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Allure Beauty Box November 2020 Available Now + FULL SPOILERS!

If you sign up now, your first box will be the November 2020 Allure Beauty Box

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The November Allure Beauty Box will include:

  • Dermelect Self Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum (full size)
  • Joséphine Cosmetics Eye Dazzle in Leona (full size)
  • SkinMedica Instant Eye Bright Mask (1 set)
  • Neogen Dermalogy Real Ferment Micro Essence
  • Manna Kadar Lip Bliss Lip Mask (full size)
  • NatureLab Tokyo Clarifying Scalp Scrub
  • Acure Ultra Hydrating 12 Hour Facial Moisturizer
  • When The Last Choice Extra-Hydrating Sheet Mask

While supplies last, click this link to get Amorepacific Time Response Eye Reserve Creme with your first month of Allure Beauty Box ($23 a month)

What do you think of the spoilers?

Allure Beauty Box is $23 a month.

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Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (65)

  1. Has anyone noticed the ingredients listed on box of Mannakadar lip mask are totally different than on the actual tube? The ones listed on outside box are pretty bad too. I am curious as to which one is correct?

    • Bad how ?

      • Maybe not “bad” but all chemical ingredients! Totally different than what is stated on mask tube.

  2. Not going to lie – I gave away most of the box contents except the hydrogel eye patches. Terrible selection.

  3. I’m happy with this box at the $13 price point I’m getting it at as an annual subscriber….but I would instantly cancel if I paid $23 for this box.
    I’m hoping 2021 will show us some better boxes. I’m inspired by a full palette next month

    • How did you get it at $13 per box? Black Friday deal?

      • Hi! They offered a deal if you were a member that if you prepaid for a year you got it at a little over $13.00 a box. You had to sign up before Oct 1st.
        I hope that helps!
        I agree also that if I were paying $23.00 I’d cancel but at the annual price it’s fine. I feel like its basically the same as it was before the price change.
        Hope everyone is safe and healthy!

      • So just a fyi.. when they changed the price form 15 to 23 I emailed to cancel and they offered me two more months at 15. I continued and I really loved this box but do not think it’s worth 23 compared to other boxes out here.
        Maybe you can email and get a discount if you were subscribed beforehand?

  4. I got my November box today.

    I take back some of what I said about the eyeshadow, It is very sparkly, so yay if you like that.

    I swatched it on my hand and was underwhelmed. I wiped off what I could with a tissue and what was left was quite pretty. This’ll be one of those ones to use when you have time to fiddle with it.

    • I’m really liking the eyeshadow! I’m using it as an eyeliner and absolutely love the look. This is an awesome box and I ordered a second…

  5. Still no spoilers for December? That’s a little surprising! Should we be worried?

  6. Oops. I thought I had canceled my sub through Amazon, but it looks like I did not. I will use everything in the box, but I can’t say I am overly excited about it at the new price point.

    • Same thing happened to me!

  7. My email says the price increase will happen in December. So, why are we getting charged the $23 for the November box? And yes for me I have the August and September box. Got charged for October – still haven’t received it. And now the upcharge for November. Am I missing something? I have also tries to unsub through Allure and with Amazon! who they are billing me through. No luck so far. Any advice for ex-Allures?

    • They sent a subsequent email stating the December email was sent out in error. So, the new price started on Oct 1 like they said originally.

      • But they do, because of the error, offer the discounted yearly subscription price until December now. So if you tried to do month-to-month starting October yeah higher price, but if you want the annual rate you can still get it.

    • I cancelled my subscription through amazon ages ago, then re-signed up through allure’s website and cancelled again when the price spiked. Each time I called on the phone and it was like less than 5 minutes per phone call to get everything handled. Definitely recommend calling them.

  8. This box is better, thought I did love the Sigma lip product from last month. If you order off Sigma’s website, they ship FedEx and mine got to me way sooner than I expected, bu that might be because they’re on Minnesota and I’m in Michigan.

    I’m not a fan of the packaging for the Acure product. I had something similar for a Biolage conditioner, and it’s a PAIN to use. I understand the need for more environmentally friendly packaging, but could they look at something other than their kid’s juice pack??

  9. This box is better for me than the October box. I just subscribed through Amazon, so I can skip a month with a click of a button when I want, which may be often. But I like getting serums, which tend to be expensive and not very large, so I go through them more quickly than other products. I get a full size $42 serum for $23, and everything else is just gravy. Deal!

  10. Actually terrible. I’m skipping a lot of boxes lately but I suppose I’m saving money! Oh well their loss.

  11. *Persay, sorry. Just got done with a very long work day! Lol

    • No such thing. The term is per se.

      • * per se lol

  12. I like box. I like there’s one makeup item and I always love getting full size quality serums I wouldn’t pay for myself. I’ve heard not so great things about Manna Kadar products though.

  13. Wish they didn’t choose such a dark color for a liquid eyeshadow, it just seems like something that will be unflattering on the majority of people and such a hard color to work with. Maybe they’ll do a tutorial and I’ll be surprised.

    • I heard it was lighter than how it shows here? Hopefully.

      • In the initial showing, it was pitched as a rose-gold, which sounded really pretty.

        This looks more like a dark bronze, which is really hard to pull off if you’re pale.

    • It’s actually quite pretty and not dark at all! So nice I ordered a second box 😁

  14. I get this for the skincare so I’m happy to have full sized that you can actually use long enough to see if you get results or if it reacts badly. A lot of stores aren’t taking returns right now so I would hate to pay the price on some of these only to have it be a dud. And I have been loving the vitiman c powder from last month. I would like some makeup thrown in also but the colors are hit or miss since we all have different skin tones and likes, so that’s really such a hard thing to include in a box that will be useful for everyone. I’ve read good things about the Dominique brand and I think adding a brand from a poc is a nice way for others to try something they may not have bought otherwise. With my olive italian skin tone, I have used many of these like black opal etc.. because the colors are brighter and show up great on me. But may be too dark for fair skinned people that don’t need or want them. My daughter got her father’s complexion and is so pale she doesn’t look like my side at all lol so I can only share makeup with my other daughter that favors my side of the family. Even nudes are hard for everyone. But I locked in the low price for the year so it’s all good for me. I hope the upcoming boxes will make people happier than these first couple.

  15. Ugh I forgot to email them to skip!!! Does anyone know if it’s too late?!

    • Probably but you can try

  16. Calling a lip mask full-size is a cop-out. Allure should do better for the price increase.

  17. With the exception of the Eye Dazzle, I think this is a great box!

    • Agree! I’m partial to skincare 🙂

      • Everytime I see the spoilers I’m so happy I canceled!

  18. Cancelled today. This is soooo boring.

  19. Not worth the money for me..

  20. Is the annual none refundable. I could have sworn it said I could cancel and would be prorated a refund. I see many skips in the future for me if this continues. I am dumbfounded on how this box now cost more but its contents are worse. I was briefly excited when I saw amore pacific but then realized it was a new member gift.

    • I agree with your amore pacific comment, lol. They save the good stuff for the newbies 🤔

    • I couldn’t agree more! I feel swindled. This box so far has been no better than it was before. I paid the full year in advance also and no I wish I would have waited a couple months. I’m aggravated because they kept saying you must renew by Ovt 31st so I did it as to not miss out.
      Then I saw that they gave existing subscribers 2 months to see if they liked the new box to still get the better annual rate. I got that stupid “17 products” gift for signing up for a year and new subscribers are getting Amore Pacific? What in the world. Allure uses to be my favorite. Such a disappointment!

      • I was a subscriber almost from the beginning and come October I cancelled and was heartbroken because I loved them and I didn’t even look at spoilers and would be surprised and it made it fun. Now with the price increase I just wasn’t feeling it and October and November aren’t very me so I’m happy with my decision. I can always subscribe again but they need to give people that go through Amazon the deals too. I pray Macy beauty box doesn’t go up because they have taking Allure place. So Ditto ladies!

  21. This box was so good….and then l subscribed. ☹

    • Ditto

      • LOL, it’s not you, it’s them.

    • Amy, I had to double-check that your comment wasn’t mine! LOL. Oh, well. Maybe it will surprise me upon arrival, as October did.

  22. I mean the dermelect is a great product ad retails for over $40 so that makes this box worth it. The rest is SO boring!

  23. Love all the skincare! Great box for me.

  24. ALL skincare basically, so glad I canceled this box. What the hell happened to it, it used to have variety and be so good 🙁

    • Completely Agree! so disappointed, I cancelled!

    • A liquid eyeshadow is makeup, not skincare.

      • So true!

      • It’s extremely skincare heavy hence the lack of variety comment.

  25. Skipping. This is worse than before price increased

    • I agree. My mind is blown. How can they charge the same as boxycharm and ipsy plus?! And only like two full size items. Then on top of that they cop out with like a lip gloss or nail polish as counting as one of those full size products. I prepaid for a year in April but once it’s done it’s done. This is just crazy now. They HAVE to know how messed up this really is….right??

  26. What’s the size of Amorepacific Time Response Eye Reserve Creme?

    • It’s a deluxe sample.

      New subscribers only. Too bad. Amore Pacific is a really good line.

  27. This is going to be a long non-refundable year!

    • Yeah this one is very disappointing.

    • I paid for the year but email them to skip the months I don’t want. It’s been very easy.

      • All the indie brands will make me want to skip a lot of months I’m predicting.

      • What address do you email to skip? I have tried calling to skip and they say they have dont it but it hasnt worked… I would rather have it in writing

    • I’ve been calling to skip the months I don’t like. 1 (800) 274-1603 Takes 2 minutes. It’s a big reason why I was ok with committing to an annual, knowing that I could skip months that are a bad fit for me.

    • I totally agree! I was so excited to get a great deal on the annual sub… it has been VERY disappointing so far. AND I called to skip the October box and they sent it to me anyway, I am hoping I can get my money back.

      • The email address I used to skip this month on my annual is [email protected]
        I have found their customer service to be really good. I am one of the few who liked last month but this month is a skip for me.

      • I’ve never had bad luck with customer service. I also don’t think the boxes are “bad” peasy I just feel like they oversold what the new box was going to be.
        The value is still there but I don’t feel like it’s really much better than it was for 15.00. I think that’s why so many people are upset.
        Also, didn’t they say 4 to 5 full size products or was it 3 to 4? Either way, 2 of the full size are sort of ridiculous in my opinion.
        I expect 1 full size product to he a lip gloss or eye topper but not for 2 out of 3 to be that.
        Comparing it to other boxes out there, now that they’re the same price, I think they will have to do better.
        I paid for the full year so I’m still paying the cheaper price.
        I just think people, for the most part expected more.
        That said, I do like that they don’t send a lot of what every other bix sends. Generally, better, higher end products.
        I’ve never had a lot of luck with any Mana Kadar though and I know that is supposedly pricey though I’ve never seen it anywhere.

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