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Allure Beauty Box October 2020 Available Now + FULL SPOILERS!

If you sign up now, your first box will be the October 2020 Allure Beauty Box

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2020 Subscription Box Awards.

The October Allure Beauty Box will include:

  • The Nue Co Topical C (full size)
  • Verso Super Eye Serum (full size)
  • Static Nails Liquid Glass Lacquer in Irene (full size)
  • Sigma Liquid Lipstick in Venom
  • Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream
  • Wilma Schumann Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads (1 pair)
  • La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP + Body Cream
  • Bonus: Rusk PUREMIX Native Fig Replenishing Shampoo & Conditioner

What do you think of the spoilers?

Allure Beauty Box is $23 a month. Click this link and scroll down the page to see what you’ll receive in your first box and to get a free gift with your subscription.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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  1. I used the fig scented shampoo and conditioner yesterday and I’m glad that it was only a sample. Lol. My hair is a greasy mess this morning. The nail polish color is lovely against my olive skin. The real winner was the Wilma under eye pads. Those things really work! I will be ordering more of those asap.

  2. Has anyone purchased the October box from Amazon as opposed to directly from Allure? I’m curious because usually the picture on Amazon shows the same products that are in the box that comes from having an Allure subscription but this month the picture is slightly different. And honestly the Amazon picture looks pretty amazing so I’m wondering if I should order that one…can anyone comment please? Thank you!

    • I don’t see anything different in the box from Amazon.

      • Lynda, just so I understand correctly, you purchased the October box from Amazon? And the contents were the exact same? Thank you for clearing it up for me!

      • No Joy. I got mine from Allure. I got exactly what is shown on Amazon. There is no difference.

    • Hi! I subbed through Amazon and just got the Oct box yesterday. It was the same items as shown on here from Allure directly, plus I was super excited to discover I even received both new member gifts as well in my box. The main picture for the box on the Allure Amazon page seems to just be a sampling photo. You have to scroll down and then there is a pic below the description that gets changed out for the current month’s box items – minus the new member gifts of the month. This was my second Allure box from Amazon as I’d signed up at the very end of Sept. The Sept box did not include the new member gift but I’d read several places that you don’t get them through Amazon, so as I said, the Oct ones were a nice surprise!

  3. Super irritated with Allure. Like many others, didn’t like the spoilers, cancelled and is STILL charged for it. Best of all, they said they shipped it and it go dropped off to an ‘individual’… CS is horrible here.

  4. The Verso Super Eye Serum is great but it’s not technically a full sized product and it was counted as one of the 3. The website to purchase this serum offers a full size at 1 ounce and the one in the box is .67 oz. I don’t mind but if you are going to raise the price and say 3 full sized items, they need to actually be full sized.

  5. SO DISSATISFIED we basically paid $23 for a bigger packaging box and the same sample size products really??? $23 for a box isnt a lot but we definitely aren’t getting anything more than the $15 box and nail polish?? don’t get me started 😒 and if you all notice there’s no seals on the samples so you have less time to use them 🤦🏻‍♀️ They have until December to get it together

  6. Just got my box and I’m so disappointed in the packaging. Everything was just thrown into and rattling around a shipping box. Gone is the nice set-up box and tissue, yet they raised the price…? Wish I’d have known, I would have saved the set-up box I got in September. It’s such a bummer. The little things make a big difference

  7. I just received my October box, it’s such a disappointment. So called full sizes items (except Vit C) looks so tiny to me. I signed up for a year and I hope I will not regret my decision. But if I need to pay $23 for a box, I wouldnt pick Allure between Ipsy and Boxy. I will skip November box and hopefully December will be a better month. If not, I will be so sad because almost the same amount of money, I could sign up for Causebox annually. I hope Allure boxes will get better.

    • I agree, the polish is totally misrepresented. I’m still ok with the color, but as pictured would have been better

      • Sorry! that comment posted to the wrong place.
        I’m skipping November as well and I’m disappointed in the presentation of this box.

  8. I just received my box. I’m disappointed in the color of the nail polish: it’s completely different from the color displayed here, what I got it’s more of a cyanotic pink than a ballet pink. Not as subtle as I hoped.

    • I agree, the polish is totally misrepresented. I’m still ok with the color, but as pictured would have been better

    • You think the polish is NOT as subtle as you hoped? I wonder if I got something different. I also wanted ballet pink but it’s more of a sheer sheer beige-y mauve to me. Hate.
      note- mine is labelled “Irene” as advertised…

      • I have the same “irene” shade, but it really stands out on my hands, clearly not like a red or black, but way more than a ballet pink would. On The positive side, I like how it applies: I rarely apply nail polish and, when I do, I make a mess, but this one was more “forgiving” (even though it doesn’t seem it’s going to last long on my nails). Plus, I do like that doesn’t have many toxic substances. Still not a fan of the color.

  9. I just received my box today and it’s exactly like the $15 box. A bunch of sample sizes with a full size vitamin c powder and nail polish. That’s it. I’m sure they’re counting the eye patches as a full size item too, which is BS. This box for $15 would be ok, but it’s absolutely not worth $23. I’m not understanding how they can justify charging so much for the same box as before. A Boxycharm premium is $25 and you get all full size products, and usually pretty good ones at that. I’ll try to give them a pass since this is only the first box, but if the November spoilers look like this month, I’m canceling. I need to save money anyway.

    • The eye serum is supposed to be the other full sized item per the customer service rep but the official website to purchase the serum sells a full sized version at 1 oz and this is a little over half that so no, it’s not full sized. I don’t like that they raised the price and said 3 full sized items when it technically was only 2!

  10. I’ve been a month-to-month Allure Beauty Box subscriber since it was Sample Society. With the price change I called in and subscribed for the full year at the old price so apparently they consider me a brand new subscriber. I just received my “new member gift” but have not received an October box and no sign of one shipping. Is the “new member” box instead of the regular one, or in addition? Anybody know?

    • I’m the first to admit I’ve been very critical of Allure the past month or so. My previous boxes have been so good that all of the new changes and the new box is just a big let down. I received my October box today. When I opened it I was at least excited for the lip gloss and the Verso eye cream. The lip gloss is tiny. The entire box felt like I got a box of samples. They didn’t need to change the box size if this is how little was inside. I subbed for the year because I wasn’t going to pay over $20 usd for a box that is half samples. Allure is going to have to step up their game or even with the year sub I’m cancelling. I do Ipsy gbp for nearly the same price as the Allure box and get 5 full sized items every month. I get to choose three of them. Granted sometimes I’m not happy with the selection at first but even with the indie brands I have found myself loving the majority of the products they send me. This month with Allure felt like they were testing us out to see if they could raise the price without really giving us bigger and better products. That’s on top of the mega bundles being leftovers from previous months and even years.

    • Well it looks like they are starting my annual with the November box and I’m not getting an October box at all. I just have to make sure I get 12 monthly boxes. (My “new member box” had a lot of stuff in it but almost exclusively things I’ve received from them before. It would have been a great collection for an actual new member.)

  11. Just got my box yesterday. And yeah…initially I was also bummed. It didn’t really seem all that different. However, can I just say I usually dump my lippies. I don’t wear lipstick well. But the red that arrived was somehow my magic color. Not too orange, somehow blue (which makes your teeth look whiter), and the most perfect red shade for me. Kind of obsessed with it. Anyway I’m going to dig into the rest of the items and hope for the best. BTW, I thought the nail polish color was hideous. But the eye cream is REALLY nice. We’ll see how that vitamin c powder goes. Fingers crossed.

    • I liked the lip color, too. I might even buy a full size.
      (Kind of annoyed I passed the extra box I got to my friend’s new girlfriend who has already dumped him – oh well)

  12. Oh my gosh!!! Guys!! I just got my October Allure box and disappointed doesn’t even begin to describe it….. First, they made the box bigger so the” full size” items look even smaller. The full size nail polish isn’t even close to full size. The Verso eye cream is the biggest tube in the box and I guess it’s full size, but definitely NOT big enough to look like full size. It says 20ml on the tube. The NUE CO Topical-C product is a powder that you mix into a moisturizer. Maybe it’ll be a good product but it’s 15g ( full Size, right!!). I’m SUPER disappointed!!! Thank God I’m only paying $15 for this and the next 2 boxes. If product size doesn’t change, I’M OUT!!! This is NOT what I expected for the price tag. What are your thoughts?

    • Sorry for your disappointment! I cannot comment on the box since I’m still waiting for it, However- if it can makes you feel better- all my eye creams (full size) are around 15ml and they last me months. The only exception for me was the “eye cream for face” allure had in one of the past boxes, which came in a huge tube for being an eye cream (maybe is it because it’s an hybrid cream? No clue). As for the vit c powder, the only one I’m familiar with is the cosmedix’s pure C and I believe it came in a 6gr container. Despite this, I’m still not happy with the price increase 😛 (i did get the annual deal though, and for about 15$ this box is not too shabby for me)

      • (Sorry for the typos)

    • I’m mad they took away the little white boxes with the lid!! I used those for storage of my samples or in my vanity drawers for separating makeup. Now it’s just a box that opens up without a box inside it like it used to be! It’s lower class and cheap looking and the value of the products inside is no more than in past months where the box was $15. I’ll give it two more months and if it’s not getting better in value I’m canceling!

      • I got my box two of them and they both have lids. I wonder why the difference

    • I had the same type of experience with September’s box, which was my first box in my new year subscription. The Cleo eye line was advertised as being full sized and it was actually about half the size of the full size. I don’t know why they are lying so much.

    • I have verbally voiced my opinion to every person i know about this crap case of feces! I received only two boxes in total and those boxes were just fine! I sincerely thought with the price jump and all the hype about “bigger and better” that their new release would be smokin’ hot!

      No. It’s garbage. Filthy garbage compared to the old price and products!

      The old box even came packaged so very cute with that beautiful orange tissue paper and the engraved metallic wording on the tiny little shoe box!… I’m certain all the items from this box would fit in the old box! What changed? The height of the products??? Smallest full sized bottles EVER!…. and that vitamin C powder is lame!

      • I actually have my September box and put all the items this month in there and they fit perfectly with the booklet as well. It’s a bummer they took the boxes away because I was looking forward to using them as storage.

    • The Nue Co listed that product as 15g on their website, so it is full size.

  13. I signed up for the one year deal at the end of September. I should be getting the September box, the October box and the Mega Bundle. I have one box en route- which one should I expect?

    • My money is on the September box! lol
      They told me I’d get the mega bundle around mid/late October and I signed up at the end of September as well. Let’s see 🙂

      • Thanks, Izzie and SBR!

      • I was wrong, I just received my mega bundle – it’s free, no complaints, but I’m running out of people to gift eyeshadows and Highlighters (local shelters here don’t accept them for hygiene reasons)

      • I’m curious what you got in your mega bundle. It doesn’t seem to be the same things in everyone’s boxes. I got a lot of leftovers from their previous boxes thrown into mine including several eye shadow trios. I’ll use 75% of what I got but I wasn’t impressed especially since some stuff had been discontinued and some was more than two years old.

      • @Blue
        This is what I received in my mega bundle:
        -LUÉ balance serum (30ml)
        -purlisse watermelon sheet mask
        -skin fix oil free facial cleansing cloths (3pcs)
        -LUÉ erase (cleansing /exfoliating powder;2oz)
        -mamonde petal spa oil to foam (25ml)
        -freeze 24•7 anti aging eye serum (7ml)
        -lakur (nail polish; 12 ml; color “Brit of love”- a bright pink)
        -mini make up eraser (black color)
        -eye brush (r&l moda? I need a microscope for reading the brand on the handle lol)
        -st tropez self tan purity bronzing water (14ml)
        -laritzy liquid beam (multipurpose liquid illuminator 0.1oz – this one has mineral oil)
        -vita liberata organic tan infused cloth (2 Pcs)
        -ofrax nikkietutorials highlighter everglow
        -model co metallic eyeshadow trio (Mykonos)
        -model co metallic eyeshadow trio (st tropez)
        -model co eyelites metallic eyeshadow in granite (1.9g)
        -model co eyelites metallic eyeshadow in st. Barts (1.9g)

        I’ll use all the skincare minus the self tanner (is it skincare?!), all the makeup is going to my friends. Not sure who uses self tanner among the people I know, I remember as a teenager, trying to make my legs less pasty in the summer, I managed to look like a stripey Oompa Loompa and had to wear long pants for a while to cover all the orange that wouldn’t go away after hours of scrubbing. that was the beginning and the end of my story with self tanners.

      • I ordered the annual for my daughter because of the mega bundle but got the Anastasia palette instead. I guess I’ll have to contact customer service tomorrow.

      • Did it come in her first box? If so that was her regular new member gift not the bonus gift.

      • @izzie I got the same box as you. That’s the mega bundle? I’m confused. It sort of looks like October based on spoilers yet it’s missing quite a few items. So is this box the combined October and mega bundle? Or are we getting an October box still? I bit the bullet and subbed for a year. I’m planning on having my hubby unbox for me and wrap them up to put in my “last years” advent calendar. At least for this and the next allure box. That should help with the initial disappointment with all the crap they shoved in this box. Le sigh…

      • @izzie I got the same box as you. That’s the mega bundle? I’m confused. It sort of looks like October based on spoilers yet it’s missing quite a few items. So is this box the combined October and mega bundle? Or are we getting an October box still? I bit the bullet and subbed for a year. I’m planning on having my hubby unbox for me and wrap them up to put in my “last years” advent calendar. At least for this and the next allure box. That should help with the initial disappointment with all the items they shoved in this box. Le sigh…

      • @Lars I’m 100% sure that is the mega bundle and that we are getting the October box: I got an email yesterday about its shipment. This mega bundle to me is a bit meh, but I see it as an extra- I didn’t have high hopes reading about others’ experiences, but I will use products.
        Great idea to make your own advent calendar!

    • I was a monthly and converted to yearly and I got my mega before the September box. So, I would say it’s a toss up between mega and September🤪.

    • When I signed up I got my first monthly box first, closely followed by the mega bundle within a week (which is awesome). If one box in enroute now, it may be the September box.

    • The box I got was the previous month not this one

  14. @MSA is there a reason why my comments are not posted? I just asked a question, I don’t think it was rude or offensive, nor I posted a referral (or gave a hint). This censorship, applied when a comment is not against the rules, is definitely ruining my MSA experience.

    • Takes awhile as they vet it.

  15. Does anyone know when the box will approximately ship if I signed up in September (on the 30th) asking to start my annual subscription with the October box? Thank you!

    • I’m pretty sure your box goes out the next month around the time you paid/signed up originally. So if you signed up late in the month, your boxes will be sent out late in the month the following months. At lease that’s how it was with my subscription.

    • I’m in a similar situation, but I wish the box would ship earlier since ulta has that shampoo/conditioner on sale and I’d like to try them before committing to the full size.

  16. I’m gonna wait for black Friday and see if November and December are better fit for me because I truly love allure. I do wish that they had the deal through Amazon too.

  17. Not 8, only 7 (I wouldn’t consider the shampoo/conditioner foil packet bonus an actual product)

  18. I’m just not into the Vit C powder (it’s just not something I see myself doing – adding in a powder to creams or serums) which I think was one of the big ticket items for this month, if not THE big ticket item. I still very much will enjoy receiving the rest though.
    Hoping I’ll be more excited about November!

  19. Allure had been consistently a good box for me for the price this past year. So we m happy to say I was still able to lock in the lower price today and received the bundle. Their customer service rep was very nice!

  20. I think the value is absolutely there for someone who is not on product overload. I think a lot of the “meh’s” are from people who might have sub fatigue.

    I passed and am opting to renew my annual to See New Skincare instead. With having to wear masks and it being so hot in Cali, I am not wearing much makeup. SNS hits all the marks for me for skincare, which is mostly what I would get Allure for. But, it’s still a solid value. Especially, for someone who is newer to subs.

    • No, I think people are feeling “meh” is because of the $8 increase and it’s a majority of indie brand products, creams and sample sized items, items that aren’t really that exciting. For $25 you could get full sized, mainstream brand items in boxycharm. I still feel like this month is in the $15 range not $23. Also, the Dr. Jart and La Roche Posay are TINY samples…

      • For me it’s definitely the increase. I don’t see much change in the contents, actually I think we’ve received better boxes in the past. A couple of the samples this month are tiny. It’s just not a $23 box IMO. I’m not on overload at all, I just don’t think it’s worth the price. I’m considering locking it in for a year at the lower price, Allure is always worth $13-14 to me. It’s just a lot to pay up front, so I’m on the fence. That deal will be good till November for those interested, that’s what Allure customer service told me when I cancelled.

      • Yes very very true! I have been a subscriber from the beginning and was not excited so I cancelled after years 🙁

      • Allure’s stated mission to introduce us to new products is precisely why I love this box!
        I am jealous that you are able to use the mainstream items; you have so many other great deals to choose from!

      • I have mixed feelings. Like, $23 is on par with Boxy and Ipsy GBP, which contain only full-size products and no samples at all. As a business model, I prefer that, because I have actually never in my life tried a small sample-sized product and then decided to spend what is generally, to me, a lot of money on the full-size (and more importantly, full-price) version of the product. Most of my tiny samples go unused, or I try to give them away. It’s not what I am in the market for, at all, though I can see how other people might be. Rather, I use the sub boxes for “access” to nicer quality products than I could otherwise afford or would be willing to spend.

        That said, I’m not super unhappy about the price increase. It’s been a long time coming, and they aren’t supposed to be counting sheet masks or brushes in the minimum quantity of full-size items in each box. I actually didn’t get charged the increased price this month – I was charged the $15 rate even though I am just a regular monthly subscriber.

        I am happy enough with the October box spoilers, in particular the Vit C powder. Between Allure, Boxycharm, and Ipsy GB, though, I am practically drowning in eye creams, which I guess is not the worst problem to have.

  21. I’m not as excited about October as September was much better for me but I do think there’s value in this sub at $13.75+ tax. Not everyone is going to like the curation every month as everyone has different tastes. When I looked back at the prior year’s Allure, I did find more products that I would have used than not. Ipsy is still doing those old mystery bags for $14+ tax and only 5 products plus a small bag with those usually all sample sized. You could compare it to the regular $12 sub but then again, there’s so many variations that the value is really hard to compare each month.

  22. I definitely see the value, especially at the old price, but considering how many beauty boxes I have stockpiled, some practically untouched, I just couldn’t do the annual deal. Total overload! I’ll get any that really grab me, and October didn’t. I’m also concerned that Allure may revert to more variation in the boxes, and I hate that.

  23. I am so excited! I couldn’t even get drug store versions of everything for $13! So glad I got annual! All the full sizes!

    • So true Emily. I’m an annual and I only pay $13.00. I pay more than that for a nail polish. I guess if your monthly it may not be worth it but for 13.00 no complaints here

  24. I decided to go with a year of Nourish.

  25. I can’t imagine not seeing the value here. I mean, if someone doesn’t want these particular things, that’s totally fair. But for me this is $14.50 (with tax) for 7 things, 6 if you don’t count the foil shampoo/conditioner. 6 things at $2.41 per item. The topical C looks super interesting to me and is normally $70. If I don’t like it, how amazing to find out for $2.41 and not $70. The nail polish at $2.41 is an expensive brand and cheaper than Sinful Colors at Target. I’m psyched.

    • 100% agree!

    • Such a positive outlook…I like that 😊

  26. I called Allure today because I missed yesterdays deadline & they still honored the $165 yearly price if anybody is still interested in getting it.

    • Thank you for posting – I happened to see your comment about an hour after you posted it, and called and got the $165 price as well. (I’d been meaning to, but this month has been eesh.) CS rep was sweet as can be, too. Have a great weekend!!

      • Glad you was able to still get it 😊

  27. I could wish that the shampoo and conditioner were travel size instead of foil packs. A foil pack is never enough conditioner for my long hair.

    Also, the Nue Co topical Vitamin C is a powder that needs to be mixed into your moisturizer. I generally don’t use Vitamin C products because my skin is fussy, but I guess we’ll see.

  28. Since I have been wanting to try Verso it’s worth it for me just for the eye serum.

  29. I just spent almost an hour researching the Verso Eye Serum.
    I can’t understand why anyone could not see the value in this box. I am on a budget and have to choose carefully what subscription boxes have the most value. I am thrilled that I went for the year.

  30. Signed up for the annual last night after much debate and I truly hope I don’t end up regretting it. I’m positive there will be at least a few boxes that are going to be amazing. Didn’t want to pay nearly $25 per box with taxes. Come out to j$15 per month with the anuual sub.

    • I just decided last night to go for the full year as well and also get the mega bundle deal added on top of that! I have typically been happy with Allure this past year and getting it for $14/month versus the $9 increase at $23 was the deal breaker for me. I’m not excited about October and think it should be a bit more exciting as their NEW BOX design/price point. I always love November and December so I’m looking ahead =)

  31. I’m really happy for this box, especially since I was able to lock in the $14/month price for the year. I feel like I’ll be able to get a lot of use from every item. I’m the most excited for the Nue Topical C because I’ve been wanting to try a powdered vitamin C for a while. The vitamin C serums usually start oxidizing and become unusable before I’m even halfway done with a bottle so the powdered version is intriguing. I’m also always excited to get nice nail polish, especially now since I can’t get manicures. The Dr Jart and LRP will come in handy as the weather changes and I need to up my moisture game for the fall/winter. And that shade of red is very on trend for year. I think this is a pretty solid box.

  32. I personally very happy with the box. I think $23 is justifiable. To me, if compare with Lookfantastic, Glossybox, Beautyfix, or even Ipsy, I think this box is superior and more interesting. Just Tropical C and Verso is full size and very pricy. Happy to try sigma. I like their eyeshadow, but never tried lip product. I like how it has good variety of product – nail, lip, hair, face, eyes, and body. Excited to receive the box and try everything.

    • I agree 100%. Looking forward to this box!

    • I agree, Svetlana7e, I don’t have a problem with the increase… I don’t have an annual because I do duck out every now and then but I’m generally happy with the products for personal use or stocking stuffers for nieces… I especially like the C powder for the less potent C’s I have… I have wanted to try a variety of C serums before I go running back to Skinceuticals (thanks Beautyfix) but so far, they are holy grail for my skin…. lol

  33. Not overly thrilled to say the least! And this is an example of what we get for more money than before? Hard pass

  34. Whew! I skipped this month and I am I sooo glad. What a boring and uninspiring box.

  35. I’m excited to try the vitamin c powder but otherwise, I’m not sure this box justifies the new higher price. Glad I renewed annually at the lower price point a few months back. Also, what do beauty boxes have against nude lippies? Red lippies are like good bras…we all have that ONE (brand, style, or shade) that is amazing and the others only get worn when we forget why they’re at the back of the drawer.

  36. That’s great but wondering if the review for though September box will ever go up here now that the October one is available already lol

  37. The Nue Co Topical C retails at 70 and I am getting it for 13. I’m happy! One day I would love to look at the accounting for subscription boxes to see how they do it.

    • I’m looking forward to mine!

      • Hi Christina,

        Share the wealth! Where can I get it for $13? : )

    • I’m not Kristin, but I think she refers to the annual subscription: until yesterday, it was possible to get an annual subscription at the old price, that comes down to about 13.75$/month + tax.

      • I am Kristin and that was what I was referring to – Thanks Izzie!

  38. Didn’t they used to have more brand name products?

    Seems like more indie brands and if I wanted that I’d go with a different cheaper subscription box.

  39. Boring. Bring on November spoilers

    • Yep. I skipped this month. Hoping November is better.

  40. I have a question about using the vit C powder, because I am not being very successful at it. I’ve seen around indication of using “one tap”, but honestly this is too vague for me, since I can give a forceful tap or a gentle one resulting in different amounts of powder. Plus, the concentration of powder changes according to the amount of lotion I blend it with. What’s the proper dose to use? Thank you!

    • I would imagine that it’s something you need to play around with to find out. It’s based on your skin’s chemistry more than anything. People with sensitive skin will only be able to handle a scant amount, whereas, someone with normal skin may be able to tolerate more.

      • Thank you!

  41. The topical C makes the box!

    I am extremely happy.

  42. Lots of great brands this month! And that nail polish color looks perfect tbh. I really hope the photo of it accurate!

  43. Glad I didn’t bite. Quantity over wow.

  44. I like it!

    • Me too!

  45. This does not look worth it….. I may have regretted subbing for a year…yikes.

    • I agree, I’m scared the year sub was a mistake…but they HAVE to make it better than this, right? I hope so at least.

    • I think in comparison with Lookfantastic, Glossybox, or Beautyfix, I think the value is there.

  46. hhhmmm……not seeing a huge different with this box to past month’s boxes to justify the price increase.

    • I skipped Oct. for the first time in over a year of subbing to Allure. It wasn’t even the higher cost – it’s just that there’s not much here that I find desirable. I love Vit C powder but I have a huge tub of it already and don’t need more. I have 40+ bottles of nail polish to get through.

      Looking forward to November for sure though!

    • I think it is. Verso and Tropical C is full size and expensive products.

    • I agree with Svetlana. Also there are actually three full size and eight products in total.

    • Agreed! I was sure i canceled but apparently I’m getting this box that isn’t as appealing as the July box!!

      I’m SUPPER bummed… OMG! Lollolol i just remembered when you cancel you will be charged for the next months box, too. Haha

      Well, even so, I’m not thrilled about this box at all. Hopefully my mind will change when I get my hands on it…

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