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Box Of Style Fall Spoiler Hint #1 + $40 Off Your First Box!

ByMSAAug 5, 2020 | 75 comments


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We have a spoiler hint for the Fall 2020 Box of Style!

What do you think?

If you sign up now, Summer 2020 will be your first box.

Now through 8/16, use coupon code FINAL40 to save $40 off the Summer Box of Style! (Regularly $99.99)

You also get to pick a free gift of your choice!

Choose between:


The Summer 2020 box includes:

Check out our Summer 2020 review to learn more about this quarterly subscription box.

The Subscription Box: Box of Style by The Zoe Report

The Cost: $99.99

The Products: Every season Rachel and her team will hand-curate more than $400 of our favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle items.

Ships to: US, Canada, the UK, and Australia

Check out all of our Box of Style reviews to learn more about this quarterly subscription box.

Details: Offer valid for new subscribers ordering the summer Box of Style only from August 3, 2020, 12:01am ET through August 16, 2020, 11:59pm ET or while supplies last. Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases and cannot be redeemed for cash or used in combination with any other offer. To redeem online, enter code FINAL40 in the promo code box at checkout.

CURATEUR (formerly Box of Style) is a luxury subscription service curated by designer Rachel Zoe and delivered 4 times a year. Each seasons box contains at least 5 statement staples (fashion, beauty and lifestyle) valued at over $400, curated to elevate your everyday look. Seasonal subscriptions are... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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can anyone help me? I can’t get in contact with the box of style customer service! It’s been almost 2 weeks, I’ve emailed and called and left messages. My package was sent back to them bc they forgot to put my street address on the label. I’m ready to call my bank, I don’t know what else to do.


Try posting on Instagram. I’ve seen them reply to issues on there within the past few days. Good luck and I hope you get the help you need quickly!


Thank you so much!!


I love this box but my tracking says it’s undeliverable and I can’t get a response to my emails worst customer service ever


They emailed me yesterday and will be sending another box out. Tracking looks like is UPS this time instead of post office which is good. I wish all these boxes would use the post office because my packages have been really late lately from the post office.


they just got back to me bc I contacted them on IG like someone recommended. The last package was UPS but delivered by USPS. I think it’s the same thing to be honest.


sounds like you have the same issue as me. I’m soooo frustrated! I don’t know how they can treat a customer this way!


Wow they really drag out one hint and then don’t reveal?? This will be my second box, and I’m trying to get use to their set ups. But no one answers customer service. I feel like their desperately waiting to sell out on a summer . Which so many were unhappy with according to comments. I think we’re all ready for another spoiler please!!


For current seasonal subscribers, when do they bill for the Fall box? I need to see some solid spoilers before I let myself get billed!

Gwynn Guiliano

Can we do that? Cancel and sign back up with a discount code? That would be so cool if we can!


Billing is August 15th. I’m cancelling this week and will wait for spoilers and a discount since those always happen.


Instagram says the Fall 2020 billing date has changed to 8/31.


I’m so excited to see the Fall box!! I love this sub, even though I’ve had a few misses, and think it’s a great value for nice home, beauty, jewelry and wardrobe pieces. We won’t hear anything until the 17th? Can’t wait that long!!!


Molly this is a great box but they have the worst customer service. If you email them they never respond


I know I wonder when we get a second hint or spoiler reveal .. I really want to know what’s in the fall box !!


I don’t see the word ‘beyond’ in the spoiler clue shown here. Was there a different clue sent to our email?


The “Beyond” word was on an Instagram post by box of style.


I love this box but their customer service is non existent. I ordered the summer box a few weeks ago. The tracking shows it is lost. I have emailed them twice since Saturday and they do not answer emails period.


I live in Texas, the humidity is so intense that the plated jewelry BOS sends just blackens and turns immediately. When I lived in nyc I kept the same jewelry for decades. The cute Andrea Foreman winter box necklace didn’t even make it past February with limited wears. And that was in winter! Not exactly sweltering. Waste of little diamonds now on a dark rusted chain. Other than the jewelry I love Box Of Style. I enjoyed the Summer box quite a bit.


For any jewelry that arrives intact, maybe you could coat them in a thin layer of clear nail polish to prevent turning?


Oh good idea! Forgot that nail polish trick 🙂
Still…wish bos used something other than plated. Just plain metal is better than plated imo


I think it’s the Diamond Link Bracelet on the Beyond Earth website. Retail price $375 when the links are made of solid silver, they could do silver or gold plate and claim it’s worth $350. The shadow in the background looks like a link bracelet, and this bracelet has diamonds that are “beyond” ethically sourced. Do I get a prize if I’m right? LOL. I would definitely get this box if it includes this bracelet, especially if it’s not plated but a solid precious metal.


Alexa, I think you are right! Let’s hope it’s sterling!


good eye detective Alexa!


I looked at it and you could be right. It’s a lovely bracelet, but no way would I go for it unless it was the real McCoy. This box has, in the past, featured jewelry that was originally gold or platinum – can’t remember which – but in the case of the box was plated. That’s just gross, but typical. This bracelet wouldn’t be worth 350.00 if plated. Maybe 35.00.

Tammy Huys

I’m thinking it’s a set! Bracelet and earrings, or bracelet and necklace! Probably totally wrong lol, but for some reason that’s what I’m getting from the hint!😁


That would be nice a set and I hadn’t seen a set b4 so that’s something different. Hope your right.


It definitely looks like a necklace in the shadowy background…


I really hope it isn’t earrings, I think it would be wretched to have such a high value item be something that not everyone could use. I don’t have pierced ears and I would be very disappointed if I had to give away the “best” item in the box


Was it BOS or Luxor Box that sourced the silver ‘ diamond’ rings once before? The quality was abysmal and many people got rings in which the diamond chips fell out soon after they unboxed them.
I think mine might be in a drawer somewhere.

I have to wonder what they think we live like every day to send an item that is sub par in boxes and advertise that item as luxurious and a splurge.


For some reason my first thought goes to a high end jeans,,, lol. It would be too practical for her taste though.


I was thinking a white t-shirt. That’s impossible though with size variations. She should do something like that- by giving a voucher to order one in your size from whatever brand she picks.


I’m terrible at guessing but my first thought on reading this hint was a pair of diamond studs. I so hope it’s gold, sterling or at least vermeil metal.


I looked up BEYOND diamonds .there is actually a brand called that there is a tiny diamond stud earrings for 350. But then I thought the word game was a clue maybe tennis bracelet . Hoping someone will figure it out . I also have 8/17 day of full reveal.


What is the BEYOND diamonds website? I tried googling it and nothing came up! 🙁


Sorry I keep trying to respond and it doesn’t go through I wish I could send you the screen shot . I looked up BEYOND diamonds then the link comes up smallest diamond earrings 1/5 CT goes for exactly 350.00 I hope this helps . One other was able to find link.


Try brilliant earth that’s what comes up afterwards when I screenshot it . I believe I typed in BEYOND diamonds


Looking at the background image, it appears to be a necklace or bracelet. They mention it pairs nicely with just about anything, so….it could be one of those and can be paired or stacked with other necklaces or bracelets.


Andrea, I really do hope it is the $350 earrings on the Brilliant Earth site. My ears have become sensitive to all the gold plated junk out there and I can always wear them in my second piercings. 🙂


I thought the word paired was a clue for earrings . But I’m not best at figuring these out . Sorry . But always intrigued. 🙂


So I went and looked up the earrings and you may be right. Of course, we’ll see whether, if it’s the earrings, the settings are real gold (as they are on the website) or whether they’re changed to “gold-plated” or “silver-plated” yet they continue to insist on the original RV – it seems, if memory serves, this box has pulled a stunt like that in the past. Anyway as someone has mentioned in another context, a lot of the stuff in this box Rachel herself wouldn’t be caught dead using, it’s low-end versions of high-end stuff.


Yes and there’s a pic of a hand holding diamond . But there’s no doubt she def inflated her prices . This is my first year and this will be my second box . I skipped Summer thank God !! Well I hope it’s not a disappointment!! Always seems everything is gold plated when I see things in a category that’s real gold and actually wearable you think they’d want us to be pleased . I don’t get it . Trying to be positive of this season tho.


I really like some of the past boxes and I want to subscribe…but this box is SO LAME that I just can’t yet. I think I’m going to try and hold off for a Labor Day special.


Maybe a little black bag? That goes froM day to night.


A cashmere scarf? That’d be a first! ;P


Ooh, I’d be all over a cashmere scarf, too! It would be perfect for our winters in AZ.


I’m kinda hoping for a nice watch.


The last watch she put in the box was abysmal. Stopped working after a hot minute and couldn’t be fixed


The image in the background looks like one of those bracelet/watches


From the email, I think the word Beyond is in the brand’s name, since it was written in all caps. My first thought was Beyond Yoga but that wouldn’t be a piece that retails for $350. Any other brands that have Beyond in the title?


Beyond Meat/Burgers?? LOL 😛


Happy to help and hope you get power back soon, pb!!


you guys are too funny! after no power for days, needed a laugh!


lol! I’m picturing a lady Gaga’s steak outfit made out of beyond burgers lol


There is also an active wear brand named Beyond….


Beyond Clothing


I hate hints…I’m an adult just tell me what it is. Oh and values mean nothing in the sub world….$350 usually equals $3.50 to me.


I agree! I don’t want hints. I want to see what I am buying ahead of time.

Real diamond earrings set in 14 kt gold or platinimum are very expensive if you buy a flawless or nearly flawless diamonds.

I inherited a pair of 1/3 Kt set in 14 kt diamond earrings and they were expensive due to the diamond quality.

I will have to see more before I buy the box.


It’s a 1/5 of a it. Very small that is 350.00


Looking forward to the new box!


Since she’s had so many capes and capelets for fall, and once a faux fur scarf which I lost within about an hour somewhere in the depths of my closets, I believe this time it will be a faux fur cape or capelet. I’d almost put odds on it.

The TWIST regarding versatility may be that it’s convertible from a cape to a small faux fur throw pillow for bed or just watching TV during life in a pandemic. Just undo a few snaps or unzip a seam or the like… Except for the petite ladies, I’d think it could be a bed throw or faux fur cape… but even when people who are adults know they won’t likely fit into something made for tallish people, they are very quick to denounce it. ( Hint- alteration professional should be your best friend. :)).
That’s what I’d create if I were her, with her styling abilities and sourcing abilities.

The times I’ve had faux fur throws in sub boxes ( I know Luxor Box had 1 or 2) they were wildly popular…

Viable option? I really don’t know.


I got the same email this morning, but the date is 8.17 instead of the 19th. Hoping it’s the earlier date 😉 Curious to see what this is – even though, like so many sub box items, the retail value is clearly inflated 😛


My email shows 8.19. I cancelled after the Summer Box reveal.

Perhaps different reveal dates based on membership status (VIP, quarterly, or none/cancelled)?


Interesting- my email says 8/18 so it looks to be staggered! MSA, y’all need to sleuth this for us!!


I also received the 18th on my current account’s email and the 19th on a previous (now closed) email.


HA, the plot thickens! 🙂

Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.