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FabFitFun Winter 2020 Box Spoilers: Customization 2 Choices!

We have spoilers for the FabFitFun Winter 2020 box!

FYI – This box is not live yet. If you sign up now, the Members Picks Box will be your first box. 

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Use code MSAGIFT to get a FREE Mystery Mega Gift Bundle ($200 value) when you sign up for an annual subscription!

Here are all of the options for Customization Choice 2. All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Winter Box:

Lilly PulitzerTM Ceramic Mugs (Set of 2) $42

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet – $39

Murad® Rapid Collagen InfusionTM – $78

Algenist Complete Renewal Eye Balm – $68

Lucky Brand Solid Brushed Scarf – $65.50

Impressions Vanity Company® LED Vanity Mirror$45

Customization Choice 1. All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Winter Box:


Vera Bradley CompactOrganizer – $50


UnHide Lil’ MarshmallowBlanket – $65

BOMSHBEE® SloaneChampagne Flutes (Set of 4) – $51

Summer & Rose Cozy Robe – $70

LOLI Beauty™ Tea Seed Elixir – $42

kate spade new york Rise & Shine Stud Earrings (Set of 2) – $68

Mobile White® Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit – $89.99


What do you think of the spoilers in the first two customization categories? Which items are you going to pick?

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use this link and coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box.

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!


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Comments (122)

  1. I have two subscriptions, and so far I’m going with two of the Unhide blankets so that both my husband and I can use them, and the Lily Pulitzer mugs on both subs so that I can have a set of 4. This box is hitting it out of the park for Winter!

  2. Dumb question…how do you get a second box? Do you just add another subscription or I’d there an option to buy two?

  3. My original plan had been to do some Christmas shopping via FFF…but I want everything for ME! 🙂 The spoilers all look great so far!

  4. I have 2 annuals subs and will pick up several of these items- mugs, throws, robes- for myself and Christmas gifts. I will also get the organizer and the mirror to keep at the office for pre-Webex makeup (practically the only makeup I put on these days). The earrings are calling me, too.

  5. I cannot find care info on the scarf on the Lucky website. Is it machine washable?

  6. Does anyone know details of the robe? It looks so nice and cozy but some of the clothing from FFF has been much thinner than what is advertised. I’m also nervous about how long the robe is. I would like it to go down to my ankles or mid calf’s but I can’t tell from the picture.

    • You can somewhat judge the length by looking at the photos.
      Look where the tie lands- it’s about in the middle from shoulder to hem.
      It’s short.
      It looks very soft and cozy, but it’s too short for a winter robe. And the colour is blah.

  7. Thinking of resubbing for that Unhide alone, love mine from last year and the grey matches our decor. If I do, I would pick unhide & the coffee mugs. I don’t drink hot coffee but they would be cute for guest or make a good gift.

  8. Waiting for a coupon, then ordering another box! My extra purchases in each category will cover the cost for sure….and I’ll get an extra marshmallow!

  9. Had anyone used the tooth whitening system? Does it hurt sensitive teeth?
    I can’t use whitening strips because my teeth are SO sensitive that they’re very painful. I’d like to try this, but I’m worried I’ll waste a choice on something that hurts. Alternatively if it doesn’t hurt, I’ve finally found a whitening system I can use.

    • As a person who was in dentistry for years and still keeps up with trends This a could be harmful and b doesn’t work If you want whitening and are sensitive it’s best to consult your dentist for options that will work for you. It’s just not worth it when it comes to your smile

  10. These are really varied items but I’m not excited about any of them and I just re-subed 😂 I haven’t had an issue with any of the boxes before except the items that FFF chooses for you. Maybe I’m just on product overload? Who knows

    I guess I will be swapping or gifting these!

  11. I think this box is actually going to get me to resub.

  12. To say I am absolutely overwhelmed with joy at this is not enough. This is incredible finally the box I’ve been waiting for since that long ago beautiful fall box from years ago and that same year a great summer box it’s been a long time since those two boxes so this is exciting…. Woohoo for us to all of us

  13. I agree with Rose. I recommend the coupon as well, as I was a recipient of a “pathetic mystery dump”. LOL.

  14. Wow, another round of great choices! Leaning towards the scarf, eye cream, and makeup mirror. I need another eye cream like a hole in my head, but I’ve heard great things about Algenist and the ingredients list looks great.

  15. I never have fabfitfun but I really really want that mirror!!! I’m not sure how fabfitfun works, should I subscribe now for winterbox or should wait for November?

    • I think if you sign up now it is still the fall editor’s
      choice box. I would contact FabFitFun and find out what date to sign up to get the winter box.

  16. Does anyone know if the LED vanity mirror is magnifying too?

    • Sadie, it does not have magnification. What I do like about the mirror is that you can use AAA batteries or USB cable. The mirror tips 180゚ as well.
      I am so happy to see the mirror in this category. When I saw the mug and a bunch of skin care my heart sank, lol. I am surrounded by pine and fir trees so I never get good lighting coming through my windows. I am desperate to see what an LED mirror can do for me. I have been happy with most of my fabfitfun boxes but this one is already the best yet.

      • Hi RougesEn3D! I seem to be on a constant quest to find the brightest, and most magnifying, mirror out there. If you have youthful eyes, you will like this mirror. But if you want to pluck, etc. you will love a good lighted magnifying mirror. I’m looking for an uber-bright 12- or 15-mag mirror so I can really see what I’m doing. Most lighted mirrors don’t have a bright enough light or high enough magnification for what I’m doing (and the poor state my eyes are in these days).

  17. Wow, this box is looking great! I wonder if I should order a second box instead of adding on so many things? There isn’t really anything I wouldn’t be happy with.

    • Haha, I’m in the same boat! Especially as a seasonal, when my experience in the past has been that I frequently don’t get the add-ons I want. Might just get two boxes this time.

  18. OMG shut up and take my money!
    Wish those mugs were in a separate category. They are so cute, but can’t justify picking them/paying more for them when I actually need skincare

  19. My picks for the first items are the Unhide, TWK, and the KS studs. My picks for the second items are the LP tea cups and the make up mirror. So far it is looking like a good box for me.

  20. Loved the Winter! In love with the new Luxee Box I just got my husband. FabFitFun for men 🙂

  21. The Mugs and Murad are what I’m going to go for
    I want to try Algenist Complete Renewal Eye Balm, heard it was amazing for dark circles. Has anyone used it

  22. I wish I hadn’t looked at this. I REALLY want that blanket.

  23. Hello ladies!!

    Has anyone tried the Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet?
    I am looking for a good winter moisturizer we get lots of snow and harsh cold winds where I live!

    • I have. I received a sample in an ipsy and it’s just ok. It’s not really moisturizing as it sinks into the skin right away. Also, the scent is a bit overpowering.

    • I don’t like it

    • I have dry skin and it’s definitely not a winter moisturizer. It does sink in quick. I love the scent, but it doesn’t linger. I use it during the summer/fall and it’s something I’ve repurchased, even though it shows up in so many boxes.

    • I’ve sampled it before and I liked it well enough, but I don’t think it’s right as a winter moisturizer

      I use the elemis cleansing balm as a mask when things are dire, and otherwise I just up how often I use whatever else I have on hand

    • I’ve tried it before, and it’s definitely not a winter moisturizer, unless you have very oily skin. Very lightweight.

      • Thank you so much to everyone!!!
        Guess I am out of luck BUT I was deciding between the moisturizer or mugs so mugs it is!!
        My skin is weird like it’s oily in the summer but once it’s winter is dries up like crazy super flaky skin lol
        I hate it!!!!
        Guess no one will see it since we are all wearing masks

    • It’s nice but it’s quite light. It’s basically a water cream. I got a deluxe sample and finished it but I wouldn’t want a full size. Of course, I could practically fill a bathtub with my stockpile of moisturizers.

    • I absolutely love it but I have combination skin and I live in San Diego where it doesn’t get as dry in the Winter So I don’t need a super thick Winter cream.

    • I have and I a, seriously considering getting this box just because its in there. It is my favorite moisurizer for my skin. I am 40 and live in SoCal and have combo skin but it gets really dry in winter here since there is 0% humidity. I lovethis because it really soaks in and I get lot of moisure where I need it without getting greasy anywhere else.

  24. And the design reminds me of Van Goghs starry night. Maybe that’s why I love them so much

    • I thought the same thing when I first saw the mugs!

  25. OMG I absolutely looove those mugs! I can already picture myself curled up with the blanket and one of those mugs full of chai latte relaxing and reading a book. Strange that a simple picture of a beautiful mug could make me picture all that but….

  26. Noooooo why are these so amazing?!

  27. If I reactivate my annual subscription now, will I be able to get the winter box?

    • No not yet

    • I asked customer service about this, and they said they could set my first box to be the winter box. So I did it…hope it works out as they said.

      • Weird I ordered yesterday and it was the fall customer fave box so I canceled and had them refund me

  28. Does anyone have experience with Algenist products?

    • I have not tried this particular product but I like most of the Algenist products I have tried. They make really good Vit C serum and Retinol serum which I have use up many bottle of. I have seen Algenist products flooding my local Marshalls though so I won’t personally pick it, nor would I ever pay full price for it.

      • Thank you, Alice!

    • I got a mini of the eye balm in an Ulta skincare sampler. It’s lovely – very rich and hydrating. I am prone to milia and this did not bother me in the least. I plan to choose it.

      • Thank you, Jean! I’m going to choose it! I love a good eye product.

    • Algenist is great. One of my favorite brands for sure. This product is great, light yet moisturizing.

      • Thank you, Amy!

    • Alice, the Algenist eye balm is excellent! It might be one of the best eye creams available. I pay full price for it!

      • Thank you, Rochelle!

    • LURVE almost anything Algenist. Have bought full-sized stuff from their site, ebay, etc., because the sub box samples have been so stellar. (Their pressed serum is to die for.)

    • I LOVE Algenist – its the one brand I actually pay full price for – their products are overwhelmingly effective.

  29. It’s a nice variety. I believe I’m going for robe and one of the skin care options. The robe will end up as another cat bed.

  30. The mugs or the scarf

  31. I love the design of Lilly Pulitzer mugs… but unfortunately I will have to pass. I purchased a Lilly Pulitzer steel water container in the past but the design was peeling off before I even used it… They replaces it… but that one the design was peeling off as well!! (But not as bad as the first one) Just something to think about…

    • Hi Kendra! I have some printed Lilly bowls, plates and cups (from the Target collab) and they have held up great. We put them in the dishwasher with no fading.

      Hopefully (and unfortunately!), the water container sounds was just a poor design. I had a s’well ltd. edition bottle and every time it would sweat, the design would flake off.

      • Good to know! I had the bad experience in the past, but the cups are just so darn cute! I might have to get them this time just to try out. I’m hopeful now because your bowls did not have the same issue. Thanks for letting me know!

    • The owner Katie addresses the peeling issue in the fff community saying they fixed the issue and she’s been putting hers in the microwave and dishwasher for months with no issue fyi

  32. I am obsessed with the marshmallow throws. I grab one everytime FFF has them

    • Can you tell me what makes these blankets so loved? I don’t have one yet…are they somehow better than the furry blankets sold at Marshalls for $12.99?

      • Last year I purchased a faux fur blanket from Family Dollar store that was larger, thicker, softer, and more durable than these Unhide. Much less expensive as well. Shop around. There are all kinds of great faux fur blankets out there.

  33. Are the mugs microwave safe?

    • According to a post on FFF’s FB page, they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

      • Thank you!!!

  34. I think these are good choices. However, there was a serum, moisturizer and scarf in the last box too.

    • Getting a serum/moisturizer every 3 months is very reasonable though. Most people can use up one product in 3 months.

  35. I’m glad everyone is excited! I have to say I look at this and say so glad I unsubscribed! I guess that’s why this isn’t for me. Enjoy!

    • I’m with you on this one. Can’t understand the enthusiasm. Not at all tempted to resubscribe.

  36. Overall, I’m happy with the box so far. The one thing I’m disappointed about is that the yoga scarf from last box and the Lucky scarf this time, in the surveys, we’re shown in gray. Both show in the box as black. I like black but I love gray. Even if one of them was gray, I’d be so much happier! I still got the yoga scarf and I’ll plan to get this scarf too. Plus, there are a lot of things I like on this category…

    • Oh, actually in the FFF pics this scarf looks more charcoal than it does here. The survey was a nice light gray…oh well…still nice:)

  37. Loving this box…might have to drop some $$$$

  38. Where do I sign up to put my name on a mug and sell it for $21?

    • School of Art & Design.

      • Lol.

  39. Do we know if the mirror is plug in or battery powered?

    • I did a quick google search and, if I found the same right item, it appears battery operated. It was also on sale on the company’s website

      • Thanks Izzie! Your Google prowess is stronger than mine!

      • No problem, happy to help! On the fff Instagram account it say that the mirror has also an USB cable, so I guess it can be plugged in as well?

    • It can also plug in. I posted the link here from Amazon but it might take a while to show up. It is also on the Impressions website.

    • It is battery powered (4x AAA) but also has a USB cable for power. Also the base it detachable. 🙂 FFF has a post on its FB page with a bit of info about the products.

    • Triple a batteries but also gas usb cord So both

  40. This is going to be an expensive box for me, just going to be adding on so many items

    • I agree!!

  41. Does anyone know the size of the mugs? They look pretty, but curious if they’re too small.

    • The mugs hold 12 oz. The video for these spoilers is up on FFF’s YouTube channel.

    • Ceramic mug with a gold-colored handle
      Holds up to 12 ounces
      Dishwasher and microwave safe
      5.5” x 4.25” x 3.25”

    • 12 oz.

  42. Can the mirror be used in lieu of those light rings? Kinda need some better lights for my zoom meetings that don’t make me looking I’m starting in “the Blair witch project” and I would like an item with a dual function (like I got Fff for work lol)

    • I have a USB powered makeup mirror (not this one, but same idea) that I’ve used for extra Zoom meeting lighting in the past. You just have to make sure that your mirror is propped somewhere higher than your camera/monitor so that none of the light gets blocked by the monitor. 🙂

      • Thank you Kat, I think I may go for it!

  43. Obsessed!!! Need a mirror like woah and I loved the murad collagen been waiting for a deal so 15$ extra sounds good to me 🙂

    Also gonna go for the blanket and the teeth whitening… it’s my birthday month so I’m going to let myself splurge on extras

  44. Not great. I need a new vanity mirror, mine broke during a move. But this one doesn’t have any magnification so it won’t work for me. Other choices are mugs, skincare, and scarf. Obviously, as a subscriber, I have all the mugs, skincare, and scarves I’ll ever need. I’m even sponsoring a couple of teen girls for Christmas, so I can get rid of some of this stuff!

    • Wow good catch on the lack of magnification! What makes this mirror worth $45? I bought a much better looking brushed metal magnified lighted mirror at IKEA for $20. I’ve seen plastic lighted mirrors with magnification for as little as $10 at TJ Maxx that look very similar to this one.

      • Classic overpricing in FFF/sub boxes. I swear a lot of the non-name brand stuff isn’t worth a 10th of what they claim. Less so with this mirror specifically, but they’ve featured some really cheap quality shawls/towels/etc valued at $50-$100 that doesn’t hold up after 1 wash. And with the name brand stuff, you need to be careful in appraising it when you see it’s made specifically for FFF, like they just licensed out the use of their brand name.

  45. Lots of nice skincare in this category! I love both the Caudelie and Murad products, and I’m almost out of the Murad that I received in an older box.

    I really like the look of the LP mugs, but had read that they had some bad reviews about the design peeling? Maybe the issue will be clarified by FFF.

  46. I really like these choices. I think there’s something for everyone and it is kind of hard to choose. I like this stuff much better than the last box, and I think it particularly has useful stuff for people working from home.

  47. wow…. Love the mirror, the unhide blanket, the teeth whitening kit and the robe… I wonder if the robe will come in plus size?

    • Yes the robe comes in XS-M, L-XL, and plus size. Their community shows photos of all 3 sizes.

      • @Cynthia – great intel. Thanks!

      • You are very welcome Sophie!

  48. Dang it’s been years since I’ve been impressed with FFF spoilers and I want like over half of these things. The problem is, how easy would it be to get my first choices as a non-annual person?

    I’m guessing there’s probably 100 of those tea cup sets to go around…

    • Better be more than 100.

    • I’ve been annual for a while so I can’t really comment from personal experience. But, aside from the “throwback” options where FFF has featured something from a past box, I think seasonal subscribers are generally able to get their choice of items. It’s extra choices that seem to sell out all the time.

    • Actually I believe they set aside a certain amount of each item for annual and seasonal subscribers. So that way all the annual members can’t take all of one thing. I’m annual and we do get sold out on some items that ive seen people I believe are seasonal get.

      FYI with gold handles I’m pretty sure you can’t wash in dishwasher or put in microwave
      If that makes a difference to you.

  49. Love love love. I want Lilly Pulitzer. I had been telling FFF to do a collab with Lilly. If I sign up now, I’ll get member’s box, which I don’t want. I just want to be able to get my choice items. Some might go OOS.

    • I would go ahead and sign up right after they announce that the Winter box is live. I planned to get a Fall seasonal sub to get an additional box and they ran out and went to member’s pick box before seasonal choice even went live.

  50. I like this better than the last couple boxes, but I haven’t seen any good deals or gifts for signing up for an annual lately.

    • They have the $200 mystery bundle again. I think the code is MSAGift but check the other recent post about fff where it appears.

      • I signed up and got the last mystery bundle, and it was a load of crap that all went to goodwill. I think there was a $10 off your first box offer recently, and I’d recommend that instead of their pathetic mystery dumps.

      • I received a Grown Alchemist night detox cream, a leave in conditioner and a rose gold bracelet. I actually really like the night cream but I expected a BIG bundle, I guess. For a free gift with purchase it was pretty good.

      • Okay, I saw it yesterday, went to checkout, got busy at work and forgot to submit and then today it no longer works! I am so sad!!! Does anyone else know another code for the bundle?

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