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NewBeauty TestTube September 2020 FULL SPOILERS!

We have full spoilers for the September 2020 NewBeauty TestTube Box!

If you aren’t familiar with this box, it ships every other month, and it was voted one of the best beauty subscription boxes by MSA readers!

The September 2020 New Beauty Test Tube box includes:

  • AfterSpa Exfoliating Wash Cloth (full size) – $7
  • AnteAGE Home Multineedling Kit (full size) – $120
  • Aquage Dry Shampoo (full size) – $24
  • C.O. Bigelow Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer (full size) – $6
  • Glo Skin Beauty Suede Matte Crayon (full size) – $24
  • Good Science Beauty Skin-Care Product (full size – products vary per tube) – $48
  • L’Occitane en Provence Cleansing Oil-to-Milk (full size) – $24
  • Masqueology Pucker Up! (full size) – $4

Total Value Listed $257

What do you think of the NewBeauty TestTube spoilers? 

If you are interested in signing up for New Beauty Test Tube, it is $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping. Ships every other month. Check out our reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

NewBeauty TestTube

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Comments (129)

  1. FYI: NewBeauty did send a free replacement for the damaged Glo Skin Beauty Suede Matte Crayon on October 9. (Unfortunately, it is not the “Demure” color that was in my TestTube. The replacement is “Rumor” and it’s a bright color that looks horrible on me, so I won’t be using it.)

  2. Has anyone received their box yet? I usually get mine earlier in the month. When I go to the website, it says my tube has shipped and there’s a tracking number but when I click through to USPS, it says ‘status not available’ and that the tracking number may be incorrect.

    I guess I’ll contact them if I don’t get it this week, but I don’t want to panic!

    • I got mine more than a week ago!

    • yes i received it about a week ago now

    • I received mine yesterday so hopefully yours won’t be too much longer.

  3. Does anybody know what will be in the VIP box?

  4. This is my second TT box. While there are some great items in this box, the Glo Skin Beauty Suede Matte Crayon must have melted in transit. It wasn’t in any kind of box or other packaging, so the melted product got all over the place (to the point of even getting into the dispenser of the Oil to Milk product. I’m bummed because I liked the lip pencil color but there’s nothing left except for what has smeared all over the inside of the tube and the other items. Is there a way to have a replacement lippie sent to me?

    • I had prompt and efficient customer service when I had an issue. I emailed and they got back to me within 1 or 2 days.

    • Unfortunately, something similar happened to me. (The cap was completely off the crayon – rubbed off on other products and inside of tube. The crayon tip was totally smushed off.) I emailed Customer Service earlier today.

      • Hello, we apologize for this experience, I guarantee it isn’t what we want for you and everyone to experience. As long as you take a photo of the damaged item and send it to [email protected], we’ll have it processed for a replacement.

      • Update: Customer Service emailed me back and said that a free replacement lip crayon had been sent out. Very happy with this.

  5. Will someone please share their experience using the AnteAGE product? I am familiar with micro needling devices however I am unable to find much information regarding the serum, other than the AnteAGE website.Thanks!

  6. I was charged for a NBTT that I didn’t order, and never received. I emailed. No reply. Tried to call, unable to get through, just got a message.

    I had to change my banking because of this. Beware who has your info. I do not consider this to be ethical in any way and although it was only $30 something dollars with shipping, it’s theft.

    I will never do business with them again, and hadn’t for a year or so when they took the money out of my bank account and kept it.
    Some companies have employees who do bad things when they need money, or won’t admit honest mistakes when they make them.

    • We are truly sorry for this experience. We value our members and strive to make sure they are always 100% satisfied, so we take your concerns very seriously. Reach us again at 888) 974-6042 to speak with a live representative or via email at [email protected] so that we may assist with your concern.

    • Same thing happened to me, they won’t answer their phone and stopped replying to my e-mails, I never got the Sept tube, but was charged, I’m unable to log in to their website all of the sudden with my saved password and all I’m trying to do is log in and cancel. BEWARE!!!

  7. I absolutely love my New Beauty Test Tube products! I was so excited to receive it and shared info with my friends!

  8. Out of curiosity, were we suppose to get one lip mask or two lip masks?

  9. Has anyone’s September tube shipped?

    • I got a shipping email today. It’s already moving within Fedex, too.

      • I also got my shipping notice this morning. All are full size products in this tube. I believe this subscription is so worth the money. I have been getting this one for several years and I like that it is bi monthly and it is so worth the price.

      • I just got a shipping notice. I’m looking forward to receiving it. NBTT is my favorite.

      • We are excited for you and all of our members to receive their next TestTubes. Thank you for being a part of TestTube.

    • I received my Test Tube today. I got Good Science Beauty Skin Firming Cream. Very Happy about it!

      • I am happy for you. That is the Good Science item that I was hoping for, but I received the acne prone one. I don’t understand why they would send something so specific… I cannot use that product as I have mature dry skin. I don’t even understand how it can be a moisturizer when it is reported to reduce oiliness. Why not send one that everyone can use like the hydrating one or the brightening one? When they have various products, like the mask sets earlier in the year, I always receive the ones for oily or blemish prone skin. I do realize that the boxes are random, but seriously, why can’t they at least look at people’s birthdates as a simple check on how many people they are going to disappoint. That was the item I was most excited about and now it is trash. I canceled.

    • I got mine today. At first I wasn’t excited about this box but now that I have it I think I will use most of it. I researched the microneedling system ($120) and because of the needle length of this at home kit I can’t really see it having the benefits it claims. But, who knows? I received the skin brightening cream from Good Science. I probably would have preferred the firming cream. But, I didn’t really have a preference as I’m not familiar with these products. Not excited at all about the lip plumping kit!

    • Yes, I received mine today!

  10. I just canceled and received a cancelation number…try to get one when you call.
    Is it just me or do they only respond to someone on here when its a positive comment!!

    • Hello, sorry that you wished to discontinue. You’re more than welcome to rejoin the program if you wish to continue in the future. We guarantee more amazing products will come for you to invest in the future.

  11. So I just wanted to say I signed up for the newbeauty text messages and they sent me a free gift Friday offer (which included a full size klorane dry shampoo and travel size Avene thermal water). It came within 10 days and you just pay shipping ($8.95)! The text messages are not overwhelming and and it is a great way to score some deals!

    • How do you sign up for the test messages?

      • The best way to stay in-the-know regarding the availability of new promotions would be to visit our website and share your email address under the “Share Your Address” prompt to begin receiving emails regarding updates, subscription offers, and alerts on limited-edition boxes.

    • Thank you!

  12. So i just got charged this, is it too late to cancel?

    • Sure is, just tried to get a refund and they refused.

  13. Does anybody have a recommendation for contacting customer service? I got my July/August tube but it was missing the lipstick, I was so excited to get it after reading the reviews. I loved that orangey red shade!! I sent an email but must have sent it to the wrong address because I haven’t heard back.

    • Hi Mary, I’ve had good luck using the address testtube at newbeauty dot com. It did take them a couple of days to get back to me, but the CC rep was very helpful.

    • here’s the phone number you have to call to cancel. 888-974-6042

  14. This tube is disappointing. I just canceled. Hopefully the next one around Christmas is better.

    • Make sure you are really canceled. Not only was I charged after I canceled the box two weeks ago, they put the charge on a card that I originally signed up with instead of the credit card I updated to in July. They are saying I didn’t cancel and will not reverse the charge. Having to get the bank to investigate.

      • I’ve had problems when updating my credit card information with them, it kept defaulting to an incorrect date despite me changing it multiple times…. so maybe a similar issue with your request to cancel?

  15. Hi Olivia,

    We’re happy that you’re happy ☺️

    • Your customer service reps were extremely rude to me. I brought it to their attention that I called and canceled the account early August and was basically told I was a liar. My wrong account was charged after I had updated billing information back i July, and the wrong account is now overdrawn. I don’t make a lot of money so this is really hurting me. I am frustrated that businesses can get away with this.

      • We are so sorry for any inconvenience that may have caused you. We guarantee it isn’t in our intention to have you feel uncomfortable. We value our members and strive to make sure they are always 100% satisfied, so we take your concerns very seriously. Send your concerns to [email protected].

      • I doubt this company takes the complaint of fraud on the card of someone who canceled seriously. Noone has even reached back out to me.

  16. I am a year long subscriber. Does anyone know if you can skip a tube? This one is not for me.

    • Hi Jordy,

      We truly apologize for the inconvenience, unfortunately, annual members are unable to skip tubes in their prepaid cycle 😕

    • Yeah so I subscribed, then read all the comments and started to get freaked out by everyone’s comments so I emailed and asked to skip or have them send me a legacy tube or something. They told me no, and I’m kind of mad. I mean, I was literally subscribed for 48 hours and if I had gone month to month, it wouldn’t be an issue. I’ve asked to cancel my subscription. We’ll see what they say. They told me to try and “give the serum” to a friend or relative who might use it, but if I don’t want to use it on my own face, then I don’t want to give it to someone I like or love!

      • I will buy this tube from u. I recently cancelled my subscription, but am interested In this tube.

      • I will buy this tube from u.

      • Well, I attempted to cancel. My membership was days old and they did cancel me…a year from now. Essentially this company is no refunds and if you don’t like it, too bad. So the moral of the story is this: you should go month to month, because once they have your money, they are never ever giving any back, and there are no holds/switcheroos/etc. I think it’s harsh to be so rigid when there are about 8 billion beauty boxes out there, but maybe that’s precisely why they have to be so hard nosed. I don’t know. It will be interesting to see if their strategy works and if they stick around.

  17. I have 2 accounts so I’ll be listing one Microneedling thing (+both matte pencils and oils) for swap once I receive the boxes

  18. I’ve been curious about micro-needling but scared also from what I’ve heard, that it can likewise cause adverse effects so I had mixed feelings about this being the hero item. That said, after thinking on it, this is as good a way as any to try it without being out much money since there are a few other things in the tube I think I will like. We’ll see.. 🙂

    • These needles on this one are very short, 0.25mm – the only thing they would do is help increase absorption of your skincare products.

      You would need 2mm or so to have any actual effect on skin structure.

      • Thank you for the information. I think that will be fine for my purposes and as an introduction to the tool. 🙂

    • I am excited! That is a face moisturizer that looks like a nail polish.

  19. I don’t know, somehow I have a big problem believing that people would actually volunteer their bone marrow for beauty products. I know *plant* stem cells are widely used in cosmetics, but this? How much would one have to be paid to agree to this procedure?

    Maybe there is something I am missing here, but sounds more like an inept marketing attempt to me.

    • I agree, but I am disturbed by them even making such a claim. Last tube was so great, but this one is a letdown. They can’t all fit my tastes.

      • I also find it disturbing, and am not sure why any company would even want to make such a claim. (Again, what am I missing?.. 🧐)

        However, going back to my original point – I am sure many people wouldn’t agree to do it even for their relatives!

    • Well, I think in some countries people could be tempted for not very much money. I don’t think it’s a painful procedure. When you think about it though…how decadent is it to use a wrinkle treatment from human beings who need money so badly they are giving up their stem cells? That is so dystopian to me.

      • Yeah, it turned me off the whole thing. As a marketing technique this surely backfired.

    • I think people would do it if the money is right and they are poor. Which is one reason I wouldn’t want to use this product.

  20. Mixed feelings. I have a dermapen and I’ve never used it. I’m scared. But I do have deep acne scarring and there is no way I can afford professional treatments. Maybe this roller will help me delve into it a bit. But I will NOT be using the serum. I’m all for innovation but goodness that is too much.

  21. If anyone got this box who doesn’t want the microneedler, I’ll swap for it. I’ve wanted to try one of these!

    • I will 100% be swapping the microneedling tool – I will try to find you on the swap side when I do!

  22. I was going to be billed in 3 days for the September box, but was able to pause/skip September box just now.

    I will now get billed November 8 for December box..I am happy..I did not want to cancel. Just not into the needle thing.

    • They did the same for me. Didn’t want to cancel outright. Just not thrilled about the Microneedling and others

    • We’re glad to hear we were able to help you 😊

      Please feel free to reach out to us again with any additional questions or concerns you may have.

  23. I am excited for the L’Occitane product and the other stuff looks alright. Honestly this is why l started doing boxes in the first place to get a bunch of stuff l would never purchase myself. This is exactly that

    • Hi Amy Nicole,

      We can’t wait for you to receive your tube!

      You’re completely right, this is a one-of-a-kind sampling program that allows its members to try the best beauty products before investing in them.

  24. Nice enough and the value is there but glad I decided to skip September and get the VIP box. I don’t use dry shampoo and still too much of a scaredy-cat to microneedle myself.

  25. Glad I pulled the plug on this one. Too many things I feel iffy about…needling and stem cell stuff being at the forefront.

    • Same here. Glad I canceled.

    • What is the stem cell product?

      • Microneedling. I believe serum that comes with it has it

      • The AnteAGE Home Multineedling Kit

  26. I am excited!

  27. My first comment didn’t post.

    I had said it was a great value as usual but that I was unsure about the Anteage product because of the ingredients from “stem cells from the bone marrow of young, healthy, pre-screened adult donors.“

    • Gah. Drawing anything from bone marrow is painful. The logistics here escape me, and I’m a biomedical scientist.

      The donors were pre-screened for *what*? HIV? The breast cancer polymorphism? Smoking-induced cellular damage? Hepatitis? They conveniently don’t tell you what the donors were pre-screened for.

      Just another hahaha at companies using highfalutin’ words to convince you that their product works. Whatever.

      • I’m a stem cell donor for cancer patients. Just FYI, they can also extract it from blood. You get a few shots and your body starts producing a lot of stem cells. After a few days, they hook you up to a machine that cycles your blood and removes the stem cells.

      • Thank you for donating. The Red Cross won’t let me donate marrow due to pre-existing conditions, but I have a 5 gallons pin from them for blood donation. I was in the hospital in June and July and needed a platelet transfusion while there and I am so grateful for all those who donate.

      • That’s interesting to know and makes more sense now thank you for doing that, that’s a great thing to do

      • They say it bone marrow though, so it doesn’t sound like it’s the same thing. I’m all for plant stem cells in beauty products, just NOT human ones.

      • @denise I am not familiar with this company and what they actually do, but in general “stem cells” in a beauty product is just a buzz word. Keeping stem cells is already hard in a laboratory setting with controlled temperature, air composition, sterility and appropriate feeding (cells need to be fed). No way they can be package in a lotion/serum and staying as such. In this case, my understanding is that they took the cells to produce some growth factors and other substances, and these substances are released in their media (that’s what usually is conditioned media used for in a scientific setting). After the conditioned media is produced, one doesn’t put it in a tube and ship it around at a random temperature. The substances in the media don’t last forever and temperature is key. Now, there is so much more to wonder about what they do (I’m genuinely curious) and what they sell to their customers, but by any means I would compare it to the use of stem cells in a clinical setting.
        I share your ethical concerns and I wish you and your daughter the best, I’m familiar with the disease and I really hope for the success of regenerative treatments and that they’ll become one of the standards of care available to all.

      • Thanks for posting the information about stem cells. Really interesting info.

      • Thanks Iz for your kind thoughts. I’m truly thankful for those that have reached out to me over my daughter’s disease. It’s nice to know that with all that is going on today, people haven’t lost their humanity. And I try to hold on to that as covid has made us shut-ins everyone has their stuff I guess ✌️

    • I’m curious to know what they do with that conditioned media after collecting it. I’m also not into Micro needling since I’d rather avoid fibrotic events on my face, some people swear by it but I wouldn’t be a good candidate for this treatment.

    • This looks scary… just plain scary to me. If annual subscribers could skip a tube, I would be skipping this one.
      I understand the value of stem cells, but I don’t think we should be harvesting them from people’s bone marrow for beauty products, just my opinion.

      • Same. My daughter has multiple sclerosis and can’t get stem cell treatment because it’s too expensive so I’m a little salty about it being used for beauty products 🥵

      • If you don’t mind, I will keep your family in my prayers. I wish that beauty products could bring us health.

      • Thanks OZ. I appreciate it I them that when I called them to cancel also ! I’m going to look at products at lot more closely from now on that’s for sure

      • I mean I know I could have used the needler with something else but I didn’t want to support that particular item that uses stem cells. It has nothing really to do with NBTT. Even without my personal issues, I still think it’s strange. I mean what’s next ??

      • Denise, generally donations for stems cells are completely done on a donation only basis, the same as donating blood. The blood products used in beauty products are usually donated by paid participants. What irks me, is that the pharmaceutical industry makes as nearly as much as the beauty industry, so why couldn’t they also pay for donors time and participation, in order to make the life saving treatments more available for people that truly need it? But then if the supply goes up, they couldn’t charge as much for treatments, so I guess that’s why they won’t pay donors. It’s really irritating. When I donated plasma, and was paid, I found out my blood products were going to cosmetics, and not medications. Pretty infuriating, but it’s all about the money in most things in life.

  28. The Good Science products shown on the New beauty site are the largest size the ones in the tube are 27 ml RV $48.

    I’m happy with this tube even though I should be canceling my boxes for a while to use up some products.

  29. Awesome value as usual! I’m a bit weirded out by the Anteage kit – the serum it comes with has “Human Bone Marrow Stem Cell Conditioned Media” as an ingredient. Apparently the company sources “stem cells from the bone marrow of young, healthy, pre-screened adult donors.” um… what??

  30. Wow! That microneedling tool alone is worth it. Add in the rest and it’s a steal. I need a little pampering and happiness coming in the mail. Def getting this one.

  31. Great box. TestTube is always a great value and a good opportunity to try different things!

  32. Human seem cells ? Not sure about this

    • I had to laugh when I went to their website and read “bone marrow conditioned media”: I pictured a bunch of scientists and students in labs all over the world poking their faces with needles and splashing it with their cell culture’s media.

      • Yeah it’s super weird that they’re just casually using medical body fluid in the manufacture of their products. Sourcing “stem cells from the bone marrow of young, healthy, pre-screened adult donors.”

  33. I was looking forward to this box but I think I may cancel. The microneedling is intriguing but I don’t really think I will use it. The cleansing oil and dry shampoo have bad reviews online. It is a decent box but just not for me.

    • I emailed them this morning and was able to skip this box. My next box will be Nov/Dec.

  34. For those that have done microneedling, do the needle tips get dull? How often do you replace the whole thing? I’m concerned it’s the biggest ticket item in the tube and not sure if it’s worth it, especially if I mess up and jack up my own skin.

    • It says on the website you need to replace the roller once the healing solution runs out, which is equivalent to about 6-8 weeks. I’ve found some that are not very expensive but good brands on Ebay. $10 or so. That microneedling kit seems way overpriced.

    • It says on the website you need to replace the roller once the healing solution runs out, which is equivalent to about 6-8 weeks. I’ve found some that are not very expensive but good brands on Ebay. $10 or so. That microneedling kit seems way overpriced.

    • I do use micro-needling at home. It makes my products absorb well, so my skin plumps up and my pores look a little smaller. You need to change the heads after 4-7 uses, because the needles are filled and slightly “damaged” with each use.
      If you are just looking for product absorption, I would recommend at home dermaplaning. You can buy a big pack of Shiseido facial razors that work really well for about $12 on Amazon. This method also removes the peach fuzz, and no, your fine vellous hairs will NOT grow in thicker.

  35. This looks like a great tube, but I don’t think it’s for me. The only items I really want are the Good Science product (I peeked at their website and was impressed), and the Glo Skin Beauty lippie. I was interested in the L’Occitane cleanser, but it has pretty bad reviews and the ingredients list was meh.

    I’m curious about the microneedling system, but was put off by the fact that one of the listed ingredients in the included serum is benzyl alcohol, which I have had bad reactions to in the past.

  36. When is the cancelation date?! I can’t find the information and I’m panicking that they’ll take the money out when I can’t pay for it (looking for a job!).

    • If you are a current subscriber I think they billed August 9th

      • They let me cancel today. I sent an email as soon as I saw this. The email states that I won’t be charged.

    • I just cancelled mine and I didn’t see any charges for Sept box yet.

    • Hi Aidan,

      The September TestTube was initially scheduled on 8/9/2020, however, we had to make some adjustments, and pushed the billing date to 8/23/20.

  37. Love the box,but not interested in the Microneedling item because I already have 2 of them,which sucks because that is the big ticket item this time…..Maybe I can find someone to gift it too,the rest of the box looks good,however I do hope with the variation item from Good Science ,that everyone likes what they receive.

  38. Nice box; great value. I’m pretty well stocked up right now so I’ll probably skip this one. Great box for anyone curious about microneedling. Love the way my skincare sinks in after microneedling. I was nervous to do it at first but it doesn’t hurt and I like the results. Remember to sterilize the head in alcohol afterwards.

  39. Was getting really excited until I read the shipping cost. I wish boxes would just roll the shipping cost into the box cost. I know it’s the same price but whenever I see my subtotal jump up with shipping costs I stop and think hard about if I need the item or not. I understand why stores charge for shipping but when a sub box says it costs $30 I’m expecting to pay $32 with taxes, not $45 with shipping and taxes.

    Just say you’re a $40 box and then it’ll still be a fabulous value and not a bummer every time I think about ordering

    • TestTube was always a $40 box, nothing has changed or increased.

    • Your not wrong. I feel this way too.

    • I feel the same way! As I’m looking at the box, in the back of my mind I’m calculating desire/need/cost and making a decision. When I see the price jump with shipping, I have to think about it all over again, but this time with a bad taste in my mouth. As you said, a regular store has a price + shipping because not everyone needs shipping. But a box that ONLY ships should just be labeled with the cost to put it in my hands. They might as well say “oh, this costs $30, plus $10 for the lipstick.” So… $40? Ok cool.

    • 100% agree. I’ve changed my mind about ordering boxes so many times when I see an added shipping charge.

    • I feel the same way!!

    • I feel the exact same way! I’d be okay paying $40 for the tube but paying $8.99 for shipping just feels like I’m getting ripped off. If they just said the tube itself was $40 and didn’t say that $8.99 of it was for shipping I would’ve subscribed a long time ago. Im sure a lot of people don’t understand why we feel this way but I’m glad I’m not the only one. I don’t understand why the shipping cost is so high for this one when other boxes either don’t charge shipping or its much less than $8.99. I’d be okay even paying $4.99 or $5.99 for shipping but $8.99 just seems ridiculously high.

    • I am actually glad that they bill shipping separately because I don’t have to pay 10% sales taxes on shipping cost.

      • Good point!

  40. I was just looking for this today. Great stuff i will use!!! So glad!!!

  41. Hmm, definitely some items in this I don’t care about, but I think this one I’ll get for that microneedling thing…

  42. This is a crazy good value! I can’t wait to get mine in the mail- best mail day ever!!

  43. I’m thrilled with this tube, can’t wait!

  44. This is an insane value! I can’t wait to get mine in the mail. I look forward to this delivery every time, never disappoints!!

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