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Allure Beauty Box November 2020 Full Spoilers!

We have the full spoilers for the November 2020 Allure Beauty Box!

FYI – If you sign up now, October will be your first box. Check out the October spoilers here.

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The November Allure Beauty Box will include:

  • Dermelect Self Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum (full size)
  • Joséphine Cosmetics Eye Dazzle in Leona (full size)
  • SkinMedica Instant Eye Bright Mask (1 set)
  • Neogen Dermalogy Real Ferment Micro Essence
  • Manna Kadar Lip Bliss Lip Mask (full size)
  • NatureLab Tokyo Clarifying Scalp Scrub
  • Acure Ultra Hydrating 12 Hour Facial Moisturizer
  • When The Last Choice Extra-Hydrating Sheet Mask

What do you think of the spoilers?

Allure Beauty Box is $23 a month. If you sign up now, October will be your first box. Check out the October spoilers here.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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  1. I also don’t think a beauty box like Allure should ever include products you could get for like $3 at Walgreens or CVS…

  2. As someone who has tried Birchbox and Ipsy this summer and seen what $12 and $15 per box buys, this is still the best value out there. It is mostly a skincare box – which is why I chose it as I’m allergic to pretty much all makeup. What I love about this box is the quality of the products. With very few exceptions, I use up everything Allure sends and haven’t reacted to anything. Ipsy sent me a product that chemically burned my skin. Most of the items in Birchbox – which is at the $15 price point – are single use or foil packet. The box I just recieved from Allure had two products worth $130 that are full size, of exceptional quality, and will take months to use up. That alone is worth the $23 price point. I’ll skip a box or two here and there but am looking forward to what they come up with next.

    • I agree with everything you posted. I have very sensitive skin to makeup so I like allure because they over more skincare items.

    • But that’s just the thing, Allure is about beauty and fashion and part of fashion IS makeup. They should be able to send us amazing new brands and products, not just random highlighters and a ton of skincare that we get through other boxes. I’ve been with Allure 6 years , no skipping etc and they send same brands, same type products and it makes it difficult to be loyal every month when they dont make it a mix and also put same skincare and crappy brands that no one has heard of.

      I like to try brands out with the intent to buy more from them, not as a end all be all and I cant remember the past 2 years they have scent anything I repurchased. the last was a MAC lipstick and a perfume a few years back.

      This change for wat more money with the same kind of products and same style isnt going to last long unless they are going to be like ipsy and boxycharm where you get sales and add ons ..boxycharm add on and sales are still pretty expensive and you have to really do your homework because sometimes you get better deals elsewhere and staying subbed for deals aren’t really worth it in the long run.

  3. I got what I consider a strange email this afternoon. I was very similar to the one we got a little while back about the price increase and the changes to the beauty box. The date for the increase and changes is December 1 and I was offered the one year subscription for $165 before November 1. Did anyone else get this?

    • I got the same email. Very confusing since I was already charged $23 for October, but now it’s not supposed to increase until December?

    • I got this email. Really peculiar, considering the price increase was previously stated as Oct 1.

    • Yep, I did too – and I came here to ask about it. I did upgrade to annual in late September, and just a few days ago got my (unimpressive) free mega bundle for signing up for an annual membership. (Still haven’t gotten my Oct. box yet, though.) So the email confused the heck out of me.

      • Sherri, what was in your mega bundle?

    • I received this e-mail too and I cancelled over the phone in September. Weird! I double-checked my credit card to make sure I wasn’t charged without my permission and I wasn’t. Thank goodness!

    • I got the same email as well. Im gonna see what they charged me for October. Im hoping they charged me 15

    • Yup, I got this e-mail too. I signed up for the annual sub at the end of September. I couldn’t figure out why I received the e-mail (especially as it was stated the $23 increase was to start in October and not December). I am going to call CS this week and see what they say.

    • Yes I got this too!

      • I got it. It said that the price would go up unless I canceled. I canceled last month! Emailed them to inquire whether they had really canceled then like they said they did.

    • I just skipped my November box on Amazon because it’s not worth $23. It said the December box is going to be $15. Not sure what’s going on…

    • I got it too, after updating to annual in September. I called them and asked about that (and also why I have not received an October box). They said the email was sent in error and I should just ignore it.

  4. With the exception of the Manna Kadar brand I am really happy with these spoilers. I just hope that for the next ~12 months we don’t have this constant issue of the people paying $13.75 for it because of their annual subscription being fine and others not being happy because it is $23 for them.

    • Everyone had the opportunity to sign up for $13.75/month. So I too hope that this does not continue.

      • Not everyone can afford $165 at one time.

        People are free to not like things, or say when they don’t think they’re getting their money’s worth.

      • Understood. But while I know that not everyone can afford the $165, the biggest complaint I am seeing is the value for the price. The value is there but if it is a box you cannot afford, don’t subscribe.

      • It’s one thing to say that at $13.75 a box, you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. But to say that because you were able to lock in that price, everyone else who pays $23 and doesn’t feel like they are getting their money’s worth should be quiet, is quite another. It has nothing to do with not being able to afford the box. I can afford $23 for a box – and often spend more than twice that on monthly sub boxes *if they are worth the money*. This one isn’t, for me, personally. Sorry if that offends you.

      • Charlotte, I agree with you. As for the person saying “you cant afford it, dont get it” sounds way to entitled and dont seem to be comprehending what you are trying to say. They could have made a 6 month deal as well

    • Well this is a review sight with a comments section. It’s soul purpose is to give an opinion on the subscription, products and value. Good or bad. If you don’t like hearing opinions that differ from yours, maybe you shouldn’t be on such a sight, because that is what it is her for. This is where people should be able to come and voice their opinions without being condescended to or told they are just being negative. There are plenty of other rosey opinion free sights I’m sure you could go to instead. That being said I absolutely think this box definitely wouldn’t make the price hike justified for me. For this price I could have an ipsy bag and add on whatever I wanted.

      • Or even a review site.

      • I just wanted to say very well said! I have been thinking the same thing when I read some of the nasty – mean comments people snap out with on this site is outrageous. Again love the way you worded your comment and I think more people should take good advice like yours 😁.

    • To be fair, I’m paying $13.75 and I’m probably going to skip ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. Just curious for those not happy with the November box spoilers, what would a fair box look like for you?? Please feel free to include a list of specific items.
    I’m new to beauty boxes and locked in with Allure for a while now.

    • I too would also love to know what people are expecting.

      • Before the price increase I had 2 ‘3 month subscriptions.’ First was Jan/Feb/March 2020 and second was ‘June/July/Sept 2020 (I skipped August as there was no item that wowed me). I look at October and November and neither look different style or quality wise from the old box. I paid for an annual in September and skipped October. I will happily receive November. For me, when I look at the full size items I have to consider what is appealing. In October, a powder V-C was too much work and an eye serum is an extra step. November’s full size serum makes more sense for me, as does a lip scrub which I will wait to critique until I’ve tried. Obviously this is subjective but neither oct/nov feel justified in the $8 increase. I think Allure outpaced it’s cost by offering more full size items than it promised on a regular basis, but the 50% increase is hard to swallow. I think they needed to either raised the cost to ~$18-20 because they were already offering that value or raised to it $23 and actually make a box superior to what we already expect. Just my thoughts as someone who is new to beauty boxes and makeup/skincare overall (about a year in) and having tried out a few over that time.

    • The AmorePacific being included in the box itself, and not as a new subscriber gift, would be fair. It doesn’t even have to be full size, just a deluxe sample.

      The reason people are upset is because with such a dramatic price increase comes expectations of bigger sizes and better brands. Many of the brands pictured here are the exact same brands featured in the $15 boxes: Acure (which I can buy at the grocery store), Naturelab, Neogen, When. Some are even a step down, i.e. Manna Kadar (which as a kicker is being touted as one of the three “full sizes” Allure promised us; last month, one of the full size items was a nail polish. Not exactly luxe).

      Honestly, taken in a vacuum, I think you get your money’s worth with the above box for $23. But sub boxes *aren’t* in a vacuum, they are directly competing for your wallet with every other sub box, many of which offer much better value. Allure was an excellent deal at $15. They probably could have raised their sub price to $18/19, and nobody would have batted an eye. But at $23, they are now competitive with Ipsy GBP, Boxycharm, and Beautyfix. GBP and Boxy blow Allure out of the water wrt to the number of full sizes (5-6), and the amount of customization available. Beautyfix frequently has luxe brands, sometimes in full sizes (like the $85 mask last month). Allure is just not able to compete on that level, and it shows.

    • My perfect box (if 8 items) would be a mini eyeshadow palette (or blush or bronzer/ highlighter, like alternating on different months), a lipstick or lip balm, an eyeliner or mascara or brow product, some recent perfume, face/ eye / lip primer or mineral sunscreen, an eye cream or a serum, a leave-in hair product or hair mask, and some kind of tool like a makeup remover cloth or a makeup sponge /brush or a jade roller or something.

      Basically everything you need “to put on your face”, and honestly if I was receiving this variety every single month I’d be very happy.

      I can’t possibly name all the brands, but I like well-formulated cosmetics without any irritating ingredients.

      • I see. I do like your thinking! I also wish some months wouldn’t include sheet masks and as you mentioned, would include maybe a deluxe primer sample of some sort or makeup tools or removal options. Just general variety from thoughtful and quality brands would be great.

    • Oh, and the skincare item could be swapped out like once per quarter for some body care item (hand cream, hand/ foot mask, body scrub) or a double cleanse system (makeup remover and cleanser).

      And the tool item I mentioned above could be any number of things really – a hair wrap, beauty gloves/socks, some mani/pedi tool, a dermaplaning tool or shaver – the possibilities are really endless.

      Yeah, that would have made me really happy, receiving that kind of curation every month. 😊 I should start my own beauty box, lol. 😄

      • Juju…
        You’ve been here in the YEARS I’ve been around here and I’d say GO FOR IT!!! Start small and be consistent because you understand and know what people like us expect and would deal with. Even with a bad month, common sense alone would be worth it.

        I’ll never understand how a brand like Allure that has been in the beauty and fashion industry and puts out “best products of the year” but never sends us those products (not a one) and they dont have connections like boxycharm and sometimes ipsy is making…when they should of had the advantage out of ALL of them!!

      • Oh, thanks, but I wouldn’t know the first thing about running a business like that. 😊

        I also don’t know if many people would appreciate that sort of curation.

  6. I tried cancelling last month and they kept me by giving me Oct and Nov for $15 each. It’s worth $15 but not a penny more. Just got my Oct box and they lie. The Verso eye cream is not full size. The full size is just over an ounce. The one they gave us is 0.67floz. That’s where Allure gets you. That and the full size products are tiny full size products, i.e. the nail polish this month and the E.l.f. brush last month. Like geeeeee thanks. Will be cancelling after Novembers box and sticking with Boxycharm and Ipsy Glam Plus. Fabfitfun had been disappointing as well.

    • SAME THING! Now, they won’t even send an invoice & I see $23 charges… I went to cancel after my 1st $15 box & they told me about the increase… with the “upgrade.” It sounded like a GREAT DEAL, they said only for 2mths. @ 15, “2 for 15” they called it. I’ve seen a $23 charge, & never got an Oct. box still… if people got them? AND, it’s saying discontinued EveryTime I check- but they’re billing & the CS is THE WORST! That’s saying a HELLA LOT. ANYONE complaining about the Allure “beauty” box, has EVERY RIGHT. They’re using manipulative tactics & straight out Lying. To ALL OF US. Then backpedaling, & trying to cover their behinds. I’m so disappointed.

  7. Same. I think the only way to get Allures attention and let them know we aren’t happy about this box is if we all email customer service and list our concerns. This is such a let down…

  8. I just have to say that Allure is hit or miss like many other subs. I really love that I can see the spoilers first so I can decide if the items fit my needs at the time. I decided to call customer service and skip this month. I have other subs that have things I want. I hope Allure reads our comments and I hope they blow it out of the water in December. 😊

    • I agree Rachel. The past two years I was ecstatic with the past two December boxes (tip for anyone that doesn’t already subscribe, make sure you get the November box, cuz they usually run out of the December boxes FAST!). I canceled a few months ago and was going to resubscribe either this month or November. Is the Dermelect serum good, does anyone know? If it is, it’s worth the $23 to me. If not, then I’ll probably pass. I’m also curious about the size of the new member gift. That’s one of my FAVE brands, and if it’s a deluxe travel or (dare I say it?) FULL size, then I’m definitely snatching the October box up………

  9. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only who thinks the multiple lotions, potions and creams for the face are overdone. I must have 50 different products sitting in my closet and I only have one face. How do you get any results out of product if you try a new one every day. I cancelled a while ago for that reason and I still check to see the spoilers and I’m so glad I cancelled.

    • That’s just what subscription box does to anyone. A full size skincare products last at least 3 months if you use it everyday. It is great to take a break from subs every once awhile. I have not been getting boxes for 2 months now, and I am totally good with it. It feels good to actually use up some stuff, and have extra money to spend on new hobby, and I appreciate my makeup collection much more!

  10. I’m on the fence with this one…

  11. Anyone else having trouble logging in the the Allure Beauty Box site? I was going to look into skipping this month. I enter my email and zip code, to the captcha and it just refreshes to the same page without logging in.

    • After reading your comment I thought I’d test it out, and I’m experiencing the same thing you are.

      • I ran into that last week before my box shipped.

        I would recommend calling customer service to make sure it goes through correctly.

    • same thing is happening to me! As soon as I saw the spoilers I went online to try to skip.

      • Thank you all for the responses, good to know it’s not just me! The issue is still happening. Weird.

  12. Have you guys gotten your October box yet?!? BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!! The items that are supposed to be full size are not. They made the box bigger, which makes everything look smaller. I’m ticked off that I stayed and got the 3 for $15 bc this is AWFUL. BUT I’m glad I’m only paying $15 instead of the $23.

    • I just opened mine and also really disappointed. The only full sized products are the Vitamin C and eye cream, everything else is sample or deluxe. The 2 full sized products have a high retail value, but the spoilers made it look like the lipstick and nail polish were supposed to be full size. I am satisfied with this box for $23 but next month’s looks like a disaster of low brand subscription box fillers. I’ll give it through December but geez…Allure should be in a good position to snag some great, luxe products for their box. I also dislike this month and next the actual nice upscale items (Sisley & Amore Pacific) are only for new subscribers.

      • I didn’t get the impression that the lip was full size but the nail polish is supposed to be full size! If it’s not then where is the 3rd full size product they said we would be getting with the price increase?😬

      • My box hasn’t arrived yet. I’ve heard a few people say that the nail polish wasn’t full size (what a weird product to skimp on!!). Do you mind telling me the size of it? It looks like on the retail site, full size is 12ml.

        My Essie polishes are 13.5. But I have other full size retail that are 11ml.

        Just wondering if this brand only makes little bottles, or if what we’re getting is EVEN smaller.

        I’m cutting sub boxes left and right, and Allure is at risk. Lol

      • I just got my box. The nail polish is full sized, it is 12 ml and marked on the bottom as $16. I don’t know why anyone is saying it isn’t full-sized because it clearly is.

      • The eye cream is actually larger than two of my other eye creams! I definitely felt like the 3 full size products are actually full size.

      • Kelly I don’t know where you usually buy your nail polish at but 12ml/0.41 ounces is NOT a full size nail polish. Anything less than 0.50 ounces is a deluxe sample at least to me. I do my own feet at home most of the time especially now with Covid-19 and I prefer mid to high tier brands of nail polish so that I don’t have to redo them after a few days. This bottle is not only small but the color is hideous. The one I got is a color called Irene and it is a brownish beige color. There is a slight hint of pink but overall it’s not an appealing color even for a more neutral tone. The Verso Eye Serum is full sized and valued at $65 but they have sent so many eye creams and serums the past few months that many subscribers have complained. I do actually like eye related items but I’ve haven’t been subbing for as long as some others. The Vitamin C was pointless at least for me. I don’t want to have to mix things much less risk the integrity of my other facial care products. I received a vitamin c serum just a few months ago that I haven’t finished and it didn’t require any extra steps to use other than apply to skin. Allure increased the price but have failed to increase the perceived value of their box. They changed the box design to be bigger and yet it came looking like it was full of samples. For $23 a month plus tax they should be providing a minimum of 4 full sized good quality items a month. Not counting sheet masks and eye masks as full sized either. I locked in the price with an annual but I got lucky that I could put it on my credit card. A lot of people can’t afford to do that. I only do one other box right now due to financial issues and that’s Ipsy’s gbp and I have gotten really great products every month. Sometimes I may not like everything but overall I am getting my money’s worth. Last month even with customization I didn’t like I still ended up with some outstanding products. My Allure box and my Ipsy both came in the mail today and comparing them side by side shows the difference in value. I do like a couple of the items from the November spoilers for Allure but if they don’t step up their game I will cancel my sub and so are a lot of other people.

      • Blue, I looked on Static Nail’s website and their standard size is 12 ml.

    • So the nail polish, the Vit C powder, and the eye cream are NOT full sized?

  13. Does anyone know how big the Amprepacific eye cream will be? The full size is $260 for 15mL! Surely it won’t be that. I did see a sample size of 3mL on eBay so I’m thinking thats probably it

    • That’s the sample size. I have that exact same one and it made my under eye area whole broke out..
      I’m a Korean and Amore pacific is very famous and major brand in South Korea. Its quality is very trustful but I hope people know that most items of this brand are very nourishing so It might be break out your skin if you have sensitive skin type (That’s me! lol)

  14. Wow I feel kind of bad, because I was happy with this reveal until I read all the comments. This seems totally worth $15.00, or even $23.00. I couldn’t even get the drugstore version of all that stuff at Target for $23. Keeping the subscription, may stay away from the comments in future.

    • Beth Ellen I feel the same way. I’m SO excited, mainly for the Dermelect serum – it’s absolutely amazing and I’m almost out of my current bottle so this is perfect timing. Everything else in the box is a bonus as far as I’m concerned. I was ready to spend $42 on the serum alone on, so getting the serum PLUS 7 other things for $23 + tax is outstanding!

    • Beth Ellen, I am totally with you. I sincerely dont understand all these negativity. Look at Glossy box, or LF. I think these boxes much more inferior to Allure box. Also, I am so happy for the brands (besides Manna K). because I am so tired to see same brands over and over (may be except of Acure and I am not even mentioning Manna). I would be curious to see what people expect in this box.

      • I feel that a more than 50% increase in the price of the box is hard for many of us to accept. I cancelled and did not decide to go with the annual at the old price when it was offered. No FOMO on my part. Product overload is real. If you receive one full size product that you love, it will be worth the price. I ended up giving most of each box away to co-workers. Since I have virtually no discretionary income, that was a huge waste.

    • It’s all subjective.

    • I am with you, the negativity is on every comment section. I read through it just to see if anyone has experience with the products, but its getting worse. Im sorry but the october box complaints were ridiculous, and so are these. Paying 23 at cvs would get you 2 products if you’re lucky! People are so unrealistic, and want everything for nothing.

      • Nobody wants everything for nothing but I’m pretty sure most of us expected that when they raised the price by $8 (which is an insane price increase at one time anyways) that the boxes would actually get better and that they would deliver on all the things they promised when they increased the price. Im glad some people are still happy with the box but there’s no need to put the majority of us down or imply that our opinion on this matter is somehow invalid because Allure failed to deliver on their promises so far (at least in our opinion). These boxes have not gotten any better at all. I would’ve skipped this one at $15 but I would’ve thought it was a good value for that price. At $23 the value is not there for most of us and it’s not wrong for us to feel that way. Again we do NOT want everything for nothing, we just want these boxes to actually reflect the $8 price increase. Also saying things like “you couldn’t get this amount of stuff from CVS for $23” doesn’t make sense because most of us subscribe to beauty boxes so we dont have to pay full price for these beauty products. Thats the whole point of a beauty subscription, to try products out at a discount. So comparing it to spending the same amount at a regular store is pointless because they are two very different scenarios.

      • Thank you Gwen, I agree and appreciate you putting it into those terms re: CVS. It seems that people want $250 worth of product for $23, which just isn’t realistic. I’m not sure why there is so much negativity on this site but it starts getting to me after a while and I have to stop visiting MSA for a period of time. I don’t want it to seep into my thoughts because I feel like sub boxes are an amazing deal considering the low cost and the value they bring. And if it ever starts to feel differently, I’ll just stop subscribing. I won’t come here to gripe about it non-stop. 🙂

      • Everyone’s opinion is valid whether you think it is negative or not. This is a review sight with a comments section. It is made for the very reason of judging these boxes and giving an opinion. These are going to be both for and against the boxes. If you can’t handle it unless it is all positive than maybe you shouldn’t be even on a review sight, let alone reading the comments. People should be allowed to voice their unhappiness on an OPINION sight, without being shamed for it.

      • Usually I agree with you. I can’t take it when people complain the value of the box when it is simply because of personal choice. If you are not open to try new things to being with, you will never be happy to any subscription box. However, in Allure’s case, I think people have the right to be upset because people’s expectation was quite high. Allure has been having unbelievably great boxes this year so far, and to be that great, and all of the sudden, drop in quality after a huge price increase, is really very disappointing. And at this price point, they need to be on par if not better than Ipsy and Boxy, who offer all full size items. Personally, I would still be happy with this month’s box if it was not $8 more than last month’s box.

    • If you go to the drugstore to spend 23 dollars EVERYTHING will be full sized!! They have ways of getting these for free or super low cost like boxycharm and ipsy do, theyve been in the game longer than anyone and should have built better connections with brands to try. Heck, they even stamp their “Allure voted products if the year” on things, but yet they never send ONE of those in their boxes….how does this work??

      For 15 plus tax brings my box close to 17.00 anyway….now I’m paying almost 25 for items ans brands I will not repurchase in the future, and they are sending the same boxes they sent for the 17 but now its 25…I guess if you have lots of extra money to burn, then yeah have fun, but I think Allure should be ahead of the game and not taking advantage of their loyal subscribers and not rolled out their whole new thing until they had a great roll out to do so…this just hasn’t been it. So instead of being loyal for every box, now they will have many of us playing the unsub and resub game when we never would have before…so they are actually loosing business/money.

      Just my opinion

  15. mask, mask, mask….is this all they can put in these boxes now…and how cheap..better step up higher allure or your gone…even higher prices..not so worth it.

    • I agree with you 💯 %

      • I canceled it this month to much face creams and stuff for me!!! Plus when up to 23.00!!!

  16. Okay ELF last month was a touch insulting, but at least they acknowledge that they’re cheapo, and I would have been happy with a sheet mask or something from them their tools and makeup are sucky but their skincare is solid for the price point

    Manna Kadar though – that’s completely insulting. One step above a Dirty Little Secret brand, if even, and an absolute junk brand that pretends to be luxe.

    I emailed CS to skip, the Dermelect looks nice but isn’t something I need, and I really don’t feel like getting Manna Kadar from another box

  17. Allure USED to be amazing!! Back when they had 2 different drunk elephant products in the box! I used to be obsessed with allure beauty box!! But, now it just sucks! Too many “filler” products, I DON’T want anymore cheap sheet masks & eye gels! They’ve sent a sheet mask every month this year! I would have loved to get the new member gift they had for October or November in the box! Not a cheap Sheet mask with a ton of fragrance!!!

    • Truth! I’m so tired of the filler mask products. Like we have a bazillion masks from the last 8 months. It’s getting ridiculous. The good brands have waned and I am regretting getting my year subscription. 😔

    • SkinMedica is not a cheap brand.

  18. I do see the 3 full size products and new brands we’ve never seen before. However I’m not too impressed with allure right now, there are so many other boxes in this price range that have ALL full size products.

  19. I got happy when I saw the Amorepacific eye cream but then I realized it’s only for “new subscribers”…imagine that 😏

    • Ughh saw that too! At first I was like ok ok I’m into this and then I saw the New Subscriber note. Livid. “Sorry, loyal subscriber, not for you! But please enjoy this sheet mask.”

  20. I will be skipping (for the 3rd or 4th month in a row). Not a single product would be worth the $23 to me.

    • How can we go about skipping a box? Thanks!

      • I subscribe on Amazon and skipping is super easy. If you subscribe directly, you can try to email or call and ask them. Good luck!

  21. I am so happy that I have canceled the subscription. They were trying to hook me for $15 for next 3 month but I am glad that I didn’t get tricked. I rather have Ipsy for $25 for all 5 full size products any day.

  22. If only the scalp scrub was a full size! I love that stuff! That would tempt me for sure!

    • Good to know! I was excited to see a scalp scrub, too! Then, I realized that is the one that I just got in an Ulta freebie bag with purchase that I haven’t tried yet. So, I am happy to know it is a good one!

      • NatureLab Tokyo is a good line. I got hooked on the Smooth products when I got them in a previous Allure box. Travel size, not foil packs.

    • @Rachel — I will be putting my scalp scrub up for swap when I receive my box.

      • Julie, I have decided to skip November

      • Julie where do you swap? I’ve been running for someplace to trade box items.

  23. I don’t know how I feel about this.
    I’m more interested in the samples than the full sizes, which is sad.
    Why are people hating on Manna Kadar? I’m not familiar with the brand.
    I think this is fine for $13.75, but I don’t exactly need any of this… might skip.
    Not giving up on this sub yet. I’m excited about October and have high hopes for December

    • Manna Kadar was rampant in sub boxes a couple of years ago. You could hardly subscribe to anything even for a month without getting st Manna Kadar, and as such it was kind of seen as cheap/ sub-box exclusive brand/ overdone at the very least. I haven’t seen it featured in a while, but I kind of associate it with Avant and other brands familiar to sub box people but never seen in Ulta, etc. I haven’t heard anything terrible about the formulations but I imagine years later, sub box people are still tired of seeing it.

      • Interesting. Thanks! I don’t recall seeing it anywhere even though I Always spy on all the boxes lol Probably because it’s not remarkable. Looks like they are in Ulta now

    • Manna kadar is a subscription box brand. It’s everywhere and it’s meh.

      • I’ve been subscribed to Birchbox, BoxyCharm (regular and luxe), Ipsy (regular and Plus), and Allure and I have not gotten it once over the five years I’ve had subs.

        Weird, huh?

        And the only time I skipped a box was for Allure a couple years ago because I didn’t get my card switched over in time.

  24. Mkc ? I guess they’ve been missing lately because of a rebranding? You can fool some of the people some of the time…..

  25. Will most definitely be skipping November. Not interested in any of it tbh.

  26. Oof, this sub has gone downhill ☹️

  27. Neogen Dermalogy Real Ferment Micro Essence hoping you can replace my SK-II … I’ve been on search for four years so far no luck… I’m crossing fingers… I see the luxurious brand has made a comeback.. hehehheehe… I guess a lip balm should be okay…

    • Tanya, try MayCoop Raw Sauce, people swear it’s the same as SK-II. FFF just had it in the edit sale for $17 full size bottle. And I believe they have been offering that in all sales so far.

  28. I would pick this box up at $15 for the shadow alone (I love liquid shadows, and the color is very pretty), but for $23 I will probably pass. If the Neogen was full size instead of the Manna Kadar, that would go a long way towards this box being worth the price increase. Right now, I don’t see how the new, more expensive boxes any better than the old boxes. For the most part, the brands are exactly the same.

  29. Well, I’m a sucker. I am a brand new Allure subscriber and locked in the one year deal before the price increase without really doing any research beforehand. So far I am not impressed. I did like the 17 item bundle they sent. But mainly because what I received was different and slightly better than the variation I had seen posted so it was a pleasant surprise.

  30. I’m pleased actually – since I’m locked in at $14 🙂

  31. I’m so glad I didn’t bite and subscribe for a year even at the lower price. The boxes were better when they were charging $15. Im seriously failing to see how this subscription has gotten any better since they increased the price by $8. The only thing I’m interested in is the Amore Pacific new member gift

  32. Wow the boxes are getting worse since the price went up! Skipping this month and probably looking for a new sub. What are your favorites lately? Full size products aren’t important to me as I like trying many new things.

    • There’s Boxycharm (base box has a Natasha Denona mini palette next month) and Ipsy as well. I think Boxycharm’s base has been pretty decent lately, and Ipsy Glam Bag Plus has been decent for the last few months (prior to September). Macy’s is starting one in October as well, and it’s a box of Jo Malone products (fragrances, candle, hand wash I think), so I’m hoping theirs will end up being decent too. I wouldn’t mind trading Macy’s for the Allure sub if they don’t show the $8 increase was worth it.

      • A lot of Macy’s subscribers are not getting the October box, including me. Too many subs, not enough boxes to go around.

  33. I am very disappointed with what they’re offering for November. I have a one year subscription and even though the December Box is usually the good one, after that I am cancelling my membership when the membership time has is up, which I don’t think is until February. I’m going to preemptively call and have them take me off auto-renew. At this price I would rather get Ipsy Glam Bag Plus.

  34. Wow, disappointing. I signed up for the year because Allure has historically featured decent brands. This is not a good sign for what’s ahead.

    • The DermSelect serum is AMAZING – that brand is heavily featured on (Beautyfix) and everything I’ve tried from the brand is incredible. Personally I’d pay $25 just for the serum alone, that’s how good it is. I’m almost out of my current bottle so this is coming just in time! It is transforming my skin, it’s AWESOME!

      • What has it done for your skin? Why do you like it so much? I’ve never heard of it but I’m excited to try it!

      • @Krista: the serum contains Glycolic Acid, vitamin C, and salicylic acid, all of which, with consistent use, will brighten, clear and tone your skin. I wish we could post pictures here because I have before and afters that are quite dramatic. Glycolic acid is my HG. many can’t tolerate it because it can sting, but I’ve used it for so long that I’m able to do so without issue.

        Again it takes regular use over months/years, but you should absolutely see results. After using various GA products (including this serum) all of my hyperpigmentation is gone, any wrinkles I had are now barely visible or gone, and my pores, large as they are, are clear. But this is after years of use. It’s not a one-shot, one bottle of serum deal.

      • Errmmm!! I am with you 100% on the Glycolic Acid! I have had acne my entire life. Nothing has ever worked. NOTHING. I even did 7 months of freaking ACCUTANE that did not get rid of it! I have been using products with Glycolic Acid DAILY for a little over a year now and I am finally seeing AMAZING progress. It has made such a difference I tear up a little even thinking about it.

        I’ve tried several different serums, exfoliation pads, cleansers, etc. so I’m with you on the fact that it is simply continual use of GA as opposed to the exact product that really gets the job done. I am thrilled!

      • @joy-not the other one – I’m SO glad that Glycolic Acid has worked its magic for you! I love hearing that kind of thing! It truly is my HG and has completely cleared my skin of hyperpigmentation and (most) wrinkles. When I tell people my age, usually they act shocked. I had someone tell me she thought I was 34-35 the other day (I’m 50). I wanted to cry I was so happy. My point is that I credit glycolic acid for my skin looking the way it does. Use over a few years seems to have shaved 15 years off! I’ll never ever stop using it. The Dermelect serum in Nov’s box is a great product and I was SO excited to see it’s being included. I cannot wait to have another bottle for such a bargain! Congrats on finding your HG product. That’s an incredible feeling! 🙂

  35. Ok, I will be in minority, but after a further research I like this box:

    – Dermelect Self Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum (full size) $30 and has very good review

    – Joséphine Cosmetics Eye Dazzle in Leona (full size) – $30 but color is not so good

    – SkinMedica Instant Eye Bright Mask (1 set) – $6 and never tried, excited to try it. I like this brand a lot

    – Neogen Dermalogy Real Ferment Micro Essence – excited to try and it has very good reviews

    – Manna Kadar Lip Bliss Lip Mask (full size) – Will be more excited if I dont see this brand ever again

    – NatureLab Tokyo Clarifying Scalp Scrub – I tried it before and really liked it. It was enough for 3 uses for me.

    – Acure Ultra Hydrating 12 Hour Facial Moisturizer – good brand, so good to have, can always be used for body

    – When The Last Choice Extra-Hydrating Sheet Mask – $6 never tried and excited to discover the brand.

    • I tried one other When mask I got and they are messy because the mask was sandwiched between two other layers, why I’m not sure.

      However, I did follow the suggestion I saw somewhere in Allure and clipped a corner of the bottom of the pouch to drain the remaining product and I got enough to do my face (again), neck, and my hands.

    • Thank you for this detailed breakdown Svetlana7e! I actually think the Dermelect serum is normally closet to $40 or $42, but either way you’ve clearly shown the value of the Allure November box. I’m thrilled regarding the spoilers and don’t get all of the negativity. For people who haven’t tried the products being shown, I don’t understand how they’re complaining. Don’t you need to at least try the product before griping about their inclusion?

  36. If the box was still $15 it would be ok but $23 with manna kadar as a FS is BS. I have already canceled!!

  37. Looks like I made the right choice staying monthly, I’ve skipped two now. I have more small products than I know what to do with and that includes gifting so I don’t need boxes full of things I don’t want. Saving money but a little disappointing haha.

  38. I also expected a lot more….like name brands instead of obscure chance taking. I can get this type of stuff from Ipsy(and for less!) if I wanted that! Looks like they made a bad choice with this “upgraded” box.

  39. Ok I am a big fan of allure but having manna kadar even if it’s full-size, gallon size, whatever, in the second box( that was supposed to be so much better ) is just a head scratcher. I’m so pissed that this is one of the promised full sized I could spit. Now I’m worried that they will pad this box with full size crap and have the good stuff be sample sizes.

    • LOL love your “gallon size” description! Thank you. I agree.

      No FOMO, thank goodness. Glad I canceled.

  40. I’m going to have to cancel. I expected SO MUCH MORE from ALLURE. All I got extra is the price, & 1 good item my 1st 2 boxes, seeing the preview of the Oct. & Nov., I’ll be canceling Dec. So disappointing.

    • You can actually skip months with Allure, if that helps at all.

      I will say in my experience their December box is usually great. It’s typically a collab and worth the price – though of course this year could be different.

      • Know what, thank you for giving me that info! It’s worth taking the chance for one extra month, even though I’m probably going to cancel after that LOL because of the price increase… unless I’m blown away of course, thank you so much for that info, even if the box doesn’t end up great it was worth trying for one more month because I was going to do November still anyway😅

  41. I have an annual so it only comes out to $13.00 a box the cheapest of all my subs by quite a bit so I’m not mad at anything they send.

  42. Agreed. They honestly would have been better off not including that product and just having 7 products instead of 8. Reminds me of the ELF brush from last month, just a very odd choice for Allure. I would prefer quality over quantity.

    • I can’t believe you brought up the elf brush, I got the highlighter one and actually wrote to them, I was going to cancel but they offered me October and November for $15 so I logged in and I think I’m gonna go one more month in December and cancel… I got a heads up that in the past December boxes have been very good! Let’s hope

    • I can’t believe you brought up the elf brush, I got the highlighter one and actually wrote to them, I was going to cancel but they offered me October and November for $15 so I logged in and I think I’m gonna go one more month in December and cancel… I got a heads up that in the past December boxes have been very good! Let’s hope i’m super surprised LOL, elf to me I am afraid of LOL I live in Brooklyn and then downtown Brooklyn elf is the cheapest, dirtiest make up I see on the shelves, they’re not even on shelves it’s usually on racks and Spinney things

      • I’d say the problem there is with Brooklyn, not with e.l.f. They have a store inside the 42nd Street subway passage, and that store is very organized and pristinely clean. I mean, I haven’t been there in ages, and don’t know if it’s even still there with everything that’s going on, but last time I went it looked very nice.

        I mean, it’s the problem with NYC in general – you would notice that the same chain stores, drugstores and eating establishments are MUCH cleaner in other cities, to the point where it’s practically a different world.

        Also, e.l.f. brushes are considered to be really good.

      • Ohhh there’s actually “ELF” & “E.L.F” & the acronym one I hear is pretty decent. This brand is called ELF, & that’s what the highlighter brush was, (I contacted allure, out of curiosity on how they choose their products😅.) But yeah, E.L.F I never get to try, b/c it’s SOO HARD to tell the difference😓

      • Ohhh there’s actually “ELF” & “E.L.F” & the acronym one I hear is pretty decent. This brand is called ELF, & that’s what the highlighter brush was, (I contacted allure, out of curiosity on how they choose their products😅.) But yeah, E.L.F I never get to try, b/c it’s SOO HARD to tell the difference😓 it keeps saying duplicate cmmt.🤔

      • Ohhh there’s actually “ELF” & “E.L.F” & the acronym one I hear is pretty decent. This brand is called ELF, & that’s what the highlighter brush was, (I contacted allure, out of curiosity on how they choose their products😅.) But yeah, E.L.F I never get to try, b/c it’s SOO HARD to tell the difference😓 it keeps saying duplicate cmmt.🤔 Jeez whaddya know, it’s saying duplicate & yeah, I said I don’t like ELF, I guess the eye in the app doesn’t like that lolz (joking!)

  43. Allure’s foray into more expensive boxes has been a big disappointment. I will be skipping this box.

  44. I have an annual so it only comes out to $13.00 for the box The cheapest of all my subs by far so I’m not mad at whatever they send.

    • It is amazing for $13, but I would be upset if I pay $23.

      • I’m paying $23 and thrilled about the box – the Dermelect serum alone is $42 on I’ve been using it for the last month and it’s absolutely phenomenal! All of the other products in the box are just nice extras. The serum for me is the best part of a wonderful box!

  45. Has anyone even been able to find this lip product anywhere? I searched to look it up and find out a little about it and can’t find it anywhere….

    • “Also new this fall, experience the ultimate in lip hydration and protection with MKC Lip Bliss Lip Mask (launching November 15th). The proprietary moisturizing formula delivers rich emollients and vitamins to shield against chapped or flaky lips. Try this ultra-hydrating, softening balm or gift as a stocking-stuffer to keep lips and cuticles beautifully smooth.”

  46. Yeah, interesting that I can’t find that lip balm anywhere except in this box

    • “Also new this fall, experience the ultimate in lip hydration and protection with MKC Lip Bliss Lip Mask (launching November 15th). The proprietary moisturizing formula delivers rich emollients and vitamins to shield against chapped or flaky lips. Try this ultra-hydrating, softening balm or gift as a stocking-stuffer to keep lips and cuticles beautifully smooth.”

  47. The boxes were better before the price increase. What I liked about Allure was it wasn’t full of crap from China like some of the other subscription boxes. Not happy about Manna Kadar at all. Not sticking around anymore if this trend continues. I was expecting a better then ever box with the price increase. What a big let down.

    • Yeah I agree. Already cancelled my subscription. Was worth it before price increase.

  48. Manna has been weirdly absent from the sub box world. Welcome back (/sarcasm)!

    • I was just thinking the same thing, lol. Love the ‘tip’ for using the sleep serum: “Gently pat in essence with your (clean) hands”. Words of wisdom.

  49. Very surprised they are including the Manna Kadar product. They are super shady and the products are cheap. Their Instagram page has 409k followers and they get no engagement. I will be skipping if this one of the three full size products.

    • Agreed. They honestly would have been better off not including that product and just having 7 products instead of 8. Reminds me of the ELF brush from last month, just a very odd choice for Allure. I would prefer quality over quantity.

    • I agree too! MK is cheap private labeled BS. I received a body scrub in a sub box and it was worse then dollar store stuff. And there’s no info on where they manufacture their goods. MK is straight into the garbage can for me from my experience with it. .

    • Does manna kadar have low quality products? Sorry, I’ve never heard of this brand before – I suppose it was a blessing in disguise lol

      • Izzie, yes, you are blessed that you dont owe or heard about this brand. About a year ago, EVERY box was stuffed with this brand. It is cheap, low quality product.

    • I have super dry and chapped lips. I was excited about a lip mask. Why do people hate the brand? I’m new to Allure and Manna Kadar

  50. Okay, I am just glad I didn’t subscribe for the year when they were offering that special.

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