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NewBeauty TestTube Subscription Review – September/October 2020

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Sep 28, 2020 | 69 comments

NewBeauty TestTube
3.6 overall rating
115 Ratings | 24 Reviews

NewBeauty TestTube is a bi-monthly beauty and makeup subscription box. Every other month they send you a tube full of deluxe and full-size beauty samples and you also get a digital subscription to NewBeauty Magazine. It’s a little pricier than other beauty subscriptions, but in general, the value is usually great.


My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About this Beauty Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: NewBeauty TestTube

The Cost: $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping (ships every other month)

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty products. (This subscription also includes a subscription to NewBeauty Magazine).

Ships to: The continental US only

Our September/October 2020 Review


NewBeauty TestTube is one of my favorite subs because they send really unique and new items, many of which I have never even heard of! This booklet is a great reference for each item we received this month. It is full of additional info, interesting facts, and editor commentary.

Now, on to the items!


AnteAGE Home Multineedling Kit – Retail Value $120.00

This is a rather unique addition to this month’s Tube! Admittedly, we didn’t learn a ton about micro-needling in esthy school because this is usually a treatment reserved for med spas, and it’s considered advanced, at least where I was taught. This kit includes one roller and two smaller vials of roll-on solution that includes human bone marrow cells, and hyaluronic acid. The whole human bone thing might turn a few people off, but I gave this a go, you know, for science! The rollerball vials make the application really easy. Simply apply it to the areas you plan on rolling (make sure your face is clean!) and then roll the microneedler ontop. Then, apply another layer. The good news about this product is that if you are not feeling the whole bone marrow solution aspect, you can use the microneedler solo or with another serum of your choice. The way microneedling works is that those needles stimulate your skin layers and prompt a natural growth response within your skin. This leads to extra collagen and elastin which means firmer and healthier skin.

This kit comes with enough solution for around 10 treatments. Microneedling is one of those “takes time” sort of treatments and though it’s hard for me to report a massive difference in 4 days, it certainly feels like my skin is responding. I am not going to say this sensation feels pleasant. The needles don’t feel good. Like at all. But they also aren’t uncomfortable enough for me to stop using this tool. If you decide to give this a shot with or without the solution, be sure to wash the microneedler well between uses and/or spray with some alcohol to make sure it is clean every time you use it.


Aquage Dry Shampoo, 8 oz – Full Size! Retail Value $24.00

Dry shampoo is a little easier to write about than a fancy microneedler! I mean, it’s pretty straight forward, right? I like to flip my head upside down and generously spray my roots, finger fluffing the shampoo throughout before I flip my head back over. This technique creates instant volume! I liked this dry shampoo, though it would never replace my favorite. It has a really nice fresh scent and was very effective at making my 3 days after shampoo hair look big and clean. I liked that this specific formula is like a dry shampoo + texture spray hybrid because it gives so much volume and helps me keep that messy look that I prefer. A+ for none of that white residue either!


L’Occitane en Provence Cleansing Oil-to-Milk, 200 mL – Full Size! Retail Value $24.00

I am a cleanser enthusiast, and I generally double cleanse first with an oil formula then again with a gentle cream sort of cleanser. This oil cleanser is so pretty and decadent! The golden oil turns into a slightly milky liquid when you mix it between your palms with a little water. It feels so great on my face and smells wonderful! The scent here is kind of like a tangy floral, but very natural and bright. It makes quick work of stubborn makeup and is totally appropriate as a solo cleanser if you aren’t into double-dipping.


C.O. Bigelow Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, 2 fl oz – Full Size! Retail Value $6.00

Hand sanitizer is something I can usually find in stores again at this point, but I will take a little extra any day! This formula is pretty straightforward. It contains water, glycerine, alcohol, aloe, citric acid, and sodium hydroxide. No scents here! I will say that the aloe makes this feel a little slimy at first but keep rubbing your hands and that disappears. This sanitizer felt gentle on my hands (well.. as gentle as hand sanitizer can be) and I am happy to have a nice sized tube to toss into my purse or stash in my car.


Good Science Beauty Skin-Care 001-Pu Purifying Face Cream, 1 fl oz – Full Size! Retail Value $48.00

FYI: Product will vary by tube between 001-Pu Purifying Face Cream, 003-HY Hydrating Face Cream, 004- BR SkinBrightening Cream, and 005-FI Skin Firming Cream.

I kind of wish I had gotten one of the formulas that wasn’t for oily skin, but then again, with all the acne around my jawline these days, this might be a blessing! This formula also boasts pore size reduction in 28 days. For someone who has drier skin, I do have giant pores. The images used on the product site were compelling too, especially since they were from an independent trial and independently verified to have zero photo manipulation. Isn’t it crazy how we just assume everything is edited now? With so many images retouched, this is really refreshing. Inside this frosted amber bottle is a cream that has a very light brown color. The formula has a lot of good stuff inside too! Major callouts include willow bark, shea, and Oligopeptide-10, an amino acid peptide that is antimicrobial and great for your skin’s texture long term. This cream absorbs in a snap and leaves a nice soft finish. I am going to continue using this in the day but reserve something heavier for a night cream.


AfterSpa Exfoliating Wash Cloth – Retail Value $7.00

I am not suggesting that I have tiny t-rex arms, but I do struggle to reach all the spots on my back with soap when I shower. I usually just rub my shoulders down and let gravity and water cover my whole back, but sometimes it just needs a good scrub. This larger towel comes with loops so you can hold the ends and scrub it across your entire back! It feels pretty freaking excellent. I also love the way this feels on the back of my thighs!


Glo Skin Beauty Suede Matte Crayon in ‘Trademark’ – Full Size! Retail Value $22.00

FYI: Shades will vary by tube.

This is a pretty great little pencil! It dried down to a matte sort of finish without any dryness. The shade I received was a muddy berry color that was super flattering on me and rather perfect for fall. You can use this as a wide liner or coat your whole kiss. I liked that it had a very soft minty scent too.

Totally a shade I will reach for this fall, over and over.


Masqueology Pucker Up! – Retail Value $4.00

Our last item is a  multi-step lip plumping mask. The first packet holds a clear scrub with ground-up walnut shells to exfoliate. I didn’t love this step, but that might be because I am so used to yummy sugar scrubs! This was a much more gentle and significantly less tasty exfoliation step. The second step is a lip-shaped mask that actually stayed on my lips, unlike so many other lip masks out there! The final step is a clear plumping gloss with a minty tingle. I think the middle lip mask step was actually muy favorite, and the one I noticed the most benefit from, but this was still a fun little pampering treat!

Verdict: This was a well rounded NewBeauty TestTube. It has everything from hair to skincare, and even some makeup in there too! I think this wasn’t as exciting as some Tubes have been in the past (sorry, Sunday Riley always gets me pumped) but everything here was really useful and the formulas were very nice. I am especially pleased with the oil cleanser and the cream from Good Science Beauty. The lip color was great and I always like having dry shampoo on hand. The back scrubber feels SO good on the spots of my back that often get overlooked and the lip mask was super fun. The microneedling kit was the most expensive product inside this delivery and it will likely be the most polarizing, but as a rather brave skin geek, I thought it was a good time and I am going to use it regularly until I run out of the solution to see what happens to my skin over time. The total value of this Tube is $255.00 which is really great for a $38.90 beauty discovery subscription.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! But these do often sell-out!

Value Breakdown: At $38.90 for this box, here is what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Anteage Kit $18.31
  • Aquage Dry Shampoo $3.66
  • L’Occitane en Provence Cleansing Oil $3.66
  • C.O. Bigelow Sanitizer $0.92
  • Good Science Beauty Cream $7.32
  • Afterspa Cloth $1.07
  • Glo Skin Beauty Lippie $3.36
  • Masqueologuy Lip Mask $0.61

Alternatively, each of the 8 items in this box has an average cost of $4.86.

Check out all our NewBeauty TestTube reviews, and some of our other favorite beauty boxes!

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What do you think of this NewBeauty TestTube?

New Beauty Test Tube is a beauty and makeup subscription service. Every two months they send you deluxe and full size skincare, haircare, and makeup products.
Megan K.
Megan K.
I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

Megan K.
Megan K.
I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.
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I tried calling, emailing, and using the chat function to cancel my membership as soon as they released the spoilers for the November box, but apparently they are experiencing high call volume. I have a bad feeling about this…


I just had the same problem. Can anyone identify all of the products in the November box? Perhaps it’s more appealing then it looks


Does anyone know when the spoilers for November will be released?

The other Lee

The spoilers are up on their website now


Hi! Was wondering if anyone else tried to order legacy tubes. A week ago I order a May Tube, got order confirmation, and nothing since then. Is it normal that my order not shipped yet? TIA


Hello, We truly apologize for the inconvenience, fulfillment relies on product availability. Once they procure the items, they’ll have it shipped and you’ll receive a shipping notification via email. Thank you for your patience.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at (888) 974-6042 anytime. One of our live customer service representatives will be more than happy to assist with any inquiries you may have.


“Once they procure the items, they’ll have it shipped…”

Yes, this definitely smacks of claiming to have products for customers, but not actually securing the products until AFTER they see how many customers want the products. It’s sketchy, and if every box worked this way, we’d have no boxes. I’d boycott this one until it closes up and dies.


So they are advertising and selling something they don’t even have yet? Sounds a lot less like a purchase and a lot more like a loan.


In the past my dermatologist has said that dermarolling might not help but it probably won’t hurt either. My concern is that I use retinol dermaplaning and acids and I would not want to have to quit those for a full week or a long period of time before and after the microneedling like you are supposed to with other brands I’ve used.


I’m going to be buying this only for the micro needle thing lol. I’m 37 and I’m trying to not get botox just yet. I’d like to wait until I’m in my 50’s for that. With that said the only place on my face I have any lines at all is around my eyes when I smile. Is this safe to use around the eyes? I drink tons of water and take really good care of my skin because the outside of my body is all I really feel I have control over due to an autoimmune disease so I really want these eye lines to smooth out. Thanks so much in advance!


hey i have used it under my eyes. I looked up a video of this brand on youtube!!!. I really like it. I was scared to try it but don’t wanna have botox yet either. It was the last thing for me to try. There video helped me alot. Good luck!!!


When I first saw the spoilers I was most excited about the L’Occitane and Good Science products (really, that’s all I was excited for), but once I saw that scrubby cloth is an actual cloth and not a poofy scrub then I was thrilled because I’ve been on the lookout for something like that for a while. I currently use one by Dermalogica that has since been discontinued (sad!), and I’ve tried a few different ones from stores, but they’ve all always been too soft for me, and I like the harsher scrubby action of the Dermalogica cloth I use, especially since it doesn’t loose its scrubbiness. I haven’t used the one included in this box yet (I’ll wait until the one I’m currently using gets a little ragged before switching it out), but after reading the comments on how scrubby it is I’m really excited to try it out!

I gifted the micro-needler and lip mask since I’m too chicken to try the micro-needler and I don’t think I can keep my mouth shut long enough for a lip mask. Even though not “exciting” for me, I’m still happy to have received the lip crayon, dry shampoo, and hand sanitizer as they’ll all get used up eventually.

Joy-Not the Other One

Just an observation on my part in relation to the people wanting to cancel their boxes-I find it a little odd that no one from TestTube Beauty has responded to your questions on here. I have found that for almost every post MSA makes regarding TestTube (and especially the tube review posts), there always seems to be an actual representative from the company on here answering and responding to comments. I wonder if maybe in a day or so they will be on here and tell you the simplest way to cancel? I’m not planning to cancel but it seems a few people are so hopefully they will receive some help.


We apologize for the inconvenience, the methods to cancel is to either call 888-974-6042 to cancel or to request via email at [email protected]. All of our members’ concerns are very important to us and we do our best to meet their needs. Thank you for your patience.

Elizabeth Willars

One of my favorite boxes from a sub! The scrubber is great to get my back, and I just do extra soap to help soften it up. The oil cleanser is fantastic, but it smells like an old lady product to me. The formula is so great, I will deal with the smell. The lip is great, and a perfect color! I microneedle regularly, and I dermaplane, rotating every 3 weeks. I’m not worried about human bone marrow, there are so many human and animal products in everything from medicines to beauty products. I prefer human whenever possible since I’m human. In college, I actually used to donate blood plasma for a company that collected and paid participants. I believe it was going to both a pharmaceutical and a skincare company. You’re welcome. Best way to sanitize your skincare items that either break or shave the skin, soak them in a small cup of 70% or higher alcohol (not not hand sanitizer) for about 10 minutes. You’ll be good to go once the alcohol dries off the roller, but don’t use it dripping wet with alcohol, it will burn.
The sanitizer is very “gooey” according to my hubby and daughter, but I love it, and I’ll be using glycerine to make my own formula too. A little goes a long way and keeps you so soft. The dry shampoo was the only miss for me, because I have really curly hair, and I need to just wash and start over again after a couple of days. I’m sure it’s great for straight hair so I’ll be gifting it.


“…roll-on solution that includes human bone marrow cells, and hyaluronic acid. The whole human bone thing might turn a few people off, but I gave this a go, you know, for science!”

I think it’s really interesting that human bone marrow cells are used in this product. I get that some people will have reservations about that, but it’s very likely that the human cells being micro-needled into another human’s dermis will absorb better and actually be more easily & fully utilized than cells from another species would.
A few years ago I had to have surgery to build up the bone matter beneath the gums for placement of screws into my jaw for teeth replacement. My dentist explained that he would be placing some “scaffolding” in there that would attach itself to the deteriorated bone. He worked to find the gentlest way to explain that the scaffolding would be able to attach to my bone because it contains some cow bone and, ahh, human cadaver bone. I could just tell that last bit was something that had freaked people out, by the caution he exercised when saying the words “human cadaver.”
He got a reaction from me all right – I was pretty excited, having read about something similar recently. “Really?!” I said, “that’s so cool! I plan to donate my body (when I die) to a medical school or to science for whatever use can be found for it. Cadaver bone isn’t a problem for me.”
It’s like fractions, getting two denominators to work together requires finding the common denominator to make them compatible.
Good luck with your products! I hope the Good Science works out for you. I gotta say, the integrity move with the peer-reviewed photos on their site is brilliant and makes them seem trustworthy.


I had human cadaver bone grafted into my jaw bones for dental implants. It worked beautifully.


Hi Lux,
Wow – what a fascinating comment! I don’t think I’ve read the term ‘human cadaver’ on here before, so that’s a first – for me, anyway. I’m not sure exactly how I’d feel about this product, or the jaw scaffolding, but comments like yours make me remember that innovations like this are really worth thoughtful consideration, rather than a knee jerk reaction. Thank you!


I have cadaver bone in my spine and I had umbilical cord put in a toe. I’m all for human recycling!


I’m not weirded out by the idea of using a human derived product (I think anyone who is should think about how they would feel if they needed a blood transfusion or organ transplant–what’s the difference?). But my immediate reaction was is this really the best use of human bone marrow? It’s a pretty intensive process to have it extracted and can have somewhat painful side effects afterward, so not a lot of people choose to donate. I feel like it would make more sense to use what marrow people are willing to give up for, ya know, helping people with cancer…

Megan K.

Love this whole comment. I am less freaked out by the microneedler than I worried some might be. I am also generally willing to try most anything on my face at this point, for better or for worse 😂. My mom works for an oral surgeon and I used to shadow as a teen and I know exactly the sort of “scaffolding” you are talking about. I too always thought it was secretly kind of cool!


I’m glad I ended up skipping this tube, because I think the lip crayon would be the only thing I’d use. (That said, I may end up grabbing that lippie, because the shade pictured here is gorgeous).

Anyone know when they’re billing for the November/December tube?


We apologize that this tube wasn’t in your best interest, however, we do hope the next one will be. Spoilers will be out a few days before Oct 8th; the date is for all regular members who’ll be automatically billed for their next tubes, otherwise, if you are starting, once the spoilers are out, you’re more than welcome to purchase it. We thank you and everyone who is a member, for being faithful subscribers.


I haven’t seen a charge come through OR any spoilers for the November/December box. Any update?


Hello Testtube,

Did you release any spoilers yet for November? I can’t find any.

Alli A

I was told october 8 is next billing. Hoping for full spoilers before then.


Are you in swaps? I need to check the shade but I’d swap mine with you, it’s unswatched.


Congrats! Enjoy your unexpected gifts & good fortune 💗


Lux, thank you so much. I think quite a few girls here won something. Curious what they got.


This is for you Svetlana, idk why it posted here instead as a reply to your comment, but it’s here and that’s what counts, lol.


was anyone else missing the Good Science product ?

Megan K.

I would reach out to them! You should have received a Good Science product. They were varied, but there should have been at least one.


It seems I did get Good Science my box is different sorry for posting when thought it was missing it is Not missing Thank You sorry bout that.goof up


I really like this box. Funny, every time I see spoilers, I cringe my nose, but after receiving my box, I love almost everything. I love feel of discovery. They always have most of the items that I’ve never tried.
Also, I just received my prize that I won from their webinar (I did not even attend it, I forgot about it) and it is box from detox market and I totally blown away what they put there.


We are very glad that this tube was to your liking. We do our best to procure in the best beauty products to have you and all members to try before investing in them.


Congrats! Enjoy your unexpected gifts & good fortune 💗


That’s so cool you won something Svetlana! Congrats! Did they send you an email to let you know you won? I just get the boxes with no intention of attending the webinars, so that’s cool to hear those that don’t attend can win something too. 🙂


Yes they sent me an email asking for address. I was so surprised. Looking forward to attend one in October. I did buy their box for 99 for that meeting 🙂


I knew it was Meghan reviewing when there was a positive review over that exfoliating rag. That thing is way too scratchy. It is like lathering up with soap and sandpaper. Ich, i hate it!


I love this! I already have one in the tub, so I have this one beside my bed for midnight back scratches. It’s amazing! Also, that was a very nasty dig and completely uncalled for.


That exfoliating washcloth was one of my favorite items from this tube. I plan to repurchase it. I understand some people don’t enjoy more rough exfoliating products but I really do.

Megan K.

Hey Ami! The heart wants what it wants. In my case, the heart is my thighs and they want exfoliation! I tend to like heavy-duty exfoliators and I actually have a smaller version of this from Boxycharm (?) that I use daily too. Sorry this wasn’t a great product for you. Hopefully next time there is a more gentle exfoliation option.


I love that thing honestly. I can’t wash my own back so this thing is rad.

Megan K.



Wow, rude much? Also, you must not read many of Meghan’s reviews, because she’s definitely not afraid to say when she dislikes something!


What a bleeping bleep.




I cancelled thru their chat feature.


Again, we are sad to see you go, but we hope down the road that there will be a tube to your liking, and if there is, you’re more than welcome to resubscribe again.


Hi Megan,
Does the Good Science cream have a scent to it? I do like that shade of lip color. I need to go see what I got. I have all my new colors waiting for me post mask wearing!


In enjoyed this box, in fact , I enjoyed the entire year of my subscription ! Not every item , but many new favorites discovered. However, I don’t seem to be having any luck canceling my sub. Has anyone been able to successfully cancel? I get emails with offers for if I don’t cancel, but can’t get any confirmation they have accepted my request. I’ve tried emailing and calling , and can’t see any cancellation on my account page. Enjoyed the sub , but good grief it should NOT be this hard to simply cancel. Anyone?


We apologize to you and everyone who wished to discontinue if we have not met your needs as quick as we can. Though, it is sad to hear you and those who wish to cancel wish to go. To discontinue, it is either to contact us at 888-974-6042, by email at [email protected], or by chat at We look forward to hearing from you.

Elizabeth Willars

I did cancel. I found their customer service number under “if you want to cancel” on one of the website pages, I think it was contact us. I had to wait on hold for about 15 minutes or less, and a very nice man helped me out and gave me a confirmation code. I will be subscribing in the future when I have more money. I personally loved this box!


I tried to cancel twice. Once they lured me back with free shipping and the second time they just ignored my request. My card was billed and the tube showed up. By then my work situation had unexpectedely changed for the better(my reason for canceling was I could no longer afford it), so I just rolled with it and stayed subscribed. I feel you though on this.


When I wanted to close my account I emailed them, and I got confirmation that my account is on hold within 48 hours. Had no issues. Try logging in to your account and use email that is under your subscription. That is what I did.


Last summer I tried to cancel and after 10 phone calls and a bunch of emails I had to have my bank put a stop payment on the company since no one would respond to me. Sounds like it’s super hit or miss – some people seem to have no issues at all cancelling; I had the worst experience and will never sub to them again.


I canceled via phone directly prior to this box. No trouble in reaching anyone then. They definitely pushed offers to stay (if I didn’t have so much stuff and little money, their offers would have swayed me). Seeing 2 out of the 3 comments that no one is having any luck with calling is a little worrisome imo.
So, I just tried calling the number listed on their site and it doesn’t give any option of waiting for someone to answer. It just states high call volume, leave your number, and will call you back. It was not like that when I canceled just a month or so back. I hope those that want to cancel can cancel. Ugh.


I canceled last week over the phone without any trouble. I was on hold about five minutes, then customer service processed my request quickly, and I received an email confirming the cancellation right away. There was also only minimal pressure to keep the subscription. Hopefully I didn’t just luck out!


I’m excited about the l’occitane and I’ll use the sanitizer. Honestly the rest doesn’t suit me. I have just completed an annual subscription and will take a break from this box. I’m having some difficulty canceling. I can’t reach anyone on the phone and my email hasn’t been answered. Hopefully I’ll hear back soon


I’ve had luck emailing them. The email I’ve always used is [email protected]


Thank you! That’s the email I’ve used. I see a comment about using chat, so I will try that also


Thanks for the great review! I received the box and I absolutely love it. I have a question on the micro-needling… how frequently should I be doing a treatment? Once a week? I’m a newbie to micro-needling. I did one treatment yesterday. It didn’t irritate my skin and I didn’t find it to be painful, which was surprising because I have sensitive skin. Any advice would be appreciated!


Yes! The only reason I haven’t used it yet is because of the complete lack of detailed instructions. I have so many questions, including this. I looked on their website and it was not helpful at all. 🙁


Brief instructions are found the TestTube site, however, for further details, if you select the individual product on the site, it’ll link you to their company brand where they’ll be able to explain in detail or you’re more than welcome to contact them for further assistance.


I use mine about every other day, with whatever serum I’m currently using. I love, love, love this tool. It feels a little prickly (but it’s needles, right?), & my skin tingles for a little while afterward, but the results are amazing. I feel like my skin is softer, smoother, and dewier. It’s has a dewy glow without being shiny, & I definitely feel like my skin looks younger. I’m 41 & people usually think I’m about 10 years younger. If you are on the fence about trying it, go for it!!


Heavens, if this shaves 10 years off my face I’m ALL IN! 🙏🤞


I do not think there is a specific rule for it. When we received this device in BF I used to do it every day after the shower. I put serum, do quick micro-needling and then proceed with face cream.


Sweet. Thanks for the response!

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