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JourneeBox Grand Canyon Box Spoiler #8 + Coupon!

We have a new Grand Canyon JourneeBox spoiler!

JourneeBox delivers a quarterly lifestyle experience that features designer-produced, sustainably-made fashion, home, body, and culinary goods.

COUPON: Use code FIRSTBOX! to save $10 off your first box!

The Grand Canyon box will include:

Our next JourneeBox Spoiler for the Grand Canyon is perfect for relaxing after a long day on the hot dusty trail. The Bath Bomb Geodes are inspired by Arizona mineral formations and provide a deep clean and alignment of your bliss chakra.

The Grand Canyon Geode Bath Bombs are natural and handmade. We used salt to mimic the mineral formations found near the Grand Canyon that have evolved over millions of years. Infused with jojoba oil, they enhance your hydrotherapy experience as your cares melt away. Each pack contains two varieties. ‘Amethyst geode’ – which features essential oils of lavender and marigold. Secondly, Black ‘Princess geode’ – featuring essential oils of jasmine and desert rose. Fizz up your hot soak with the effervescence of our Arizona Geode Bath Bombs.

Here are the customization options:

A 16 oz food grade, glass water bottle with a silicon sleeve for a solid grip on the trail. Your choice of three colors – Slate Gray, Cloud Gray, or Pink Lemonade.

Choose between two canyon inspired colors of these stylish biodegradable earrings — either Rust Cliff Face or River Rapids.

Back by popular demand, our terra-cotta inspired North Rim Vase.


A Suede Lariat with Chain Tassels (Brown, Pink, Black, and Blue color ways)

Note: If you select the vase as your third customization your box will ship in September. 

Your box will also include:

Straw Hat


Redwall Canyon Candle


Journee to the Grand Canyon. While we are all chilling at home, take a trip with the latest JourneeBox as we tour the Grand Canyon.

After your morning hike, break out your picnic fixings and cleanse your hands with our moisturizing wipes. Featuring aloe vera, essential oils, and 70% isopropyl alcohol these wipes are a good companion wherever your Journee takes you.

What do you think of the spoilers? 

The Subscription Box: JourneeBox

The Cost:$54.99 per quarter + free US shipping. $49.99 for a pre-paid annual subscription.

The Products: 6+ sustainably-made or fair-trade items with customizable products focusing on accessories, apparel, home and beauty goods.

Ships to: All 50 United States, Puerto Rico and most parts of Canada. Subscribers in Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii will be charged an $8 shipping fee and subscribers in Canada will have to pay international shipping fees.

Good to Know: You can choose from different styles or “themes” when you sign up for your subscription. This influences the look of certain items you receive in your quarterly box. You can also select individual products in the period before your box ships. We did not choose any specific products in our review below.

Check out our JourneeBox reviews to learn more about the previous subscription and to see what kind of items you can expect!


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Comments (79)

  1. Oh Friends as much as I loved this box, do not use the dark bath bombs. I used in our hotel and it dyed the bathtub, me, and my blonde hair black. This was in the biggest jacuzzi tub I have seen too. I cannot imagine in a regular tub. I scrubbed the hotel bathtub repeatedly over the two days we stayed and still could not get it all off. I showered after and literally had to scrub it the color off me. The box was amazing, the light colored bath bomb was amazing, the purple one noooooo.

  2. I really liked my Grand Canyon box – those bath bombs are too pretty to use!
    I was surprised to be charged the annual renewal fee a few days ago, though, without any notice. Should I have expected this? Did others have the same experience?

  3. I’m a new annual and received my first two boxes yesterday. (I opted to get he spring box, too, as it was still available.) Wow. This is a great subscription box. The items are quality,I’ll use everything, and the packaging is stellar. The customer service is the best in the business. I’m going to let Causebox go as I’m on the tail end of that, and will ride out FFF, but will not renew. I let BOS go as well. Journee will be my only lifestyle box.

  4. I am confused about the schedule… if Qingdao was Spring, Grand Canyon Summer, and Zero Waste Fall, when exactly do the Fall boxes come out? Most people have just received Summer boxes, it seems.

    • I don’t believe they’ve spoiled the next box or announced when it will be sent – the Grand Canyon box was delayed due to pandemic-related issues (i.e. suppliers not being able to provide them with items that were going in the box). JourneeBox did mention in another post that they were moving away from seasonal boxes (I’ve copied their comment below) but I don’t know if that includes an impact on shipping schedule.

      Hello All!
      JourneeBox is actually moving away from the seasonally named and themed boxes.
      However, the Grand Canyon Box will technically be our summer release.
      Hope that clears things up,

  5. I’m an annual and got the shipping notice on sept 2 but it shows it’s still in pre-shipment after 15 days. Anyone else have this happen?

    • I would contact CS. That is very unusual. I hope you get it soon and love it as much as I do!

    • I skipped this box and just got shipping notification. I’ve reached out to find out what is going on.

  6. I joined earlier today and have already received my shipping info. I had the choice of the Grand Canyon box or the Qingdao box, and went with the latter. Looking at the boxes throughout this year I am sorry I didn’t sign up sooner! I did not know about this box before this week, and I don’t know how I missed it!

    • Were you able to customize?

      • I was given the option to customize, but things had sold out already so there was only one choice for scarf, jewelry, and vase/jar. The vase was sold out, but I wanted the lidded jar so that was perfect. I got the gray scarf and silver necklaces because blue and gold were not available, but that’s OK. I didn’t add anything to my order because I like to get to know a company before spending too much with them. My box arrived today! My only disappointment is that this is a quarterly box. …so when do they start with the Fall box? I am so ready.

  7. Received my shipping notification today!

  8. Absolutely thrilled with my box and their superb customer service! I’m excited for the spoilers for their next box to start coming out!

  9. I am annual and just received my box yesterday, so be on the lookout! (I loved mine)! My only questions is: did anyone get the information booklet in their box? I really love the little info book that tells about everything in the box and mine didn’t have one 🙁 I hope this was a mistake or that they bring them back!

    • Yes, I got the information booklet in my box. Hope they didn’t run out!

  10. I am annual and just received my box yesterday, so be on the lookout! (I loved mine)! My only questions is: did anyone get the information booklet in their box? I really love the little info book that tells about everything in the box and mine didn’t have one 🙁

  11. Has anyone received their box yet,that pays seasonal

    • I am an annual (did not select the vase) and have not received mine…

  12. I received my box today and it is lovely! The candle is probably my favorite item because of the gorgeous container and I can’t wait to repurpose it—oh, and it smells amazing too. I also loved the home/garden item that I won’t spoil here. The blue earrings, which I wasn’t excited about because I prefer smaller sized studs, look amazing on and I won’t be gifting those after all! The vase, hat and sanitizing wipes are also much loved. The only critique I have is the branding on the water bottle. I don’t usually purchase branded items for my clothes, bags etc so I would have preferred the bottle to arrive plain. If Kevia is reading this that’s my one critique. Otherwise, love the bottle too. This was my first box and is now tied with Earthlove as my favorite subscription ❤️

    • Now you know why I love this box so much & give it so much praise. They are the BEST lifestyle sub. box out there. Have a great one!

  13. I opened my journeebox on Saturday – what a joy! It smelled wonderful and faintly of honey. This box did not disappoint, and even my husband (lots of shrugs regarding subscriptions) seemed impressed. I love the vase. So glad I waited.

  14. I just signed up for this box and I have to say am really impressed. I couldn’t get the coupon to work, no messing they instantly refunded me! They actually read my comments and emailed me. I signed up for annual membership they asked me some question to see how I wanted things done. Customer service is a ‘real’ person that actually puts the service back in cs!! Excited for my box

  15. I don’t show a shipment scheduled in my purchases online and No shipping email. I’ve had problems with previous orders where I was charged and I had to call to remind them to ship. I love this brand and the products, but I’m getting frustrated. I understand the shipping delays. I wish they had better communication with their customers.

    • I agree with you. I haven’t received any notification confirmation of my selections, nor any shipping notification. I subscribed for an annual a month ago.

  16. Not gonna lie, I’m so excited about this box that I’ve been coming back every day to refresh this thread so I can live vicariously through all of y’all!

    I just moved and my mail all goes to our mail room, and well-meaning neighbors keep marking my mail to be returned because they don’t recognize my name yet…so I’m really worried that I’ll run into that mixup this month! D:

  17. My box arrived today, it was my first JourneeBox. Subscribing = Best. Decision. Ever. It’s awesome and I’m so glad the vase came back as an option because I just love it. I thought I wouldn’t want to use the bath bombs bc they would be too pretty to use but OMG they smell divine so now I want to go take a bath. Mostly I was just so danged impressed with the level of care and thoughtfulness that went into curating this box! I mean, right down to the themed pouch the earrings came in! Wow. Just wow. Super thrilled with this box.

  18. I called Kevia and I have to say their customer service is excellent. For some reason I am not receiving their emails 😂 My box has still not been shipped but I understand the circumstances and will try to be patient.

    • I’m glad you got your answers. It will be 1000% worth it!
      Have a blessed day!

  19. Got my box today and oh my, everything is beautiful and the candle is gorgeous and smells so good.

    Thank you Kevia for another great box, you guys are my favorite!

  20. I am an annual member and have not received my box yet. I have made several attempts to contact Kevia. First time they said it would be mailed soon that was over two weeks ago. Second time I emailed them no one responded to me. I am getting very frustrated.

    • Hi Bee,
      I’m also an annual member. I’m in Michigan and got mine Monday. I don’t know if that helps. I know they were swamped with orders. Which for a new company can be good & bad. I know it’s through USPS and if my mail comes through Ohio it’s great but if it goes through Detroit they’ve had issues with back up. Best of luck & I hope today or tomorrow is your day. 🙂

      • I haven’t even got an email saying it shipped. I guess I just need to be more patient. I just wish they would let me know something. Thank you for the encouragement.

    • Did you choose the vase? They had disclosed that for members who chose the vase, there would be a shipping delay into September.

      • It sounds like only the boxes with lariats have shipped, they were pretty clear both in their ads and during selection that if you selected the vase your box would ship later. I liked the vase better so I was happy to wait until they have the item I want.

      • No I did not choose the vase. I was supposed to get a lariat.

      • As an FYI, I choose the vase and my box arrived today.

        Bee, any chance your tracking number is in your spam folder? That’s where I found mine.

      • No I have checked my spam. Maybe I should try to call them

    • There’s a comment downstream where someone mentioned that they got their box but had not received a shipping notice. I am hopeful for you that is what has happened in your case, and it will show up at your house very soon!

      • I was so surprised when I received my box as I had no notification that it was sent

  21. I am an annual member. I have not received my box or any emails about shipping or delays. I called over two weeks ago and they told me they were printing shipping labels and I should receive my box soon. I emailed them again 2 days ago and no one has responded to me. I am getting very frustrated. This was supposed to be a summer box and fall is in a couple weeks.

  22. My box arrived and (swoon) I love everything. I wasn’t even that excited about the Grand Canyon theme, but the box is so perfectly curated and everything seems to be of great quality. The map of the Grand Canyon on the box flap was a nice touch and made the presentation even more special. Thanks Kevia!

    • I love the map, too. I’ll probably frame it! My inner box was heavily damaged when it arrived, in spite of the plastic outer covering — but — all the contents, *and* the map were in perfect shape.

      How big was your vase? I hope they eventually offer some of these products in their shop.

  23. I received my box last night when I returned from work.. It was beautiful and I am pleased with everything.. The only thing the wipes do not look like they do in the spoiler picture… the picture looks like a square box.. Mine are in an ziplock type bag…

  24. I’ve been wondering about this box. I sent a couple of messages to them and never heard back – which is odd, because usually their CS is really very good. I haven’t received a shipping notice yet either. I’m glad to see that people are receiving their boxes though. I was getting a little concerned.

    • The ONLY reason they would not write back would be they are maybe bogged down in shipping. They have the best CS! That’s the only thing I can think of and I’ve been with them since their first box. They may still write being on PST. Have a blessed night, Julia!

      • I received my box today, which was a surprise because I never got a shipping notice. The box was lovely with beautiful presentation, but the lariat was not in the brown color I selected (they sent me blue). I think I read in one of the spoilers that they were increasing production of the brown in response to demand, so they may have run out and made a substitution. I’ll reach out to customer service.

    • I hope you loved it. I am sure they will help in anyway they can to help you get what you ordered or one you like better if they don’t have it. Have a great day & enjoy your box!

      • Update: Customer service did respond to me and is sending the brown lariat. I already received a shipping notice. Very impressed with the box and customer care.

  25. I just received my box and it was worth waiting every moment for. I loved everything. The Journee team went above and beyond under some very trying circumstances beyond their reach. I love this box and being an annual member has been worth every penny. I hope everyone loves theirs as much! Thank you Kevia and your amazing crew!

    • So glad to hear the box lived up to expectations. I am a new annual subscriber and am still waiting for mine. Was there an unspoiled item in the box? Some folks seemed to think there might be an unspoiled home/garden item, but I suppose the candle could fall into that category.

      • I got my box yesterday as well. Yes, there was an unspoiled item inside. I’m not sure if I should say exactly, since maybe it’s intended to be a surprise. But here’s a vague hint: it’s from a woman-owned company in Arizona.

    • Everything was lovely. Surprises: the River Rapids earrings were a very wearable size. Suitable for work whenever I go back. (When first spoiled, they looked like platters in the picture!) And I’m thrilled that the hat actually fits my big head; can’t wait to wear it while I water my garden in a few minutes.

      My favorite product was the lariat. I selected pink, and it’s definitely a statement piece!

    • Oooohhhhh, you gals are killin’ me here. I chose the vase – yes, fully understanding and accepting that would require additional wait time – but now hearing everyone else’s feedback, I just want my box!! Must. Learn. Patience. LOL.

  26. I know this box just started shipping a few weeks ago, but does anyone know when we might expect the spoilers on their next box?

    I am really excited to see what they come up with for it since it’s supposed to be all sustainable products and recycled materials🤓

    I so want to love This box, but I just don’t. I think it’s just my personal overload of Southwest stuff 🤢

    The box before this one , The Quingdao box, was soo incredibly well curated I loved everything in it.

    For me what really sets this box apart is the thoughtfulness of it. It’s always around a theme that makes it somehow more special than most other boxes.

    Kevia really cares about satisfying her customers and being a responsible business in the process. Every purchase has been a positive experience. The quality of the selections is unexpected for a subscription box. Their customer service is outstanding.

    So I’m waiting impatiently to see what treasures she’s found for her next box.

  27. I’m in! Looks lovely and I really appreciated their friendly, prompt customer service when I had a question. Looking forward to it!

  28. Love this box but as someone with two bath-bomb loving daughters ALL I can think about is the half hour it will take me to clean the tub of all the glitter.

  29. I’m so mixed about this box… Journeebox is one of my faves, but so far I really only love the vase & candle. I would keep the water bottle, but I don’t really need another one. The other stuff seems like it would swap well, but I’ll probably wait & see what the last item is.

  30. This box is IT! I have tried all the big 3 in Lifestyle boxes and this newcomer decimated the rest. Best curation, best customer service. With current financial issues, this is the only one to select.

  31. I hope this box stays available for a bit longer. That vase and hat are calling my name. My budget is too tight at the moment but hoping things will change in a month.

  32. Wow. Journeebox is truly in a class of its own! At this price point, most subs include a number of items in each box. However, in my experience, it’s one or maybe two good items and the rest is cheap filler. I’ve never, ever, seen anything like the quality you see in Journeebox. The curation is amazing – everything is high quality and useful. Not just in this box, but all of them. What’s even more remarkable is that they are a socially responsible company. And their customer service and responsiveness is out of this world! Best of all, I think their boxes keep getting better and better. As long as I have money for subs, they’ll be at the top of my list!

  33. Life is too short…I’m going to use my bath bombs immediately!

  34. Well…she got me with this box. I can use all of the items and the curation is really great. Cheers to my first Journee Box! I signed up for annual.

    My picks: Rust cliff earrings, slate gray water bottle and the vase.

    • I’m THIS close to getting an annual! My budget is shot, lol.

  35. Does anyone know what the remaining item is,they are showing 7 items and there is suppose to be 8 in the box?

    • This list was from Journeebox in a prior post, I copy/pasted (if you see asterisks around the text, that is my addition):

      Earrings (customizable)
      Ceramic Candle
      Water bottle (customizable)
      Vase or Lariat (delivery is customizable due to late delivery on the vase. We wanted people to have the option of getting the box in August after the original plan to cut the vase was met with complaints.)
      Grass Hat (bonus item due to month long delivery delay)
      Wipes (bonus item, designed this spring when wipes were hard to find)
      Unspoiled body item *I’m guessing this is the bath bombs*
      Unspoiled home and garden item *I don’t think we know this one yet?*
      Unspoiled annual member bonus item (reveal is today) *it’s an antimicrobial bag/pouch*

      • Oh nice! Thanks for posting! So we are just waiting for the home and garden item

      • Thanks Sherri for the help,so we are waiting on the home and garden item,and I knew about the annual item very pretty.

    • Are you talking about the bonus item for annual subscribers? Another site is showing a lovely green and fine gold designed microbial bag with a wrist strap to carry things like your phone, keys etc while you go hiking or whatever

  36. Looking forward to seeing fall spoilers. Very classy, themed curation!

  37. Unbelievable! Incredible! Perfection.

    I love this box and it is my favorite quarterly box. Kevia pays so much attention to details. She also has a Journee Well site that deserves some attention. My goodness this woman designed and curates like nothing else.

  38. This would be my box of choice if I hadn’t signed up for another year of FFF. Gorgeous!

  39. So gorgeous! I’ve never seen a bath bomb like the Black Princess.

    I agree with Zo and Sherri that they’re too pretty to use. I will eventually bathe with them, but they’re going to sit in my bathroom looking decorative for weeks if not months

    Has anyone heard anything about add-ons for this box?

    • At the end of the email they sent last night with this spoiler, they said “The current schedule for shipping is August 15. Due to new safety requirements needed at the office, we are unable to hold the add-on sale for this box. We are a small team and removing the extra logistical and time needed to fill add-on orders will allow us to ship the boxes out much faster.”

      It’s a bummer, but I totally understand and I’m sure people would be very upset if the box shipments were any more delayed than they had to be.

      • Thank you, Sherri!

  40. This box is always so nicely curated.

  41. Pretty!

  42. They are too pretty to use.

    • I was just going to say the same thing!

    • Agreed!

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