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The Homegirl Box Assata Shakur Review

Box2 for The Homegirl Box June 2020

The Homegirl Box is a quarterly gift box inspired by the life and legacy of BOLD, FEARLESS, and VISIONARY women of color, featuring products from female-owned businesses.

Heads up! This box is not a subscription, but does release new variations every quarter.

Box Open for The Homegirl Box June 2020

Each Homegirl Box includes 4-5 dope creations from women and non-binary artists, designers, and business owners.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Full Contents for The Homegirl Box June 2020

About The Homegirl Box

The Box: The Homegirl Box

The Cost: $60.00 per quarter

The Products: 4-5 additional dope creations from women and non-binary artists, designers, and business owners.

Ships to: The US only.

Good to Know: Boxes arrive within 2-3 weeks of ordering. The Homegirl Box is NOT a subscription box, but new boxes are released quarterly.

The Homegirl Box “Assata Shakur” Review


The Homegirl Box is brightly colored and features inspiring quotes and art. As a whole it gives me vintage Nickelodeon/Post-Graffiti street art vibe, and I STAND it!

The box was created by two soul sisters, Brittany and Mickey, with the goal of giving a voice and power to the vision of the world they want to live in. “A world where women are celebrated for their superpowers and acknowledged for all of who they are.” Fueled by their ancestors, graffiti, movement work, curvy girl fashion, glitter, and of course, sisterhood, these two beautiful fearless leaders, movement builders, and girl activators are working for justice while living, loving, and creating The Homegirl Box magic from Brooklyn.

The Homegirl Box is a gift box for the revolution – a call to action, a proclamation of sisterhood, and a celebration of homegirls transforming, visioning, and revolutionizing exactly where we are.”

Card3 for The Homegirl Box June 2020

On the inside of the box is a Herstory card featuring the visionary women of color highlighted. The box I received features Assata Shakur, the dynamic revolutionary who joined the Black Panther Party before creating her own female-led resistance movement: the Black Liberation Army (BLA). Her resistance was so revolutionary that it landed her on the FBI’s most-wanted list. An incredible and inspiring story of the passion it takes to promote true liberation and change!


Two additional cards are included inside The Homegirl Box. One lists the names of the BOLD, FEARLESS, and VISIONARY women featured in the present quarter, as well as information on the box. The second card highlights the products in the box and their creators.


Philadelphia Printworks Assata Is Welcome Here T-Shirt – Listed Value $25

This 100% cotton short-sleeve T-shirt was handprinted in Philadelphia by Philadelphia Printworks, a black- and female-owned small business. While this shirt is like any other black T-shirt, it is the slogan “Assata Is Welcome Here” printed in gold that makes it impactful. In 1979 when the FBI circulated wanted posters for Assata, her supporters hung “Assata Shakur Is Welcome Here” posters in response. Three days after her escape, more than 5,000 demonstrators in New York carried “Assata Shakur Is Welcome Here” signs. This shirt is a statement that encourages the acceptance of change.


Radical Dreams A. Shakur Lapel Pin – Retail Value $10 (currently sold out)

I love this A. Shakur lapel pin! The pin is 1.5 inches wide and gold-plated with rubber-backed pins. The quote on the front is from Assata Shakur’s 1973  essay entitled, “To My People,”  where she said:

“It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

Check out the full essay HERE; I find it truly educational and inspiring. The chains hanging from the bottom of the pin can be worn disconnected as a way for the wearer to symbolize breaking through chains or hardships in their own life. This uplifting lapel pin was created by Radical Dreams, a socially conscious accessory brand that is female-founded and dedicated to designing products based on social justice, positive messages, and prominent black figures. I cannot wait to pin this to a jean jacket and share this message!


Gammykillz “People Power” Custom Print, 8.5″ x 5.5″

This vibrant “People Power” custom print illustrates a thoughtful Assata Shakur alongside blooming flowers and a starry night sky. Created by Gammy Alvarez, an NYC-based artist with a revolutionary vision, the print highlights a quote from Assata Shakur: “Without the support of the people, no movement for liberation can exist.” Gammy uses her art to create powerful images showcasing the beauty and strength of women of color. Growing up, I didn’t see depictions of people like me in media, literature, or art. I am so happy to see that things have drastically changed since then and young women of color have artists out there creating art representative of them and their communities.


Nic’s Naturals The Revolution Will Stay Moisturized Butter, 4 oz – Retail Value $24

The Revolution Will Stay Moisturized Butter is made from organic fair trade shea butter. Nic’s Naturals is a female-owned, blacked-owned small business creating luxurious handmade bath and body products. This shea butter smells wonderful, a natural clean scent with a hint of sweetness. It is a hardcore moisturizer, ideal for patches of tough skin like the elbows and knees. The product went on smoothly and buttery and left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I love that a company like Nic’s Naturals is out there hustling to offer healthy and natural alternatives to commercial beauty products!

The Verdict: This quarter’s The Homegirl Box featured an AMAZING revolutionary, Assata Shakur. I truly enjoyed the experience of receiving and opening this box. In my opinion, this box differs from some other boxes My Subscription Addiction reviews. The value is not in the retail price of the items but in the education and inspiration the thoughtful curation of the products brings. That being said, my absolute favorite item in this box was the A. Shakur lapel pin. I love the quote, I love the inspiring breakable chains attached, and the aesthetic of the pin! I also really like the Philadelphia Printworks “Assata Is Welcome Here” T-shirt for the same reasons. I want everyone to know that I support revolutionary change and this T-shirt is another great way I can stand in solidarity with the movements I support. I am obsessed with moisturizing everything; my face, my feet, my hair, my whole body. Nic’s Naturals The Revolution Will Stay Moisturized Butter is a wonderful smelling natural product that will definitely get used in my home. The “People Power” custom print is beautiful and I love the quote. I want to find a way to attach it to my laptop cover so I can take it with me when I travel. This box had an estimated value of $69.00 and was certainly worth it for me.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you order today? Yes! This box is still available on The Homegirl Box site.

Value Breakdown: This box cost $60.00 and has a total listed value of $69.00. Here’s how that breaks down per item:

  • T-Shirt – $21.73
  • Lapel Pin – $8.70
  • Custom Print – $8.70
  • Shea Butter – $20.87

Alternatively, you’re paying about $15.00 for each of the 4 items.

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The Homegirl Box

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Written by Naomi Pandolfi

Naomi Pandolfi

I’m a sheet mask loving, skincare obsessed, animal loving foodie. If I’m not waiting for the mailman to bring me some new subscription box, I’m probably working out, writing, or getting cursed out by my parrot. P.S. He was a rescue; I didn’t teach him that.

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Comments (26)

  1. Why is MSA promoting a box that celebrates a convicted terrorist? Shakur/ Chesimard is a convicted cop killer who engaged in a police assassination campaign. She is on the FBI’s most wanted terrorists list. It is disturbing that MSA would condone this.

    • We hear your feedback and have updated the review with a statement. Thanks

  2. I appreciate the review of this box. Excited to see the next one!!!

  3. Awesome review! I love to learn new things. I love seeing an all women-made box and made in the USA.

    I read reviews on all the new boxes. I have subscribed to Tribe Beauty and Journee box because they are fantastic and are WOC owned companies.

    I have seen plenty of people write that they aren’t getting a certain box due to price but I have never, ever seen a comment, let alone 3, questioning what the owner is doing with the profit.

    This box is unique, beautiful, and made in America. America where Capitalism should be color-blind.

    I wish the Home Girl Box all the prosperity they deserve and lots of success💕

    • I agree. I think $60 is too much for this box, but I assumed people were bringing up donations etc. because it was mentioned in the description of the box. A second look just told me it wasn’t. There are plenty of other boxes that I also think are too expensive and I agree that I’ve never seen anyone question where that money goes to.

  4. No way is this box worth the $60 price point.

  5. I’d get this box if more than half of the profits when to a charity. So far all I’m seeing is an overpriced box and someone profiting off of BLM.

    • I agree.

    • Not quite sure why the profits of a black woman owned company is being questioned. Quite disgusting if you ask me. Looks like the items are made in America by Black Women. Why should they be donating to BLM? Because they are black women? These hard working, enterprising women don’t need such micro-agressive comments.

      • Seriously. How are Black women “profiting” off of BLM? Black activists and activism existed well before BLM. Why do Black-focused things always bring out such nasty comments? This is one of the many, many reasons why BLM and other forms of Black activism and activist groups are so important.

  6. Great review Naomi! I learned some stuff!

  7. Thank you for reviewing this box! Glad to see it.

  8. Way too expensive for a sub. box for the contents.

  9. So will MSA be inclusive, and start to review boxes from other political groups and movements? How about boxes from animal rights, or environment?

    • They already do that. There’s plenty to choose from.

    • If this box (or any other subscription box reviewed on this site) isn’t your cup of tea, you don’t have to read the reviews or order it.

    • …Do you seriously have an issue with a box celebrating Black people?

    • There are plenty of boxes focused on views: vegan, Christianity, animals, environment.

      MSA has been the go-to site to find your niche box. MSA is current, offers discounts, and has a box for just about any interest.

      If you’re not interested, just move on. This is a happy place. No need to leave such incredulous comments.

  10. I love the message of the box, and look forward to where they go with future ones. The curation was thoughtful and nice. It seems very pricey for what is received though. Perhaps they could add a few more items in future boxes, as $60 is pretty expensive for what is included.

    • It does seem pricey for only 4 items. I guess it’s a subscription box to watch to see where it goes.

  11. Ahhh.. I’m all for all women’s rights regardless of color or creed. However I’m a little disturbed that the bottom of her card she is a fugitive and no one else has said ahhh??

    • We hear your feedback and have updated the review with a statement.

  12. Thank you for reviewing this box!

  13. Thank you for reviewing this box. This was a great read and an excellent review!

  14. Ahh, no. Way too expensive, feels like a money grab by appealing to the current cultural climate.

  15. Hi Naomi,
    Thank you for such a thoughtful and interesting review. This box would be amazing for any person to learn from and discuss, I guess especially for young women of any colour. I had never heard of Assata before, but this box has given me a few names to look up and hopefully understand better. I love your bravery and conviction.


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