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Margot Elena Discovery Box Review – Fall 2020

The Seasonal Discovery Box from Margot Elena is a quarterly subscription box featuring full-size beauty and lifestyle items. (If you aren’t familiar with this brand, it’s carried in stores like Anthropologie.)

FYI: This box has sold out. If you sign up now, the SPRING 2021 box will be your first arrival. 

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

In general, the packaging is fab, and this would be a great box to send as a gift!

About the Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $59.99 a quarter + $6.95 shipping

FYI: This box has sold out. If you sign up now, the SPRING 2021 box will be your first arrival. 

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box, filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by the M.E. team.

Ships to: The contiguous US

Margot Elena Fall 2020 Review

This box comes with a card detailing all of the items included. I adore the watercolor illustration design this quarter!


Library of Flowers Field & Flowers Soap, 5 oz – Retail Value $11.00

If you are looking for a bar soap that literally fills a room with scent with just a simple handwashing, Margot Elena is your brand! This bar smells sweet like apricots and honey with a backdrop of wildflowers. The formula is rich with shea butter and vitamin E to leave your skin clean but not dry.


The Cottage Greenhouse Violette Fig & Black Currant Salt Scrub, 10 oz – Listed Value $28.00 (This is a new tube style packaging that doesn’t seem to be on the M.E. site yet. You can currently purchase a 12 oz pot for $35.00)

I am so used to seeing salt and sugar scrubs come in pots that I have to dip into. I didn’t even recognize what this was at first! Putting a scrub in a tube is genius and makes showering and exfoliating so much easier. Just squeeze out what you need and scrub away! I find that The Cottage Greenhouse brand is a little less strong when it comes to perfumes, but this blend of fruits and violets was really lovely, even if it was more subtle than the other brands under Margot Elena. I also appreciate the smaller grain size of the salt because it provides a buffering sensation that is pleasant, not scratchy.


TokyoMilk Neptune & The Mermaid Song of the Siren Eau de Parfum, 1.6 fl oz – Retail Value $44.00

I love it when there is a bottle of perfume in this subscription! I honestly couldn’t decide if I liked this scent at first. It smells floral and fruity at first, but there is a note deep inside that makes it feel a little off and I couldn’t decide if I liked that at first. I am guessing it is the sea sort of marine notes that feel really unique when paired with the fresh and tart rose petals, a little booze, and maybe fresh cut grass and grapes? I can’t put my finger on this one! Anyways, this is a stronger perfume that lasts a long time. One spritz is really all you need!


Lollia ‘Imagine’ Shea Butter Handcreme, 4 oz – Listed Value $26.00

The ‘Imagine’ scent is a little more coconutty than I usually enjoy, but I do find this milky element a lot more charming when it’s blended with the other notes of woods, white flowers, green grass, and citrus inside this scent. It smells beachy but not in a tropical way, more in like a water garden near a beach? Hard to explain. I will say that I liked this hand cream more than I liked the actual perfume I reviewed last summer. I think this will be a hand cream I hang onto, because though I never seem to truly love the scent when I first apply it, giving it 30 minutes turns it into something softer and sexier.


M.E. Happy Home x Ellen Everett Let Us Live Like Flowers Diptych – Listed Value $28.00

I feel like this is probably a very polarizing addition to the box. Some folks will love this, others won’t. I tend to enjoy little things like this because I have an office now and its fun to add beautiful, as well as inspirational, elements like this to frames or my giant corkboard. I think I would have preferred some of the cool lifestyle items covered in Margo Elena’s lovely illustrations, but this sure does look cute in my space!


Lollia Poetic License Candle in ‘Dandelion’, 7.8 oz – Listed Value $34.00

I am essentially candle crazy at this point in the year, and this square luminary is just gorgeous. It arrived in a very giftable pink and orange box and the candle itself is large, and housed in an elegant square glass vessel. The scent is very ‘spring’ to my nose, but I love it. It smells like afternoons in the yard with the wildflowers and sunshine and little Lily of the Valley stems popping up from the dirt. It is a very strong candle (which I love!) and burns nice and even.


The Cottage Greenhouse Sugar Beet & Blossom Body Wash, 11.5 fl oz – Retail Value $22.00

This is a very watery sort of shower oil that you can also use as a body wash. Just add a little to a loofa and lather away! The scent is sweet and earthy but reserved. Because this is an oil formula, it is super moisturizing and really ideal for shaving. I found that it helped my razor glide effortlessly so much better than even some of my shaving creams and left my legs super smooth and red-bump free.


TokyoMilk Light Lip Gloss, 3 g – Listed Value $21.00

My last item was a very demure lip gloss with a sheer shine and very pretty tube. Swatching it showed basically clear, but in person, it has a little more dimension and gives lips a nice wet look. It has a very soft citrus scent.

Verdict: My Margo Elena Discovery Box was filled with loads of wonderfully fragrant treats for myself. I usually gift out different parts of this box but I think I might just be holding onto everything this time. Though I plan on keeping everything, this box felt like it might have benefitted from one additional exclusive item. I always think about the apron from a few boxes back and how fantastic that addition was! I would love to someday see more fabric pieces. Maybe a decorative pillow cover?  Either way, the value in this box is always nice, even if you buy it for gifting. I couldn’t find everything for sale online, but this box probably lands close to $200 even without the prints.

 To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, the Fall and Winter boxes have both sold out. The Spring 2021 box would be your first if you sign up today.

Value Breakdown: At $59.99 + 6.95 shipping, each of the 8 items has an average cost of $8.37.

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Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (58)

  1. I bought a couple of white shabby chic type frames from Walmart for $4 each for the diptypch and wish I could post a pic……they are really lovely and will look great in my guest bathroom.

    • That’s good to know Esther I may have to try that. I know I am in love with the candle that I received number 32 Dandelion. I’ve been burning it almost every day and I absolutely love it. At first I didn’t think I would like it when I smelled it in the box but since I’ve started burning it it’s amazing.

      • I got the same candle and I agree completely! Just sniffing it unlit, it seemed too earthy and green for my tastes (I’m allergic to grass so any hint of grass and I want to run). But once lit…wow! Just beautiful! And surprisingly less “spring-y”. It has a heaviness that feels more fall to me. And it has great scent throw. Plus, as always with ME the packaging is stunning.

  2. Even though this is the only box I chose to keep, it’s still a little bit of a disappointment: I dislike salt scrubs as they burn my skin if there is a smallest scratch; the diptych is not as pretty and expensive-looking as the Lao Tzu quote from a few boxes back; overall the box felt a bit lacking mostly due to the absence of a lifestyle item (not the cards).

    It’s understandable, though – times are tough and I am very grateful the box is alive.

    P.S. The candle I got was “Tomorrow”.

    • Emilia, I too don’t use salt scrubs as they’re drying and burning to my skin. Have you tried this one yet? I did, and was very pleasantly surprised. Honestly, if it didn’t say salt scrub on the package, I wouldn’t have guessed it. The grains are very fine, and it doesn’t feel “salty” at all to me. I still won’t start trying salt scrubs in general, but I really like this one and will probably use it all. Maybe try a spot test? Or use it as a foot scrub?

      • I will gift it together with the plum body oil from the spring box. Makes a lovely duo.

  3. Lovely packaging. However, as much as I love most Margot Elena products, I think the piece of paper and the lip gloss are worthless.

    I’ve seen the previous boxes which are phenomenal with 9-10 items but recently they have been stingy with the amount they include in their boxes. The subscription price went up last month. I’m wondering if they will compensate this change with more items.

  4. Heads up: I am signed up for the spring box, but just got an email saying extra fall boxes are available. I have 48 hours to notify them if I want one. This box doesn’t really speak to me so I’m not going to take them up on the offer, but if you’re on the waitlist and interested, watch your emails!

    • I got the same email yesterday and decided against it as well. This box has nothing to do with fall imo. And I’m not into the artwork and choice of perfume (which, again, were not fall-ish at all). I’m actually kinda glad now that I missed out on getting it the first time around lol! I AM signed up for a winter box and am hoping to get better seasonal curation/less overpriced artwork.

  5. Does this box ever go on sale like during Black Friday or is it one of those it’s so popular that you’re lucky to even get it before it sells out type box?

    • It’s a six month wait to get your first box and the price just went up. I haven’t seen a sale price. But it’s my favorite box.

  6. The last time they sent art prints almost everyone complained then as well. It is subjective item but something that if you don’t like, remember someone does!

    I LOVED this box with the mix of items and a tube of gloss rather than a pot. My candle is ‘sunspots on a photograph” and it burned for hours yesterday and barely made a dent. It is a QUALITY candle for sure.

    My perfume came without the label stuck to the backside and I love the simpler look of that.

    From a former box addict, this is the only one of two that I will subscribe to for as long as it exists.

    • Just curious, what is the other one? I love Margot Elena and am trying to decide what other box to subscribe to.

  7. I have just listed my Fall entire box on the MSA swap site for swap or for sale through Ebay.

  8. I got my globein box with a lovely rattan foot stool. I kept trying the perfume in this box and forgetting I had it on. I kept thinking wow that rattan stool is fragrant!! Even when I went to bed I could still smell that foot rest. It was the perfume! Its smells like a new rattan piece. I would describe the scent as sitting on a deck at the beach sipping an ould gin in your rattan chair. Now I actually love it. I’m not a fresh scent kinda gal but this isnt piercing, its soft dried grass. Good for migrain sufferers.

    • Hallie,
      Your description of the perfume makes me want it:)

  9. I love Margot Elena boxes in general but I feel like the art print is a miss and this box needed one more item. Maybe I am being spoiled with previous boxes but I felt this box did not have as many items as previous boxes.

  10. I Love this box….. yes sometimes i dont like everything in my box. I think this box my fav was the body wash and soap. I take things i dont need and package in a nice bag and take it to the senior center at lunch and give to someone that really needs it. The diptych , i go to dollar tree and get a frame and also put that on table for the girls to enjoy . Yep you wont like everything that is in there, but look around you may find someone that doesnt have much who would really like to get a gift from someone today.

    • I love this post!

  11. As always, I love the packaging on this box. It would make such a perfect gift for a lover of fragrant bath & body products. Megan, you are really good at describing scents, which is hard to do!

  12. First box for me! My favorite items are the cottage greenhouse scrub and shower oil – practical items that I’ll use, but feel luxurious.

    I got the velvet as night candle, and it feels quite sexy. I like it.

    I always love a handcreme, and I’ll use this even though the scent is a little old fashioned for me.

    The perfume is interesting! I need to spend some more time with it before I decide how much I like it.

    I’ll probably gift the bar soap and lip gloss, since they’re pretty but not my thing.

    And the diptych I actually think is quite lovely…if I can find some vintage-y frames at goodwill for them, they could go in my bathroom or on my bookshelf. I think the shade I’d peach is lovely. Obviously the cited price is silly, but I never really look at retail value for sub box items anyways.

  13. Megan you gave a great review!
    I love this box but have noticed that the future price has gone up $10 but the soap and hand cream seem smaller in size than normal.

    I wish the shower oil would have a dispenser please!

    Did not care for the prints at all and do not believe their value is $28.

    I love the perfume and all the other items.

    It was great when they had the apron a few boxes back and I hope they take Megan‘s advice and put in a pillowcase cover or something similar.

  14. This is my second ME box, plus I have a lot of their other products that I bought when I first subbed the box. Overall I love their products. A few thoughts on this box: first, for that Diptych to have an actual retail value of $28, it should be signed and numbered by the artist (since it’s a “limited edition”.) Without that, I doubt anyone would pay $28 for it. Second, the shower oil needs to have a pump. It’s a thin liquid so you lose a lot when you try to put it on your loofah or scrubbie. Third, I also got the dandelion candle and while I didn’t like the scent when I sniffed it unlit, when it burns it’s quite nice and less “earthy”.

    Also, I disagree on the strength of the perfume; I have several ME perfumes and all of them lack staying power. But they’re such wonderful scents that I keep using them. I was surprised at how much I like this Song of the Siren scent. I’m not sure how to describe it except to say maybe watery and ethereal? I quite like the scrub as well; I generally dislike salt scrubs and prefer sugar, but this one is of a nice consistency with smaller salt granules.

    I don’t think this box feels like “fall”…everything about it seems spring-y to me. Still, I love ME and find the box to be a great value for the price.

    • Hi Mountaineer, I agree this seems like a spring box, not fall. Just curious… why do you prefer sugar over salt scrubs?

      • I like sugar as well, mainly because salt burns on freshly shaved areas or if you have a scratch or something.

      • Hi Mary K! To me, salt scrubs seem harsh and drying (and even stinging if I use it on an area I just shaved). But I have super dry skin. Actually it’s the size of the granules that ends up being most important to me. Even sugar scrubs with large granules just are too abrasive for me. My go-to face scrub (for at least five years now) is a sugar scrub by a company called Deep Steep. But for salt scrubs, this one in the ME box is the least “salty” of any I’ve tried. It’s a very fine grain, and moisturizing.

  15. If anyone missed out on this box I am open to selling the entire box or swapping. All items are still wrapped. I can list this on Ebay if interested.

    • Julie, I’m interested in purchasing the entire box! ☺️

      • Hi April — I will list the entire box on the swap site for purchase via Ebay or swap. Are you on the swap site?

    • Julie! I am interested in buying the box from you. Open to eBay or however you want to do it. Thanks!

      • Hi Dominique. What is the best way for me to reach you.

  16. Such a shame I couldn’t get the winter box. I got the spring box though!

    • I love this box. The cottage greenhouse body wash was a little runny I just put a pump in mine and it fixed the problem it’s easier to dispense.

      • Me, too. I had ordered 6 stainless steel pump tops and had several of them still in a drawer. Fits perfect znd dispenses just the right amount.

  17. I love the perfume. Wasn’t sure at first; it smells similar to a men’s cologne. The hand creme was a no. It feels nice but the scent is “old lady” strong (I’m an older lady, btw).

  18. If anyone would like to swap or buy the perfume let me know – just wasn’t a scent for me 🙂

    • I’d love to know what you’d swap it for, I’ve got ton of stuff, but not listed on the site. I’d like to know what the purchase price would be as well.

      • I’m really open. Let’s chat! What’s the best way for me to contact you? I’m not on this swap site. Is there somewhere you list a specific product that I could look up to contact you thru?

      • LJ, just add either or after my user name and we can start from there.

      • Done!

  19. I received a candle variation I haven’t seen anyone else mention- Velvet as Night. I love it! It is in a dark blue box and marked with #88. It is great for fall into winter and really made the box for me. Anyone else receive this?

    • I did! It’s a heavier scent than I normally would choose but I love it!

    • I received 77 Tomorrow, very sweet and floral.

    • I received the #88 Velvet as Night. I haven’t burned it yet. On cold it has a very faint scent that was too light to even place. Did you find that on cold sniff it was distinguishable and did it get stronger when you started burning it? I couldn’t find this scent on their site. How would you describe the notes? I’m wondering if I should try to swap it before lighting it.

      • Hi Erika, I also received the Velvet as Night candle and would say that it definitely got stronger when burned. On cold I could make out the deeper notes of sandalwood and musk, however, when lit, they fell into the background and bergamot became the star of the show.

  20. I usually love this box, and I was really looking forward to having some of the autumn items on hand for holiday gifts. However, all the scents are very spring/summer. I’m wondering if sales were low over the pandemic, so they have excess inventory to move from earlier this year? Anyway, not very autumn, but I can’t store away some of these items for next year. They are lovely even if out of season.

  21. I am so sad I missed this box, but at least I’ll get the Spring 2021 box (doesn’t that sound so far away? Lol).

    • Hi Tammy, are you interested in purchasing my entire box? I have not opened or unwrapped anything yet, but I do not think this is the box for me this quarter. I can list it on Ebay.

      • Sorry for taking so long to respond! Sadly, I no longer have the budget for fun stuff this month, but I saw that there are interested people above.

  22. I no longer sub to this box but I am on the opposite end of diptych fondness. At first I thought it was a 2-sided piece but it is indeed a diptych and I really like it.

  23. I loved everything, except the diptych. I feel cheated, regarding that item. How could it possibly be $28? I would have loved something else, even another soap or candle.

    • Yeah, certainly not a $28 item. A lot of people have the same sentiment, so hopefully, the company took notes.

    • I could not agree more! There should have been another item and the diptych should have been a free bonus. There is no way it is worth $28. I liked my box overall but that really hit a wrong note for me for them to even suggest that was an ‘item’.

  24. I got the other candle variant, Sunspots on a Photograph, it smells amazing.

  25. I had a hard time deciding about the perfume also but I do like it, maybe because it’s very different. But I did not find it to be long lasting at all. Actually, I find it to be the opposite and that I need to reapply quite often.

  26. Oooooh, great idea! I’ll use the body wash as a shaving “cream”. And thank you for letting me know the smell of the hand cream, I can’t stand anything coconutty so I’ll be sure to pass that along.

  27. This was my second box and I loved everything, except the diptych. It’s just not my style, which is no fault of ME. I agree on the perfume, there is just one note in there that makes me question if I like it or not (if that makes sense!).

  28. So jealous! I wish this box shipped to Canada! 😟

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