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FYI – Allure Beauty Box Subscription Update

Allure October 2019 beauty subscription box review

FYI – Allure Beauty Box is upgrading their box!

Starting in October, Allure Beauty box will be $23 per month:

Dear Beauty Box member,

On October 1, 2020, the monthly price for the Allure Beauty Box is increasing to $23—and it’s also getting a major upgrade! Starting in October, you’ll enjoy brand-new benefits:

  • At least six products each month, valued at $100+
  • Three or more full-size items in every box
  • Exclusive opportunities to get your favorite luxury and indie brands at members-only prices
  • Special offers for our limited-edition boxes
  • Access to members-only events with Allure editors and beauty experts

To thank you for your loyalty, we’d like to give you the opportunity to enroll in our annual plan at the current yearly rate of $165. Call Customer Care at (800) 274-1603 before October 1, 2020 to take advantage of this limited-time, non-refundable offer.

If you do nothing, your subscription will automatically renew and your credit card will be charged the new rate of $23 each month until you cancel. If you wish to cancel your subscription, please call Customer Care at (800) 274-1603 or email us by September 30, 2020.

Thanks for being a Beauty Box member. We can’t wait for you to check out the exciting perks coming your way!

What do you think of the changes? What kind of products do you hope to see in future boxes? We will have more info on the changes coming to Allure Beauty box soon!

If you want to lock in the current pricing and sign up for an annual subscription:

Now through 9/30, use this link to sign up for an annual Allure Beauty Box subscription and get a FREE Mega Bundle (17 products valued over $264)!  No coupon code necessary, the bundle will automatically be included.

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards.

The new member version of October is valued at over $200 and we have the first spoiler!

The October Allure Beauty Box will include:

Verso Super Eye Serum

What do you think of the spoiler?

Allure Beauty Box is $15 a month. Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (187)

  1. Me encanta todo lo que trae siempre, seguiré con mi suscripción ..lo único q espero es que sigan enviando productos de skin care y no comincen a enviar muchos productos de make up ,,sinceramente para mi esa era la gran diferencia con otras cajas ,,,

  2. It seems all subscription boxes are going up on prices. I have been a subscriber for years but from Amazon this past year because its so easy to cancel. They say you’ll get perks but not through Amazon so sadly I hate that I have to cancel after Sept. I normally don’t look at spoilers and reviews until after I received my box because I love the surprise factor. Now if there is a box that I must have I will subscribe through Amazon. I don’t care for the items in October so cancellation won’t hurt so bad. 🙁

  3. Sorry if this is a repeat comment- I sub through amazon and have not received a notice of price change yet. I am assuming the $165 annual and gift offer is only through allure directly? I guess amazon will just start charging $23 in October automatically?

    I’m a fairly new sub, so don’t have a stash built up yet. ( Cut off all sub boxes 2 years ago and just recently ran out of stuff) I like Allure, but maybe not enough for $23. Maybe if offered customizations and cut back on the sheet masks!

  4. Want to bet that one of the full size products will be a sheet mask?

    • LOL I was thinking the same thing. I have only been a subscriber since June, but I’m kinda tired of sheet masks.

  5. I agree $18 would have been a better price increase. I too will probably give it a try for maybe a couple of months, then likely cancel. Way to kick us when we are down!

    • Pretty much what I thought.
      I would give it more consideration if they had perks. Plus, I can’t stand their variations…
      At least with Ipsy, I have perks and other options.
      Someone had commented something about people unsubscribing and resubscribing for the free gifts. I’ve been doing that with Allure for years and never once have I ever gotten a free gift from them for subscribing. I have gotten replacement items and once they sent me a past box I didn’t want because the box I did want was actually empty. 😂 I also ended up getting a Sunday Reilly bundle with someone else’s name but my address on it. I wasn’t even subscribed at the time. I called and they told me just to keep it and the next thing I know, I’m suddenly getting billed and getting the box again. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Not a fan of S. R., thought it smelled awful. So I gave it as a gift.
      There’s nothing I want in the September box. I’m calling today to cancel. Any future box will have to be spectacular if I’m going to pay $23 + tax. They charge tax every tax imaginable. For my area, it’s almost 10%.
      Bad move Allure.

  6. For $15 I was ok with Allure giving me samples and a couple of full sized products. But for $23?! And we’ll still get samples???
    No. No. No.
    I’m going to see how the October box does but if I see small sized samples, I’m cancelling. Boxycharm, Fashionsta, Ipsy, Self-Y all offer boxes with items that are ALL full sized for around $25.
    I don’t think this is a smart move for allure because all I’m seeing is everyone wanting to cancel. I’m tired of skincare too. If it’s a skincare based box like now, I’m DEFINITELY cancelling.

  7. If I do have the yearly subscription, will they will allow me to skip months going forward? I wanted to skip September I think.

    • I read from the comments below that we can skip months on yearly subscription, However, when I DM-ed them on instagram, this is there word for word reply
      “If you opt for a year subscription ($165/yr), you will be paying for the full year already and are unable to skip a month as it’s already paid for.”
      This is horrible. I was gonna to sign up now to get the august box and skip september’s. How did other people get to skip boxes on yearly subscription???

      • I think it’s ridiculous Allure (or any box) ever allows people to skip a month. Imagine calling People Magazine and saying you want to skip a certain week because the issue doesn’t interest you. I think picky people like that (or who cancel and sub again just to get some extra perk) are one of the reasons so many sub boxes are folding.

      • You should call them. That seems to be the way. I just subbed and told them that I wanted it to start September, as I already have August through Amazon. This deal is also supposed to be for current subscribers, but the telephone rep pushed it through for me!

    • People have been able to skip even though they have an annual sub, I had a monthly sub and requested to skip September, which they allowed. I contacted them through their support email so I’m sure they’ll pause your subscription for the months you want to skip.

  8. I went ahead and signed up now because I want the August box and am planning to call and skip the September box if I remember, lol. This is one of the ways I like to treat myself and I love getting a bargain on my skincare!

    • We are allow to skip boxes on yearly subscription? I DM-ed them to confirm, this is their reply

      “If you opt for a year subscription ($165/yr), you will be paying for the full year already and are unable to skip a month as it’s already paid for.”


      • Well shoot, that’s too bad. I had heard of people skipping before. Its always worth a shot to call them anyway. Maybe a different rep will do it. At least with the year upfront they said its the same as one free box so if I don’t love September, I can deal with that. Of course I have a few friends that love to receive my unwanted extra items so nothing goes to waste. The main thing for me was to lock in the price because I had been watching this box for a while and didn’t want to pay $23 a box.

  9. I’m about ready to cancel everything.. I’ve had “5” misdelieverd packages within a month!! From both USPS & Fed Ex. I never got them, not from neighbours either. They also are little to no help when they mess up. This used to be a rare occurance now it’s just scary ordering anything because its just so seldom now.. Plus USPS is going so slow. 🐌

    Lucky whoever got my mail 😢😢😢😞

    I lost so much money. $50 to $100 orders 😒

    • I had 4 packages go missing this month! It’s horrible and it’s impossible to get help.

      I’m not ordering anything anymore either. Way too risky.

    • That’s exactly why I canceled everything except Ipsy for a few months. Didn’t even order Ipsy offers. USPS was not delivering any packages at all. Claiming it didn’t fit in the locker mailbox. BS! But, homeowners packages are delivered and my husbands fishing subscription box I order for him is delivered USPS to our outside apartment door??? Makes no sense. I’m not the only one.
      I was at the post office to pick up packages because we were expecting our first grandchild. After overhearing my conversation with our postmaster, an older gentleman presented me with a petition regarding discrimination. Stating our local postal service is only delivering packages to homeowners. At the time, it was true. They would not even leave the notecard required of them.
      FedEx and UPS can’t seem to figure out condo-style apartments. That or they just don’t care.
      I know it’s a pain in the butt job, but so is being a nurse. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • I have had stuff go missing in the past. I complained mercilessly to the post master at my post office and the packages miraculously appeared when they were ‘missing’.

    • Me too! Everything “missing”. It’s such a pain to get anything delivered. A real headache. How is our new internet economy going to work with such an unreliable post office? I have been thinking of switching back to 100% drug store products I can buy irl no more online orders for now even though the online deals are so much better!

    • Does the tracking number show that it’s been delivered? If not, I would complain to Allure or whoever the company is to get a replacement or refund. If they won’t, get the credit card to reverse the charge.
      I’ve had very slow delivery, particularly with UPS, but it’s understandable with everyone working from home and the pentatonic and all.

      • lol “pandemic,” not “pentatonic.”

    • I had I guess at least a dozen or so packages go missing since the start of the pandemic, but I was able to get refunds from the retailers for all of them. The only thing that couldn’t be reimbursed was a free gift with purchase from Ulta (that they shipped separately from the rest of the order), but that particular item was thankfully not something I cared about.

      It seems to be getting more reliable now though, knock on wood.

      • Wow, a dozen is high!

      • Well, I order a lot ☺️, but also it’s not unusual for an order to ship in multiple packages. I just ordered 19 items from Old Navy, for instance, that were shipped in 7 separate shipments.

    • Some of my packages that have been missing for 4+ weeks are trickling in now, so you might still get yours.

      I guess the USPS is finally catching up with the backlog.

  10. Ladies, a question: I just canceled my merchant agreement with Conde Nast on Amazon Pay. This is all I need to do to cancel my subscription, correct?

    Come September, I’ll get that $165 plus tax deal – that’s 12 boxes for $14.71 each. Yay! Just hoping the sub won’t fold because of over-ambition. They were good enough in the current format. Agree with other posters that for $23, some customization/pick an item is required at this point if you want to compete with the others. Once the $14.71 per box deal runs out, I’m out.

    Time will tell…

  11. Amazon makes it so easy to skip a month!

    I will never subscribe through Conde’ Nast again, because they totally lack CS. The exception is unless they can’t get their money due to a customer changing their credit card number to get away from them and Boxycharm.
    Yes, I did that last month.

  12. Nope. I was going to skip September anyway. Now I will only be signing up for an occasional box if it’s really worth it to me.

    • I agree. I will also just sign up if the spoilers are good for the month. Not worth it to me to pay for a year in advance.

      • Nope. The price was a big selling point for me.

  13. I got a similar email but it said my rate was moving to 250$ a year. No other explanation.

    • Same! I emailed them because I thought it was a mistake

      • did you get a response yet? I got one that basically didn’t answer anything about the 250$ year rate… it just said my subscription ended after the September box but if I wanted to get the September box to email them back after September

        (not kidding)

  14. If I don’t want the September box, should I just wait to sign up until the last day of the deal?

    • No, if you don’t want September at all. You should sign up the first day of October.

      • But if you want the yearly subscription deal for $165, you’ll have to sign up before the end of September, and will end up with the September box. If you wait until October 1st to sign up, the $165 yearly deal will be done and gone.

  15. darn….every box is going up…i look for ipsy to go up too…guess i’ll have to cancel a couple of boxes, and just go with the good ones..

    • Ipsy has already gone up. It used to be $10, now its $12. I do think Allure is raising the price too much. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for them.

      • Once my Ipsy annual is up, I’m just keeping Plus for now. I may leave all these beauty subs. I’ve got enough products to last a very long time. Now it’s just a money drain.

      • Yeah, if Allure had raised the price to ~$18, I would have shrugged it off as the cost of doing business. An increase of more than 50% the original cost is a huge leap, and as of now very little Allure has said about future box contents justifies that sort of price increase. Promising that every box will have a value of over $100 when every $15 box they put out in the past year exceeded that value is just not an effective enticement.

      • I agree. If Allure offered perks like ipsy does, I might consider staying. I hadn’t gotten an Allure box in 4 months because I didn’t want what was in them. I signed back up for a July and stuck around for August. My July box showed up on August 12th and my August box showed up on August 15th. No shipping email for either one. There’s nothing I really want in September’s box. I will only be getting an occasional Allure box and only if I really really like it.

  16. allure describes their box now as at least 5 deluxe sized items valued at $50+ They don’t mention full size but I got one if not two in my last couple boxes. imo theyre just updating the description. And the price hike who knows if the boxes will be ‘8 dollars better’ but they got me to upgrade to the annual. One of the reason I love allure is the price.

    • I’ve been subscribed for like 4 years and have always got one or two full sized items as well this has always been my favorite box hopefully it’s worth the increase

  17. I signed up for an annual to lock in the lower price for a year, but I probably won’t keep my sub after that. They’ve been leaning skincare- heavy for awhile now (no complaints about that), they might end up being a good alternative to Beautyfix if they keep that up.

  18. No way, I’m cancelling. For 2 more dollars you can get Ipsy plus with $120 value and 5 full size products

    • Amen!

    • Thank you! That’s exactly what I said yesterday. You can get Ipsy GBP for $25 and you’re guaranteed 5 full size products and you get to pick 3 of them. You can also get BoxyCharm for $25 and you’re guaranteed 5 full size products and you get to pick 1. For $23, zero customization and only 3 guaranteed full size products Allure is crazy when there are better options on the market. Allure was a great deal for $15 but for $23 its just ridiculous

      • But to get the next 12 boxes at 165/12 per box = $13.75 plus tax is a steal. Then I’ll cancel.

  19. I caved and signed up. The price is reasonable and I’m willing to take the chance, since it comes to about $15 per box after taxes. I’m hopeful that it will be worth it to me, even though I’d cancelled my allure sub, because it didn’t seem worth it as-is. We’ll see!

  20. I got the notice this afternoon. I had paid by the month, so the email offered me the option of signing up for a yearly subscription at the current rate of $165. But, I wanted to get the mystery bundle, so I cancelled my current sub and resubscribed via the link in MSA.

    This is currently the only box I sub to as it was getting a bit overwhelming to have so many products. I tend to use the Allure box items right away, so the value is there for me. But, that’s so close in price to Boxycharm’s basic box, that I’m not sure it’ll be worth it. I guess time will tell.

  21. With the promotion, this is a good deal. Without the promotion this “upgrade” gives you less bang for your buck at the minimum value advertised.

    Current: minimum $70 value/$15 paid per month = $4.67 in value for every dollar spent

    “Upgrade”: minimum $100 value/$23 paid per month = $4.35 in value for every dollar spent

    This change is $0.32 less value per dollar spent. Each month would be ~$7.36 less value ($0.32 x $23 dollar spent). Annual equates to ~$88.32 less value ($7.36 x 12 months).

    Annual value with promotion: $1,564 ($264 bonus mega bundle + $1,200 annual minimum value + $100 additional October value) divided by promo annual price $165 = $9.48 value per dollar spent.

    With the promotion this is a great deal. All other variables aside, this “upgrade” as minimum value advertised is not an upgrade.

    For subscribers this is not as cost effective per dollar spent long term in comparison to the current plan. As a business strategy to increase revenue if they are able to retain subscribers by other means such as better value than committed or better curation would be a win win situation for both. They are able to provide more value (or increase profits) as base costs such as shipping eat up the initial costs.

    I personally would not mind getting less value if the products were aligned with my interest rather than a high retail value item that I have no use for. I am seriously considering this promotion! Any thoughts?

    • I appreciate the math. Thanks so much. The year promotion deal is really good. I kinda really would like to do it. But I quit beauty subs after a couple of years of them and still have so much product I am trying to get though (I literally could open a kiosk in a mall with what I have)…. This would just add to that..

    • I kind of love you right now. ❤️

    • I so appreciate when someone who understands things like this better than I do (which admittedly isn’t hard 🤯) maps it all out and posts it. It really is helpful, and I agree with Emily – I kind of love you right now ❤️

  22. Man, I was about to drop Ipsy and just have Allure be my only monthly sub, but this is making me rethink. $15 is easy to justify as a cheap thrill that lets me try high-end products I wouldn’t otherwise have access to. At $23, I expect serious value in the full size products a la Ipsy GBP, and I’m just not sure Allure can consistently deliver on that. I think Allure is going to become like Beautyfix for me – something I only get when that month’s spoilers REALLY appeal to me.

    • I totally agree with you. Same for me. I will go month to month and skip a box if it does not wow me. I am hoping that we can still subscribe to the Allure box on Amazon?

    • Ditto!
      If I’m spending $12 on ipsy I may as well spend $3 more allure for the usual 2+ full size items vs the occasional full size from ipsy

      But if I’m spending $23 for allure then I may as well spend $2 more for GBP and get 5 full size with 3 customization options.

      Allure was Ipsy but a bit higher value and the price reflected that. Now they wanna be Boxy or GBP but I’ll believe that when I see it.

      Might go for the $165 annual for this year only if I can get the mega bundle deal, otherwise I’m out Allure it’s been real lmao

      • Ipsy is the only sub I’ve never canceled or skipped. Even when they don’t hit the mark for me, the items I get will be great for the younger women in my life. If not, I just take my unwanted subscription stash to my hairstylist and she does use or give away everything. But I’m not going to pay $23, almost a 50% increase, for any beauty sub.
        Well, I might, if it’s mostly items I will use and aren’t heavily scented. The August box smells like a perfume store.

  23. Nah. I only get Allure a few times a year now and the value isn’t there for an annual, much less $23 per month.

    • Feel the same way. Allure had good overall value at $15, but I only picked 3-4 boxes a year when they really appealed to me. No way paying for an annual subscription makes sense for me. I’ll become even pickier with the months I choose to subscribe to at $23 though because there are better values with Ipsy GBP and Boxy base box in that price range.

  24. I just cancelled mine. I had signed up for that July box (ended up getting June and July, but that is a different issue) and skipped August.

    The nice thing about Allure is that we can just get boxes that we want after the spoilers are released. Hopefully they have some good stuff coming up, although I don’t really want any more full size items. I have too many already lol.

    • How do you skip a month? Maybe I’m dumb but I can’t find that option.

      • If you subscribe through Allure you can email them and request to skip.

      • Or call, I’ve personally had great experiences with calling and speaking directly to customer service: 1-800-274-1603. Good luck!

      • If you paid for the yearly and you skip a box, you don’t lose a box. Say you sign up in Sept and skip Oct and Nov, you still have 11 more boxes that you’ll get starting with the Dec box.

  25. I caved for the annual sub and it came to 176.55 after taxes but definitely a savings and worth it giving that there will be a 17 piece promotional gift included and it’s a bonus that value of the box increases. This will definitely keep me from impulsively ordering an extra box after viewing spoilers…. maybe 😊

  26. I have a yearly subscription that is due for renewal. My last box on this sub is Sept. they sent me an email showing a renewal for $250. I called and they said I am not eligible for the $165. I told them that I didn’t feel that was fair. They didn’t care.

    • That’s crazy. I’d try again, maybe a different representative will be more accommodating.

    • I would cancel and then re-sub for the deal.

      • That’s what I was going to say! It does sound like you got an unknowledgeable rep, though. You could try calling again. If you go for a new sub though there is a mega bundle that comes with the annual and it’s still $165.

      • Kelly, I am considering canceling to get the 165 with bundle…. i think, I have/had most of the items but I can give them away as Christmas “extras” to my family.

      • SBR, so do you suspect the Mega Bundle will be leftover items from previous boxes? That is what I was wondering too.

        Can anyone provide any info on any past Bundles that Allure has done before if that will be case? I don’t remember Allure ever doing a mystery bundle before.

      • Probably leftovers. Looking at the pic of products in this posting, they all have been in previous boxes

      • (Different Mary than commenter above) I recently subscribed and got the mega bundle. I’m big fan of allure, but it was just an odd lot of cheap stuff with no “hero” item

      • Thanks Different Mary 🙂 Yup, I just saw on Youtube 3 unboxings of Mega Bundles from the past few months. They are repeats (mostly samples looked like), no full size hero items like you said.

      • I also watched the unboxings, and there are quite a few usable items there. The Olay eye cream, the Doucce lip crayon, the makeup eraser, the hair products – I’ll use all of that. And for me they are not repeats because last time I got the Allure beauty box was March 2019.

        I don’t even care about the items I wouldn’t use, since they are free anyway.

        I’ll wait until at least the October spoilers though to subscribe.

      • The only ones I’m seeing are the mega 24 products and if I remember right the 17 piece bundle was different. I haven seen that actual one. Can anyone list what is in that one? Or tell me where to see it? Tia

    • allure‘s customer service is the WORST and Most stupid one!

    • Open an account with a different email.

  27. Just curious, if I cancel the subscription now , and subscribe the annual plan, will they charge 8usd more each months? Is the calling customer service for upgrade is the only way?

    Allure’s CS is such a bummer I never want to call them or email them, just want to operate online without any communication with those stupid CS

  28. I’m hoping more makeup and more curated boxes like they do in december

  29. Worth it to get the annual sub price. Less rhan 15 a month. I signed up 😊

    • Agreed, I did the same. I feel like I get at least 7 Allure boxes a year, and with the “conversion” that’s what I would be paying for those. The extra boxes are just bonus.

      • I did too. I have faith that they really will be better boxes, and I have been enjoying Allure recently. Buying a year for seven box prices seems good enough to bite.

  30. Bummer. I really only pick this one up when there’s a product I really want though.

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