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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus October 2020 Choice Time!

ByMSAOct 2, 2020 | 118 comments

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus
4.2 overall rating
247 Ratings | 33 Reviews

It’s time to pick three of the items for your October 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus recently announced Ultra Personalization – subscribers will be able to choose 3 of their 5 full-size products every month! Choice will be open on the 2nd. You also have the option to skip Choice and let Ipsy choose all 5 items for you. You will also have access to Add-Ons on the 1st.

Here’s what my October bag looks like for one of our accounts:

Product Choice #1:

Product Choice #2:

Product Choice #3:

FYI – Your product selection will differ based on your profile and availability

At the bottom of the page, click “Confirm & Shop Add-Ons”. You also have the option to skip Choice and go straight to the Add-Ons. In that case, Ipsy will choose all your Glam Bag Plus products for you.

Which product are you choosing for your October 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month:

And if you are new to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, it’s $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

IPSY is a personalized beauty subscription. Members take a short quiz to personalize their beauty preferences, then choose between two memberships. Glam Bag subscribers receive 5 deluxe samples for $12 per month, while Glam Bag Plus subscribers receive 5 full-size products for $25 per month. IPSY fe... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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OMG, I just received one of my October Glam Bag Plus and the only product in the large bubble envelop is the Tarte powder! Everything else is missing, including my add ons.
When I check the detail on DHL, it’s supposed to weight 1.25 lbs. So this means, the products have been stolen at some point.
I have never had anything stolen from my local USPS, I suspect this happened before it arrived in my area.
This is very troubling and Ipsy should really go back to shipping with a box and not a wrapper that is not sealed and can be easily opened.

Kate M

OMG that is crazy if this was all stolen from your bag!! I would contact Ipsy CARE immediately and take a photo graph of what your received. I just reached out to Ipsy Customer Care around 6pm due to a damaged highlighter palette around 6pm and have already received a reply and will have a new palette sent out. I’m sorry this happened and I am sure Ipsy will correct this error.


Well, I just received my second Glam bag plus as well as my regular Glam bags and oh to my horror, the Glam bag plus envelope is missing all the big ticket items, they left only the cheap ones inside. I am missing the eyeshadow palette, Filorga eye cream and all my add ons.
I can’t believe it. My regular Glam bags are intact with all add ons. So obviously, there are thiefs out there who know that the big pink IPSY wrappers contain good stuffs to steal.
I already reached out to Ipsy yesterday and they are sending me some replacement but my add ons are sold out, no replacement. 🙁
Ipsy should really go back to shipping with a box, the big wrapper is not good.


Ok, so I know this is an older thread but can anyone explain to me why in ALL THREE of MY CHOICE items and obviously this one, there was a lipgloss?!?! Even if someone adores lip products, I would think one category of glosses and colors to choose from would’ve been appropriate instead of one in each category. Sorry for complaining, this just baffles me. I have three plus bags and this was the case with ALL of them. Limits my ability to pick from a variety of products when Ipsy limits my choice to one type of product when there were other options to actually suit my profile. Yet I have to add on those items. And why are the points items being sent as products for the month we wait to receive our point redemptions?


Don’t sub to 3 of the same bag. Problem solved. You’re welcome.


Oh My gosh… I just need to vent. So I received my plus bag today- and it was a total nightmare. The pink nail polish they sent had opened and leaked all over every product in my bag. My mail box reeked of nail polish when I opened it. I was hoping I could salvage something but sadly no. The smell was incredibly strong and gave me a migraine. The polish had seeped into my eyeshadow pallette and sealed it shut. Also one of my add ons was missing. This was the cherry on top of an already bad day. I’m waiting to hear back from Ipsy support.


I’m so thrilled, DHL has finally figured out California is Northwest of Texas and you don’t have to visit Illinois on the way. Yay!


This made me laugh out loud. I’ve been so bummed lately, having to wait til the end of the month. October second I received my September bag actually!! I’m in Los Angeles and never had this delay prior to this year. Stupid nightmare 2020! Hopefully this route change will alleviate my pain and nerves by a week?


One can only hope, but it’s not a certainty. Good luck to you!


Now, if they’d only figure out that Georgia is south of North Carolina and does not require a northward jaunt to New Jersey.


So bummed…i picked my 3 choices and somehow glossed over the option to add on! Argh. I must have hit confirm while I was distracted. I was able to do my glam bag add ons. I wanted a few other things. Oh well…


Ipsy chose the Berlin palette and the Tarte setting powder for me. I picked the Purlisse moisturizer, Violet Voss palette, and the Filorga eye cream. I added on the Luna oil, the pistachio body butter and the Doucce black gel eyeliner pencil. I’m very excited!


Did anyone get the A+ in there bags or was it only add on?

Kate M

I didn’t get the Sunday Riley A+ Retinol Serum in my bag, so I don’t have an answer for you in regards to if it was only in the add on section. I wish I received it In one of my 6 Ipsy bags (Crazy I KNOW…I need to cut back to one bag at each level, but I have been trying to see what I get based on 3 different profiles Ex. Only skincare, Only makeup, and my true profile which has been fun, but product overload and my money can be used better elsewhere), anyway I just got a sample of the SR brightening eye cream in my regular bag.

What I wanted to ask was if anyone got the FULL SIZE SUNDAY RILEY A+ Retinol Serum in their REGULAR GLAM BAG? I was watching some YouTube videos of people that were selected to receive PR Glam Bag and Glam Plus. EVERY VIDEO I WATCHED (I watched at least 7-8 different YouTubers unbox IPSY PR) ALL HAD A FULL SIZE SUNDAY RILEY A+ Retinol in THE REGULAR GLAM BAG!! That stuff is like $80+ and was in the $12 regular glam bag. Did anyone else get a full size SUBDAY RILEY in their regular glam bag?


I am loving Ipsy Plus the most. It seems like it ships the fastest too. Mine is already on est the way to me and was last month. I also get the regular bag and it did not ship til almost the end of September.

I love the draw string bag and getting to choose 3 products. This is the Best level of all.


Agree. Mine shipped evening of the 2nd. I’m still waiting on my September GB. It will be my last.


Ipsy chose:
– Tarte powder (good, hoped for this)
– Seraphine Botanicals palette (bad, I’ve already purchased this in Ipsy Shopper)

I chose:
– Mischo polish duo
– Skin & Lab calming cream
– Half Caked lip duo

I really wanted the Violet Voss lip gloss (I was only offered Romantical which is definitely my speed), but the Skin & Lab cream was the only skincare that I was offered that I was interested in, so I chose that instead of the VV since I could get the Half Caked products in a different category. I also liked the spoiler for the Thrive eye crayon in Aurora, but I was only offered Emma.

I’m really unhappy about getting a duplicate of the Seraphine Botanicals palette, & I may cancel my entire bag if they offer that as an option to me, but I do like the other 4 items.


So far IpsyCare has replied to me 3 times. The first 2 canned responses did not address the issue of the duplicate palette in my Plus at all (the 2nd reply must have been from someone who barely skimmed the email bc they gave me random info about glam bag customization, not Plus info + tried to kick me 600 points to go away). The third response actually seems to understand the issue, but the response is nonsense: “Please know that we don’t monitor any products you’ve purchased through IPSY Shopper since we try not to send you the same product in your Glam Bag Plus each month.” Those two things are not correlated or interdependent.

I’ve now requested a $5 refund (since my box has already shipped), & I doubt I’ll get it but at this point I’m mad enough with a) the initial situation & b) the runaround that customer service has given me that I can continue to do battle for at least a couple more email exchanges.

I do believe I may be canceling Ipsy entirety after this. ☹️


Also Beth, it took me 4 emails to finally get to that 1200 point compensation! Jeez! I wouldn’t be so frustrated & ticked off if they had just properly read my email in the first place & given me the points.

Yeah, most “good” reward point items are at least 1800 points.

Also Beth

I had the same issue (getting that palette after already purchasing it in Shopper) and they gave me 1200 points “so I could pick out a replacement item.” I had asked if they could just cancel my current picks and reassign me random ones that didn’t have duplicates, but I think we’re all getting the points brushoff. And let’s be real, I’ll bet when that palette shows up for points (since they seem to have a ton of extra, so I’m sure it will) it’ll be ranked at the 1600 point level.

I understand, they only have so much they can do and they say they’re having difficulty obtaining new product options because of the pandemic, but if that’s the reason, why not just say so? If they don’t consider items purchased through their add-ons and sales as duplicates, then it really seems like we shouldn’t be buying from add-ons and sales.


For my plus:

Ipsy picks

Dr. Brandt Poredebrasion (will sell on
poshmark or find someone to trade. Way too harsh for my skin)

Lovecraft beauty highlighter duo (really pretty. I have an obnoxious amount of highlighters so I may keep it or save it as a gift)

My picks

Laura Sanchez Moods palette (I always wanted to try it)

Thrive Causemetics Eye Brightener in Auora (I love thrive)

Violet Voss Lipgloss in Romantical (love gloss, looks beautiful)


Yensa Glow Primer
Laura Makeup Labs blending brush

I’m very happy with my box overall. I’m annoyed with the Dr. Brandt item since I also got an exfoliant last month. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some money for it or find someone to trade me🤷‍♀️


This is my first Glam Bag Plus and WOW, what a better value for $13.00 more
Ipsy choose:

Dr. Brandt Pore Dermabrasion – this is a great exfoliator that I love and I was out
Nomad Underground Berlin Palette – Love this theme and the colors..

I choose:

Nail Polish duo
Eye cream
Half Baked Lippy

I also added on both the CEO Glow and the A+ at unbelievable prices along with the cinnimon hand cream and benefit brow…

All of the add ons for $48.00!

Can’t wait!


I love my Ipsy Plus bag for October.
Ipsy chose:
Dr. Brandt poredermabrasion (This is the item I am most excited about. I skipped last month and wanted this.)
Tarte Shape Tape Transluscent Powder (Excited to try this. I have an oily t-zone)

I choose:
Purlisse Milk Cleanser
Purlisse green tea priming moisturizer
Filorga eye cream

Add ones:
Sunday Riley vitamin c serum
Benefit gimme brow
Tarte tinted moisturizer


I used to love Plus. I hate it now. The new choice system has left me with really low value bag options. Oddly enough, my Ultimate has gone from meh to magnificent. I get two of each level of bag – getting ready to cancel my second Plus sub.


“Low value bag options”? You pay $25 plus sales tax for each Plus bag. I guarantee that the bag value is at least $75, so you are way ahead with your dollars.


My comment below stayed up?? I thought it was critical… and as the the value of the Ipsy bags they are amazing!! I love Thai new setup!! I feel if you have an issue, change your profile!!


Mine had a $303 value. I’m ecstatic. All items I’ll use too. Love ipsy.


Agree! I pretty much broke even with the Thrive item. The other 4 items were extra value.


That is EXACTLY how I’m feeling too. Not once since this choice started have I been happy, and I was fine before choice. Once in awhile I’d get a dud, but never 3 bags in a row. But my Ultimate has been amazing except a repeat this month that I received in Plus last month (Dr. Brandt), but I really dont even mind having a 2nd.


I am Mostly Happy with my Bags and the Add ons were SUPERB! I spent way too much! Now..the reason I say mostly is is the thing. Why do we bother making profiles and taking silly little quizzes if they aren’t going to be used. I have blush, highlighter, and setting powder marked as Rarely. I wish they had a NEVER EVER category. I just don’t use blush or setting powder. As for highlighter, I love them. BUT, let us just say that if anyone wants to figure if their is life on another planet, they should use me and my gadzillion Highlighters..pretty sure I have enought to cover my body head to toe and over and over again. I should be seen gleaming from Galaxy regions far far away!

So what does Ipsy put it BOTH my bags??????? You got it..Blush/Highlighter palette and setting Powder. At least it is a good brand that I can hopefully swap with someone for something i will actually use.

I still said Mostly, because my choice items were a little better this time around. Hopefully each time they will get better and better. I found it strange that there were OLD, like super old, product choices included. I didn’t like that some categories I only had 3-4 items to choose from. On one I ended up choosing the Doucce eyeshadow palette because everything else was blah. I really wish Love Craft had been a choice, I would love to try those!

I have another account with Glam Bag Plus and am very disappointed that I can’t see my choices or make product selection. UGH! Everything will probably be gone or I won’t get too choose.

Has anyone ever had this happen? What was the outcome?

Kate M

Today I just noticed that Ipsy has an article under TRENDING NOW on their app/website about 4 HACKS FOR YOUR BEST GLAM BAG EVER…it says they use a formula that takes 500 pieces of data from our profile and account to create our “Personalized Bags” with 150 data points coming from our beauty quiz. It says to perfect and tweak your quiz from time to time. Then it says points come from our reviews and the more feedback the better though I’m not always sure on that one based on reading people saying stop sending me blah blah blah every month. The article goes on to say it is important to pay attention to choice dates in order to choose an item and says that bags are created to “Ipsy Match will fill the rest of you bag to compliment both you Choice and your Profile.” Lastly it’s says the longer you subscribe, the better they get to know your likes and dislikes…some may not agree with all of these “Hacks” but I found it interesting that our bags are selected by a program and not a person. I guess that would take forever if people made all our selections though.

I have 3 regular bags, 2 plus bags, and one ultimate bag. I have created different profiles for each and this gives me more of a variety to receive or choose from with my 2 plus bags. This month I did get 2 Love Craft highlighter palettes as my item they chose and I totally agree I can use head to toe for weeks with my collection. I love your space explanation and comment…I was literally laughing out loud!

Did you just Signup for the 2nd Plus bag? I don’t think they give us a choice for the first bags of our subscriptions if that is the case. I am still waiting to see the bag reveal for one of my regular bags I did see the choice time for the plus goes to the 3rd of October. Maybe they release a group of bags over a period of time so keep checking!


I feel the longer you are subscribed, the higher your odds of repeat items. I’ve been with Plus since the beginning, and only starting skipping in the past year. Still I just got my 3rd duplicate item. Their algorithm would be much more efficient if they had more variety of products. I skipped this month thankfully. It would be hard to find 5 items in this lot that I either haven’t already gotten, or opted out of (back when that meant something).


I’ve only been an ipsy subscriber for about 2 years now, but I can honestly say that my bags DID get much better over time and when I became more diligent about reviewing every month. My bags lately have been the best they’ve ever been. *Knocks on wood*


Mine was my favorite month ever! Got the same Ipsy picks as MSA and I chose the balm blush palette, trestique eyebrow pencil and violet Voss lip gloss. So thrilled!


IPSY is the only sub I have now and I typed out a LONG comment with my bag contents and questions and it’s nowhere to be found. SO annoying.


I wrote a *slightly* critical comment about MSA and this issue and it was deleted or never posted.

Joy-Not the Other One

I hear you! I also came on here first thing this morning (like 5 hours ago at least) and typed a long comment that still hasn’t posted. I truly don’t understand what the deal is. I didn’t say anything negative and I used the same email and username I always do.


My comment below stayed up?? I thought it was critical…


I find it so odd that the last 2 years, I followed MSA less and less. I used to be a check it 20x a day lkinda girl. It just felt off to me. Then last week I just happen to find out the scoop and it all came together. I feel so sad I missed everything.


Agreed. I feel like I can’t say anything longer or deeper than “it’s great!”


I love most of the reviewers, so I feel bad saying this, but since Liz left, they haven’t been on top of things. They were also really vague about what Liz leaving meant and who, if anyone, was taking over for her. Such a bummer, as I’ve loved this site for awhile.


Me too !!! Kind of annoying 🙄


My comment hasn’t posted either, from six hours ago.


I was up at 4am PST because my cat wanted to be let out of the room so I checked Ipsy after and choice was live. Unfortunately, I had it in my head that I wanted to see the add-ons before I finalized my selections so I pressed the skip and go to add-ons button. And even though I did feel some trepidation that maybe this would make me unable to choose, 4AM brain said, ‘No, that doesn’t make sense, of course you’ll be able to go back and choose, let’s go look and see what your add-on options are.’ EEHHH!! (loud buzzer sound) Nope, that’s not how it works in case anyone else momentarily wondered. I was a little upset about this for several minutes. Lol. Fortunately, I hadn’t been overly crazy for any of the options anyway so I got over it. It is showing me what my completed bag will be so I expect that is what I will get although I think I remember reading someone say what they received was different from what was shown. We’ll see..


So last month I did not choose, but I also did not skip choice. I waited it out. What the two original items in my bag were changed when the complete bag was revealed. Hope that makes sense and was helpful!


Interesting. And so then, you didn’t do add-ons on that account I take it? If I don’t get what they auto-completed my bag with I will report back. What’s weird is that it auto-completed my bag with two different lip choices. I happen to like lip glosses and it was my mistake so I let it go but I definitely would have chosen differently.


3rd time was not a charm. I really dislike this choice thing. My choices are never good. I could choose all the eyeshadow palettes and lots of lips products and had zero skincare options except an eye cream. I have LITERALLY received and eye cream or two (have Ultimate as well) every month for 5 months! Like seriously, give me some stinkin skincare! This is horrible and I’m going to cancel and just stick with Ultimate. Haven’t been happy since this choice thing started. Already had several of the eyeshadow palettes already….just bad


I haven’t been able to make my choice since it started they’re never up and neither are my reveals or add ons this is the third month it’s Happened!! But I’ve been getting great bags anyway so maybe it’s better not to chose.


I’m so glad I skipped again. No FOMO at all. The only thing I would have wanted is the A+ and with my luck it wouldn’t have been an option for me.

A few good things in the add-ons I’m a little sad I couldn’t get but… I’m not buying a $25 bag of stuff I won’t use for the “privilege” of shopping the add-ons.


I was happy with my choice but not Ipsy’s picks for me but that isn’t really Ipsy’s fault because they did follow my profile.
Ipsy picks: Nomad palette (love it, but I already have it because bought it on Mercari so it will be gifted!) and the Dr Brandt microdermabrasion (I’ve gotten this before in other boxes and it will be gifted)
My picks: Mischo beauty nail polish duo, Dr Lipp trio and Thrive Causemetice eye brightner in Emma!
Overall, I got my money’s worth being able to choose what I wanted and the other two will be good stocking stuffers!


I’m happy for others, but wow mine was a mess for me. I have eyeshadow as rarely and usually Ipsy honors that. They picked the Seraphine botanicals palette. I bought it from Ipsy months ago in a $10 bag and didn’t like it at all. Not thrilled to get another.

Ipsy also chose Dr Brandt. Ok, I haven’t tried the blue bottle and like the brand, but I got an exfoliating face product last month, so I’m extra stocked up.

My first batch had 6 choices and the other two had 4. Odd. All the remaining choices were 90% lip products. Don’t get me wrong, I like lip products, but I wasn’t excited by any of the choices.

It might be time to have a skip month 🤷‍♀️


Same, LJ, regarding the Seraphine Botanicals palette. I’m going to shoot off an email to them once I’m off work & have the time. (I suspect the result may be a complete cancellation of my October box, which would be a bummer, since I like the rest.)


I did email them. Stock answer of do reviews (I do), don’t have too many categories (I have 9 total), and love it regardless of the fact you said you own it and hate it.


If I start a subscription now, do I get to choose or will they pick the first bag?


I think they pick.


This month for me is great. Ipsy chose for me: Seraphine Botanicals Sakura & Sage palette and Tarte Shape Tape Setting Powder (Yes to both!). My choices were: TheBalm GRL PWDR blush palette, Skin & Lab Calming Cream, Ciate London Watermelon Primer. I’m super happy with this selection.


So glad I skipped.


Not a bad month at all. Yes, I wound up with two eyeshadow palettes, but I like both. I wish I’d been given the Sunday Riley serum, but I added on the Vitamin Serum, so I did get skincare. Their choices for me were the Translucent Tarte powder and the Seraphine palette. I ended up choosing the Dr. Lipp tints, the Laura Makeup eyeshadow palette, and the Half Baked lippies. All in all, not the worst bag I’ve ever had from Ipsy so I’m satisfied.

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