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BoxyCharm December 2020 Spoiler Round #3!

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

We have new December 2020 BoxyCharm base box spoilers thanks to Yosef!

Your December base box may include:

Luxie Brush Set

tarte Maneater Mascara

Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturiser


Huda Beauty Amethyst Palette

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Artist Couture Caliente Palette

Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions Palette

The choice items for December:

  • Sutra Beauty – Mini Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron (3/4″. 19mm)
  • Glamnetic – Babygirl Lashes + Black Liquid Magnetic Liner – Black
  • Glamnetic – Bella Lashes + Black Liquid Magnetic Liner – Black
  • Ofra Cosmetics – Pressed Banana Powder – 10g

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular BoxyCharm box is $25 a month:

Now through 12/31, get a FREE Morphe 8S Stellar Impact Highlighter Palette when you start a new BoxyCharm subscription!

Use code BOXYGLITZ to snag this palette with your new BoxyCharm subscription!

This offer is only for new or returning subscribers to the BoxyCharm Base subscription and can be used for the monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month option. 

Check out our reviews of BoxyCharm to learn more!


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Comments (58)

  1. It looks like a good box. I hope I get the Luxie Brushes, the Elemis Glow priming moisturizer and either the Artist Couture palette or the Huda Ruby palette. I canceled Boxy Premium and Ipsy Plus & put myself on the wait list for Ipsy X instead of the other two boxes ($35 + $25 = $60 for the Boxy Premium & Ipsy Plus … and Ipsy X is $55… seemed like a better deal to test those out since I have been disappointed in the Premium and Plus boxes for the past few months).. Hope everyone is doing well! XxxxX

  2. Robin, I encountered the same thing when signing up for luxe in Nov. I was billed for a Sept starter box on the 12th of Nov and then I heard nothing else. After repeated tries to contact Boxycharm about this they finally responded. They said that I will be getting tracking by the end of the week. I had noticed their site says Sept box is sold out so I’m not sure if I’m getting a starter box from Sept or Dec. It has been so confusing.

    • I thought in the Popup they were selling multiple variations of the September Luxe Box.

      I signed up on November 1st.

      I think I’m getting a Starter Luxe for September, though that doesn’t really make sense. And the regular Luxe with my choice items for December.

      I guess we’ll see when whatever shows up.

  3. Dang it! Didnt like anything from the November boxy so, waited to subscribe for the december box. Only to find out they switched to the Beauty believer breakfast in bed pallete instead of the Eloise queen palette. Anyone wanna switch with me IG me @bushrak_ali19

    • Beauty Baker*

  4. I really want that Artist Couture palette! I have the amethyst & ruby palettes already.

    • Im willing to exchange for HB obsessions if i happen to get the Artist Couture palette. IG me – bushrak_ali19

  5. So upset I didn’t get a reminder email for Choice. I really want to try the magnetic eyeliner and lashes. Fingers crossed I get one 🙁

    • follow them on Instagram and you’ll never miss it

  6. Is anyone still waiting for Nov box?

    mine says the label has been created and the box has left the warehouse for shipping, but no tracking information available yet.

    any idea when I might get the box? I live in Bay Area, California if that helps

    • I live in Sacramento and got mine on Saturday

    • Bay Area too- got mine 2-3 weeks ago and a shipping notification again today….

    • Hello Ladies,
      Got mine just now box #14.
      I knew for some reason i would get one of the eyeshadow palettes, i was hoping for ND palette, the only reason why i subscribed to boxy. I did NOT want those Esmeralda palettes. i was okay with beauty bakerie palette and that’s what i got. I wanted one of those serums, and i got mushroom one, i did not wanted 111 skin or whatever it’s called. I would have loved that earth naturals youth serum.
      one product I absolutely did not wanted was the lip oil. 🙁

      other than lip oil i have no complaints really. but still i would not re-subscribe. got my first box, and i think will be the last. will see. after ipsy took over boxycharm, i am not interested in boxycharm anymore.
      I think i will cancel my allulre box too, after i get my all 3 month boxes. I think i have got my money worth of products in my 1st box(nov) and the holiday bundle. all i want is just 1 good product in my next 2 boxes each.

  7. OMG I love that purple Huda palette and will be so happy if I get that.

  8. I used to be a big fan of Boxycharm but I will NEVER spend my money on Boxycharm again!!!!!!! I tried to sign up to receive the December box a few days ago AND THEY TOOK MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT RIGHT AWAY and then said that the charge was actually so I can receive the November box even though I didn’t want it – SO RIDICULOUS! I went back and forth with customer service and they said there was NOTHING they could do except send over their FAQ. REALLY BOXYCHARM?!? I thought that was SO unprofessional. I am so upset, I wasted $25 on the crap November box because Boxycharm doesn’t clearly indicate what month’s box you’ll be receiving. I legit feel scammed.

    Trust me, take your money elsewhere ladies!!!

    • That happened to me also. I am a first time subscriber and I joined on October 30 thinking I was going to get the November box. Boxy charged my CC on October 30 then again on Noveber 5th or so. I did get both the October and the November boxes and was happy with both, so it was fine, but I was expecting the charges to be 30 days apart.

    • Boxy had many issue, but when you sign up that’s the month you get….if you wanted Decent, you should have signed up in December. They ALWAYS (just like ipsy or MOST sub boxes) they take the money out right then and there and you get that month….

      • I signed up in November for November’s box, since I looked up how it works first, and so I could get the December Luxe Box. It went fine until they billed me for a September Luxe Box, after I got my November Box, and even after making December selections. Very strange. Lol My life is such a mess right now, and I’m pretty down, so my hope is that it will at least be a really nice extra surprise, during what may be the most difficult month of the year. It shouldn’t have happened this way, but if they send me nice things, and it doesn’t seem like a way to dump stuff they want to get rid of, I probably won’t feel taken advantage of. By them anyway. I feel that way enough in my personal life, but that’s a topic for a whole other message board. Lol

  9. I only want the December box, November is still available on the page, when should I subscribe to get the December box?

    • In December

    • December 1st. They send you the box of whatever month you signed up. If you sign up in November to get the December box, you’ll get both.

      • Thanks!! 🙂

  10. I just signed up and its not giving me any choices for the December box…is this normal?

    • Choice was November 9th. I think it was open until the14th.

    • I signed up for November too late for choice, so they picked for me, then I made my choice for the December box.

  11. I have been a member of Boxycharm’s base box for a few years now. I absolutely love my makeup/skincare hoard. I’ve finally reached the point where I need absolutely nothing else. Most of the time I wear no makeup because I wear a mask roughly 10 hours a day.

  12. I’m still waiting to see if I’ll stay subbed to Boxycharm or not for December. I told myself if I got the ND palette in my box, I’d stay for another month. I’m trying to give Boxy a second chance after they screwed me over sooooo many times to even count during the year and I rage quit all the boxes in the summer. Still waiting for the tracking info to update and say it’s crossed the border. Last update was on the 17th in New Jersey. I re-subbed due to the free Queen palette and $10 bonus for pop-up. Bought way too much stuff in pop-up, and picked that Ofra banana powder. My box weighs 1.8 pounds according to APC, not sure if it’s accurate or not. But we’ll see if I go another month or not.

    If I get the ND palette and stay another month, I think I’d rather that purple Huda palette. Not a fan of Huda, but out of the 3 palettes it’s more usable for me. I’d be happy if the Mauve palette is also included with the Huda palettes. I have the UD Cherry palette and don’t have much use for more red-themed palettes. Could use more purples though. And is that the same Luxie set sold in pop-up? If so, shoot! I got the BOGO eye set. Hope it’s different.

  13. I’m focusing ny energy on becoming a good Influencer because that is the only way to receive good items in your box. I’ve had all three boxes for months and I ALWAYS wish I was a large Influencer. I’m patient.

  14. Can boxy put in some cooler toned palettes once in a while?

    • Sure hope so, because I am NOT a warm.

  15. All of these, except red eyeshadows, are FABULOUS!!!! Things I’ve actually have on Wish Lists!!

  16. When would I sign up if I want December (it’s still showing me November when I try to resubscribe)?
    I really only want the curling iron. Is it too late to choose?

    • The curling iron is currently in Pop-Up for $6. I am not sure when you would need to re-sub, exactly, but if you just want that, you should be able to get it through the sale either way. (As a side note, I LOVED my November box, which hasn’t happened in a while!)

      • Thank you! I wanted a curling iron that size, so if I can pick it up this cheap the rest of the items will be a nice bonus!

    • The curling iron is already sold out for the box choice. The good choices for the Luxe box for December are too. The curling iron is in the pop up shop though.

  17. I hope the palettes will be add-on options next month.

  18. Since I did the Luxe upgrade, I won’t be getting either of these Huda Palettes, but the Sapphire one I’ve seen on various sites might call to me the most. It’s sooo gorgeous. The red and orangey eye shadows trend, is a little weird to me. Reminds me of when I went to a Zombie Themed Pub Crawl, and used red lip liner on my eyes, going for an “infected” but still kinda human theme, with fresh really nasty looking bites I had them do for me. lol I went redder as the night went on. That’s what most reddish eye makeup reminds me of, even on the models and makeup artists. lol I actually looked less sick. 😛

  19. How can i make sure i get the amethyst palette .

    • You are not guaranteed they send you a specific palette. It is a variation item. The choice item is the only thing you get to choose. Once they send you an email saying that they will sent you your choice item you are only guaranteed to get that specific item.

    • If you dint get it in the box, most likely you can still buy it from the ad-ons next month.

  20. Hot dang I want that amethyst palette!! I’ve been eyeing it for a while. I was really excited to see the ruby palette even though I don’t use the colors at all!! I still wanted to try it because I’ve heard such great thangs about her eyeshadows. Plus I just got one of her lipglosses and i fell in loooove!! I feel so bad for you luxe people because the base box is soooo much better than the options y’all have!! I don’t get that at all. I canceled my luxe a long time ago

    • The Huda palettes are all beautiful I love my amethyst palette!

  21. If I sub now, do I get the Nov box? If I wait till December to subscribe, would I still be able to choose?

    • Nothing left to choose from really for December. Good stuff chosen before I could.

      • Really? I haven’t subscribed to boxy since they introduced choices. Do they run out if you sign up late? I’m curious about the magnetic lashes and would love to choose that if it’s still available…

    • Yes, you would get the November box. It still says “Choose Now” on my account so I think you would be able to choose still.

      • You won’t be able to choose your Nov product, but you’ll be able to choose your December product if you sign up now.

  22. This is looking really good for a base box!

  23. I have boxyluxe (which choices for it super sucked) but OMG I want to get an extra account just so I can get this base box because I’m loving that Amethyst Palette!!! I also want the glamnetic eyelashes, Elemis moisturizer and brushes 🙂

    • I feel the same way. Last luxe box was a total miss for me as well and I really liked all the items in the base box for that month as well. I may be cancelling my luxe box after next month if base is better again.

      • Eek. For some odd reason, though I subscribed to Boxycharm on like November 2nd and at the time upgraded to Luxe, I got weird emails a week or so ago, after making December choices, no less, about being on a waitlist for September’s box, then another saying I was getting it, and they charged my account for that one. The email says I’ll get a starter box and my regular September box, which of course won’t happen, since September was 2 months ago, making the whole thing just strange. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do about this. Not great to hear it wasn’t even very good. I think I thought Luxe might be more impressive than it seems to be. That’s disappointing.

        I especially had done it now because this is a season that can be rough on me on a good year, and even without anything Covid-related, this is not what I’d call a good year. “Me” presents certainly seemed like a good idea. Actually, with parents on severe lockdown hours away, and other factors, I probably won’t be getting any actual gifts I don’t get myself. I’m well past the age when I hated monetary gifts, though, so I’m grateful for those. It’s kinda funny having a fairly technology-resistant mother Zelle you. lol

    • I tried this before, opening a second account for base box and I got a bunch of repeat items from old boxes instead of the spoilers, so it would be a gamble.

      • I was afraid that might be the case about getting repeat stuff from old boxes. I’ll take my chances and wait to see if it’s available on pop-up next month. The glamnetic lashes and elemis product too 😁

    • Della I have Boxy luxe & I cancelled mines so I can get the base box. Luxe doesn’t look that great to be honest. And if you want early excess just sign back in on the 3rd once your payment goes through.

  24. Me too. I have zero purple eyeshadows.

    • I don’t know if this would help you at all, and it probably doesn’t compare, but I recently found the PUR Troll World Tours Purple Palette in TJ Maxx for a really cheap price. Like 4.99 maybe? Mine was untouched/brand new. Just a thought, if you wanted to pop into one and see. The same day I found an Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Palette for 12.99, also in what appeared to be perfect condition, inside and out. I was jazzed about that because I joined Allure the month before that was the gift, but my friend joined the month they had that palette, so when I found it, it sorta made it the best of both worlds. lol Anyway, I just figured I’d mention it, if you don’t get the purple one, or even if you might want an extra. Let’s face it, many of us just like having them. 😀

  25. I have the Amethyst Huda palette and it is really nice!

    • Id like amethyst thats what my profile shows. Praying for that.

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