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CURATEUR Review + Coupon – Fall 2020

The Rachel Zoe Box of Style is now CURATEUR, a style + beauty subscription box for women.

Our mission is to provide women with the foundation they need to lead a life of style. Imagine luxury home decor, cocktail accessories, latest fashion pieces, the most-coveted makeup and skincare products, plus much more. Not only do we deliver a hand-picked curation every season, we also hold an infinite space for content and community. As we deepen the roots of our new persona and its presence, we will be rolling out even more exclusive benefits for our members. We’ve only just begun, the best is yet to come!

FYI – Box of Style has had customer care issues in the past. Please read this post and the comments about their customer care before subscribing.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


The Subscription Box: CURATEUR

The Cost: $99.99/quarter

COUPON: Use code MSA25 to save $25 off your first box!

The Products: Every season Rachel and the CURATEUR team will hand-curate more than $400 of their favorite fashion, beauty, and lifestyle items.

Ships to: The US, Canada, the UK, and Australia

CURATEUR Fall 2020 Review


Rachel Zoe Collection Tote – Listed Value $115.00

I am totally someone who prefers actual leather bags, but when it comes to purses of this sort of size, I actually don’t mind pleather as much. Something this big is absolutely going to be a sort of bag where I toss my laptop, sketchbooks, random office supplies, papers, folders, and other things that weigh a lot and get bumped around. I tend to be a lot less kind to larger bags and pleather can take a lot of that abuse without me kicking myself if it ends up with a scratch or smudge. Style-wise, I like this bag’s design, especially the cute twisted knots on the handles. It reminds me of one of Rachel Zoe’s much more expensive handbags but without the sticker shock. The color is perfect for fall and neutral enough to really go with anything. Is this the most exciting item in this box? No. We will get into that a little further down in the review. But it still feels nice, looks stylish, and fits the whole vibe of this box well.

It’s a good size and color.


Eddie Borgo Supra Link Collar Necklace – Listed Value $350.00

FYI: This necklace is 18 inches long. 

Ok, so this necklace might not be for everyone… but it sure is for someone like me! I LOVE chain statement jewelry! This piece is made of 12k gold over stainless steel. It is a heavier piece, but not overly so. I found it very comfortable to wear. Sure, the listed price is eye-watering. But it is also pretty typical for the Eddie Borgo brand. And though I would never personally pay that much for most necklaces, this thing feels very luxurious. I found the built-in clasp has a learning curve to open and close, which is great because you won’t have to worry about it ever falling off, but it’s also a little difficult to master. It is nearly invisible when closed too, adding to the seamless finish of this piece. This is 100% something I will wear all the time and I am really happy with it.



Kat Burki Form Control Marine Collagen Gel, 1 fl oz – Retail Value $160.00

A $160 skincare item. Sure! Let’s do it. The first ingredient that popped out to me is Arnica, which is actually a little controversial among ingredient geeks. It is a yellow mountain flower that has been shown to help with bruising, though some studies suggest it isn’t actually effective. There are also arguments back and forth about if it is an anti-inflammatory or actually causes inflammation. I swear I will quit geeking out here, but I thought this was worth mentioning. My personal feeling on Arnica is that my skin seems to react just fine to it. There are loads of other great ingredients inside this bottle too, like my boo cica (Centella Asiatica), calendula, lavender, chamomile, and other botanicals. You all know I am a sucker for a bottle filled with flower extracts! Also notable is hyaluronic acid, cucumber extract, aloe, green tea antioxidants, and panthenol. It felt nice going on and absorbed quickly. I also noticed a pleasant tightening a minute or so after applying. I am looking forward to trying this out for a longer period of time.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Glow in ‘Perla’, 2o mL – Retail Value $25.00

Just because it is fall doesn’t mean I stop using highlighters. I still want a glow, even if it is a cold-weather sort of glow. Honestly, my skin gets so dull in the winter I usually lean into my highlighters even more than in the summertime. This liquid glow is very pretty! It’s a great light formula that is easily dabbed onto cheekbones and nose tips to add a natural radiance. Over the last few weeks, I have been mixing my daily tinted sunscreen with a liquid highlighter and then applying all over my face, which is really, really working for me! The shade should work really well for everyone as the champagne isn’t yellow, but more of a warm pearl look.

The following items are choice items! Members can choose between Le Specs Neptune Sunglasses OR Eddie Borgo Supra Link Earrings.

Here is a look at both options:


Le Specs Neptune Sunglasses – Listed Value $89.00 (The ones included in the box are not polarized.)

Le Specs always look so chic and cool. As someone who leans more silly and awkward, I am hoping these make me look more like a very put together French lady who owns a boat. Well, maybe they don’t give me boat-status, but they do look really great on my face. These lenses are that perfect medium sort of size that is really flattering on a lot of face shapes. The gold is of a softer sort which means they work with gold or silver jewelry well. I was a little bummed that these weren’t polarized but most of my sunglasses aren’t, so I should be used to that by now. Either way, I feel very cool in these which is totally worth something!

Just add champagne!

Edited 8/21: Noticing lots of love for this lipstick in the comments from you all! It is Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution in shade ‘Walk of No Shame’. Thanks for all of your kind comments. Makes me love it even more!


Eddie Borgo Supra Link Earrings – Listed Value $195.00

FYI: These earrings have a 2-inch drop. 

These are pretty fantastic. In addition to being the perfect complement to the necklace that also arrived in this box, these look really chic and expensive on their own. In typical fashion, I love them with a black turtleneck and a top knot. It was 55 degrees here this morning, so I am pretending it is fall. While I wouldn’t ever classify these earrings as lightweight, they also aren’t heavy. They have a weight that makes them feel well made rather than bulky. They also make really delightful sounds when you move!

FYI: I have metal sensitive ears, and I found these didn’t bother me at all. 

Verdict: I am totally on board with the new CURATEUR. If they keep delivering boxes like this, I will be very happy. I feel like the jewelry and earrings have such great styling and fit well into what I am guessing this newly rebranded box is aiming for, vibe-wise. The inclusion of pricy skincare and versatile makeup is always going to please me and the sunglasses felt very chic. The only real downside is choosing between the sunnies and earrings, which seems impossible. If I absolutely had to pick, I would say my least favorite item would be the purse, but even that I really liked. The value here also felt really great. The Kat Burki serum alone accounts for significantly more than the cost of the entire box. I think this is a strong start to CURATEUR and I am excited to see what comes next.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, as of publication, this box is still available. 

COUPON: Use code MSA25 to save $25 off your first box!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $99.99, meaning each of the 5 items has an average cost of $20.00

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Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (63)

  1. Absolutely the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE of any company with whom I have EVER had a subscription. I’ve sent multiple contact requests from the site, with ZERO response. This is definitely on the higher end for the cost. I recently received the last box of my subscription (I’ve already cancelled my membership because of the ABSOLUTE WORST SERVICE) which contained a GORGEOUS ring that I cannot even get over the knuckle of my pinky finger and earrings that I cannot wear because my ears aren’t pierced. These were 2 PRIMARY products in the most recent Curation box that are completely of ZERO use to me; although I wish I could wear both of them. I had a chat conversation with 1 of the customer service agents who told me that there are no refunds nor exchanges… so that’s great.. your company has ZERO problem with taking my money but sends me things that I cannot wear nor enjoy… .so it truly has been a case of me just throwing my money in the trash. I will make sure that anyone I know learns of this experience. Absolutely AWFUL AND PATHETIC.

  2. I received my fall box today. I purchased the deal with bonus candle. I’m SO happy I subscribed even though it took a long time to arrive. I love all of the items!

  3. Today is November 13. 2020 and I still haven’t received my box, and I also didn’t get an email about missing products.
    I came to this page hoping to get a timeline on delivery… did they skip me because I canceled all future orders?
    All the RZ boxes were very repetitive so I made this my last one, I didn’t renew my yearly subscription this time,and poufs nothing from them so far, not even a refund for non fulfillment.
    Good luck to you all on your future boxes!

  4. I just received my package and it is missing everything BUT the fall bag. Based on the comments, I don’t expect to hear from customer service very soon. Any suggestions on how best to reach a person in customer service e.g. a phone number?

  5. Firstly I am in agreement with others that the variety is not great. Very disappointed in the Fall Box. Also in your review you show the sunglasses AND the earrings and both do not come with the box unless you decide to upgrade to “Icon” which means Rachel Zoe makes more money and you may get an item that isn’t worth half that. Add to that the shipping!!! OMG…paid for my box on 8/21 and I just received it 2nd week of October with them blaming Covid. Also NO KaT Burki Gel! Have to wait to receive it in my Winter box! TIRED of the totes and basically a predictable box. The Eddie Borgo necklace is nice, I do like that and the tote looks nice as well as the sunglasses. Customer service sucks there. Been a customer almost 2 years. I don’t feel valued and if the Winter Box isn’t exceptional I will cancel my member ship. Last years Winter Box was pretty good so we shall see.

  6. At $100, that is really steep when I can get FabFitFun and select from a variety of products for only $50 (and have the ability to add on things for low cost). I like the necklace but I’m thinking it is only a matter of time before FFF adds it to their box.

  7. Not sure why my comment isn’t posting, but does anyone know why ABH highlighter packaging is covered in black? Are they all like that?

    • I see your comment but not sure what you mean – the box is all black with no writing or labels on it?

      • I mean the actual product. Maybe it’s the lighting, but the product looks like it’s all black

  8. Got an email for $50 off MSA50 and its not working! Received the email 2 minutes before midnight on 10-20. So it should still be working right?! But its not!!

    • Nevermind, got MSA50 coupon to work.

  9. So Mad!

    In addition to them to un-canceling me and charging me anyway my box was missing the Kat Burki Form Control Marine Collagen Gel, 1 fl oz.

    • It’s shipping separately in December.

    • Got an email for MSA50 and its not working!

      • I’m not sure if you are aware but an email from them went out a few weeks ago telling them that they’ve had problems obtaining that product and it would be missing from the boxes when they were sent out. They gave everyone a credit of $25 to be used towards their next box.

    • I got an email a week or two ago telling me that it would come later and that they would put $25 in my account to spend. Hopefully you got that also.

  10. I am just disappointed in the lack of variety. The spring box already a pair of sunglasses and this is now the 4th box in a row with some kind of bag.

    Also a but confused why in the middle of covid (when most people are not traveling) they sent a travel tote in the summer box and now in the fall box they sent a work bag (when most people are not going into office). Feels like they are just trying to buy thongs they can get for cheap and send them.

    Also the box used come in beautiful card board beautifully wrapped… made it feel special to open. Instead now it comes in a too large card board box, thrown in, not taken out of the plastic. My box has been dented in significantly the last two times I received it.

    Feels like the are trying to cut costs in all areas and in the process undermines the value of the box service.

    I have decided to try one more time and if not better I am ending my membership.

  11. I am just disappointed in the lack of variety. The spring box already a pair of sunglasses and this is now the 4th box in a row with some kind of bag.

    Also a but confused why in the middle of covid (when most people are not traveling) they sent a travel tote in the summer box and now in the fall box they sent a work bag (when most people are not going into office). Feels like they are just trying to buy thongs they can get for cheap and send them.

    Also the box used come in beautiful card board beautifully wrapped… made it feel special to open. Instead now it comes in a too large card board box, thrown in, not taken out of the plastic. My box has been dented in significantly the last two times I received it.

    Feels like the are trying to cut costs in all areas and in the process undermines the value of the box service.

    I have decided to try one more time and if not better I am ending my membership.

  12. This is a question for anyone that got this box and the Spring 2020 box that had the Bayou With Love gold bracelet.
    Do you think the Eddie Borgo supra necklace would pair nicely with the bracelet?
    I bought the necklace from a reseller (havent received it yet) and was wondering if I should snag the bracelet as well that another reseller is selling. All my jewlery is silver so I’m trying to introduce a few gold pieces to my collection. I don’t like matchy matchy but I do want nice pairings.
    Thanks in Advance! 🙂

    • This is a weird question, but why is the Anastasia BH highlighter covered in black? Do they all come like that?

  13. Ugh, just got a message that the Kat Burki Marine Collagen Gel will no longer be in the Fall box and will be in the Winter (which I wasn’t planning on getting since I’m just using up a credit from my Popsugar box for this one). This has not been a good start and this box seems like a headache (already mad I had to give a credit card for a free box).

    • UGH. The email doesn’t say anything about a replacement product. So the box is shipping short one item and extremely late. What a mess.

  14. Is anyone else still waiting on delivery? Yearly subscriber and it should have shipped nearly 3 weeks ago.

    • Same for me, been a yearly subscriber for over 2 yrs now. My account says the fall box was fulfilled but it hasn’t shipped yet… at this rate, I will get it for winter, and winter for spring. This is not good for the money we spend, especially when I have sent numerous emails asking what is happening, with no reply at all. There should be some compensation.

  15. I was billed for this box over a month ago, wasn’t given a choice between the earrings & the sunglasses & after many attempts with customer service…
    No idea when or if the box will ever ship. I’ve ordered from here in the past without an issue. Very disappointing:(

    • Same to all of this. Billed in August, never had a chance to choose what I wanted, and still waiting on delivery.

      • This is my last box in an annual subscription, and I don’t even have tracking info yet. I just this evening received an email about the skincare product that won’t be included. I wasn’t planning on renewing to get a winter box, so I guess I won’t ever get the serum or whatever it is.

  16. This is a GREAT start to Curateur IMO…The Summer BOS was absolutely awful – I skipped it and am very glad that I did. Although I don’t have the skincare item yet, and although I’d prefer real leather for a handbag, I absolutely love this box. The bordeaux is always a fall staple and this bag is pretty damn gorgeous for “vegan leather.” Also, I think that the necklace and earrings are beautiful and timeless. If Curateur keeps going like this, I will also be a very happy customer 🙂 I could do without the highlighter, but I’ll use it so it’s OK. Wish we could’ve gotten the sunglasses AND the earrings and maybe have more than 1 customization option. STILL very happy!!!

  17. I got my box today and actually really like the bag and the necklace. The serum is shipping separately due to covid related issues. But I must say – Megan, if you don’t think these earrings qualify as heavy, you must have some strong ears!! They are CUTE but I don’t think I could wear them for more than 30 minutes.

  18. Great review, Curateur needs to fix their customer service problems. I have emailed support for a week now with no response. I was charged for a box but it does not show up in my account as even ordered. I have had no emails as far as making a choice. Horrible and deplorable for a company trying to rebrand itself.

    • Completely agree….Incredibly frustrating. So much so, I think I may cancel my subscription, which is disappointing. I’ve emailed a few times using their “contact me” form. I finally got a response, but they didn’t even give me an answer to my problem. The Box is a great one, but the customer service is horrid.

  19. I’m sold on the glasses. They’re really cute.

  20. Those sunglasses look amazing on you!

  21. Okay. FINE, MEGAN, I’ll buy the box!

    1. Great review. I totally laughed at the French woman who owns a boat.
    2. 55 degrees in the morning? Lady, you don’t have to *pretend* it’s fall; it IS fall. For you. It is still 100% hell in Florida. I am crazy jealous.
    3. I was already sold on the skincare item, but reading the breakdown makes me even more excited!

    I’m still not enamored with the bag (I’m a leather person too) but I think there’s enough other good stuff in here to make it worth my while.

    • 🛳 🛳 🛳
      To be fair, that 55 degrees turned into 89. Which I know is still not Florida level heat. I hope it cools off a little! AND I hope you love this box! I think you will!

  22. Great review and those sunglasses look so good on you Megan. I too wish sub boxes would give out polarized versions. Are they that much more expensive?

    Also, is there any type of closure at the top of the tote?

  23. Your porch looks amazing!! I know it has nothing to do with the post, but I just had to say it. Makes me think of sitting out there with a cup of coffee or tea.

    • Thank you! We have spent a lot of time on it lately with so much more time at home. It is a prime tea spot! ☕️

  24. Thanks for the review. This apparently is the new, improved version of Box of Style. I prepaid for a year of that but could not get my money back for the last box after I really disliked what I was receiving. Every type of clothing (robe, bathing suit coverup) was 100 percent polyester. Not comfortable. Pleather bags are available anywhere for a few dollars. I guess I’m objecting to the ridiculously high retail value for items that are not quality. I just sold the kimono robe on eBay for $12. I’m sure the retail was something like $150. I like Rachel Zoe and wish her well with her business but am irritated by the disconnect in quality vs. value.

    • I feel the same way about this box.

    • I completely agree.

      If this purse was $10 I MIGHT buy it.

      If the necklace and earrings were on sale for $20 for the set, I wouldn’t buy it.

      The only thing of value for me is the sunglasses and the collagen gel.

      I like the review but it feels much too gracious with only positive things to say.

      • In my opinion the earrings and necklace are worth the price of the box. I researched the designer thoroughly and his credentials are exceptional. The quality of the metal, while not 14K, is much better than most costume jewelry. I ordered both the earrings and necklace. They are both classics. I personally would not wear them together since I am very petite and it would be too much. The earrings look perfect for every day wear. The necklace, a simple accessory within the collar of a white shirt or atop a turtleneck. Very chic! The bag – who knows. Always something in which to toss your odds and ends and better than a tattered bag.

    • I completely agree with lack of quality and ugly stuff. I asked to exchange one item even though I disliked 4 of the items I received, and they told me no return or exchanges. They weren’t very nice so I decided to cancel. I have a subscription with FabFitFun and when I asked to exchange one item, they told me they normally don’t do that but they would do it this time so I appreciated their effort to make me happy. Curateur can go fly a kite with their garbage.

  25. Great review, thank you!
    The jewelry looks great on you, and I agree with other people, that lipstick is fantastic!

  26. I too love the twisted knots and the color of the tote. I am excited to receive the necklace and earrings also. I would have loved to be able to add the sunnies for my teen daughter, however I am thankful to be able to choose the earrings. I am blind as a bat without subscription glasses. Those sunnies look smashing on you, Megan! (My daughter is a Meghan too, only with an “h”). I am excited to try the collagen gel as well. I will probably give the highlighter to my daughter. I have had a lot of health issues in the last several years and everything is just too exhausting. Yes, even putting on makeup. Anyways, lovely review as usual. Thank you.

  27. In the earrings review I misread top knot as top hat and I was going to say girl, we need to talk about this top hat.

    • I spit out my tea, Ali! 🎩

  28. Well thanks for the photo of you wearing the jewelry. I was on the fence until I saw it on you – and I know now that it’s DEFINITELY not for me, though I’m usually a big Eddie Borgo fan. I don’t like anything else in the box so this will be a very, very easy pass for me.

    • Happy to help either way Sandra! Hopefully, next box is a better fit. Thanks for reading 😊

  29. Lorina and Megan-Just a head’s up-if you go to buy it they have changed the name to “Walk of NO Shame” 🙂

    • NICE! I love this so much. Thanks for letting us know Joy.

  30. Another awesome review Megan! And you look fantastic! Thanks so much for always being thorough – especially on the Kat Burki gel. I am getting this item from a bundle on FFF so I’m really looking forward to trying it.

    • You are very welcome Keri! If you get a chance, let me know what you think of the gel. It is def one of those I need to use longer and I am curious as to what everyone thinks.

  31. Your porch chairs look soooooo comfy! May I ask where you got them?

    • Hi Jen! The set was a hand-me-down from Will’s parents so I am not 100% sure. I want to say they came from Lowes? They are a wicker-look but are actually plastic, which means they feel a lot more durable. Hope that helps!! ♥️

  32. I’m gonna have a hard time saying no to this box!!!

  33. Thanks Megan, I picked the earrings also and can’t wait to get my box!!

    • You are most welcome, Cindy! It was a fun one to review. I hope you love the earrings as much as I did. 🙂

  34. I too like the chunky chain look and am thankful I could choose the earrings instead of the sunglasses. Since I need prescriptions to see, glasses in boxes are a sure swap item.

    • I think its really nice they have a swappable item too. It really helps the box feel custom and more useful depending on what you like. I think you are going to love both the earrings and necklace so much!

  35. Megan, what lipstick are you wearing in the photo with the sunnies? I love it!

    • Hi Lorina! It is ‘Walk of Shame’ by Charlotte Tilbury. I snagged it from the Fall 2019 Popsugar box (RIP) and its about time to buy a new tube!

    • I came here to ask the same question! Thank you Lorina! And thank you Megan for answering (and for the lovely review!)

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