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BoxyCharm November 2020 Spoiler Round #3!

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

We have more spoilers for the November 2020 BoxyCharm base box!

Your November box may include:

This month, Base Charmers get @volitionbeauty Snow Mushroom Water Serum OR an Esmeralda I or II palette from @beautycreations.cosmetics OR @drbrandt Antioxidant Spray Toner with Green and White Tea Extract 😍💕


Base Charmers will be receiving a @natashadenonabeauty Peak Palette, or a @111skin Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Booster! You also may get @alamarcosmetics Pero Primero, Primer! Long Wear Sticky Pigment Base

The choice items for November were:

What did you pick?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month:

Use this link and coupon code ADDMORE6ALL09 to get a $6 coupon for the BoxyPopUp when you sign up for a subscription!

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!

PLUS Special Offer
PLUS Special Offer


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Comments (42)

  1. Lucky me!!! I only have a subscription for the basic box, but I received two today. In total, I received 10 product: 111 skin, farsali prive, gimme brow, trio lip fondant, liquid corrector,Natasha peak palette, snow mushroom water serum, jouer lip enhance, cali glow, and eye pencil duo.

    Not sure what’s going on, but I’ll take it. Checked my account and was only charged for a basic box.

    • I know the first 5 items listed is mine because I chose the gimme brows. The other five is the box I love more. They definitely make certain boxes way better and that’s terrible and completely unfair to others. They should have less variation( say 10) and let people chose the variation they want.

  2. I only re subbed this month for pop up, you just can’t beat those sales! I do prefer Ipsy over boxy, but I’ll give them another try and see what happens 🙂

    • Same here. I was able to get pretty much everything I wanted, so we’ll see what the box is like.

      If it’s going to be a random box of stuff, I will probably cancel. That’s why I canceled last time, too many color products I could not use.

  3. I only signed up for this months boxycharm to get the ND peak palette, if It’s not in my box, I’m gonna be pissed.

  4. I had an ipsy subscription for almost a year, not my cup of tea, for a few dollars extra with boxycharm I get full size items…I am bummed about the acquisition tbh. Sounds like I’ll be canceling once they start being inconsistent.

  5. If I get the beauty creation palette over the ND palette im done! That will be it. That will be the last straw for them with me. I have had it!

    • Good thing they aren’t variations of each other then. You get the ND or III SKIN.

      You get volition beauty OR beauty creations OR dr Brandt.

      They’re not in the same category.

  6. Wait—-Ipsy bought Boxy? What?

    • This is also news to me! And everybody keeps mentioning it like it’s common knowledge 🥴

      • It showed up on various news sites last week.

        I’ve also seen in in the Ipsy and Boxy Facebook feeds.

  7. Here’s hoping I get the ND palette and the Dr. Brandt spray toner. When I subbed before covid, I almost always got everything I wanted and since reactivating I never do.

    Bring back the magic, Boxy! I’m sorry I left – I had to! My husband lost his job. I came back as soon as he got a new one.

  8. I was going to cancel this month but i really wanted that natasha denona palette if I dont get it I’m gonna cry!!! Lol I’m so over this box

  9. I’m actually happy w any/all of the products shown so far..I like the colors in both Esmeralda palettes, but I can’t remember if i’ve tried Beauty Creations eyeshadow before. Seems like we may have gotten something from them in past boxes, but idr.

  10. Dr. Brandt is my jam! Love the brand. I’m an Ipsy glam bag subscriber as well. Does this mean we don’t have to see that Josef anymore? I never liked him. Too big for his britches.

    • Actually Josef is maintaining his position as president at BoxyCharm. Tbh there aren’t supposed to be major changes, only a merger to make billions as a Ipsy as a parent brand. What do you not like about him?

      • It’s not a merger, I know they explained it that way but they acquired BoxyCharm with an acquisition. So that means they completely bought Boxycharm. There will definitely be changes some changes. Josef himself said they were gonna learn from each other to make things better, just hope it actually changes for the better.

  11. I really hope I don’t get the primer. The colors are pretty in the Esmeralda II palette but it contains mineral oil, an ingredient I avoid. I’m hoping for the Natasha Denona palette and the Dr. Brandt.

  12. I already have the Esmeralda I and II palette from another sub box. I hope i get the ND palette

  13. Boxy already sent my box which is oddly early in the month. Hoping for Dr Brandt and ND but I don’t often get what I want. I really wish Boxycharm would stop addressing subscribers as “Doll” and “Love” on social media as a way to try to be cute and endearing; it’s just juvenile.

    • I really wish Boxycharm would stop addressing subscribers as “Doll” and “Love” on social media as a way to try to be cute and endearing; it’s just juvenile. ———Who hurt you?

      • This comment is everything

      • Who hurt you 🙂😂💀

      • Sorry Sarah, but I happen to agree with Julie on this. Its totally unprofessional and shows disrespect to address someone by anything other than their name in a business situation. I cannot stand when people call me hun or sweetie when I’m doing business. Terms like these come across as condescending and patronizing, and in some cases can be seen as harassment. I think you are way off base on this one.

  14. The palette Natasha Denona isn’t in every BOXYCHARM. Wow 😔😲

    • It’s weird that it wouldn’t be in everyone’s box since this was made specifically for us “charmers”. Why didn’t they make enough for all existing subscribers accounts. I bet that it’s in add ons later or even pop up this month for 12$. Since they’ve done things like this before.

  15. Beauty Creations is… a really low quality brand. Like, below even drugstore-level. Think LA Colors, Klean Color, Santee Cosmetics, etc.

    Definitely not reactivating my base while they’re sending out these types of products.

  16. Yes I don’t like the variations boxycharm has because I had bad boxes last two months. And I never had a chance to choose since apparently you have to log in and check for yourself not like Ipsy they never have not sent me an email. Well I still don’t think is fair that some people mostly influencers get the best things and the people that pay don’t which I understand influencer are doing it to make more money for the company and themselves but it should be fair to everyone just like Ipsy everyone gets same I hope they don’t change it. And I cancelled boxycharm but somehow they end up charging me 3 more months so I have a relationship with them until we break up that’s if Ipsy makes it better then I’ll see! **Not to mention all my palettes have been swatched from BC I don’t think that’s good**

    • I’ve been with Boxy 5+ years and many of my items have also arrived swatched, broken, discontinued, expired, etc. I received the Ciate palette last month and it is CLEARLY swatched. It’s gross.

      I’m over the constant bait and switch. Ipsy did it to me last month. I keep getting the boxes, hoping that it will end, but it never does.

    • It’s not a secret that you have to log in the site every month to make your choices, whether you remember or not is up to you. Also, blaming the company when you dont receive what “you would have chosen” is very unfair. If my stuff came used or appeared swatched in any way I would just take a picture and contact their customer service, I have had to before and they replaced the product ( it wasn’t used or swatched just broken )

  17. The Esmeralda palettes are $13.99 on the Beauty Creations website. I can’t find the dr. brandt toner anywhere – maybe it’s new. But that serum is legit and sold at Sephora. I’ve developed some trust issues with the legitimacy of their offerings. Those have only grown since the Ipsy acquisition.

  18. Color stories in the Esmeralda palettes are more interesting to me than the Natasha Denona one. If I’m not inspired by eye shadow, they just end up rotting away in my collection 🙃

  19. That palette is nothing compared to the Natasha Denona. Variations are getting so out of control that I’m on the verge of canceling. My boxes ( both premium and base) have been awful the last 2 months and Luxe wasn’t much better. I feel like Boxy reached their peak and are now on a steady decline!

    • Give Ipsy time to take over. These boxes have probably been planned out for several months in advance, so you won’t see the impact of the Ipsy ownership until at least Feb. Hoping that will fix alot of the issues, but IPSY does have variations also. It seems like Ipsy handles it in a fairer way, and actually use the profiles. Hoping they plan to use a similar setup with Boxy. Boxy has a huge fan base, but it’s clear they have customer satisfaction issues. Ipsy should be attempting to repair those issues…

      • I agree. I am happy with my Ipsy sub and was one of those that didn’t mind on hearing about Ipsy acquisition. I am interested in what they will do to improve the box. Also wondering if esmeralda refers to hunchback of Norte dame or something else

      • We shall see because the same guy that owned Boxycharm will remain the president of the company. So meet the new boss, same as the old boss

      • They’re still not using the surveys?

        I will be so done when all my stuff arrives.

        Unless it’s all awesome… then I will have a problem!

    • The Natasha and beauty creations aren’t variations of each other, that’s why they aren’t equal.

    • Ugh yes. If I don’t get the Natasha palette I’m canceling. I’ve been getting the short end of the stick and don’t use half the stuff they give me. Thinking of canceling too 🙁

    • Right! The eyeshadow palettes aren’t even better than drug store brands honestly. I’ve not gotten a single palette I like except the hipdot Zion palette was okay. And I’m waiting for my box currently, and I got my premium already and was so disappointed. They sent me a brush to apply face masks with. It’s not even something you can’t do with your finger or a popsicle stick there’s zero need. I’ll be blown if I don’t get that Natasha Denona in my box.

  20. Colour story is beautiful

    • On Esmeralda II pallete

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