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FYI – Rachel Zoe Box of Style Customer Service Update

FYI – Box of Style customer service has been responding to MSA readers’ comments about past issues. Some of you have also emailed me to let me know your issue was resolved. I wanted to call out this message from customer care in case you have an outstanding issue and haven’t seen the comment replies:

Hi MSA followers!

All of us here at Box of Style want you to know that we see your comments above and cannot apologize enough for any issues you have had. We agree that this is completely unacceptable and are making BIG changes to ensure nothing like this happens again. By no means are we ignoring the problems and delays you have faced and it is our top priority to make sure everyone feels comfortable with the resolutions we provide. In the meantime, we will be trying to resolve each of your concerns. Please email us at [email protected] if your issue has not been resolved and we will get back to you right away!


Team Zoe

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (97)

  1. I loathe them. Absolute criminals.

    I must now close out my bank account to stop them stealing my money.

  2. I’ve inquired three times about cancelling my subscription. I would cancel on the website, but they cannot locate my account. I thought i had cancelled, but apparently didn’t. Furthermore, I wasn’t given the option to customize. This is incredibly frustrating.

    • I am having the same issue, I have cancelled multiple times and keep getting boxes. This is madness and no-one will pick up the phone. I have sent at least 3 email’s requesting cancellation.

    • I’m having the same problem!!keeps telling me they can’t find an account for me but they’ve had no problem shipping me two orders. And they do not respond to the emails. I’m going to have to have my bank block any more payments coming out from them.

    • Yes, frustrating. I made the mistake of paying for a whole year (4 boxes), and I keep trying to cancel. A form letter is used as a response. It says no, no, and no. I also have not been given a chance to customize. I would be cautious about this box. The items may be stylish but of little use to me.

    • Well it’s been 2 years of the same complaints, I would never have signed up with this company. The customer service is absolutely terrible and as indicated, canceling is impossible. Luckily I put this on my credit card and I can work with them so that I am not charged further.

  3. So your so called big changes to customer service must involve taking one month to respond to a subscriber’s email. Then when you finally respond it is part canned, scripted fake apology and part broken English nonsense…no resolution. Sad, nice product, but customer service is nonexistent.

  4. So your so called big changes to customer service must involve taking one month to respond to a subscriber’s email. Then when you finally respond it is part canned, scripted fake apology and part broken English nonsense…no resolution. Sad, nice product, but customer service is nonexistent.

    • I too got my hopes up that I would finally get the box that I paid for. My original issue with the subscription was that even though I had sent proof of the charges for the box to my bank account, they couldn’t do anything because they couldn’t locate my account. So, despite proving that I had already paid, I received nothing. So, when this was posted I thought “Maybe I’ll finally be able to get this resolved”. I emailed them, and after some back and forth…. “We can’t help you because we can’t locate your account.”🙄

  5. This was actually the first subscription box I ever ordered that wasn’t exclusively make-up and skin care products, I ordered the Winter 2018 box, never got it…. I tried contacting CS, they said they were “unable to locate my account”. After much hassle and aggravation, I just gave up and chalked it up to a lesson learned. Sad, it could be a great subscription, I was looking forward to getting something a little different each month…..

    • Please tell me you at least filed a chargeback with your bank to get your money back.

      • That wasn’t an option for me, unfortunately. I use one of those debit cards that you purchase from Target or Walmart, the ones where you add cash at the service desk or transfer funds from your bank account to the card, so that none of these companies have access to my bank account. I did contact the card issuer, but there was nothing they can do.

    • Hi Hatti!

      Thank you for letting us know that this has still not been resolved! Can you please email us again at [email protected]? Please add ATTN: Jessica-Rose. She can help investigate this further!

  6. Liz, why hasn’t anyone reviewed the spring 2019 BOS?

  7. Interesting that BOS customer service is making this push to respond to MSA posters. I’m afraid I just don’t believe ANYTHING their customer service people say. I ordered the Winter 2018 box with the Luna Oil and rose gold watch. BOS claims it was delivered, but I never received it and did not get shipping notification or any tracking information at any point. I contacted CS in January and eventually got a response, then nothing when I asked for the Winter box to be (re)shipped to me. Finally a new CS rep emailed me and said the other CS rep left the company and offered to reship the box. That was in late January. I emailed for an update on Feb. 6 and have heard nothing since. And, of course, no Winter box has been shipped. At best, CS for this box is incompetent. At worst, they are a blatantly ripping people off. The only positive thing I can say is that, after I called the 800 number to ask that my subscription be cancelled, I did get a cancellation notice and was not charged for the Spring 2019 box.

  8. Has anyone received full resolution regarding the November bonus items that didn’t ship? I received the Osea and some Kopari stuff I didn’t want, which is not compensation for the eyeshadow palette and the Oribe lipstick that never showed. I have a notice that I’ll get the lipstick in the next box, but I’m not keen on spending $100 on stuff I don’t want to get something I should have received anyway.

  9. Liz,

    Are you going to review this box? I’d like to get one… if there’s any discounts.

    Also, IG shows the clutch used with the scarf threaded through and knotted at the shoulder to make it a lightweight shoulder bag or maybe crossbody, depending on length of scarf received and wearer’s height.

    I’d love to see the box reviewed if they are still selling it.

    I saw where Rachel is starting a new TV show.

  10. Can anyone tell me when they were charged for the Spring box? I cancelled after the winter box but my husband “thinks” he may have been charged because his bank balance dropped quickly last pay period. Now, I understand that most people can just go online and check their account register, but he’s forgotten his password and hasn’t called the bank like I asked him to. I’m worried the Spring box may show up on my porch and I don’t want anything in it, especially not for $100.

    • Hi Nicole!

      We can definitely check on this for you! Would you mind emailing us at [email protected] and including MSA in the subject line? We will check on any charges and help get this resolved.

      Thank you!


      Team Zoe

    • Hi Nicole!

      The Spring box was billed around Feb 15th! Please email us at [email protected] and we can check on your account and take care of this right away.


      Team Zoe

  11. I ordered the winter box, over a year ago, and had add ons too. My box never arrived. I repeatedly emailed them and never heard back for over a month. So I filed a claim with my bank- the order was around $137 total.

    Three months later, after I’d been laid off out of nowhere (it was a really rough period- but whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right?) I looked at my measley bank balance to see my account was overdrawn. Even though I’d spent weeks trying to reach them, they were more than happy to talk to Chase, and I was re-charged the $137. It over drafted my bank acccount. I was on unemployment. I kid you not- I couldn’t buy food for a few days and mooched off of my best friend, lol.

    I’m a young professional in downtown Chicago. I was on unemployment, but my rent is so high it barely covered it.

    I wrote to them about this repeatedly, explained everything, and still never heard from them. I emailed. I messaged on FB.

    I eventually gave up. I’ve never dealt with a more nefarious company in my life.

    • Hi Sarah!

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is absolutely unacceptable, we feel absolutely terrible about this. If possible, please email us at [email protected]. We want to make this right.


      Team Zoe

      • Zoe, I was with them since Dec of 2015. I ordered $100 in add-ons & patiently waited for my Winter box. I emailed them (LITERALLY) half a dozen times. I posted to their Facebook page THREE times. It eventually paid off as they finally heard me & shipped me my add-ons & Winter box; However, they canceled my subscription on me & I didn’t receive everything until JANUARY 28th.

        So, you are not alone! I am sorry they treated you that way.

  12. I tried to cancel via email. I got a response that my sub was cancelled. They STILL charged me for the next box and I just got the shipping confirmation today. I cancelled almost a month ago saying I don’t like the items.

    Team Zoe…can you please take care of this????? Why is good customer service so hard to find nowadays???

    • I had the same thing happen, but Customer Service reimbursed the box and cancelled the subscription for me.

    • Hi Julie!

      Oh no! We can take care of this right away! Please email us at [email protected] and include MSA in the subject line.

      We apologize for the inconvenience we are sure this has caused you!


      Team Zoe

    • So you cancelled a month ago and still got shipment confirmation four days ago and I have a annual sub and BOS has not even created a shipping label for my box. Kinda messed up.

      • Hi Leslie!

        Thank you for letting us know about this! We agree that this is unacceptable and want to take care of this right away! Please email [email protected] and include MSA in the subject line. We will get this straightened out ASAP.


        Team Zoe

      • Hi Leslie!

        Thank you for letting us know about this! We agree that this is unacceptable and want to take care of this right away! Please email [email protected] and include MSA in the subject line.


        Team Zoe

  13. I never really had a problem with customer service. Three issues I did have with the products themselves were handled efficiently. I have bern a subscriber since the 2nd year.

    Lately, I have been disappointed in the overall box. Seems it’s just a miss for me even though I’m hoping I will love it. I try not to be one of these people who find it necessary to be negative about EVERYTHING , so I will try to give it a few more times to win be back to being thrilled.

  14. I’ve been an annual subscriber since the beginning and it bothers me that they started taking away the end of your subscription gift. It’s already bothersome when you see it being sold at a better deal elsewhere, but when they make certain claims that their annual subscribers will get select extra items, I don’t understand why they can’t hold true to it. For example, with the pink Jules Kae bag, their website says annual subscribers should get a matching pouch, but CS will claim that’s supposed to be an annual gift. Why even say that annual members will get something when it’s not true?

  15. So let me get this straight Box of Style…for years people here have been trying to get in contact with you over tons of issues and after all this time you suddenly send an awww shucks we’re sorry email to a reviewer. Did you send an email personally to every subscriber apologizing profusely with a logical explanation? This is too little too late and I frankly don’t know wether to be stunned or impressed by the nerve you have.

    • true

      RZ BOS was taken over by another company approx 6 months ago-ish (not sure of exact date) but RZ still involved and one would think she would want her name only attached to good press, have not looked on FB but per many who post, it’s not pretty – also, wonder if credit card co’s have had their fair share of charge backs so no doubt it had to hit their business model in some way….

      then add fact that it’s being offered on Gilt which imo is often a sign of having excess products as why pay Gilt a % if doing great…

      perhaps a last ditch effort to get rid of inventory then close shop?

  16. So let me get this straight Box of Style…people here have been complaining about these issues for years. Nothing has been done over all this time and now suddenly one awww shucks we’re sorry email to a reviewer is supposed to make everything ok?! I don’t know wether to be appalled or impressed by your nerve.

  17. I didn’t have any problem with the speed of the response, but with the content. Like many I only received part of the promised November bonus, and in exchange got something that they were dumping at a deep discount on the web site. I know I’m not the only one – has anyone reached out and gotten a resolution on that particular issue?

  18. FYI for anyone that believes their CS will be better – the Box is on sale now on Gilt city national.

  19. I’ve never had a problem with Box Of Style. Their actually one of my favorite boxes. I hope everyone gets their issues worked out so we can all be happy again and talk about how happy we are and sharing how we experienced an amazing box.

    • Don’t think that will ever happen. I think this box is on the way out.

  20. I’ll resubscribe when they add a cancel button and make it possible to delete all saved methods of payment. And also, why not make it possible to send a gift box if someone doesn’t already have a subscription? I want to get this box for my mom but don’t want to have to subscribe her or myself to do so.

    • This!! ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

    • exactly my issue with them.

  21. I bought the gilt city promo last spring, and the code would not work on their site. I tried reaching out to them multiple times with no response, and gilt would not refund me as the coupon showed as “used” in their system. I wasted 80$ and got no box. What a scam.

    • They did reply to my email i just sent due to this post fairly quickly, and are trying to make it right, so points for that I guess.

  22. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones who’s never had an issue with box of style. I’ve been a member since winter 2017 and have loved almost everything in their boxes. Their customer service can be a little slow and sometimes the boxes can take a little bit longer to receive but other than that I’ve had no issues. When the strap of the tote broke off from the Jules Kay bag from the winter box I emailed them and they sent a new bag the next week!!

    • Same here, for what it’s worth. I subscribed in the beginning and have caneled and taken breaks and re-subscribed as I could afford to, and have never had a problem with CS responding within a reasonable time. They’ve also never charged me after I canceled. I even sent a message requesting to change the ring size for the Winter (?) box and they replied quickly and confirmed it was back in stock and changed it for me. I don’t know if their website is to blame for glitches or maybe some messages just aren’t received? Regardless, I feel bad for those who have had so many problems, but wanted to share that it hasn’t been terrible for everyone.

  23. ordered to rachel zoe’s box last summer with $20 off and have loved it ever since. have thought about switching to the annual membership but want to give it one more season. for the price compared to the value, i don’t mind that their customer service lags a bit. if i wanted immediate gratification, i would go buy my kate somerville moisturizer or sunday riley serum at full price at neimans but this is such a better deal!

  24. I’ve always gotten a satisfactory resolution but it usually takes a while. Just like somebody else, I was sent the Oribe lipstick to an old address I haven’t used in years. And they sent a replacement. Plus, they sent two items by Kopari to replace the two bundle items I hadn’t gotten as I thought I would (Oribe lipstick and the palette). I LOVE the Kopari rose coconut toner; it is a new HG item for me, so I’m very happy with that.

    Over the years I’ve been able to subscribe and unsubscribe to just get the boxes I want. I hope this subscription box stays around. Summer and fall 2017 are still my favorites of all time. I wear the gold sun necklace, black flowered kimono, sunglasses, and navy leather purse all the time. And the full-size Oribe shine cream lasted me almost a year, using daily with my thick hair! Loved the gold tray and the Nudestix too.

    There’s usually at least one item I love and one I have no use for in each box. So personal value varies. But again, I’m able to subscribe only for the boxes I want, which I appreciate.

  25. They randomly sent me the Oribe lipstick that I didnt get from the winter box promotion this week. Still no eyeshadow palette though. Never emailed them about missing products, but did give that as my reason for canceling my subscription.

    • Hi Steph!

      We are so sorry about this! We sent out an email regarding this to let you know that we were working with our partners at Oribe to at least get part of that bundle to you, the lipstick.

      If we can still help, please email us at [email protected]!


      Team Zoe

  26. They seriously need to add a cancellation option right from the subscribers account online. That won’t fix all the problems but probably the bulk of them.

    • Hi Zo!

      Thank you for the feedback! We completely agree and are working on updates to the website in the near future to ensure the best Member Experience you have ever had.


      Team Zoe!

    • they HAD a cancel button at one point but then took it away

  27. Hey I am so happy someone got resolution but after 20 emails that I sent to them since I still received no resolution I have to remind them again? Sorry, that was November, this is March…so sad a company doesn’t get it. And after a Gilt fiasco I had with them, luckily Gilt who was high class and above board put Rachel Zoe’s customer’s service to shame immediately. Sorry Ms. Zoe, plenty of other boxes to buy.

    • Hi Jeanette!

      We want to sincerely apologize for your experience. We completely agree that this is unacceptable and want to guarantee that this is not the level of service you will come to expect from us in the future.


      Team Zoe

      • If it’s so unacceptable, then why is it just now being fixed. People have been trying to contact you for YEARS and you are JUST NOW sending an “Oh no we’re sorry” message, and it wasn’t even sent to the people who have been having issues. Pathetic.

      • Actually an even better question. If it’s so acceptable, why did it happen ever?

      • Unacceptable*^

  28. I would love to see them get it together, this used to be my favorite sub.

    • Hi Beth!

      Thank you for the feedback! You should always have an amazing experience with us and want to assure you that we are very focused on creating the best Member Experience around!


      Team Zoe

  29. I have over the years cancelled & resubbed many many times to RZ. While i have had problems with quality of certain products being cheaply made and falling apart (those “diamond” rings, that wrap bracelet/necklace thing, shattered glass, one size jokingly fitting all, etc) i have gotten a few things ive really loved too. I wish their CS was quicker & more thorough. Also, that they would just add a stinking CANCEL button that we can use ourselves for lord sake! They would save themselves alot of headaches and bad publicity.

    • Agree, I would resubscribe if they added a cancel button. I hate their typical response when you email to cancel that they will do it the day before a renewal charge occurs. I was told this and I waited patiently for TWO MONTHS, only to be charged a yearly renewal fee. I was furious, obviously. There is no reason they couldn’t cancel the same day I requested. Giving the customer a cancel button is a no-brainer to improve customer satisfaction.

  30. I’ve been super lucky and grabbed the box twice during the usual price drop and free gift sale. Canceling both times was simple and custom er service did get me the promised free gift. That said I found the quality of her super special collaborations seriously lacking and the RV felt like she thought we were idiots. If I get the box again it’s most likely for a skincare item that costs more than the box.

  31. I have subbed and cancelled a few times with no issues, but I know many people haven’t been so fortunate. I do think the overall quality has declined somewhat since the early days, which is why I no longer sub. But I’ll always keep an eye on it.

  32. So people have been complaining for years and they’re just noticing and going to rectify it immediately? I’m skeptical. But who knows.

  33. So I was one of the people who didn’t get the full beauty bundle from the black friday deal. I emailed about it and it took about 2 weeks to even get a response, and then I was offered two options of replacement, both of which I already had because they were items from previous boxes, so I declined. Cancelled my box. Then a couple weeks ago, I got another email randomly that they were sending me an oribe lipstick! (one of the missing items from the beauty bundle) However, they were sending it to my old address… (never changed my address with them because I cancelled) I asked them to change the address but they weren’t able to, and claimed it would be picked up by USPS mail forwarding (it wasn’t). So after it was delivered to my old address I emailed again and they did send me one to my new address. So I’m happy I finally got the part of the beauty bundle I actually wanted (still never got the palette, but the lipstick was the item I really wanted anyway) but it required FAR too many emails back and forth!! Honestly the best customer service is giving your customers what was promised in the first place and not requiring them to send a bunch of emails at all!

    • Hi Elise!

      We agree that it should not have been this difficult. We are so sorry that it took so long for you to receive a solution to this issue. We truly are working through all of these issues and look forward to exceeding your expectations in the future! If there is anything else we can do to help, please let us know!
      xoxo, Team Zoe

  34. I have never had problems with them. Maybe their response is a little slow like 5 to 7 days but I guess instant gratification is now the rule….

    • Resprctfully, you were very lucky. Please do not assume others are just impatient. This is completely not true! I stuck with them, but I am a very disappointed annual subscriber hoping things really are going to change this time.

    • Wow, so you were the exception and every one else is wrong? Talk about gratification…

  35. While I appreciate you working with them Liz and hopefully stopping issues for future subscribers, I was part of the Black Friday beauty bundle fiasco.

    I sent them many SO emails and fb messages , the last being an email almost 2 months ago now to which I stated I will be filing a claim with my credit company for the items they never sent me and to this day they have not responded. It doesn’t really matter to me anymore I filed a dispute with my CC and I’m done. They could Offer the most amazing deals and I would never subscribe.

    Also, when I asked to cancel, I got an email back saying “your subscription will be cancelled on such and such day” meanwhile that day was weeks out, and I realized they probably do it that way so if you are not paying attention then you get billed for the next box! So I wrote back … no, please cancel my subscription now I do not want to wait until that day. Then I got an email saying it had been cancelled. Why not just cancel it as I asked?? It is very shady to say you will cancel the account in weeks after I asked when you clearly have the ability to cancel that moment.

    Never ever again.

    • I also had go file a claim with my bank last year when they charged me after I had already cancelled (amd received email confirmation of cancellation). Tons of people had the same issue as you could see via their social media, some being charged wrongly for an annual membership! I know Liz loves this box and has a good relarionship with them, but she doesn’t have to deal with these issues. I love MSA but it’s disappointing to see the support of a company that has an F BBB rating with the same complaints by people over and over and over again. While this above note from the company is nice, I don’t see them actually doing anything to change these ongoing problems. It shouldn’t be so dofficult to reach a customer service representitive or cancel/control your own account.

      • It’s the same with Lootcrate still being on this website somehow. If a company proves that they have repeatedly had issue with a certain chunk of subscribers and have had really poor excuse after excuse, you shouldn’t review them anymore. Sucks, but I’ve lost money due to recommendations on here.

    • ^^amen!!
      Same issues and glad I wasn’t alone. 🙁

    • Hi Rachel!

      Thank you so much for the feedback!

      The reason for the delay in cancellation is to ensure that your current box does process and is shipped. Sometimes, if we cancel in the moment the box does not process normally. The member experience team made a note of your request and was able to cancel immediately and ensure your current box shipped. We agree that subscribing with us should be easy and we are working to make this process as seamless as possible for the future.


      Team Zoe

  36. I never had any CS issues and I cancelled thru email without difficulties over a year ago. My problem with them is the quality or lack there of with their products. Also, the “one size fits all” clothing doesn’t fit someone like myself that wears an extra-small. The “vegan” purses go straight to Goodwill. I had this sub for over a year and there were only 2-3 items I really enjoyed. A candle, a necklace, and a beauty product. But…I know there are people that love everything!

  37. You know, l never had any problems with them.

  38. I looked on their website for the billing date for the spring box and saw that I would not be charged for another month. I sent an email to cancel my subscription that day, and the very next day, they attempted to charge my credit card for the spring box one month ahead of time. The joke was on them, I closed my credit card account, and they could not charge me. The next day, got an email saying they canceled my subscription. Unbelievable! That was not the first time either. They have done it to me in the past. The worst subscription box I have ever dealt with trying to cancel, never again! I would suggest a pre-paid credit card if you are interested in a box so you won’t have to try to cancel in the future.

    • That is scary that a company can be so scandalous

    • crazy! second using a prepaid card with zero balance…

    • I have a confirmation email saying I canceled but they still send me emails to update my payment so I can get this box. I got a replacement card for the one I entered on their website because I heard about people not being able to cancel.

    • Hi Christina!

      We are so sorry about this oversight. This should NEVER happen! We are working to correct all of these issues for the future and really appreciate your feedback.


      Team Zoe

  39. Very cool that they are confronting the issue and admitting fault as well as wanting to fix it… I hope everyone’s issues get resolved and BOS goes back to being the best box around like in the beginning ❤️

    • That’s hilariously optimistic lol

      • Aww, that’s sweet 😘

      • I gotta agree with this, not to be snarky but the idea that this little apology is in any way cause to hope that things will be better is unrealistic. It would be one thing if there were short-term issues that the company just discovered, but people have been complaining for years and nothing has been done. This is a completely empty promise.

    • Thank you for being a loyal BOS employee 😉

    • Hi Lawden,

      Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! We promise that we are working to create the best experience for you!


      Team Zoe

  40. Waaaay too little too late, they are the absolute worst. I agree with another poster, I also predict they will end soon.

  41. My issues were always with a lack of response by email. Hope that has changed.

  42. I hope so! They won’t Cancel my box! And I don’t want to have to go to the bank AGAIN and get a new Debit Card because of them!

    • Hi TC!

      We can take care of this right away! We know you shouldn’t have to but if possible please reply back to that email and we will move your request to the top of the list!


      Team Zoe

  43. There’s a voucher on Gilt City for $74.99 for a quarter or $299.99 for the year.

  44. So does this mean that they’ll finally add a “CANCEL” button in accounts? That would certainly fix a lot of issues many (myself included) have had. I’ve sworn off this box until I can cancel myself.

    • That would make things a lot easier!

  45. I never had any issues, and CS was always fast to respond, but I know it seems like I was one of the lucky ones. I really like BoS so I hope they don’t go under.

    • Same with me.

  46. I predict this box will be ending soon.

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