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FabFitFun Winter 2020 Box Full Spoilers + Coupon!

We have the FULL spoilers for the FabFitFun Winter 2020 box!

COUPON: Expiring Soon! Use code MSABONUS to get a free Bonus Box with annual subscription!

Customization Choice 1. All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Winter Box:


Vera Bradley CompactOrganizer – $50


UnHide Lil’ MarshmallowBlanket – $65

BOMSHBEE® SloaneChampagne Flutes (Set of 4) – $51

Summer & Rose Cozy Robe – $70

LOLI Beauty™ Tea Seed Elixir – $42

kate spade new york Rise & Shine Stud Earrings (Set of 2) – $68

Mobile White® Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit – $89.99

Customization Choice 2. All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Winter Box:

Lilly PulitzerTM Ceramic Mugs (Set of 2) $42

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet – $39

Murad® Rapid Collagen InfusionTM – $78

Algenist Complete Renewal Eye Balm – $68

Lucky Brand Solid Brushed Scarf – $65.50

Impressions Vanity Company® LED Vanity Mirror$45


Customization Choice 3. All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Winter Box:


ILIA Beauty Limitless Lash Mascara – $28

Laura Geller® Cinnamon + Spice Eyeshadow Palette – $45

dr. brandt® skincare pores no more® PORE PURIFYING CLEANSER – $36

dr. brandt® skincare POREDERMABRASION® – $58

Lele Sadoughi Maroon Velvet Headband – $49

Customization Choice 4. Annual subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Winter Box. (Seasonal subscribers will be surprised):

kate spade new york Workout Socks (Set of 2 Pairs) – $24

MUK LUKS® Cabin Socks – $25

Voir Haircare Rhythm of the Rain – Hair Masque & Scalp Detox – $28

TULA SKINCARE Rose Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm – $30

Flight Mode Skincare High-Altitude Hydration Mask – $39


Customization Choice 5. Annual subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Winter Box. (Seasonal subscribers will be surprised):

Beautaniq Beauty Guardian Angel Revitalising Eye Gels – $25

eparé® Cutting Board (Set of 4) – $19.95

dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Dry Shampoo Powder – $24

Customization Choice 6. FabFitFun will choose this item for the subscriber:

Whish Lip Scrub in Vanilla Bean – $20

Paradox Lucky Stars Blemish PatchesTM – $18

B-Low The Belt Croc Card Case $35

Customization Choice 7. FabFitFun will choose this item for the subscriber:

Daily Concepts® Daily Facial Dry Brush – $20

nOir Jewelry Ombre Leopard Scrunchies – $25

Customization Choice 8. FabFitFun will choose this item for the subscriber:

Aesthetica Liquid Eyeliner – $21

Londontown® Get Well Nail Recovery Treatment – $20

Phase Zero Makeup Making Moves Blusher – $27.50

What do you think of the spoilers? Which items are you going to pick?

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use this link and coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box.

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!


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Comments (363)

  1. I ordered the black and white polka dotted masks from the add ons. They are thin and would not keep out any germs. I would like to return this item. How do I return an item?

    • None will keep out germs. You’ll need an actual respirator that looks like a gas mask if you actually believe what they’re telling us. It’s all a ruse.

      • Masks (with filters) will keep out germs. Please don’t spread false facts that could possibly cost someone to lose their life.

      • I wasn’t.

  2. Picked the robe, mirror, eye gels, tula eye balm, and headband. I got my box and love everything except i didn’t get 8 items only 7 and a kind bar. Did anyone else get a kind bar or is that my 8th item 🤣🤣🤣

    • The kind bar was just an extra that every US member was given, it didn’t count towards the total for the box. You definitely should have gotten 8 item. Us fabfitfun Chat on their website to talk to an employee. They always respond within a minute or two. They will send you your missing item.

      • Thank you doll I’ll try the chat. I sent them an email as soon as I saw item was missing Thursday but haven’t heard back!

  3. That robe! It’s possibly my new favorite possession. SO cozy and soft.

  4. Got my box today, super excited. Only one of my FFF picks was a dud for me, the scrunchies. I don’t mind scrunchies but for a RV of $25 I expected higher quality. These are so thin I swear they seem like dollar store quality. Also got the blush which I don’t really need but it’s a nice shade and very silky. Last FFF item was the whish lip scrub which I have used before and love it. So overall, YAY!

    The Unhide blanket is amazing, which I already knew 😉 big plans to snuggle on the couch with that this weekend.

  5. I got the earrings, teacups, and mascara. I wish the champ flutes were not in #1 because i would have chosen them for my #2. I wanted the murad collagen item but of course it was sold out by the time i had my picks since i’m not an annual member. I did get the add-ons for 25$ and got kate spade socks and an eye tightener so i think overall it will be worth the price. also wish i could have gotten the robe but i wanted the earrings more-

  6. I don’t mean to offend anybody but this box looks like a bunch of crap to me. I had 25 credit from the security breach for the add ons and couldn’t find anything worth it. I got summer and fall boxes and honestly use 1 item from each. This subscription box is disappointing. BYE!

    • To each his own. The Unhide blanket, which is excellent quality makes this box worth it for me. Plus the Murad, other skin care and MukLuks make this a great box in my opinion. WTG Fabfitfun.

      • Same Deb, I loved this box. So many haven’t liked it, but honestly my only problem was choosing just one thing in each section. I really like skin though so that is why I probably like fabfitfun so much. Happy subscriber here, but if someone isn’t into skincare I could see why fabfitfun wouldn’t be for them.

  7. Anybody have shipping confirmation yet? I keep seeing shipping videos on insta but mine hasn’t shipped yet. Dying to know what the FFF picks are.

    • Got my shipping confirm today but the FFF picks aren’t revealed so I guess it will be fun to be surprised. I just hope I don’t get another black eyeliner. I’ve re-gifted so many of those I don’t even have anyone to give them to anymore.

  8. SUPER DISAPPOINTED. seasonal subber here, and the claudalie and murad were not even an option to pick. it said it was sold out 15 minutes after customization opened.

    all the BOOSTER items were also sold out.

    cancelling after this box.

    • I don’t blame you. I made the mistake of signing up for a annual membership (first time member), the one additional item I wanted in customization I couldn’t get. i kept checking back before customization closed, but the item never freed up. Basically, if you can’t log on the minute it opens, and you can’t spend your whole life online, you can forget getting what you want. I don’t feel like they made things very clear when signing up.

  9. I received an email regarding that security breach, I thought I’d at least use the credit they offered, but I can’t find the email with the instructions on how to redeem it, does anyone have that issue? After I use the credit I think I’m gonna cancel, last box was not good, this one is pretty blah too.

    • Do you know which customizations are still available? I am thinking of getting a box but worried the things I want will be gone. Thanks!

      • No. I tried myself.

      • If you contact them they will tell you what is no longer available. As of now, 11.13.20 5:31pm MST, the out of stock items are:

        Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet
        dr. brandt® POREDERMABRASION®
        Murad® Rapid Collagen Infusion™

    • If you scroll down the email there is a hyperlink “click here” and you click and select the sale you want the credit applied to.

  10. I didn’t even get an email that customization had opened so I guess I’m just out of luck. I’m so disappoitned. I just signed up for fall and was super excited about the options for the winter box and I’m definitely frustrated that I wasn’t notified

    • The customization dates are posted on their website.

      • Posted on the website or not, we usually get emails when it opens. And I did not. It shouldn’t be up to us to hunt down the dates.

      • Why not? It’s a bargain $50 grab bag, not a personal concierge.

      • I agree

    • Happened to me too. I am an annual member. They apparently started customization for annual select on Oct. 30th and never let me know. They made choses for me and I am out of luck.

    • No I get you, for all the past boxes I would always get customization notifications and this time around I didn’t get anything. So the whole box I will be getting is most likely the left overs that those who got to customize left behind.

  11. Okay, so entirely through my own user error, I didn’t customize my box. I previewed it online today and I am really disappointed; I don’t think there’s one thing I would have picked, and I’m having a hard time thinking of being able to use these as gifts. 🙁

    • I find that if I look at it as a present to myself…it’s always a surprise and I have been introduced to some fabulous products that I hadn’t even heard of before…the value is ALWAYS great!
      I am the only girl in a household of boys…it’s a very special treat.
      I love it…

      • That’s a good way to think about it. I have taken a risk on a few things I really liked, so I’ll try to approach it that way, especially the hair masque. And eventually I should be able to offload the cutting boards and flutes…

    • I like to take the items I don’t use and make a gift basket for someone else…because of FFF I always have great things to put in a basket…😉🌻

  12. Yes!!!! It works great!!!! Love it and so worth it.Hope you get this in time to get it. You will not be disappointed!!!!!

  13. Hope I don’t get the acne patches. Seems like an odd item to be in a non-choice category that caters to a specific group of users, of which I don’t happen to belong. Long past the acne days.

  14. My two box boost items aren’t showing up. Is anyone else having that problem?

    • Same here…🤔

    I customized the minute it opened on Friday and got everything I wanted. Everything remained good until this afternoon- when suddenly I had NO customizations saved at all. I went in and re customized but it wouldn’t let me do 2 of the things I wanted.

    After a long time with CS they said they could fix one problem but not the other. (Group 4 I had 2 things chosen and now I only have one and CS is saying “oh you can’t pick 2 things in this category… you never could…”)

    Which is just not true.

    Anyway, go check!!!

    • I had the same thing happen but it let me pick all the same plus extras. Then I received an email about my add ons needing to be confirmed? I had to go back on and re-add them. Thank goodness they were still there! Lesson learned re-check!

    • You can’t add additional items on Customization 4 & 5.

      • Select members absolutely could in the first few days. For $7. Once they started running out of things they stopped allowing that. However I asked them to check my records to see that I HAD added additional items on choice #4, on the first day of customization. They ultimately acknowledged their mistake and added it back.

  16. I think I’m going to cave and get a subscription instead of buying the extras. But I can’t figure out how to do it — is there a way to add another box a la Causebox, or do you have to set up a new account? And can it be in your name or does it have to be in someone else’s?

    • I don’t know if there’s a way to add a second sub to your regular account. But I set up a second account (using a separate email address) and used my same name and address with no issues.

      • thanks!

  17. I purchased the fall 2020 box late in the season but was still able to customize.and everything . finally got box and not one item I chose, or was even supposed to be in the fall box was in there. It was a bunch of Crap I would never use or.want.
    Like fake lashes , a foot mask, hand cream, scented skin oil , make removing towel,,,,,, I mean… I was furious. They ran out of fall boxes and just gave me an editors box.without even informing me. I got a hold.of them.right away because I never would have paid for that and they gave me a free winter box but wouldn’t allow me to choose products with annual ensure I got at least something I chose. Instead they gave me a $15 to apply to extras…there’s a lot in the winter box I really like so I’m happy to be getting it but I’m also afraid I’m going to get thungs I’m allergic to and hair ties or hair band even though I have too short hair for either and have.listed that on my profile. If this winter box.doesn’t go.well I will not be doing another.month, not.worth the trouble if they can get small things like that right or even have enough products for the amount of subscribers they have.

    • “Late in the season” and you’re complaining about free stuff they gave you.

  18. Are most options usually available for seasonal subscribers? I used a discount code to try it because I love the robe and tea cups… will they still be there?

    • I just bearly signed up today and robe and tea cup were there still just a couple beauty items are gone but that is it I think that is why they don’t let you order extra at a curtain time so their stuff left for the seasonal people

      • Thanks!

    • If you get on at opening time (9 am PT) you will have a good chance at getting your first choice. The robe and cups should not be a problem to get. Last I looked only the Murad was sold out, and annuals will keep dropping until closing time tonight so it could come back in stock for seasonal members. What usually sells out for seasonal members are throwback items that are in short supply and the opportunity to choose additional products. I hope you get what you want!

      • Thanks!

    • If you are a new member, you may not get this box at all. It is while supplies last and that usually isnt very long. New members get editor’s box sometimes (which is stuff from older boxes)

  19. I decided to try an annual subscription, because I really wanted the blanket, robe, and mugs, didn’t want to chance waiting for seasonal. Was so disappointed, neither the robe nor blanket could get an additional purchase, so I had to choose. I went for the robe, seeing some people complained of blanket shed. I’m glad at least they still had the mugs, they’re no longer on other sites that I saw them on, so they must be really nice, I’m a sucker for pretty mugs. Simple pleasures.

    • Hi Vanessa,

      Check back before the customization ends. Often items become available as additional purchase because people decide not to purchase them.

      • Thank you. I keep checking, but I don’t think a blanket is going to free up. If they weren’t so expensive, would just buy one. The robe just looks so comfy to me though, so I’m keeping it, and, at least my college age son won’t possibly take it, lol.

      • I wanted to add the muk luk socks (for $7) and couldn’t the other day, but was able to last night. Eileen is right — just check back a few times as people drop before the deadline.

    • Are those mugs dishwasher safe?

      • I was super excited for the mugs for a gift for my mother, but I read the reviews on LP and the people that bought them said the design is actually a sticker that peels off super fast 🙁

    • I upgraded also. I picked the robe and added the blanket for $15. You might want to call customer service?

  20. I unsubscribed a while back, but I think I might resubscribe for this one as there are a few items I like.

    Has anyone tried the teeth whitening kit?
    I drink a lot of tea and coffee and my teeth stain quickly, I usually go to the dentist for treatments but haven’t been this year because of the covid19 situation. I am not sure how effective these home treatments are so any feedback would be great!

    I will either get the mural serum or the eye cream from category 2

    and the mascara or the head band from category 3

    hoping for the eye balm or the night mask from category 4

    don’t really care much about the rest, although I hope I don’t get a lot of hair care as for some reason I never like hair care products from beauty boxes.

  21. I just finished customizing my box and I am so excited that I was able to get all the extras that I wanted! As a long-time subscriber of subscription boxes, I can say this is probably the most excited I have ever been for a box. Not only will I use everything but it is such a great deal!

  22. This is a tough one, I can’t say that the items are bad or disappointing, but I think I have been a member long enough now that it seems like I have everything in this box already from past boxes. So the good news is, I will have some great Christmas gifts to give this year.

    • I agree with you 100%. I’ve been a member for four years and this is the first time I think I’ll be skipping the box. It’s not that I dislike the box, I just don’t need any of the items.

  23. UGHHH I want like every single thing in the first category. Something tells me I will be spending too much money on add-ons with presents for family and myself lol. So excited

    • Agreed! When the spoilers came out for Category 1 my first thought was how I wanted everything… and my fear that all other categories would be blah. Category 1 is holding all the aces.

      • I completely agree with that!! Category 1 is the best and it honestly goes downhill from there, except for the Murad product. I absolutely LOVE Murad skincare, but hate paying full price for them.

  24. Found this about UnHide: Ellen DeGeneres also supports the fur-free movement, and she believes that one way to cut down on the demand for real fur is to create faux fur products that look and feel as close to the real thing as possible. So, together with Leo Livzhetz, she’s launched UnHide, a brand that makes super soft, fur-like products.

    • Fake fur is 100% plastic which is so horrible for the environment too. It sheds plastic into the ground and water supply and it doesn’t ever biodegrade. I’d either go for real fur or just stay away from fur alltogether.

    • I got the unhide last year and it really really sheds…..

      • I have 4 unhide blankets and none of them shed. I’ve seen others say the same, but luckily I’ve never had that issue.

      • I’ve had my UnHide blanket for a year now. I’ve washed it a few times. It’s never shed and it still looks brand new. I love it!

  25. Can anyone tell me how many extras are we able to buy in each category? There’s a couple of categories in which I’d like three of the options, but I thought we could only select one item and one extra.

    • I’ve actually found it more cost effective if you buy an additional box with another account if there are a couple of items you want from each category! And you can use whatever discount code is available on the second box and get it for like $40. Excess items can be used for gifting

      • Sydney, that’s a good idea! How do I do it? I don’t want to purchase another seasonal subscription.

    • If you are an annual member and you log in early you can select all of them. As a seasonal member normally most extras are sold out so you normally have to buy a second box. That’s just what I have seen in the past.

      • Thank you Sydney and Michelle F.! Sydney, I do have a second subscription already, and I’m hoping to get enough mugs to give as a set, but I also am ogling the robe and throw for myself. I am almost at the point where I could use another sub altogether, and if FFF continues with these great choices, they may get me for almost all of my subscription budget (again). Michelle F., thanks for that info. I haven’t ever wanted more than one or two items from a category, so this is a first.

  26. I wish I could pick the murad and then like 4 items from customization #1. Now that would be an amazing box!

  27. This would be my first time subscribing (Seasonal). Does anyone know if we can select the size of the robe (I am petite S so OS won’t fit me) and/or if we can select the color of the blanket?

    About the UnHide blanket – if anyone has used it – does it shed and s it machine washable? Thanks!

    • I’ve got the blanket and will probably be requesting it again so I have another to rotate onto my bed–I love it! It doesn’t shed and machine washes very well.

    • Usually, with the robe like items there’s two or three sizes S/M… L/XL etc. Can’t say for sure on this one. The unhide blanket is amazing. It does not shed and yes it’s machine washable. It’s honestly my favorite blanket. I will probably get another one.

    • Yes the unhide sheds. But it’s very soft. I can’t use it if I’m wearing clothes I care about but it’s nice with sweats or jammies….

    • The blanket is great we will be getting another one.

      • Yes, you can select the robe size.

    • Robe is in three sizes: XS/S/M, L/XL, and PLUS. Seems pretty inclusive, which is cool.

      My UnHide doesn’t shed at all and I wash it frequently. I didn’t even realize it was supposed to be fake fur… just thought it was a super soft blanket!

    • Weird that some people say their blanket sheds. Mine doesn’t and I keep it on my much darker couch. I chose this item again.

  28. FYI – went on the company website for the mirror, which I was interested in; dimensions per website are: 6 x 7.5 in.

    • I was going to choose the mirror even though it’s so basic. It doesn’t have USB or speakers. And with it being so small that’s an easy pass. Ugh the only thing I want is the blanket. Hard decision now do I spend $40 for the blanket as I don’t want any other items. Nor would I he able to gift them. Nobody I know would want them either 🙁

      • Hey Robin, the mirror is actually 7” x 5” x 12″. It’s big enough to view your entire face to do your makeup, skincare, etc. Plus, it’s operated by 4xAAA batteries and/or a USB cable, and it comes with both. Hope that helps some.

    • FFF lists the mirror measurements as 7” x 5” x 12”. Both the video and pictures show the mirror as a decent size. It’s not large, but it’s not small either. It also includes a white LED light strip. You can adjust the brightness level by touching the sensor button. It’s operated with 4xAAA batteries and/or a USB cable.

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