alive and actively metabolizing anything.

      It might be a very nice cream and worth $40 for the subscription price but it’s just CBD moisturizer in the end. (I am not on the CBD bandwagon although it’s unlikely to be harmful in skincare products, at any rate.)

      • Thanks for your breakdown Ragan 🙂 Even though I may not “get” some of your descriptions (science was never my strong suit, lol) I take comfort in knowing you always give an objective response when it comes to talking about ingredients. 🙂

        I appreciated the end of your comment too. Just my opinion, but the massive markup in skincare in general makes it all “over priced” so to speak, and that’s why I love being able to try products in boxes that I would never be willing to buy at full price (or even with a typical 15%-30% discount) to try on its own. Like someone else said, I’d be just as excited about trying this if it was a $250 cream, or heck even a $90 cream (I like to hope for at least a 50% discount in my 3-month sub 😉 )… mostly for that ceramic jar since I love unique & beautiful packaging… and I personally don’t expect miracles from my skincare products… just as long as they make my skin feel & look healthy then I’m happy! Having said that, there are some skincare products I don’t mind spending some $$$ on fully recognizing that it’s massively marked up, but I still don’t mind because it gives me the results I desire… now if I find a cheaper alternative that I feel produces the exact same or better results, then naturally that bougie product will get replaced. 😉 (sorry for my mini rambling… for some reason my thoughts just got going after reading your comment 😀 )

  10. First time BH subscriber. I wanted to wait to get a 3 mo subscription but just bit and got a one time for this cream (I did seenewskincare for 3 boxes so didnt do the 3 mo here). I was excited yesterday and my husband kind of coaxed me into buying it but after reading comments about inflated pricing on the brand (never tried before) today Im in 2 minds now. Fingers crossed on the performance of the product.

    • I feel like I am just as happy if it is a $250 cream. Either way, not something I would purchase at full price, but it is fun to think I am using a $450 face cream. I have tried LaMer and I can’t stand the smell but it goes for $300+.
      So many times I see things on here that I would NEVER even pay 25% of the price of the box. In those cases I just don’t comment because obviously some people are thrilled and I don’t want to harsh their buzz. (LOL- I couldn’t resist with the CBD). I really hope you LOVE it. If nothing else you will have a new jar for jewelry or other “treasures” when you are done with the cream. Ayuna is an expensive brand, their products sell, so someone is paying for them! Enjoy your purchase!

      • The jar really does look beautiful in the pictures. There definitely is a gush factor at the thought of applying an expensive cream like this (I would never be able to afford at full price). I usually dont care much about the bottom line price but I do care about how it performs. Excited again now!

  11. I love BH but this month’s product seems ridiculously priced. If this was so expensive then why would this company sell it to a sub box company at such a cheap rate. BH has an average of $40 per month which they pay shipping and of course need to make a profit. So let’s say they got this product for $15 each. Doesn’t seem right, plus it’s only limited? Seems like a made for sub box item. I don’t buy into the hype, easy pass.

    • Agree.. I have read about a lot of products that are made just for subscription boxes. Then the inflated retail values come into play. It works too! People think they are getting this amazing deal.. It’s so good, they just can’t pass it up. Then Bam! You have a low quality made made product that probably cost $10 to make.. Sad, yes, but true. Now this isn’t for every box or product, but this one sounds funny to me.

      • Ayuna sells at other natural beauty shops and the price per ounce of this cream is comparable to their other creams. I understand not being impressed by their ingredients, but I don’t think this is a low quality product.

  12. The ceramic pot looks beautiful but based on the comments I don’t know if I’ll like the cream. I think i’ll pass on this one.

  13. Can’t wait! Love Ayuna. BH is awesome

  14. I got this yesterday and it’s lovely. The ceramic container does feel special, though is a bit tricky to get closed (worked best to twist the lid on). Is it worth $450? Absolutely not. But it definitely feels worth the $40 that I actually paid.

    If something isn’t widely available for sale and it lands in a subscription box, I generally assume they are going to give it an inflated value estimate. I base my expectations on what I really paid.

  15. For the first time opening a beauty sub box I actually squealed out loud. What a lovely treat to end 2020. Ayuna is a pricy skincare line but I do love their products and have never been disappointed.

    At first, when I saw the Ayuna box I thought it would be their oil, which I have been dying to try. I cannot wait to try this new cream but I am being disciplined and waiting to open it until I finish the products I am working through.

    I suspect this is one that will benefit from being stored in the refrigerator. Hopefully Luna will be in this thread to confirm.

    Jeannie curates such lovely boxes every month and I’m happily surprised to see two extremely high value collections back to back. Through Beauty Heroes I have discovered several skincare lines that I adore.

    Their customer service is incredible and responsive and this lovely line always sends our boxes at the beginning of the month. I usually receive them on the first but this one actually came a day early! It is a small touch but I absolutely appreciate their commitment to quality.

    • Hi Mary 🙂
      I’d actually suggest reaching out to either Beauty Heroes or Ayuna to confirm if storing it in the fridge is a good idea (unless it’s mentioned somewhere in the literature they included 🙂 ). By no means am I an expert, but I’ve read that sometimes exposing certain ingredients/products to very cold temperatures can affect their efficacy.

      Btw, I also let out an “ah!” of joy when I opened my box. 🙂 When this product first launched (last year I think) I thought there was no way that product would ever be included in a box (MAYBE a sample size though one day), so to have finally received one… yay! I’m not willing to spend that much on a single skincare product (even if I do end up falling in love with it), but I’m thrilled to be able to try it out in a box that I was already subscribed to! 🙂

  16. I subbed for 3 months. Excited to try this cream!! I ordered shortly after midnight, and my card has a pending charge but I haven’t received a confirmation email yet. I’m hoping everything went through ok!!

  17. Received yesterday, and what an awesome surprise. I LOVE this product. The packaging is gorgeous, and I think the smell is amazing. Living in Colorado I always need super moisturizing creams, and can’t get enough of them. Super impressed with Beauty Heroes so far!

  18. Hmm. I have to say, I’m suspicious of any cream that is “worth” $455. I had a 3 month sub to Beauty Heroes and I was pretty disappointed all 3 months, but that’s probably because my skin is way too sensitive for most products. So far, the only sub skincare box that really works for me consistently is Boxwalla. All of that said, I can’t help but be curious– will my face feel high if I get this cream? lol.

    • I agree. At that price point, it should be doing something miraculous, which is unlikely. It’s my understanding that plant stem cell extracts have about the same effect as other antioxidants, and a cream or serum with those can certainly be found for much less.

    • It’s not that kind of cbd 🙂

      • I figured as much. Just wishful thinking. That’s ok. I need to save my nickels and dimes for xmas gifts. Just trying to figure out WHICH Boxwalla box to gift my sister!! (Leaning toward a 2 month sub)

  19. I know I’m supposed to be amazed by Ayuna, but they fall flat every time. Their products are so unreasonably priced for their performance and I say that as someone who is ridiculously frivolous with skincare spending.

    I also really dislike the scent of their products. Everything I’ve tried smells the way I imagine someone’s rich, widowed aunt to smell — like too much old lady perfume.

    But I’m an annual member, so I got this one anyway. Debating if I should try to sell/swap it on my FB group unused, or if I should try it again to see what the fuss is all about.

    And, if something is a consumable item, how the heck is it a collector’s edition? Did I miss something here? This pitch falls flat for me.

    • My guess is the “collectors” (or limited edition) part is because of it size and the fact that the jar is green rather than their standard cream color. I’ve seen a decent number of skincare brands do something similar… raise the price for “special” packaging or a larger size with special packaging (of course a larger size would naturally cost more, but I’ve seen brands charge, I guess I’d call a “premium” on top of what a larger size would cost if the larger size wasn’t in LE packaging). I’m almost positive that when this first came out (I think last year) that it was half the size and in a cream colored ceramic jar and it was priced in the $200 range. I could be wrong of course 🙂 I just recall thinking yesterday that’s what was going to be in the Ayuna box when I saw it was this cream, then when I opened it, saw the green jar, its size, then its price, I was excited because it was double the size I assumed we’d be getting. 🙂

    • It’s the handmade jar that makes it a collector’s edition.

  20. I ordered this last night – it will be my first ever BH and what a great one to start with!!

  21. Signed up for another month. Hope to remember to cancel before next month

  22. I just subscribed for the year. My skin is still in good shape and I attribute it to drinking a ton of water, staying out of the sun and slathering product on it since college. 🤣 These boxes look like they have some of the best products out there.

  23. I broke my own rules and opened it right away. The packaging is lovely, I struggle with closing it – I really want to protect it from getting any air!

    My first thoughts- it smells wonderful, like all Ayuna products always do. It is so smooth and thick. A tiny little bit goes a long way. I initially put a bit on as soon as I opened it and I was giddy for hours. (Truly bubbly). My family thought I was drinking. 🙂

    I then used a bit before bed. Again I noted the smell and the thickness. I used a bit more than I had earlier and you really only need a tiny bit. I layered the cream over an essence and serum. I think I needed to do my eye serum prior to the Ayuna- it is really just that thick. I am someone that typically falls asleep hard, but then wakes up 10 minutes into my sleep and then can’t fall back to sleep for about 30 minutes. Last night I slept through. It could be coincidence, but I am hopeful.

    I did purchase another sub immediately upon opening, I knew this one would go fast! I already have a tracking number and it is supposed to be here Thursday! I know this is not a cream I can afford at full price, but for this holiday season, Beauty Heroes really came through!

    • Luna I’m having trouble closing mine too. Do you think the little elastic band around the rim is supposed to stay on? Let me know if you have any tips, I really want to protect this cream!

      • Hi Jenny 🙂
        Yes, that elastic band should stay on the jar, otherwise the top will just sit on the jar and will easily fall off. The band serves as sort of a seal to keep the lid on. 🙂

        I’d recommend doing a slight twist as you push down on the lid to close it. I notice that when I close it, there’s the slightest bit of resistance as I slowly & gently twist and push down, but then that resistance gives ever so slightly once it’s shut. I know it’s on and secure because there’s no gap between the lid & jar, plus I can lift the full jar by the lid only and it all stays together 🙂 (I’m definitely not recommending holding/carrying it by the lid, but if I’m not sure (or want to do a paranoid check) I just give it a quick tiny half inch lift (which my fingers still slightly on the body of the jar) to make sure it’s sealed. 🙂 )

    • I ordered an additional sub as a gift last night, but I haven’t received the tracking number yet. Hopefully it went through… not sure if they will cancel the order since they are stating only one sub per customer.

      BTW the color of the container just makes me so happy! Im noticing some people are skeptical about December’s shipment, but I loved it!

      • Gloria, did you end up getting tracking on your gift order?

      • I did! It took maybe 3 days to process and it was already delivered to its recipient.

    • Hi Lydea,
      Off topic but are you getting the Dec Boxwalla? I want that barrier cream and was hoping to get some feedback.

  24. So the full spoilers is one item that its manufacturer does not believe in enough to keep making. Some vote of confidence, NOT.

    • I believe it is just limited edition packaging, but the Terra line will continue to be produced. I have the Ayuna oil and the Velo, both are very lovely. The makers are veterans of Natura Bisse, which is also a highly luxe/coveted brand. Mine arrived in the mail yesterday as a total surprise (I usually receive tracking) and I was thrilled to receive this gorgeous treat.

      • I didn’t realize that about Natura Bisse! I recently started using their stabilizing mask which is a great mask when you have problem skin and small children so limited mask time! I am always excited to get Ayuna in my BH box. Such a treat!

      • Good to know Sara.. I had no idea of the Natura Bisse connection.! .. I wanted to try last year’s Terra but knew only Cream II was in budget. Agree. Gorgeous treat is the word. I am blissfully appreciative. And it took me a whole year to use up Cream II regular size.. I so love this brand.

      • I’ve only tried one Natura Bisse product before (that I can recall), and it was lovely!!! It was the Diamond Cocoon Ultimate Shield face mist that I believe I got in a NAP box. It was so interesting… it left my face feeling like it had this layer of protection covering it, but yet when I touched my skin it felt like I had nothing on. I sure miss it. 🙂

  25. Received mine yesterday! The package itself is stunning and it looks fabulous. Haven’t tried it yet as Im following Luna’s advice of not opening one item before finishing other.

    What a way to start celebrating the Holidays and definitely a deserved indulgence after this year!

    • Oh, it’s so hard not to dig right in to this! 😀

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