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Allure Beauty Box Exclusive Member Discount!

Allure October 2019 beauty subscription box review

When Allure Beauty Box announced the subscription changing coming in October, new member perks included members only discounts on their editors’ favorite luxury products. (Read more about the Allure Beauty Box updates at the bottom of this post.)

We have a look at the first members only discount! While we can’t release the exact discount, if you are an Allure Beauty Box subscriber you can save BIG on this Allure favorite:

DERMAFLASH Luxe Device (Regularly $199)

This includes:

  • Charging Cord
  • Charging Adaptor
  • LUXE Charging Base
  • 4 DERMAFLASH Edges
  • 10 ml PREFLASH Cleanser
  • 10 ml POSTFLASH Moisturizer

DERMAFLASH instantly removes dead skin cells, built-up debris, and pesky peach fuzz. This device was designed for the delicate skin on a woman’s face and was created by a woman for ALL women.

DERMAFLASH enhances the power of skincare products by erasing the barrier to penetration, while creating a flawless canvas for makeup. DERMAFLASH instantly reveals smooth, radiant, younger-looking skin.

If you are a current subscriber, use this link to get the DERMAFLASH Luxe Device!

Want to get this exclusive and make sure you don’t miss any in the future? Wednesday, September 30th is the last chance to lock in Allure Beauty Box rates for a year before the price increases for new subscribers.

Now through 9/30, use this link to sign up for an annual Allure Beauty Box subscription and get a FREE Mega Bundle (17 products valued over $264)!  No coupon code necessary, the bundle will automatically be included. An annual subscription is $165 – that’s $13.75 a box!

If you sign up now September will be your first box. Check out the full September spoilers here and the full October spoilers here!

More on the Allure Beauty Box subscription updates:

Allure Beauty Box will be enhancing their membership benefits and changing their price on
October 1st, 2020. We reached out to them to get more info.

From Allure Beauty Box:

What can I expect from Allure Beauty Box starting with the October box?

  • 6 or more products in every box, valued at $100+ (previously 5 or more products valued at $70+)
      • The October box for existing members is valued at $170+!
  • At least 3 full-size products in every box (previously 2)
  • Exclusive limited-time members only discounts on our editors’ favorite luxury products. Think ReFa CARAT for just $99 (a $290 value)!*
  • Member discounts on limited-edition boxes.* Plus, you’ll hear about them first; the last limited-edition, the K-Beauty Box, sold out fast!
  • Exclusive access to Allure events* Get (virtual) trustworthy beauty advice straight from the experts
  • All products are tested & curated by Allure editors (We test more than 50,000 products a year and only select our favorites)
  • Always free shipping for contiguous US states

*Benefits do not apply to members who sign up through Amazon.

What is the new subscription rate, and when does it go into effect?

  • New members can choose from the new rate of $23/month or $250/year starting with the October 2020 box.
  • Current monthly members will begin the $23/month rate with their October 2020 box unless they cancel. Current annual members will renew at the $250/year rate at the time of their next renewal (on the 13th month of their original purchase) unless they cancel.

When exactly will I be charged the new subscription rate?

  • If you are already an active Allure Beauty Box monthly subscriber, starting in October, your subscription will automatically renew and your credit card will be charged at the new rate of $23 each month until you cancel. You will be billed in the first week of each month, usually between the 1st and 3rd, and approximately 7 to 10 days prior to when your box ships. 
  • If you are a new subscriber, you will be billed on the day that you sign up. Please note: If you sign up at the end of the month, you will receive two boxes (the current month’s box and following month’s box) back-to-back, and your credit card will be charged for both boxes. 
      • Note: If you sign up at the end of the month, it is likely that you will be charged for your second box before you receive your first box.
  • If you sign up for an annual subscription, your membership will renew on the 13th month of your original purchase. You will be notified by email before this transaction occurs.

Can I skip a month if I order through Allure?

Yes! Customers active in any plans (monthly, annual, and gift) can suspend their service at any time to skip one or more boxes. Members can contact Customer Care to pause their subscription and select a restart date. The request must be processed before the end of the previous month. (To skip November’s box, members need to contact Customer Care before the last day of October. If members contact Customer Care by email, we advise that they do so at least three business days prior to the end of the month, in order to make sure the request is processed before the next box. Our team will respond within 48 business hours.

Phone: 1-800-274-1603

Monday-Friday 7AM-11PM CST; Saturday & Sunday 8AM-6PM CST

Email: [email protected]

Can I skip a month if I order through Amazon?

Yes! Amazon subscribers can skip a month by going to their subscription settings on Amazon before the monthly renewal date.

What’s the benefit signing up for an annual subscription vs. a monthly subscription?

If you sign up for an annual subscription you will receive a discounted rate per box. So if you sign up for an annual subscription before October 1st, you can lock in a year for $165—which is just $13.75 a box.

How do I upgrade to an annual subscription?

If you’re a current member, you can call Customer Care at 1-800-274-1603 or email [email protected] and request to upgrade your subscription to our annual plan at the rate of $165. Contact us before October 1, 2020 to take advantage of this limited-time, non-refundable offer.

If you’re not already a member, you can call Customer Care or visit us at to take advantage of our current offers.

How can I cancel my subscription before this price increase takes place?

If you wish to stop receiving your Allure Beauty Box, please call Customer Care at 1-800-274-1603 before September 30, 2020, or email us at [email protected] before September 28, 2020.

Will I receive the annual “mega bundle” bundle gift with purchase if I take the upgrade offer before October 1?

Yes! If you subscribe via or via Customer Care, you will receive any gift with purchase offer currently available for an annual sign up. (Gift with purchase does not apply for those who sign up through Amazon.)

Will a mask or brush count as 1 of the 3 full-size products promised in every box?

Sheet masks or makeup brushes will not be counted as 1 of the 3 promised full-size products. If they are included, it will be in addition to.

Have a question that isn’t answered here?

Check out the Allure Beauty Box FAQ page, or contact Customer Care at 1-800-274-1603 or [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help!

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

How do subscribers rate Allure Beauty Box?

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Written by MSA


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Comments (40)

  1. I unfortunately just emailed to cancel my subscription because the items just aren’t worth it for me to be spending $23 a month on top of my other subscription boxes. I have another beauty box where I pay $2 more and I get a choice of a product and all products are guaranteed full size, so with having to budget, this one was the one that gave me least value with the new price so I canceled. It’s a shame really, because I enjoyed a lot of the items I received this past year but for $23 of two full size items that I have no choice over deciding what they will be, I had to let it go.

  2. Marshall’s and TJ Max have the Dermaflash One for 75.00 this is the Dermaflash Luxe that is 199.99. I bought one as a Christmas present. The discount is 99.00.

  3. I hate to sound like a Pollyanna here, but other than debating our personal choices and what boxes we like of course everyone likes different things. But I did just sign up for a yearly sub because I love this box and share with my daughter in law so it does get used. Anyway my point is so many people right now don’t have the choice of buying a 165 dollar yearly sub or even a monthly sub right now. Lost jobs and putting food and shelter is much more important right now. Let’s just remember that we are PRIVILEGED to even have this conversation. So much is happening right now not just with covid but losing everything in fires and hurricanes etc. I’m sure there are a lot of places that would take what we don’t want. I’m nit trying to drop a guilt trip here. I just wanted to say I realize my privilege in even buying these boxes and that in itself makes it worth it to me.

    • Yes! I wish more people would recognize this!

    • Amen. I love allure beauty box and have been a subscriber since the beginning. I just finally cancelled my box through Amazon. I don’t understand why they don’t include Amazon with the deal seeing that the box comes from Allure’s warehouse and not Amazon. Anyway I go back and forth about getting the full year but I just don’t want to throw down $165.00 specially when Christmas is in a blink of an eye👀…. Mega box does sound like a good time:)

  4. I have a dermaflash from New Beauty Test Tube and I love it! When I use it (which I don’t always do) I use it about once a month, It did not cost much to buy the replacement packages that include a set of replacement blades and the pre- and post-lotions. I’ve used another product as well but the effects from using dermaflash last much longer and it does a better job. You just have to charge it the night before you want to use it.

  5. so was thee GWP supposed to show on the email confirmation or when I was checking out? bc it didn’t for me and now I’m concerned I didn’t get it?

    • I have an annual allure subscription which is ending in October. I called and emailed them to renew my annual membership for $165 but don’t want to get duplicate boxes for September and October. They said to call them back in the second week of October and they will manually place in my order for $165 to avoid duplicate boxes being received. In my case, I still have time to see what they offer for November and then will decide whether to renew.

  6. I still couldnt decide if I sign up for annual membership and tomorrow is the last day. I wish Allure offers something exciting instead of old boxes’ items. It doesnt need to have a retail value of 225$, I prefer a $25 fullsize one item instead of this Mega bundle.
    I need to make my mind soon. But just afraid to sign up for a year while all beauty boxes are sending repeat and boring items. I also have a huge stash.
    I hate this fear of missing out 🙂

  7. I have a dermaflash. I switch out the blade every 2 weeks (and I use it around twice a week.) I also got a 5 pack of those twinkle eyebrow razors recently. The twinkle razors are cheaper and do roughly the same thing. I notice slightly fewer ingrowns and more exfoliation with the Dermaflash, but a good exfoliating lotion can probably take care of those things. In no way is the DF worth the retail price. I bought mine at approx the discounted price. I do enjoy it, but once I run out of spare blades, I may give it up. I hope this is helpful!

    • Thank you soooo much…. it was very helpful!!! I’ve been curious about it, but wasn’t sure if it was even worth it @ 1/2 the price! Sephora has made a new heavy duty razor I was thinking about getting @ $16 that everybody loves…. so I’m gonna try that.

    • Thanks for the honest review, Jenn. I use twinkles for a couple years now and they do a great job, especially with upper lip. I considered the dermaflash offer, but it says the blades are only meant for one use. So at the $30 refill for 4 (doubt I’d use the lube, lotion,etc.), I think I’ll stick with the twinkles. Don’t feel like spending $100+ for not much diff.

  8. Not worth it.

  9. That thing looks like a leading cause of eyebrow death.

    I’ll stick to my tiny dermaplaners that can get between my brows and cost $5 for a 6-pack, thanks

  10. The blade seems really long. Can you really navigate effectively in smaller places, like between the eyebrows and under the nose? A small razor does exactly the same thing without needing charging and suchlike.

  11. Marshall’s and TJ Maxx both have the Dermaflash for $75 on their sites just saw them yesterday .I am sure they have a few in store too I just live to far away right now to go check.
    I have been a loyal Allure subscriber through Amazon I skipped last month because I moved I had planned to start the sub right back up but am on the hunt for a new sub ,Amazon subs should JMO be included in the perks …I have had Allure through Amazon and Allure site for 2 years and have gotten 1 free extra gift a sponge with soap. Bye Bye Allure for now price increase and no gifts or perks for Amazon …done

  12. Aaargh. I was going to do October then cancel, but with annual, it’s cheaper then monthly now ($13.75 vs $15 vs $23 new monthly price). I caved, and got the annual + mega bundle. I’ll just have to watch for spoilers and skip as needed.
    If you’re on the fence, it’s almost now or never…just do it!

    • Same. It seems to be better deal with the annual, I just upgraded it.

  13. Not a great deal when you consider you need a new blade after each use!

  14. the link to sign up for the discounted yearly membership is NOT working… can you correct it so I can take advantage of the old price and get the 17 pc gift as well! Thanks

    • Hi Michelle!

      Just checked the link and it is working for me so maybe try an incognito window or clearing cookies. When you get to the allure page, just scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the yearly subscription option with the mega bundle bonus. Hope that helps!

  15. So you get the dermaflash if you sign up as a new subscriber? Or is it for annual subscribers? I’m kinda confused

    • Oh NVM! Its a members perk discount on the item haha shouldn’t read the article so fast!

    • If you are a subscriber, you get the opportunity to purchase the Dermaflash at a lower price than usual. It’s not a free gift for subscribers.

  16. I may be slow, but seems like I cannot get into it and see where I can buy it (I am a member).

    • I got en email with the offer on 9/23, with a link to the purchase page. Interesting that msa can’t post cost so maybe I can’t either, but if you are, ahem, “half” interested, check your emails.

      • Still never got an email second thing I didn’t know about till I saw it here. I’m an active subscriber and even received my big box when I switched to annual. Ughh

      • I never got the e-mail. What is the price? I am kind of confused why price cannot be disclosed, why is this such a big secret if non-member cannot buy it anyway?

      • Svetlana, Sherri gave a clue that wasn’t “half” bad in her comment. 😉

      • I never got an email either.

      • Svetlana – I don’t know why msa can’t disclose the discount, but I’m “ninety nine” percent sure that’s what they were told to do, so I think I have to be careful so my comment will post, but have a look at what I’ve said in quotes.

      • Sherri, I understood you “hundred %” LOL

    • We’ve added a link in the post that will direct you to the DERMAFLASH perk. Hope that helps!

      • Ah!!! Liz is back!!! 😀 Yay! Are you back for good (even in a more limited capacity)? We’ve missed you!!! 🙂

      • OMG what a treat to see your post! Hope you are well and we see you around more often.

      • So nice to see you back! You have been sorely missed!

      • Hello Miss Liz,

        We miss your input!

  17. My favorite box!! I cancelled all my boxes because of product overload, but I so wish I could grab this deal. If you are on the fence, seriously just do it! Allure sends the best products! And their annual price is amazing, plus a giant box stuffed with goodies? Yes please!

    • So they’re good box to get? I wasn’t sure, but the annual price is almost too good to pass up! I might just DA av have to get it!

      • Check out the past reviews to see what they offered. Some months are better than others, like full size Sunday Riley or Peach & Lily. They seem to include K-beauty and brands/products that I haven’t tried before.

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