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The Box By Fashionsta for Men Review – October 2020

Carlos Lamborn
ByCarlos LambornNov 18, 2020 | 17 comments

The Box By Fashionsta for Men
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The Box By Fashionsta for Men is a monthly men’s box brought to you by online beauty store, Fashionsta, for $29.99/month with free shipping. Each box will include 5-7 full-size skincare and other self-care products for men with an $80-$150 value. They seem to focus on smaller indie brands that may be new to you, so it’s a great way to discover companies that haven’t blown up in popularity yet. Fashionsta also offers The Box For Women ($24.99/month) as well as a mystery box that costs $40 as an add-on with a subscription or $50 as a one-time purchase.

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About this Indie Brand-Focused Box For Men

The Subscription Box: The Box By Fashionsta for Men

The Cost: $29.99/month + free U.S. shipping (Internationally for $65.00 USD/month w/ free shipping)

The Products: 5-7 full-size products worth $80-$150 in value.

Ships to: The U.S. and worldwide for free

Good to Know: With each purchase, Fashionsta donates makeup, beauty, and self-care items to 1736 Family Crisis Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving vulnerable community members in the greater Los Angeles area.

The Box By Fashionsta for Men October 2020 Review


The Box By Fashionsta for Men comes with a simple info card that gives a short description and value of each product included in this month’s box.


Wing Fold Card Case by Kiko – Retail Value $50

I love the sophistication of this wallet. A mature, brown, genuine leather billfold. I don’t think I’ve seen another wallet like it. The dimensions are 4×3.5 inches with beautifully simplistic stitching.  It’s wonderfully soft, but it becomes pretty rigid once you put your cards inside. I would say it could only hold six cards comfortably. There are two pouches. One behind the cards, which has two looped ribbons that I assume are for a key or something you want to stay put. The other is in-between the triangular flaps. I was thinking you could keep your most-used card(s) in the first pouch, but while possible, it’s not really easier or smarter. I’ll probably just keep my folded money there.

I do have a small gripe with this wallet, but it’s a personality thing. I don’t like extra steps between me and what I’m doing. So I’m not a fan of the snaps. This, of course, is a minor annoyance and a small price to pay for something as nice and sophisticated as this piece. This is the third wallet I’ve reviewed for MSA. It’s a nice middle ground between the full-size wallet I’ve used for 20 years and the minimalist wallets I’ve received as a reviewer. Like the others, I’m going to use this wallet for a while and see how it works as an everyday item. Perhaps it will teach me a little patience.


All Natural Beard Oil by Bossman Brands (1 oz.) – Retail Value $9.95

This item actually gave me a hardy laugh when I opened the month’s box, because I’ve never had a beard. However, as fate would have it, I recently decided to grow it out. So it’s the longest it’s ever been. Most guys will grow a “Playoff Beard,” but I’ve been saying mine is an “Election Beard.” This is all to say I have a beard for the first time in my life and I have no idea how to take care of it. I have no idea what beard oil is. I’m a pretty boring, basic man. I don’t use many personal care items. So this is very new to me.

First off, I really, really enjoy the scent, which they call “Stagecoach.” I have no clue what a stagecoach smells like, but the oil smells mature, refined, and very manly. It smells like the Old West. It did make my hair feel softer and less irritated. So maybe there is something to it. I really enjoy the glass bottle and dropper. It’s a little messy (or maybe I am). I have to wipe down the bottle every time I use it. Overall, I liked the beard oil and am glad I actually had the facial hair to try it out. I’ll be using this as long as I have a beard, which I don’t see lasting much longer. Maybe I’ll just use it as cologne going forward.


Metal Beard & Mustache Comb by Bossman Brands – Retail Value $12.95

I’ve never used a comb in my life, but for any guy who carries around a comb, I think a metal one is pretty badass. Made by the same company that makes the beard oil, the comb measures 6-1/4 inches and comes in its own sheath. It has two frequencies of teeth. A majority of the comb is wider, rounder teeth. Then there is a flat end, where you will find about an inch of finer, sharper teeth. I assume they are for a mustache. It has a gunmetal polish and is presented nicely in a sharp box. If you’re not in the market for a comb, it would make a perfect gift for someone who is. Although it’s not for me per se, I appreciate anything so well made and presented.


Antidōt Footwear Refresher by sōlscience (2 oz.) – Retail Value $15

I typically wear my shoes until they fall apart and they often have a smell to match the wear. If you’re like me, you just Febreze your shoes when they get bad enough to notice. This spray keeps your shoes smelling fresh with a new-shoe scent. The fragrance is called “Cool Watermelon” and it’s true to its name. It’s basically the opposite of the beard oil. It’s bright, sweet, and oh-so-fresh. I immediately sprayed all the footwear in the house and then went to the store and bought a watermelon, because this spray made me hungry for one. I’ll be keeping this near my footwear for sure. A more active person may keep it in their gym bag or car. Either way, it’ll be gone soon, because it smells great.


Natural Deodorant by Misc. Goods Co. – Retail Value $12

I’m digging the scent of this natural deodorant from Misc. Goods Co. The fragrance is called “Valley of Gold” and, as the label says, it smells like “a garden in blossom amidst woods.” I don’t know if it’s because I read the description first, but that’s exactly what I picture now. It smells of rose, lavender, and other flowers. Most men’s deodorant is something like “Cool Ice” or “Dragon’s Breath.” So again, a word I am using a lot in this review, it is mature, pleasant, and calming. In addition, it contains no aluminum or parabens. I’m not sure what parabens are, but having no aluminum is great. It’s the mixture of aluminum and sweat that makes those yellow “pit stains.” So, if that is a problem you are having, try a natural deodorant with no aluminum, like this one. I know it’s purely cosmetic, but I also really like the wax seal on the container.


Ingrown Hair Mask by Flaunt Body – Retail Value $8

The mask is to be used post-shave and helps with ingrown hairs or irritated skin. It can be applied anywhere you remove hair. It says if you are shaving, use it immediately. If you are waxing, it’s best to wait two days. Apparently, the serum infuses into your skin and reduces the appearance of bumps, redness, and irritation. If you’ve read this far, I don’t have to tell you I have never used one of these, but when I shave my beard, I will definitely give it a try. Ingrown hairs and irritation are problems I thankfully do not have, but I’m interested in giving this a go, as long as my wife doesn’t steal it first.

Verdict: This was my first review of The Box By Fashionsta for Men and I was very pleased. I am not a guy who spends much time or money with personal care products, but as I get older I appreciate products that shed the “young dude” vibe and focus on sophistication, refinement, and, you guessed it, maturity. It was serendipitous that I had grown my ©Election Beard the same time I received these beard items. That is unlikely to happen again, though. For my favorite item, I’m going to have to pick the comb. I really like each item, but the comb is something I’m going to keep for a long time. Long after my beard is gone. I think the wallet is fantastic, even if the design isn’t for me. The sneaker spray and deodorant will get used quickly, but I honestly doubt I will go out of my way to buy them after these are gone. And I may keep the beard oil around just to smell it.

The value of this box clocks in at $108, which is more than three times the cost. I do think $15 for the footwear refresher and $12 for the deodorant is a price I would never pay in a store, but maybe that’s what maturity costs. For $30, I think this month’s box knocked it out of the park. Every item was a hit for me. I look forward to this subscription.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Your box will ship within 1-3 weeks from the payment processing date, so you’ll likely start with next month’s box. It’s best to reach out to customer service and ask.

Value Breakdown: At $29.99 for the box, here’s what you are paying per item:

  • Wallet ($50): $13.88
  • Beard Oil ($10): $2.78
  • Metal Comb ($13): $3.61
  • Footwear Spray ($15): $4.17
  • Deodorant ($10): $3.33
  • Mask($8): $2.22

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The Box By Fashionsta for Men is a monthly grooming subscription that sends 5-7 full size products in each box, promising an $80-$150 value.
Carlos Lamborn
Carlos Lamborn
Carlos is a husband and father of two. He likes coffee, beer, camping, disc golf, a good box cutter, and the accomplishment of even the most menial home-owning task. Carlos is new to the world of subscription boxes and loves the wonderment of receiving them in the new mailbox he just spent all day installing.

Carlos Lamborn
Carlos Lamborn
Carlos is a husband and father of two. He likes coffee, beer, camping, disc golf, a good box cutter, and the accomplishment of even the most menial home-owning task. Carlos is new to the world of subscription boxes and loves the wonderment of receiving them in the new mailbox he just spent all day installing.
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Your review cracked me up. Love your sense of humor!

Carlos Lamborn

Thank you. Comment anytime.


I too enjoyed the review! I’m curious if new shoes typically smell like watermelon, though. The shoe spray said it keeps your shoes fresh with a new-shoe scent, but mine have never smelled like that. Maybe it’s just men’s shoes!

Carlos Lamborn

I thought the same thing actually. My new shoes have never smells like watermelon, but this spray is just so fresh. I want to drink it. Maybe it should say, “Keeps them smelling like new.” As in, void of funk. Thanks for commenting.


Understated humor, appreciation points go to you, Carlos. Much can be accomplished with subtlety and honesty and it’s a refreshing take here on MSA. You keep doing you.

Carlos Lamborn

Thank you. Comment anytime.


Great, thorough review Carlos, thank you!

Carlos Lamborn

Thank you for commenting.


I am not subscribed to this box but I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading this review.

Carlos Lamborn

Thanks for reading and commenting.


Originally, I was just going to thank you for all those pix of the wallet, which were absolutely comprehensive. But now I want to thank you (having read the rest of the review) for the whole thing; this might be my favorite review ever! It’s thorough, funny, and by someone I can relate to.

I hope you enjoyed your watermelon!

Carlos Lamborn

Thank you for the kind words and taking the time to comment.


You don’t use the beard oil for you.
You use it for the lady in your life.

Carlos Lamborn

Unfortunately, I don’t think the beard oil will help win her over. She doesn’t like the beard, but the more she hates it the more I want to keep it going. I like scratching her with it. Thanks for the insight.


Hey Carlos, great review. My husband has had a beard for 15 years. The beard oil is excellent in winter to hydrate your skin UNDER the beard. My husbands skin is on the drier side and we live in a cold dry place. In winter, the skin under the beard can become dry and flaky and itchy. You can’t lotion your skin through the beard so the oil comes in handy for that!!! You oil the beard and it gets to your skin to hydrate it. A boar bristle beard brush (not that metal comb!) will also help with the beard maintenance, transferring the oil down to your skin to hydrate, and also helping remove dead skin (aka exfoliate) that your face is naturally shedding, or trying to shed, into the beard.


You made me laugh, the same thing happens between me and my husband. Loved the review btw.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.