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Bonne Maman Advent 2020 Calendar – Available Now!

It’s that time again!

Jam time! The 2020 Bonne Maman Advent Calendar is available now! (Thanks for the heads up, Tracy!)

The Box: Bonne Maman 2020 Advent Calendar

*FYI – this is now available on Amazon with free shipping if you’re a Prime member! You can order it now and it will be in stock to ship on 9/15. (Thanks to everyone that let us know in the comments!)

The Cost: $34.99

The Products: Examples of the 24 exclusive holiday flavors include: Apricot with Bergamot, Apricot with Lavender, Cherry with Christmas Spice, Cherry with Elderflower, Fig with Cardamom, Honey, Lemon & Yuzu, Mandarin, Sweet Orange and Passion Fruit, and many more.

Good to know: Limited to 2 Advent Calendars per order.

Are you going to grab an advent calendar? (FYI – these have sold out quickly in past years!)

Check out Sara’s review of a previous Bonne Maman Advent Calendar to see what you can expect!

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  1. My bf ordered this for me for 34.99 on amazon with free shipping (he has prime).

    I was a bit disappointed because the jars are not full all the way and they are tinier than normal preserves sample jars. I don’t use alot on my toast, so I was thinking I could get 2-3 uses out of one jar. Now I question if one jar is enough for 2 pieces of toast.

    Also I was expecting some more seasonal flavors like maybe a prosecco, ligonberry, mullberry, cinnamon apple, gingerbread, mint for lamb, etc. These are more french flavors (on brand) like lavender, bergamot, etc. Also there is one plain honey, no flavored honeys.

  2. For those asking, the expiration dates are printed on the lids as well as the box. I still have a few of mine left from last year. lol
    I bought it at Tuesday Morning for a discount. I don’t remember how big the discount was but it was pretty good. This was closer to the holidays and it was the first time I had seen them in an actual store.

  3. Off topic, but can anyone recommend a good tea advent calendar?

    • Herbal tea, black tea, green tea,….basically anything that doesn’t have licorice in it.

    • Thank you, I’ll look into these!

      I’ve been dipping my toe into the tea subscription boxes. My 1st “Dollar Tea Club” packet arrived, and I was surprised how much I loved it.

      I was debating between a subscription to “Sips By” or “Bruu” (a company based in the UK). I went with a 3 month subscription to “Bruu”, based on YouTube unboxing videos. I may try Sips By after that.

      “I don’t see a lot of options state side for a tea advent calendar”.

      It’s a shame there are so many advent calendars in the UK that you can’t get here in the US. You can’t even get the Nivea advent calendar. The Nivea company sells tons of products in the US. I contacted Nivea last year to see if they intended to offer their calendar in the US. The answer was a curt, “No”. The customer service representative didn’t even try be pleasant. These can be found on ebay at a much inflated price.

    • Oh, I think there are subs for just about everything! There’s also Tea, Pray, Love which is a combination tea, skincare, and self care box.

      Tea Pigs has an advent calendar? Oh, I’ll have to check that out. It turns out Bruu also had one last year.

      I, too, love Nivea and it’s very sad they don’t offer their advent calendar in the US. If I can’t get my hands on the Nivea advent calendar, I might just buy the Kiehls advent calendar. It’s hard to get terribly excited about Kiehls when the samples are so small as compared to the price of the calendar.

    • The sizes of the items in the Kiehls advent calendar are so small! Several are 3ml and 4ml. That’s about the size of a small foil packet. I believe the US calendar is about $100, so those are very, very small sizes for that price.

      What is the mail forwarding service that you mentioned in your post?

  4. These are listed for order on amazon today and no shipping fee with prime. They ship on the 15th.

    • thanks, Anita! I ordered one on Amazon last year and really enjoyed it. I couldn’t find them yesterday when first reading this post, so glad they restocked!

    • Thank you! I been checking and nothing. Saw this coming and sure enough they were there and got my box

  5. I got mine like 2-3 weeks ago on amazon I would recommend it there since you dont have to pay shipping its only $34.99 plus tax. It keeps going in and out of stock but i see its currently available

  6. IT IS BACK IN STOCK ON AMAZON- free shipping for prime.

  7. A slice of heaven indeed, especially this year when it will be a real treat to open up a surprise each day with these advent calendars. Who knows how many of our other holiday traditions we’ll be able to celebrate in 2020?

  8. I bought mine off amazon last week with prime shipping- it’s arriving tomorrow. The product is unavailable now so don’t know if it will be back in stock.

    • It’s back on Amazon this morning with free shipping, says available to ship 9/15.

  9. I wish the shipping was less, but went ahead and got one for my parents. I can already hear my mom asking why I sent her an advent calendar in Sept, but I wasn’t going to pay to ship it to the state I live in now and then pay to ship it to the state she lives in 3 months later. She can just have an Oct advent calendar 😉

  10. I got two. These will make great gifts.

    And yes, the shipping is a bit steep, but this is a small niche company. The shipping stayed at $10 for the two calendars.

  11. I ordered mine on August 14th and it arrived on the 19th. Shipping on two was $13.53 but at least there was no sales tax.

    Now it’s just calling my name, daring me to open it. 🙂

  12. I bought 2 last year on Amazon. I broke one up right away & used most of it as gifts for co-workers. Super cute!

    I’ll probably skip this year since I still have a few jars in my cupboard! I’m really tempted by those special Apricot Bergamot, Lemon Yuzu, & Cherry Elderflower flavors, though.

    • FYI – the little jars in this advent calender fit inside those canisters that hold cotton rounds really well. I could stack 3 jars on top of each other inside one cannister. A good way to gift or display the jars.

      • Great advice!

    • I also purchased one last year. The expiration date on the jams & jellies was June 2020. Those jars in the cupboard are now past the expiration date.

      • Yeah, that doesn’t bother me so much for a sealed product like this. It might be a problem for a larger jar, but one of these little guys is opened & then gone. Obviously I wouldn’t eat it if it looked funky or smelled bad, but there’s no issues whatsoever so far.

      • I was surprised that an advent calendar sold for Christmas would have product that expires 6 month later. As others have mentioned, sealed jars of jam will probably last much longer than that. Yes, the product is probably manufactured well before the calendars are for sale, but I would think jams and jellies would last at least 18 months. This would mean for Christmas 2019, the jams were manufactured around January 2019?

        I only mentioned the expiration date of the Maman products because the date was on the advent calendar itself (which many of us probably threw away), but I don’t remember if the expiration date was written on the jars themselves.

      • Is it cost effective to purchase the advent calendar and break it up into smaller gifts? How much do the tiny jars usually go for?

  13. Just grabbed one for a Christmas gift. Shipping is $10, FYI.

    • They just lost me.

  14. Will it be available on Amazon, so I can save the 9.95 shipping?

    • I was hoping for the same thing. Poking around online suggests it was available for pre-order on Amazon on August 18 at least (unsure how long before/after that date), but it’s now listed as unavailable – no hint as to whether it’ll come back.

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