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Keto Krate Subscription Box Review + Coupon – September 2020

Becca Peterson
ByBecca PetersonSep 12, 2020 | 7 comments

Keto Krate
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Keto Krate is a monthly snack subscription box that delivers ketogenic food and snacks. (The Ketogenic diet is a low carb, moderate protein, high-fat diet.)

Keto Krate’s snacks are keto-friendly, gluten-free and low carb with 5g of carbs or less per serving. Keto Krate helps you stick to your keto diet by offering delicious low carb snacks you can have on hand when the sugar cravings hit.

The main subscription is $39.99/month. However, two subscription choices are available through the "Gift" option:

  • The Muncher box delivers ~10 snacks for $39.99 a month
  • The Hangry box delivers ~30 snacks for $87.99 a month

This is a review of the main subscription plan for $39.99/month.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Keto Krate

The Subscription Box: Keto Krate

The Cost: $39.99 a month + free shipping.

The Products: Each box contains ~10 ketogenic diet-friendly snacks

Good to Know: Entering “krate.club” into your browser bar with bring you to a page with tons of info about the snacks (macros, links to buy, coupons) for this month plus keto success stories and recipes.

Ships to: The US for free and Canada for $10.99

Keto Krate September 2020 Review

How can it possibly be September already?! My favorite season is fall, and along with the beautiful changing leaves comes back the responsibility of going to work! (I work at a school.) With that comes a lot of changes to my diet, and having these snacks around is key to keeping myself from engorging on vending machine snacks mid-afternoon! I love that this subscription introduces me to new treats to keep me on track. Let's see how this month fared!


I love the included pamphlets this subscription sends each month. I find them extremely informational and love the cute clip art and helpful tips. I also find the success stories extremely motivating. Not only does this guide feature recipes, but it also includes inspirational quotes, the links to the month's product info (krate.club), and tips on how to manage your subscription.


Better Than Good Baked Cheddar Protein Puffs - Buy a 6 pack for $15.97

Fat 4g | Net Carbs 3g | Taste Score: 10/10

I love this company - not only for their background story but for the taste of their snacks!! We've received different flavors of these protein puffs in the past, and they hit it out of the park every time. These crunchy, cheddary, easy-to-eat bites are packed with flavor, nutrition, and just plain goodness! Besides the love that I have for these, my kids actually prefer them to non-veggie infused cheese puffs! Winning!


Styrve Original Beef Biltong Air-Dried Beef Slices - Buy a 2.25 oz package for $6.99

Fat 2g | Net Carbs 0g | Taste Score: 8/10

Hooray for beef jerky! As we all know, the second this box arrives, my kids are sniffing around looking for the beef! I am really digging the colorful camo style pattern this re-sealable bag of air-dried beef slices comes in! The packaging is great, but how does this jerky compare to other brands, you ask? Well, the original flavor is pretty standard with notes of salt, a smidgen of garlic, and obviously beef, but the texture is a little different than most. These slices are a lot drier in texture than some and take quite a bit more time to chew, which can be a good and bad thing. My husband prefers this style, while I like my jerky a bit more moist. Nonetheless, it was eaten in a jiffy!


Flackers Sea Salt Flax Seed Crackers - Retail Value $5.51

Fat 12g | Net Carbs 1g | Taste Score: 8/10

I have to say, these are the most unique looking crackers I have ever seen in my life. They actually remind me of the little bird seed pellets I buy for my mom's special bird feeder!!! I'm not scared though because I love any kind of seed, and if I can enjoy a cracker in a low-carb lifestyle I'm all for it! These little flax seed squares have 6 grams of protein, 9 grams of fiber, and only 1 g net carb in a serving! The sea salt variety has really good flavor - the crunch of the seeds don't taste like cardboard like one may expect, but have a nice nutty, roasted flavor with a hint of salt. I enjoyed a few on their own, but also tried it dipped in the garlic butter we received this month. You'll just have to wait and see what I thought of that pairing! I'll just say I am anxious to give these a try with some cheese dip!


SunYum Garlic Sunflower Seed Dip and Spread - Buy a 4 cup mixed variety for $14.97

Fat 10g | Net Carbs 1g | Taste Score: 5/10

So here is that garlic sunflower seed dip I was talking about with the flackers...this sunflower seed, oil, and garlic dip really had me intrigued as I LOVE garlic, but I gotta say...this was pungent!! I scooped a healthy amount onto my flacker, and I still think garlic is coming out of my pores 2 days later! While tasty, it was a bit too much for me...I may have to save the rest for over a long weekend when I have time to cleanse before having to be around people at work!


Dang Foods Lightly Salted Coconut Chips - Retail Value $1.59

Fat 12g | Net Carbs 3g | Taste Score: 7/10

Coconut chips are one of my staple snacks, so I was happy to see this lightly salted version in this month's Krate. I was a bit disappointed when I tried them though...because to me they tasted just like the original version. I didn't pick up on much salt flavor at all. I do enjoy these straight out of the bag, but find them to be a better addition to my grilled chicken salads and strawberry smoothies!


IQ Bar Almond Butter Chip - Buy a 12 pack for $24.99

Fat 12g | Net Carbs 3g | Taste Score: 8/10

Snack bars are one of my favorite items to receive in this box because I want to try a version before I commit to an entire pack of them. I find bars easy to pack and easy to eat, especially when I am on the go with school starting. This particular bar was packed with protein, fiber, and nutrients. I found the almond butter chip flavor to pair well together and be just sweet enough without having a funny aftertaste. Like a lot of low carb bars, it is a bit greasy looking, but I did really enjoy the flavor!


Pyure Brand Chocolate Drink Mix - Buy a 7.23 oz package for $5.48

Fat 0g | Net Carbs 3g | Taste Score: 8/10

I love Pyure as a brand! I use their organic stevia blend for baking! This tasty drink mix can be added to milk or an alternative to kill your chocolate cravings! I drank it with skim milk, and found it delightfully sweet!


JIMMY! Protein Bar Strawberry Nut - Buy a box of 12 for $34.99

Fat 15g | Net Carbs 5g | Taste Score: 8/10

This bar really surprised me. I thought it was going to be berrilicious and nutty, but I found it to be more chocolatey than anything. While like a lot of keto bars, it was a bit on the greasy side, but pretty darn tasty, even if the strawberry flavor didn't come through as much as I would have liked.


BrightFox Blueberry Vanilla Drink - Buy a case of 24 for $79.99

Fat 0g | Net Carbs 1g | Taste Score: 4/10

How cute is this simplistic, contemporary design of a water can?! I love the geometrical fox mascot with the bright blue print. I received the blueberry vanilla version of this filtered water, and I can honestly say I just am not a fan of any flavored water. I like my water plain and straight from the tap. This water is bursting with tart blueberry flavor and even smells incredibly strong! I did give it a whirl, and just didn't love it, but I am impressed with the amount of potassium, vitamin E, vitamin B6, and vitamin B5 it contains! Because this stuff is insanely expensive, it will not go to waste, I'll either save it for when I'm super thirsty, or send it with my husband to work.


Iota Tamari + Apple Cider Vinegar Roasted Sunflower Kernels - Buy a 2 oz package for $3.99

Fat 15g | Net Carbs 3g | Taste Score: 10/10

If you've read any of my past reviews, you may know my palate is not very cultured. That being said, I have never heard of tamari, so a little research was needed! Upon my reading, I found it is a popular Japanese soy sauce that is made by fermenting soybeans to create a very savory flavor. I love sunflower seeds, and the saltier they are, the better. These tamari and apple cider vinegar seed aren't quite as flavor-packed as I thought they might be, and I'm very okay with that! I found the seeds themselves to be a bit more savory than usual, but not vinegary in the least. I really enjoyed this flavor and had a hard time resealing the package because I couldn't stop eating them!


Tomer Kosher Original Beef Stick - Buy a case of 24 for $25.99

Fat 6g | Net Carbs 1g | Taste Score: 10/10

Now this is what I'm talking about when I want a beef stick! The delicious softness of this beef stick is everything I love: it's salty, it's beefy, it's moist, and it's chewy! Perfection! I loved the original flavor, and had to fight my kids off so I could savor it myself!


Intakt Crunchy Cheese and Black Pepper - Buy a 12 pack for $28.00

Fat 6g | Net Carbs <1g | Taste Score: 6/10

I wanted to love these cheese bites so badly! I am a huge cheese fan, and when I receive these cheese curd style snacks I am jumping for joy, but this version just wasn't my favorite. I found the size of the curds to be great, but the flavor of the cheese was just lacking for me. I am used to cheese curds being powerfully cheesy, whereas I felt the black pepper flavor took away all the cheese flavor. I did notice that they offer a variety of flavors, so maybe I just need to give a different flavor a shot...the raspberry version sounds pretty interesting...


Good To Go Cinnamon Pecan Bar - Buy a 9 pack for $23.94

Now this is I think was my favorite sweet snack this month! I have never tried this particular bar before, and I am a fan!!! The chewy texture and the absolute decadent flavor with just the right amount of pecans for fun was the perfect combination. Usually I don't love cinnamon so much, but in this bar it is fantastic. My kids (who don't follow a low carb diet) were also very impressed with these, so you know they must be good!

The Verdict: I really enjoy the Keto Krate box, and while last month was a home run for me, this month was more of a mix, and I'm totally okay with that! The point of this box for me is to try new brands, flavors, and snacks that I normally wouldn't go out and buy without knowing I would like first, because let's be honest: these snacks are spendy!!! While there were a few misses, I am happy to say I found some new favorites, and it's just really fun to give all these new snacks a try! I can't wait to see what they send next month! Please send more beef!!!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Unfortunately, no. If you subscribe today, your first box will be the October box.

Value Breakdown: The box costs $39.99 + free shipping which means that each of the 13 items in the box has an average cost of $3.07. I also want to share that on their website, it states the retail value of this month's products is $42.15, but you would pay $70.91 in shipping costs for each product, plus you would have to spend $155.79 to get the discount code savings of minimum orders for each product, which would bring your total value to $268.85, so I think $39.99 is a pretty good price to test out different snacks and find new faves!

Check out all of our Keto Krate reviews, more healthy snack boxes, and the best snack subscription boxes!

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What did you think of the treats in the September 2020 Keto Krate?

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Becca Peterson
Becca Peterson

I am a wild and crazy mom of 2 boys and work in the public education system as an Indigenous Support Advocate. I love all things outdoors, beauty, crafts, and food. Living the simple life in the country, we spend a lot of time hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting. Oh, and I absolutely adore my high school sweetheart aka my husband of almost 17 years!

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This comment isn’t directed at Keto Krate specifically, but I don’t know of a better place to post it (and it’s long) so here I am.

Now that Keto is such a big thing, the market is exploding with items and snacks that makers proclaim are “Keto friendly” or “Keto certified” and the like. And, up until recently, I would have believed in every claim that any product made in relation to being “low carb” or “Keto”.

But ignorance is bliss. A few months ago I somehow stumbled upon a blog by a woman who was buying food items that were branded as “low carb” and sending these items to a lab that was analyzed the item to see what the ingredient breakdown, including carb count, actually was.

The results were, in some cases, shocking. Many products that were advertised and/or labelled as “low carb” were found to have significantly higher carb counts than what the labels said. Some were slightly off, and some were ridiculously off.

This woman actually approached some of the egregious manufacturers with the lab findings. You’d think that, if a company was producing a low carb product and was heartfelt about their mission, they’d be horrified to learn that their products tested as much carbier than what they believed they were making, no?

Well, that’s sadly not the case. One company in particular was so abusive and misleading in their nutritional label claims versus what their products were found to have that this poor woman was engaged in a cyber war with the company to force them to amend their nutrition labels. Her blog has been quiet recently so I don’t know how that war panned out.

And while this one company’s abuse of labels doesn’t mean other companies do this, her research and testing (paid out of her own pocket) show that MANY companies make nutritional label claims that don’t match with what the product actually has in it.

I bring this up here because it’s relevant right now. Subs like Keto Krate exist because Keto has become hugely popular in the last few years, and new “Keto” food companies are springing up everywhere.

Do like I did; search “Keto” on Amazon. How many thousand hits come up? That’s right, gazillions. Sure, you can narrow it down to “Keto snacks” but you’ll still get thousands of hits. I like to believe that most of these brands are legit, and their products are also legitimately Keto.

What makes an item Keto? Well, there’s no governmental stance on this. Such as, the FDA isn’t overseeing the “Keto certified” labeling. ANY product can have KETO on the packaging whether or not the item “meets” Keto “criteria” (which brings us back to the question of “what exactly is Keto?”). Sure, you might have a personal definition of Keto, and I might have a personal definition of Keto, and Becca might have a personal definition of keto, but they all won’t be identical. Because Keto is not sanctioned or approved or whatever by any agency. Which brings me to the point I want to stress the most…

…The “Keto certified” logo/label you’ll see on many products does NOT mean that the product has actually been tested, in a lab, to prove that the product actually contains what the maker says it does. Reading the blog that I referenced above is what got me even questioning this “certification”.

The woman behind the blog has lived with diabetes her whole life. She takes blood sugar readings multiple times per day. She realized, early on, that sugar isn’t the only cause of elevated blood sugar; she knew that carbohydrates, even those without actual sugar, will influence blood sugar levels. So she started carefully studying her sugar levels after eating certain foods.

IIRC, the first issue arose when she ate something that supposedly was no-carb or low-carb, but her sugar levels afterward told another story. That lit a fire under her to test many products labeled “low carb” or Keto or similar. These are not tests that you or I could do in our basement; every test had to be done by a skilled lab. And so this woman sent samples of these products to labs and paid for the testing out of her own pocket.

The results were both staggering and disheartening. While some products were only slightly off the claims they made (slight enough to be chalked up to general variations per batch), others came back as having ridiculously high levels of carbs versus what the labels claimed.

…which brings me to the main point. As far as I know, the “Keto certified” label is:

*NOT supported or policed by any government agency ie FDA or USDA;
*Run by a for-profit company with no government affiliations;
*ONLY given by manufacturers who pay the Keto certified “company”;
*Given WITHOUT the product in question having been tested to see if it matches the claims on the label

…in other words, a manufacturer can tell the Keto Certified people that their supposed Keto product contains xyz ingredients and has a carb count of whatever, and the Keto Certified folks do NOT send the product for outside testing to ensure that the product really is “Keto”. Basically, if the manufacturer claims something, Keto Certified LLC (lol but might be true) takes them for their word and slaps the “Keto Certified” label on the package.

It means nothing AFAIK. Last I checked was earlier this year when I searched all over the Keto Certified site to see what testing they use to confirm ingredients and nutritional profile, and the answer was that they don’t test the products, so if that’s changed since then, I take all of this back. And I’ll write a letter of apology IF and ONLY IF Keto Certified can provide proof that every product they’ve approved has actually been lab-tested to ensure that the nutritional profile of the product matches what the maker claims.

Apologies for length but I figured my best soapbox to be seen is here on MSA.

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Hi Becca! I love your reviews! I’ve received this KK box three times, and I usually find that I LOVE about 40-50 percent of the items and dislike the other percentage, and I’m okay with that, because this box has turned me on to many snacks that I didn’t know existed (here’s looking at you, Better Than Good aka my new binge-snacking obsession). That said, there (so far, I haven’t eaten everything in this latest box yet) is ONE item that to me is so inedible that I can’t even share it with anyone, and it’s the Biltong jerky.

I love jerky, always have, and I’m aware of the surprisingly high carb counts in a product that looks deceptively Keto. I was very excited to see a full sized bag of artisan jerky in my Krate. But upon trying it, for me, the flavor was overbearing. I tasted nothing but cloves. To the extent that it felt like I was chewing on a handful of cloves. I couldn’t get last that glaring ingredient, no matter how I tried. I actually threw the bag out (which pains me, as it was a pricier part of the Krate). For this to be labeled “original flavor” as the company did, I feel is not honest with the consumer. Most of us have a good idea of what an “original” flavored jerky tastes like, and “Clove overload” is NOT that flavor. Not even in the same universe.

Thanks for allowing my soapbox. If you guys (and Becca, per this review) have not experienced the flavor issue with the jerky, please let me know. Perhaps it as a bad batch?

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Becca Peterson

You’re so welcome Mountaineer95! I would definitely reach out to them and tell them your thoughts, and if it was a quality control issue, they would definitely like to know I’m sure! Maybe you could score a new bag!

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Becca Peterson

Hey Mountaineer95! Thank you so much for commenting! I’m glad that you enjoy Keto Krate and are finding new snacks that you otherwise wouldn’t have known existed! I’m sorry to hear about the jerky!! After reading your comment, I remembered I stowed away a few crumbs in my “secret hideout” and polished them off to see how they tasted, and honestly I wouldn’t even have known cloves was an included ingredient, had you not mentioned it. I too am not a fan of cloves, especially in bulk quantities as you are describing, so I wonder if there was some sort of malfunction! I too would be bummed because of the price point of this item! I see the customer service number is listed on the bottom of the bag – listed under Stryve Foods Inc, if you want to report your findings and see if others have complained.

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Becca, thank you so much for your reply! I truly appreciate it. I think you’re in to something when wondering if my batch of jerky was a one-off type of issue. The clove taste was so incredibly strong that I think it would have been noticed by anyone else who ate it (and even if they didn’t dislike it as I did, because if they’re more “okay” with clove flavor, they’d still take note of it being present, if that makes sense).

It otherwise was quality product, and I love any brand that makes jerky with less or no added sugars (that product is a Keto-lover’s dream). Hopefully the company will reach out and maybe send another package of their original jerky?

If not, I still would consider buying a package just to check out the clove situation to see if it was an isolated issue. But I won’t buy more than one bag to do so, and therein might be an issue as a lot of the indie snack companies sell in bulk (well, consumer bulk, like three packs at a time) on Amazon or their sites. I do want to give this brand another shot, so I’ll try sometime soon if I can.

Thanks again and I love your reviews!

Another Ashley

Becca, you should get the beef jerky subs!

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Becca Peterson

Lol! That is true! I should get the beef jerky subs!!! I did do a review for “Jerky Snob” at one point, and as you can imagine, I thought it was amazing!! Thanks for commenting Another Ashley! <3

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