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FabFitFun Winter 2020 Box Spoilers: Customization 3 Choices!

We have more spoilers for the FabFitFun Winter 2020 box!

FYI – This box is not live yet. If you sign up now, the Members Picks Box will be your first box. 

Here are all of the options for Customization Choice 3. All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Winter Box:

ILIA Beauty Limitless Lash Mascara – $28

Laura Geller® Cinnamon + Spice Eyeshadow Palette – $45

dr. brandt® skincare pores no more® PORE PURIFYING CLEANSER – $36

dr. brandt® skincare POREDERMABRASION® – $58

Lele Sadoughi Maroon Velvet Headband – $49

Customization Choice 2. All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Winter Box:

Lilly PulitzerTM Ceramic Mugs (Set of 2) $42

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet – $39

Murad® Rapid Collagen InfusionTM – $78

Algenist Complete Renewal Eye Balm – $68

Lucky Brand Solid Brushed Scarf – $65.50

Impressions Vanity Company® LED Vanity Mirror$45

Customization Choice 1. All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Winter Box:


Vera Bradley CompactOrganizer – $50


UnHide Lil’ MarshmallowBlanket – $65

BOMSHBEE® SloaneChampagne Flutes (Set of 4) – $51

Summer & Rose Cozy Robe – $70

LOLI Beauty™ Tea Seed Elixir – $42

kate spade new york Rise & Shine Stud Earrings (Set of 2) – $68

Mobile White® Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit – $89.99


What do you think of the spoilers in the first two customization categories? Which items are you going to pick?

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use this link and coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box.

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!


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Comments (110)

  1. I can’t help but laught at the people trashing the $49 headband. I own 2 Lele headbands (both $49 a piece so they’re her cheap ones). I NEVER thought I’d pay that for a hair accessory but I will never buy any others because: 1. They are the only bands that don’t give me a assume headache 2. They are extremely well made 3. I get compliments all the time when I wear them – they’re a statement piece (if you like that style). Don’t knock something until you try it and unpopular opinion… if you can’t afford it, hush.

  2. Ooooh what all are ya’ll getting for each choice?! For me:
    Choice 1- Vera Bradley Compact Organizer, UnHide blanket, & the Summer&Rose cozy robe
    Choice 2- Lily Pulitzer mugs
    Choice 3- Ilia Limitless Mascara, Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion & the maroon velvet headband
    Choice 4- Muk Luks Cabin Socks & the Voir hair masque/scalp detox
    Choice 5- Guardian Angel Eye Gels
    Choice 6- Paradox Blemish Patches
    Choice 7- Leopard scrunchies & the liquid eyeliner

    I’m super excited about this box!! 🙂

  3. When would be the best time for me to subscribe if I wanted this box, and not the members box?

    • Jenn, according to their website orders are open for the Winter box now.

  4. Is it too late to hope for a candle in choice 4 or 5 ? 🙂

    • Probably, yes.

    • Full spoilers are out now and no candle for the remaining choices.

      • Where at?

      • Ashley, MSA just posted them.

  5. This is why I wish they had not put all those lifestyle items together in one category. There are 4 items from Category 1 that I would choose, and zero from this category. There is nothing here I would use or gift.

  6. I cancelled my sub to FFF at the end of last year. Since then, I’ve looked at spoilers and have never been tempted enough to sign back up – until now. This box has, for me at least, a great selection of really good and useful products. I am 88.27% sure I’m going to sub again.

    • I love how specific you are, Elaine. 88.26% just wouldn’t cut it. 😁

    • Exactly my feelings. No boxes have looked good until now. I may have to get two annuals just to get everything from this one that I want.

  7. Wow – love this box! Since this is the only quarterly box I get, I will need to get 2 extras..

    Choice 1 – Unhide blanket, Cozy Robe, Drinking glasses & teeth whitener
    Choice 2 – Mugs, eye balm and mirror
    Choice 3 – not crazy about this one, but will probably get the eyeshadow or cleanser…

    Very excited!!

  8. I’m considering signing up for an annual sub once this is available. Can someone tell me how the add on items are usually priced? Is it reasonable?

    • Add ons are $15 for custimization 1&2 $10 for #3 and $7 for #4&5

      Add ons in shop are really good to especially the bundles.

  9. It would be nice to get a review of the Fall Facetory box vs 30 million FFF posts. I know they advertise on the site, but when over half of the front page is FFF, it becomes spam. Guess I will bounce to other sites that post spoilers/reviews of stuff besides FFF

  10. Third choice is a little underwhelming, but that’s okay. My pick is the headband; I’ve been growing my hair out since I’ve been working from home, and have kind of been wanting a luxe headband. Plus this one looks like it will be cute for (Zoom) holiday parties.

    Choices so far: blanket (with earrings add-on), scarf, and headband. Really hope categories four and five have enough items I like, as I won’t be able to choose those.

    • Good choice on the headband. I have been wearing them since cold started and I’ve found I touch My face a lot less since I’m hot pushing hair out of the way.

      • Darn spell check… you all know I mean COVID

  11. I may be in the minority! I’m loving this box. I’ve been an annual subscriber for years and this box has me thinking I need to get an extra box to save money on add on’s! lol

    • I agree.. Loving the box, I’m getting another one

      • How do you get a second box? Do you just resubscribe as an annual under a different email? I’m thinking I might do the same if possible! 🙂

      • How do you get a second box? Do you just subscribe as an annual again, but under a different email? I may want to do that too, if it’s not too complicated!

  12. The RV of that headband is crazy. But its still my choice. Not interested in any Dr Brandt.

    • Oh! Tell me why you’re not interested in Dr Brandt. Am interested in your opinion

      • It’s my first time looking into the brand and there’s nothing special about the cleanser or the exfoliator for me

      • I am just trying to make a concerted effort to only add truly cruelty free and cleaner brands to my ridiculous collection of skincare 😊. Dr. Brandt sells in China.

      • The reason l am not interested is because both of these products have been in other boxes heavily the last two months. I already have doubles of both, l do like the products however.

  13. Any idea when we’ll have full spoilers?

    • Pretty sure they aren’t putting out anymore unfortunately. We’ll have to wait until choice to see

    • There is some in community right now for 4&5 but they are grouped together so not sure which will be in what category. Hoping Muk luk socks and hair mask are in different categories those are only 2 I like .

  14. So far: blanket, eye cream, face wash. Lots of things I’d want in addition to, but I shall refrain. Hopeful for the remaining categories

  15. I was an annual subscriber for years until the Summer Box and cancelled. They are putting at least one item in every category that was in a past box. That may be great for new subscribers or people who want to repurchase an item, but it means fewer choices for a lot of long time subscribers. A lot of the items that would interest me in this box, I already have. I keep hoping a new season will come and they’ll pull me back, but looks like it’s not Winter 2020.

    • Same here I was a member since September 2014 and annual subscriber from Jun 2015 to Jun 2018. I cancelled 2 years ago and they haven’t offered a box that make me want to come back yet.

    • I am also a long-time subscriber. I don’t have a problem with them including items from past boxes. They aren’t replacing new choices with items from past boxes. They are just adding them as choices. We used to get about 3 choices per category. I’ve added on at least one “past” item in every order since they’ve started doing this. Will likely get another unhide blanket in addition to the bathrobe this time around if they are still available.

  16. Choice 3: Nothing really speaks to me… I guess the dermabrasion (I do have oily/combo skin!). Oranges do NOT go with my skin tone

    Choice 2: I LOVE the mugs! But I actually don’t have a vanity mirror… and I’m kind of wanting the eye renewal balm… so it’s a hard choice. Definitely going to have to do an add-on here.

    Choice 1: teeth whitening for sure, COVID is not doing anything for my coffee addiction and I realized how yellow my teeth have gotten

  17. This category is just okay. Normally, I’d get the skincare, but Dr. Brandt isn’t cruelty free so that’s out. It’s between the eye shadow palette and the headband.

    • I mean, if cruelty free is your deciding factor then the palette’s a no go. It’s made in China as can be seen on the back label in the photo.

      • Being made in China doesn’t mean it’s not cruelty free. Ethical Elephant (Apr 2020) and Cruelty Free Kitty (6/2020) have categorized the Laura Geller brand as cruelty free.

      • Only products sold in China are mandatory tested on animals, not products made in China

    • Thanks for the heads up! I hadn’t checked yet. Looks like the headband for me even though that’s not me style or color.

  18. Nothing at all surprising or exciting. Still good value for the price. Dr. Brandt is amazing

  19. I might finally subscribe. I really want the blanket. Anything in the second round of spoilers is fine. Here I would pick the headband, so cute!

    • That blanket is really special. I got it in last year’s Winter Box and even though I have tons of throws, it’s my favorite.

  20. All of this screams lower tier category, definitely not three. As another poster said, where’s the hero item? Surely it can’t be a blankie?! I suppose I’ll select the palette.

    • On a personal level based off of use — I’d consider either Dr Brandt a hero item. If you do pick either, I hope you enjoy the line as much as I do.

    • They haven’t had real hero items in a year or maybe two.

    • I don’t remember them having a hero item in a while, not since they started putting a lot more choice in every box. There’s at least one thing I need/want in every category so far, which hasn’t happened since last winter

    • Thank you everyone for the information!

  21. I have a fat head – how do you think they’d fit?

    • I’m in the same boat as you – I can NEVER get a headband that doesn’t make me feel like my head is going to pop like a balloon. I went onto their website and it looks like this headband may be comfortable. I’m going to give it a shot!

  22. Blanket (robe and earrings if possible as add ons and maybe mirror but my hubby may kill me) mugs and possibly scarf, and headband for sure….i have all the facial care products i could ask for thanks to boxy. 🙂

  23. Definitely the headband! I’m loving this whole box. I’m going with the blanket and mugs for the other two categories. This might be my favorite of ever!

  24. I’m happy so far. Blanket (even though I already have one it will make a great gift), LED mirror and the headband.

    • yes same for me!

  25. really like pretty much everything, so not an easy choice. Plus the creams are a daily use thing for me and are both good

  26. The headbands are SUPER comfortable and as someone with curly hair that needs my bouffant to be tamed sometimes when I wear it down, I’ve found that these are my favorite. They’re padded but not huge and super flattering. I had a denim and turquoise one or the summer I got from FFF and looking forward to picking this beautiful color. The brand is expensive but good quality and that’s why I like subscription boxes.

    • thanks for giving the info about the headband – just made my choices a little harder LOL

    • Would they fit somebody with a big head? All the hats that fff had in their past boxes were too small for me (tbh even from other places: one size never fits all) and 90% of the headbands I tried give me a headache because they end up being too tight and constrict my skull. I am asking because, from the picture, the headband looks small and something that would not be comfortable for somebody with a large head (ie me :P), but I also never tried this brand. Thank you!

      • You are my people!

        *fat heads unite!*

      • @Mary LOL

      • If you watch the official customization 3 pick video from FFF, the girl introducing the items said she has a big head. So that’s promising.

    • Thank you! Reaffirming my decisions to go with the headband.

    • @JoJo thank you, I will check it out! But I would like if all the brands -not only the ones who specialize in hats- would just acknowledge that we all are different and release measurements like they do for other garments (ie fits heads till xx inches).

  27. Blanket, murad, maybe at Caudelie, I really like them both as moisturizers, the dr. Brandt pore refining scrub.

    For me this may not be an “exciting” box, but it is all stuff I use daily so totally worth it.

    • Sounds like you and I might be box twins! ☺

    • Same! Opposed to the fall box where I used next to nothing and felt robbed I am happy with this box so far. Not excited by any means but sometimes the value is in the use of the items. I’m hoping they let us buy extra items bc I want the blanket and would like to give one as a gift. Do we know if we would presumably get this box before Christmas?

  28. This category seems more like a choice 4 or 5. The palette is really pretty and I dig that headband, though. It’s really different than anything I have and seems holiday party ready.

    • I agree, this is a tier 4 or 5 level. I’ll have to go with the palette.

    • Completely agree. Too bad holiday parties won’t be a thing this year

  29. Choice one I want the Vera Bradley bag, and the blanket.

    Choice two I want the scarf and the mirror.

    Choice 3 I want everything but the dumb*ss headband. But I’ll probably pick the exfoliator, and then add the Pallette or mascara.

    Y’all really don’t see anything you want in the choices? Yeah, there’s a lot of skincare, but that stuff is always the most expensive, so I’m always happy to get it in boxes.

    • I want the dumb*ss headband actually. It’s by an amazing designer who makes these beautiful super comfortable luxe knotted headbands and I would love to add another one to my collection as I have several. My crystal seersucker one was $170 and it is gorgeous. So excited to see one in a sub box!

      • Thanks for sharing your experience. I was going to choose the headband because I didn’t want anything else. Now I’m excited to get it! Usually headbands are uncomfortable after awhile. It nice to hear this one is comfy. I need something to hold back all these little baby hairs that have started growing back now that I’m not highlighting my hair.

  30. Excuse the spelling and grammatical errors on my last post, autocorrect incorrectly corrected me 😂

  31. I’m definitely choosing the headband! If anyone is wondering Why it’s so expensive, the knot style is super flattering anyone and they are the most comfortable, softest headband you will ever own. Their quality is also fantastic, with a high resale value 😊

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s helped me make my choice!

  32. I really liked the options for #1 and was not that excited about the ones in #2 but managed to decide on something I would use. HOWEVER there is nothing here with #3 that I am even semi interested in!
    It started well! Let’s hope #4 and 5 (if we get that many) spoilers will be better and then the other items that we all get will be good

    • Same!! I wish they would split all the skincare and makeup between the other categories because I loved multiple items in the first 2 categories! I have a few different beauty subs so I’ve received enough scrubs and cleansers to last a lifetime!

      • I just realized after I said that that those categories have skincare too besides the other home goods I want. Oops haha

  33. This is looking like a decent box overall… if I was in serious need of more skincare type items. They are yet again overstating the value of some of the items (looking at you, headband!) and filling up the choices with too much skincare stuff. I’ve enjoyed the past 6 boxes (although my last one was the least impressive) and unless there is something amazing in categories 4 and 5, I will not be signing back up just yet.

  34. Am I missing what the “hero” item is? Like what is fancy pants about this so far? I like several things in category 2, but 1 and 3 and kind of meh. I’m an old lady. I got blankets and champagne flutes when I got married a million years ago. Fluffy short robe? nope. Kate Spade earrings? Meh. I guess I’ll get the makeup bag but seriously…who doesn’t have about a million little pouches floating around. At least they don’t have a “vegan leather” item.

    • Ha! I love that – vegan leather…… fine if you’re vegan and don’t want leather but what a creative way to say “fake” leather. Agreed!

    • You sound like a lot of fun at parties. Not.

      • I totally disagree. Theresa sounds like she’d be the life of the party…perhaps you’ve forgotten what parties are like due to COVID.

  35. None of these choices are speaking to me. I recently started getting more subscription boxes and have accumulated more makeup and skincare than I know what to do with so that’s probably why. I always need things like mascara and cleanser so I’d normally welcome the opportunity to get these in my FFF box but I just have so many backups right now. The headband is cute but I am not a headband person. I’ll probably pick the eyeshadow palette because the colors are pretty.

  36. Who are they trying to fool with that headband price 😂

    • They’re not, though. I personally would never spend that much on a headband but a quick peek at the retailer’s website shows that this is actually on the inexpensive end for their headbands.

      • No kidding – they have headbands that retail for $195. It gives me vibes of the headbands from “Gossip Girl”. I am all in on the headband!

  37. Wow…kinda boring lol
    But I really love the Dr Brant exfoliator so that will be my pick

    I do want to share my experience about the dr brant cleanser I got it as a full size in a box but if you are sensitive to smells be warned that it smelled to strong almost like bleach chlorine it reminded me of pool bleached water

    I am not sensitive to smell usually I’m like oh whatever but not this time I threw the bottle away after about two weeks of trying to get past the smell :/

    Just an FYI for everyone 🙂

  38. Don’t see anything In This category. Heard the mascara is kinda like thrive which I can use. Both dr. Brant items are for oily to combo skin. Headband no way and don’t like Laura Geller brand.

    • Oh I got so excited when I read this post because I loooove Thrive mascara. However, it says specifically on the Ilia website that this is not a tubing mascara, so it can’t be too much like Thrive. Oh well.

      • I’ve purchased both the Ilia mascara and the Thrive mascara and I must say, personally, I prefer the Ilia mascara. It looks really pretty and I like the application. I stopped purchasing because $28 is a little steep for a mascara (for me). I’ve switched to ‘Honest’ mascara $16.99 and it’s the BOMB – won’t switch again!

  39. This box is just horrid so far. I’m drowning in skincare, yet it’s pretty much all that’s offered in both categories 2 and 3. I know both the vera bradley bag and the lucky scarf will be low quality collabs and I have no use for a (collab) velvet headband. I’m going to skip this box if choices 4 and 5 aren’t notably better. Ugh.

    • Amazing. People on here COMPLAIN about not enough skin care products and then boom you make this post. Others complain about too many hair products and others want them. They can never make everyone happy! Be happy that with this booming economy and recovering economy now that they can even DO THESE BOXES at this price. I get sick of all these complainers.

      • People have a right to post their true feelings in the comments. That’s what the comment section is for. If it bothers you that much, don’t read them. That’s why I don’t read comments on any vaguely political post.

      • No complaints allowed unless you are complaining about the complaints! XD

      • I agree. I am very happy to see some good skincare products because quality moisturizers and serums are pricey! For the price we pay in many cases just loving one item we get is worth the cost of the entire box.

      • Agreed! Getting one or two items that you love is totally a spoil and then everything else is just gravy

    • The Lucky brand scarf is actually available on the brand’s retail website for purchase. It’s not a collab. 🤷‍♀️

      • Well now, that changes everything! Thanks for the info

    • So obvi about the Vera & Lucky, they must be trying to reach a new demo, or it will be in the fall 2021 box. Want to fly a flag about it?!?

      But scuze me with the ‘woe is me drowning in skincare’… maybe start using it!!? If you’re drowning, you’re not using. It’s also good for your whole body. I bet other parts of your sag or you wouldn’t be looking at a subscription box at all.

  40. Nearly $50 retail for that headband? LOL

    I’m thinking blanket/mirror/Dr. Brandt exfoliate.

    With a few add-ons, Caudalie and maybe robe.

  41. A 49 dollar headband?

    • I was thinking the same. Also, it looks quite narrow and I’m sure it would squeeze my head.

  42. So looking forward to this box I’m absolutely beyond belief delighted

  43. I agree. Pretty unexciting. The whole category is beauty focused, and for those of us that are beauty subscription attics we have all of those products already.

  44. Thank goodness for a category where I want only 1 item, lol.

  45. No5 a super exciting category, but I think I’m going for the cleanser. It will save me from having to purchase one soon. A close second is the mascara, but I have a ton of mascara backups at the moment.

    • Lol why, autocorrect? *Not

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